Gamer Pony (oc, short)(cancelled)

Jan 20th, 2017
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  1. >Be gamerpon
  2. >Be the saltier than a salt lick on a hot day
  3. >Nobody ever goes healer
  4. >EVER
  5. >You are so sick of the full dps roster with no tanks
  6. >You slap on your mic and go into team chat to yell at your teammates to get off Hoofso and Pankrat
  7. >Just as you're about to tell them to choke on your lijiang tower, a masculine voice echoes over the line.
  8. >"I guess I'll play healer."
  9. >You pause, dumbstruck
  10. "A-Are you a colt? Playing Ponywatch?"
  11. >"Yeah...?"
  12. >Your heart started beating fast
  13. >Oh sun, why did this make you nervous
  14. >You lock in your main, hoping to look cool this game
  15. >Time to reap
  16. >"Really...?"
  17. >Oh fuck, you said that out loud
  18. >You blush, thankful he can't see you
  19. >At least you can make up for it once the round starts
  20. >You fidget in your seat, and bite your lip as the timer counts from 5
  21. >Maybe if you're good, he’ll give you his gamertag
  23. >Be gamerpon
  24. >You are doing terrible
  25. >Like holy hell, 1 and 10 K/D terrible
  26. >The enemy had a Fillymaker on their team and she was totes using an aimbot
  27. >A shot wizzed past your head, painting a red line to her perch
  28. >...
  29. >A subtle aimbot
  31. >You peek the corner only to get a shot to the dome
  32. "FUCK!"
  33. >You get ready to yell 'NO HEALZ' when you remember it was that cute colt playing healer this game.
  34. >Now that your post death rage had settled, you recall he'd actually healed you a lot this game.
  35. >Saved your butt several times and you'd even got him killed by not protecting him from the enemy Whinny-ston.
  36. >You grumble, that nervous feeling in your stomach coming back again
  37. >He didn’t say much this whole game.
  38. >It’d be nice if he talked to you a bit more.
  39. >”Hey, DickVice420?”
  40. >You jerked upright
  41. ”Yes! I mean…”
  42. >You cleared your throat
  43. “Sup”
  45. >”We’re probably not going to win this one. Do you mind if we swap roles? I’ve been trying to relearn damage heroes on this version of the game.”
  46. “N-No, not at all.”
  47. >You did mind.
  48. >Healer was for shitty players.
  49. >You were much more of a Warhorse76 or McColt kind of gal, with a bit of Reins-hardt when you felt like tanking.
  50. >But hey, you were definitely going to lose at this rate, so might as well let the colt try to do something
  51. >Doing your best to ignore the your team’s attack Dastion typing ‘gold damage lol’ in chat, you scrolled over the support heroes.
  52. >You couldn’t Hoovesio for your life so that meant Mare-cy.
  53. >Anon01 spawned in next to you after his death and swapped over to Geld-ji.
  54. >You grimace as he walks out of spawn, you following along with your husbando healer.
  55. “Um, are you sure about that character? She’s kinda hard. Maybe do Warhorse76 or Roadhorse.”
  56. >”Nah, this is the one I’m most comfortable with.”
  57. >...
  58. >You grumble and powerboost the cyberpony as he goes in move the paycart.
  59. >Oh well, it was a loss either way.
  61. >Be gamerpon
  62. >VICTORY flashes in front of your screen and you lean back, mouth dropped nearly to the floor.
  63. >He was… a monster…
  64. >There was no other way to describe it.
  65. >You couldn’t even keep up with him and he tore the enemy to pieces
  66. >You didn’t even know that character was capable of that.
  67. >The text chat went wild
  68. [blizz plz nerf]
  69. [that hero. so broken lol. Can’t even win without ult.]
  70. [Gee whiz! That was fun. Good playing!]
  71. [How’d I end up with silver damage?]
  73. >“Hey.”
  74. “H-Hey.”
  75. >Say something more you idiot!
