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  1. - Sefer tries to take over the galaxy by using S1987, which is a compound that essentially mimics the effect of her own psychic aura. As such, anyone affected is unable to form or hold any views or opinions that differ from Sefer's, with her logic being that if everyone subscribes to the same viewpoint, there's no reason for conflict between groups of people. Viewing this not as an act of imperialism but an act of humanitarian aid, the Takemikazuchi Empire expands into the New Order, welcoming any states that willingly subject themselves to S1987 canister bombing (and the technologically advancements that would come from being allied with the Takemikazuchi), and violently suppressing and incorporating any states that resist. Their progress towards Sefer's promised utopia is halted when the remaning states form the Alliance of Free Planets, headed by Malchior, and Sefer realizes that she can't pick them off one at a time anymore. The entire project is ended when Arc Blair invades.
  3. - Sefer eventually dies in a self-sacrifice to destroy Arc Blair and his entire fleet. Lilith becomes Emperor of the New Order afterwards, and decides to sue for peace with the AFP, destroying the entire remaining stock of S1987 and releasing the antidote for it to the galaxy, giving the New Order's former states the option to either leave or stay. This is viewed as a betrayal by some elements of the New Order, who defect and establish a base in the Sundowner system, which they now view as a holy site and the start of Sefer's great crusade. Without Sefer to reassure her, Lilith finds it increasingly difficult to see the justification for Sefer's extremist actions.
  5. - At some point during all this, Evangelise Ascheron and Canaan Jones organize a coup in the AKD, which leads to the formation of the seperatist state known as the Kingdom of Luria, which eventually defeats the AKD. Gabriel Ascheron is severely injured during the final battle, and whilst he managed to escape amongst the AKD loyalist fleet, rumor has it that he has been forced to wear a rebreather mask to survive.
  7. - The Kingdom of Luria eventually joins the New Order, making it the first new addition after the war with the AFP.
  9. - The CEO of the Atlas Corporation starts meddling in galactic affairs without consent or knowledge of the other Xaldari CEOs or the State Executor. When evidence of this is uncovered, it causes a coup in the Atlas Corporation and a major reshuffling of Xaldari politics.
  11. - In the aftermath of the near-civil war, in a bid to recoup losses to the economy and regain favour with other galactic nations, the Xaldari State starts to organise a galaxy-wide olympian event.
  13. - After the defeat of Edward Allman, the Tanari Confederation is fracturing as a state, with rising crime, growing separatist tendencies, low-level armed conflict on some border worlds, and a democratic but weak central government unable to get a handle on the situation. One person, a veteran of the War long thought dead, resurfaces and creates a paramilitary force to try and carve out a new state composed of part of the Confederation
  15. - Silver Eachan betrayed Allman at just the right moment and managed to become head of the first new democratic Tanari government, but his corruption has stymied the Confederation's recovery and has allowed the aforementioned Separatist movement to rise, among others
  17. - Aster played a role in the downfall of Allman and survived the War, unlike David Robert Jones. Now, she is the de-facto leader of a movement of shape-shifters demanding more political rights, which finds itself growing closer to the rising Separatists, a development she finds worrying
  19. - Ashton Carney is still around.
  21. - In the final battle with Arc Blair, Dallas Dalton, who co-led the resistance against the invasion force with Sefer, dies giving his power to Sefer
  24. - The Diamond Dogs disband, with each member seeking employment or solitude throughout the galaxy. Cassius Calm takes the 15y/o Damien Dalton back to [REDACTED] to continue training in a hyperbolic time chamber
  26. - The Fall of Cluster Empire, who were heavily involved in the war against Arc Blair, return to their star cluster and have not been heard from since. Only one member of the empire is accounted for in wider public knowledge - Lord After Opulent Facade
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