Shark Attack

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  2. "Don't try to lump me in with your like. I am NOT a monster."
  3. Name: Walter W. Whiting
  4. Nickname: The Hero who looks like a Monster.
  5. Aliases: Shark Attack
  6. Age: 24
  7. Gender: Male
  8. Species: Mysterious Being (Human with Spliced Animal DNA.)
  9. Hero Class: A (The Association also has him under a inactive, potential Demon Threat Level in case he goes rogue.)
  10. Affiliation: Hero Association/City B
  11. Faction: Hero Association
  14. General Appearance: Hunched over in a standing position, humanoid with physical traits of a great white shark, including sharp, regenerating teeth, gray, abrasive skin, finned tail, large dorsal fin accross his spinal column, pectoral fins on elbows, white torso and palms, and webbed hands and feet.
  15. Height: 6'6" (Natural standing position) (7'5" total length.)
  16. Weight: 327 lbs. (Muscle)
  18. ABOUT:
  19. Strengths: Good with kids, Strong sense of justice, business-oriented attitude.
  20. Weaknesses: Cannot eat non-carnivorous foods, gets smaller and weaker when dehydrated.
  23. Lawful Good
  25. GOALS:
  26. To surpass his animal instincts and become a strong hero, and be accepted by humans.
  29. Rough Skin, Regenerative Teeth, Cartilagenous Skeleton, Enhanced Senses (especially smell) Seafolk-like Biology, Frenzy Mode (Berserk state triggered by smelling or tasting blood).
  32. Created by a leading geneticist to create the ultimate monster fighting-unit by splicing animal dna onto humans, Walter was originally a victim of a monster attack that left him in critical condition. Being subjected to horrific experiments behind the scenes, he was the project's first successful test subject,  being giving the designation HM-1 (Human Monster 1), with his  spliced animal DNA coming from a Great White shark. He eventually was able to escape the lab with the help of a female lab assistant who took pity on him, and upon escaping into the slums of City B, he was seen destroying several tiger-level threats, and one demon-level threat, and eventually was approached by the hero association and offered a spot in their organization. His monstrous appearance makes most other heroes and civilians fear or revile him, with even some Class-S heroes believing it's only a matter of time until he shows his "true" colors. He wants nothing more than to prove them wrong, and become a strong hero for the sake of others.
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