  76. “You did amazing. I think gamer colts are really hot”
  77. >WHY
  78. >You had to stop yourself from slamming your head on your desk, but he didn’t scoff or tell you to fuck off.
  79. >He just laughed… in a nice way too.
  80. “You didn’t do too bad yourself. You knew when to fly to me and everything. On point rez’s too. Saved my butt quite a few times. Are you a healer main? I could really use a healer I can rely on once I go into competitive mode.”
  81. >Your heart skipped.
  82. >He was… asking you to play with him?
  83. >You hesitated, looking across all the skins you’d bought for damage characters and how neglected all your supports had been.
  84. >Still… with him you’d actually had a lot of fun doing support.
  85. >It was like cheering on your favorite sports hero and it helping them win, while you exchanged friendly banter.
  86. >Your tail swished behind you and you subconsciously felt a small smile forming.
  88. “I’ll heal for you.”
  90. >”Awesome.”
  91. [new friend invite]
  92. >Guess you were a healslut now
  93. >For a colt
  94. >...
  95. >L-Lewd
  97. >You chuckled to yourself as you queued up alongside this strange gamer stallion
  98. >Oh well
  99. >Damage dealing was getting boring anyways
  101. --
  103. >Be Gamerpon.
  104. >Your stomach felt like it was doing flips as you walked the convention center’s merch floor, taking constant, nervous sips from your Dr Pony.
  105. >Somewhere among all these virgin mares and slutty cosplaying colts was your dps partner.
  106. >Who happened to be a guy.
  107. >I mean… no big deal really.
  108. >He was just a friend.
  109. >An internet friend.
  110. >Your ears go back and you groan.
  111. >Oh, who were you kidding.
  112. >You had a huge crush on him at this point.
  113. >It went from ‘oooh, colt on the interwebs?’ to really enjoying spending time together, whether that be in game or just chatting.
  114. >At some point you started sharing most of your game time and neither of you liked hitting competitive mode without the other.
  115. >Anon wanted to someday go pro ever since he found out Equestria had a huge E-league, and by Luna, he could do it.
  116. >Apparently where he grew up, it wasn’t nearly as big.
  117. >He said Equestria took it nearly as serious as Koh-Ree-Hah.
  118. >You were sure he was just mispronouncing Cowrea, but it was cute so you weren’t going to stop him.
  120. >You blink and pause amidst the throng of ponies.
  121. >Odd that he mispronounced it actually.
  122. >You would have figured with how he played, he must have been from Crowrea.
  123. >Would that make him a bull instead of a colt?
  124. >You hadn’t even considered it before now.
  125. >No, can’t be...
  126. >He talked and acted like a typical Equestrian mare if anything.
  127. >But he was too strange to be a native.
  128. >Anon didn’t get some things about herd courting, and didn’t swear on Goddess Luna, but he knew some of the history of the mane six.
  129. >Way too rough and tumble to be a pony colt though.
  130. >What if he were a dragon colt?
  131. >Your tail twitched involuntarily.
  132. >Ooh...
  133. >You’d read predator x prey neighponese stories before.
  134. >They even sold a few here in the adult section.
  135. >Would he pin you to a bed and lick his lips if he got you alone?
  136. >Ugh, what the heck were you thinking.
  137. >You shake the thoughts from your head and clear your throat.
  138. >Sun, all the eye candy at cons always revved your engine.
  139. >You’d have to rub one out tonight for sure.
  140. >Maybe you’ll pick up a few volumes of that new vine monster blu ray.
  141. >Ooh, or maybe something real raunchy—[Spoiler]Monogamy[/Spoiler]
  143. >You turned quickly and bumped into someone, causing you to spill a bit of dark sticky soda onto your tuft.
  144. >Mother of—!
  146. “Hey, watch where you’re going, you stupid bitc—”
  147. >Your eyes widened and the words died in your throat.
  148. >Right in front of your snout was the crotch of some strange bipedal creature.
  149. >And were they certainly no bitch.
  150. >You craned your neck back and your eyes traced over it’s form, taking particular note of how much clothing it had on.
  151. [Spoiler]>L-Lewd.[/Spoiler]
  152. >The creature wore boots with jingling spurs, crotchless chaps over jeans, an armor chest piece, a cloak draped over its left side and a cowboy hat lined with bullet shells.
  153. >You dropped your drink.
  154. >Oh my Luna…
  155. >Rule63 McColt cosplay.
  156. >But not just that!
  157. >He was a human!
  158. >You’d heard a handful of humans lived in Equestria, but you thought that was just a bunch of nonsense spread around by mares who liked neighponese human x mare content, and couldn’t handle the fact their husbando was a fairytale.
  159. >Goddamn /mlh/
  160. >Yet there he was, in all his kinky-cute glory.
  161. >Your wings betrayed you as they steadily rose.
  163. >He tilted his head at you.
  164. >“Oh sorry, I sometimes bump into you guys if I’m not watching right in front of me. I’m looking for a friend and I guess I wasn’t paying enough attention.”
  166. >Your mouth dropped as you recognized his voice.
  167. “A-Anon01!?”
  169. >He blinked then recognition dawned on his face.
  170. >“Oh, wow, that’s lucky. I didn’t know how I’d find you without knowing what you looked like. How’s it hanging, DickVice?”
  172. >Some of the mares gave you some strange looks and you gave a nervous laugh.
  173. “Uh, just call me Table Flip.”
  175. >He gave an adorable little snort and laughed.
  176. >“Suits you.”
  178. “Y-Yeah so!”
  179. >You puffed up your cheeks and crossed your hooves over your chest.
  180. “I wouldn’t get mad if our teammates didn’t play like retarded triple amputees.”
  181. >You blush.
  182. >Way to prove his point, Flip
  183. “A-Anyways, what’s your real name? I mean… Y-You don’t have to tell me or anything. I could care less and stuff but if you want, ya know...”
  185. >“Anonymous Incognito. Just like my screenname,” he said with a smile as he reached down and ruffled your mane.
  186. >You grumbled and gave him a look that said ‘I’ll bite you if you keep that up’ but your heart sank when he pulled his hand away.
  187. >“So I heard there was a PC arcade set up. I want to try RainbowStrike:Siege and see if it’s what I think it is. Now where do you think they have it set up?”
  188. >Anon straightened up and looked over the heads of the crowd, trying to spot a good exit.
  190. >Meanwhile you couldn’t help but take in his masculine scent.
  191. >With all those clothes on in a thick crowd, he had the tiniest bit of musk mixed with all the mares that had likely tried to subtly rub on him in tight crowds.
  192. >After wading through crowds of dusty mares, just being near him was like breathing in pure sex.
  193. >You bit your lip as you pawed the ground.
  194. >Luna above, what you’d give to see him in those chaps without the jeans under them.
  196. >You let out a small eep and folded your tail over your hindquarters as you felt a wetness dripping down your inner thigh.
  197. >It’s not your fault, really.
  198. >This dry spell was killing you is all.
  199. >You paused and tilted your head.
  200. >Actually your whole life was a dry spell.
  201. >...
  202. >Which of course was why you were eye fucking your cute-as-tartarus gamebuddy while he wasn’t looking.
  203. >You weren’t a degenerate or anything.
  204. >NOPE.
  205. >This was just an extreme circumstance.
  206. >You could totes sit here and be a gentlemare… with his crotch at eye level, covered by layers of lewd-ass clothing, and not think about how much you’d like to feel HIS caduceus staff fill you up to cap with a hot healing stream.
  207. >N-No problemo.
  208. >I mean really it was Anon’s fault for wearing something so Celestia damned hot and being blind and innocent like usual about it.
  209. >Any other colt would be whoring it up with photos or at least be on their guard around a mare a bit more.
  210. >Not Anon though.
  211. >Poor guy was pure as freshly driven snow.
  212. >It didn’t even register with him, when mares flirted with him in game.
  214. >“Oh, I think it’s over there!” Anon said pointing toward an area with a security guard checking IDs
  215. >He grabbed you and you let out a small sound of surprise as he put you up on his shoulders.
  216. >You gulp, hoping he doesn’t feel any dampness on his neck as you grip your forehooves around his forehead.
  217. >The two begin to part through a sea of virgins and cosplay whores.
  218. >Several mares gave his crotch a few too-long glances before you cleared your throat and glared at them.
  219. >Most looked up at you and flinched while others scrunched and turned away.
  220. >Thas right fillies, look away!
  221. >For the most part, his sheer presence parted a path and you get there faster than you could have hoped alone.
  222. >Dang… you should ride sexy humans more often.
  223. >[spoiler]Th-That's what he said[/spoiler]
  224. >The mino guard checked IDs and you found yourself headed into a wing with game rooms.
  226. >“Whoa… they have way more than I thought.” Anon said as he looked around. “Is that… oh my God, they have a room for Magic: The Gather—wait... that says Magic:The Galloping. Ugh, that’s so painful, but still! You guys have my favorite card game.”
  228. >You quirked an eyebrow at that.
  229. “You play? Did you buy like a duel deck or something?”
  231. “I’ve bought them but I usually purchase singles and play a bunch of different colors. Blue’s my favorite.”
  233. >You smirk.
  234. >”Pfff, Blue? Why not play a real color with some power behind it. RDW is called Red Deck Wins for a reason. Burn spells for days.”
  236. >He laughed and starts down the game hall.
  237. “We’ll see how invincible your precious RDW is later. If you guys have some of the same cards that i used to play with, I may give you a run for your money. For now I want to see about that arcade.”
  239. >”Bring it on anytime, scrub. Just don’t cry when you lose on turn four!”
  241. >”Oh I’m DEFINITELY going to have to introduce you to my “No” deck.”
  243. >The two of you banter as you walk on, picking up a few stares from mares as you go.
  244. >After a minute you realize they aren’t just checking out Anon—they’re looking at both of you.
  245. >Your gaze scanned across the crowd, skittish mares stealing glances at him then you before heading off into the mass of ponies.
  246. >Were they... jealous?
  248. >You noticed a mare with camera look over at Anon, then to you before fidgeting with her gear for a moment and heading toward another sluttily dressed, posing colt.
  249. >Oh, you get it now.
  250. >Anon would have gotten tons of photo requests by thirsty sunhat tippers by now.
  251. >But you looked like a couple so most of them were afraid to ask or flirt with your husbando.
  253. >A smirk forms across your lips and you puff your chest out a bit, spreading your tuft.
  254. >Is this what being an alpha feels like?
  255. >Imagine that… you and Anon, together...
  256. >You frowned and looked down at your meager chest tuft and ran a hoof through it a few times to fluff it up a bit.
  257. >Really wasn’t much honestly and still had a bit of soda stuck to it.
  258. >Beyond your tuft, you were on the small side, your hips were a bit wide, and your gaming lifestyle had left you with a bit of cushion in your flank and thighs.
  259. >You sighed.
  260. >No colts went for mares like that.
  261. >Maybe you should diet a bit… cut out the Mountain Dew and Doritos or something.
  262. >It was too late now though, since you’d only get to see Anon for a few more days.
  263. >Dammit, why couldn’t you just have slim flanks like mares in those movies.
  265. >You’re broken from your thoughts as your forehead hits the top of a doorframe with a clunk.
  266. “Ow—!”
  268. >”Oh my gosh, I’m sorry Flip, are you okay?” Anon said, quickly ducking down and standing you on the floor in front of him.
  270. >You fought back tears forming at the corners of your eyes and cleared your throat.
  271. “Pff, th-that was nothing.”
  273. >“Uh… you sure about that? You look like you’re going to cry.”
  275. “N-Nope,” you said, voice cracking a bit.
  277. >He gave you a smug grin then scooped you up and leaned you against his chest with your head looking over his shoulder.
  278. >Before you could protest, he ran his hand along your back and headed toward a set of machines.
  279. >S-Stupid Anon… he would go full Dad-mode on you.
  280. >Meanwhile you felt the stare of every mare in the room, some likely disgusted by a colt carrying his supposed marefriend, but you caught others that looked jealous.
  281. >The sense of pride from earlier soured as you realized how you looked like a foal.
  283. “Anon, l-let me down please. I’m fine and this is sorta not okay.”
  284. >He gently lay you down in a seat next to him at two machines and you looked up at his puzzled expression.
  286. >”Is this one of those pony taboos?”
  288. >You fidgeted with your hooves.
  289. “Sorta. I just... nevermind, let’s just play a game already.”
  291. >Anon stared at you for a moment, then turned and put his paycard information as you got yours from your pack.
  292. >After logging in, a giant library of titles met your gaze and your eyes lit up.
  293. >Holy bugbears, this was like a candy store for mares like you.
  294. >One catches your eye immediately and you gasp.
  296. “Ooh! They have the new Kuddly Instinct. That game is brutal.”
  298. >Anon furrowed his brow and his mouth worked for a moment.
  299. >“Doesn’t sound like a game one would call brutal... Is it a fighting game by any chance?”
  301. “Yeah, how’d you know? I didn’t take you for a KI fan.”
  303. >”I’m not. Technically I’ve never heard of it, but let’s just say I had a hunch from the name. You want to give it a go?”
  305. “Weren’t you going to play RainbowStrike? Besides I thought you didn’t like fighting games.”
  307. >”I don’t HATE them. I just think they take too long to learn. But I’d rather play something together.”
  309. >You blinked and your hoof stopped mid click.
  310. >A warm tickly feeling welled up in your chest and your tail wagged a bit.
  311. >D-Darnit, Anon, why’d you have to go and say something like that.
  312. >You found yourself stealing a glance over at him.
  314. >He’d already loaded up the game and was busy studying the control map.
  315. >Anon glanced down at the pony gamepad, frowned, then looked back the diagram again, scrunching his nose in frustration.
  316. >Holy tartarus, you couldn’t handle that level of cute right now!
  317. >He flicked his gaze over to you, almost making you jump out of your seat.
  318. >”Oh, sorry. Were you waiting on me?”
  320. “No, I was just looking,” you said, and your eyes widened to dinner plates.
  321. “I MEAN YES. ACTUALLY NO. Er, just…”
  322. >Think you dummy!
  323. >You took a deep breath and blurted the first thing that came to mind.
  324. “Connect to me and let’s throw down, bitch!”
  326. >Anon stared at you for several agonizing seconds, as you screamed internally
  327. >It felt like your stomach dropped out the moment you realize what you just said.
  328. >Oh dear goddess Luna… please kill me.
  330. >Finally he shrugged and looked to the control map
  331. >“Sure. I guess I have it down well enough. Give me a few pointers as I go and I’ll probably figure things out.”
  333. >Oh… yeah, that’s right!
  334. >Even if you were a total dork, you’d look cool if you helped Anon learn.
  335. >That happened… almost never, but the few times he’d played healer, you gave him some tips and he was really thankful.
  336. >You lock in your character and stifle and excited squeal.
  337. >This was gonna to be great.
  339. --
  341. >This was not how you pictured playing Kuddly Instinct with Anon would go.
  342. >What you had in your head was something like that classic ‘help the colt learn to putt’ thing where the mare got to hold their stallion on a casual date, but this was… not that.
  343. >And it wasn’t because vidya worked completely different and trying to do that with Anon’s size was borderline impossible.
  344. >It was something else entirely.
  346. >Given Anon was… Anon, he seemed to attract awkward mares like shit attracts flies.
  347. >Behind you stood about five different mares all giving him pointers and telling him all about the mechanics while cheering him on against you.
  348. >Meanwhile you’d discovered Anon was total balsa tier at KI.
  349. >His timing and reactions were incredible and he had the controls down well enough for a first timer, but he just couldn’t seem to grasp the mechanics.
  350. >He constantly whiffed heavy moves right in front of you, and couldn’t seem to combo for his life.
  351. >You’d even gotten a few perfects in by blocking and punishing his long recovery attacks.
  352. >Joking around with him over it earned you some withering glares from the mares and you’d since let him get at least a few hits in per match.
  353. >Even let him win one to get them to shut the heck up already, but Anon firmly told you to knock it off right after.
  354. >That made you feel pretty crappy.
  356. >Few things got Anon rustled but he hated when people gave him an easy win.
  357. >May Luna spare the next mare who throws a fight expecting him to be thankful for such a gentlemarely gesture.
  358. >The way he saw it, he wasn’t going to get better if you didn’t play right.
  359. >So play right you did, for all twenty rounds.
  361. >Anon finally slapped his head on the desk.
  362. >He placed the controller next to his head and let out a groan.
  364. “Anon, you okay?” you said fidgeting with your hooves near your chest.
  366. >”Yeah just… give me a second. It’s been a long time since I got my butt fucked so hard.”
  368. >The mares behind scrunched at his word choice, some blushing and flicking their tails.
  369. >One of them said ‘you can do that to me if you want’ under their breath.
  370. >You thought about socking them in the face but it didn’t look like Anon heard it.
  371. >No need to draw his attention to the remark.
  373. >”Come on, you did okay, colt. Chin up,” one said nudging his shoulder.
  375. >You puffed up your cheeks.
  376. >Hey! Cheering up Anon after a loss was your job!
  377. >As you got up and glared at the mare, a pony behind you at another station spoke up.
  379. >>“Let it go, you white knights. S’just a typical gae-mer colt here to get attention.”
  381. >You whirled around, fire in your eyes, teeth bared.
  382. >Who the fuck just said that about your husbando?!
  383. >Who’s the slimy little capitalist shit twinkle-toed clit sucker who just signed her own death warrant?
  385. >Your eyes fell on a Yellow coated mare with an off-white mane, slouching in her seat and lazily disarming a bomb before her character got popped in the head.
  386. >She scoffed and clicked on her mic as the ‘round lost’ screen appeared.
  387. >>”Can only carry so hard, kiddies. You guys are the reason the genepool needs a lifeguard.”
  388. >Mic symbols flashed onscreen from the other players as they yelled at her over coms.
  390. >The mare sitting next to her, a blue and green pegasus logged out and gave a snort.
  391. >>>“Shit game. Shit team. Let’s get ready for the tournament already.”
  393. >They both turned to you and the first sneered when she saw your expression.
  394. >>“Oh what? Little Knighty mare gonna defend her village saddle’s honor? Tell me I’m being a meanie? If I were you I’d let it go. It’s better to let people think you’re an idiot than open your mouth and prove it.”
  396. >Your nostrils flared
  397. >OH IT’S ON, FILLY.
  398. >A growl rose in your throat and you marched right up to the first dumb bitch, ready to give her a haymaker before a pair of hands wrapped around your barrel and pulled you up.
  399. >You squirmed against Anons chest, partially to get him to let go, partially from embarrassment for getting lifted so easily by a colt.
  401. “GUh! Non, lemme go. She’s asking for it! How are you not mad when she talks to you that way?” you said, your voice filled with ire.
  403. >“Flip, chill out. We’ll get kicked out of the con,” Anon said.
  405. >>”Listen to the colt, Flippy,” the first mare said, smirking at you. “Because I have neither the time nor the crayons to explain it to you.”
  409. >You writhed and growled as you fought to get free from Anon, but his grip was too strong.
  410. >Jeez, what did they feed this stallion?
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