Sendai Home Security [Typeset]

Feb 2nd, 2016
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  1. Sendai Home SEcurity Translation
  4. >1st Ship of the Sendai-Class light Cruisers, Sendai.
  5. >As the flagship of the 3rd Torpedo Squadron, she has a kind personality,
  6. >A good senpai who always takes care of rookies.
  7. >In battle, she's called the Night Warfare Demon, with deeds and accolades that have won the adoration of all.
  8. >But when she goes back to her room, it's as like she becomes a whole different person.
  10. >Her true form--
  11. >Hold on, Naka, what are you recording?!
  12. >I told you to knock before coming in, didn't i?
  13. >Is Laziness Manifest.
  14. >[voice-over: Naka-chang]
  16. >Good morning! Sendai-chan!
  17. >The sun's out!
  18. >'s she still asleep...
  19. >We have morning sentry training (晨間哨戒訓練) today!
  20. >[Mmmnnn--...] I only just slept....
  21. >There's no use in saying stuff like "We just got here~," you know~
  22. >[we only just got here--!]
  23. >I literally fell asleep 30 minutes ago--...Don't I have the right to rest....
  24. >You were playing games all night, weren't reap what you sow...
  26. > still can't wake her up?
  27. >[Wake up--!]
  28. >[Get up already!]
  29. >It's not working!
  30. >Then it can't be helped...
  31. >[Fwip]
  32. >[*Lift]
  33. >Ready! Let's get going!
  35. >[ Got dragged into the Futon and ended up falling asleep. Failure.]
  37. >Flagship of the 3rd Torpedo Squadron, Sendai!
  38. >Now setting out for patrol training!
  39. >FUbuki, I'll be counting on you today as well!
  40. >Y-yes! I'll be in your care, senpai!
  41. >Sendai-san is so cool today as well!
  42. >Is she...?
  43. >Hatsuyuki-chan, you should learn from her too.
  44. >So annoying...
  46. >So annoying...
  47. >Why'd we have to do some stinkin' patrol duty all up in the morning...?
  48. >Not like any of us can do anything about it. Go talk to the Admiral if you've got a better idea.
  49. >Plus, don't they say that a day's worth is determined in the morning?
  50. >[So how many hours can I sleep until tomorrow morning?]
  51. >Whatever! I'm tired! I'm going back to my room! I wanna sleep!
  53. >Look, your room's a mess again! Jintsuu-chan's going to scold you, at this rate!
  54. >It's fine, it's fine, I'll clean it up in a bit.
  55. >Your garbage is all filled up too.
  56. >Ahh--!
  57. >Hang on, don't move that! | Just don't touch it!
  58. >The tissue box is positioned at the limits of convenience, so don't move it.
  59. >The limits of conveni...what?
  61. >Well let's say I'm just sitting here playing games.
  62. >The perfect setup is when everyhing I might use is within arm's reach.
  63. >I'm going to help you clean after all!
  64. >Don't be like that! Stoppp!
  66. >I'm hungry.
  67. >Let's make some cup noodles.
  68. >Cup noodles are truly an invention of the gods!
  69. >You don't need to prepare it! No seasoning, none of that!
  70. >All you need is the hot water....
  71. >Ehh...geez...I forgot to refill it with water.
  72. >But that's no problem! I still have this electric tea kettle!
  73. >In goes the water, wait five minutes, it's a miracle! | It cooks on its own!
  74. >All clear! Go!
  76. >[~10 minutes later~]
  77. >Jump
  78. >[Safety Switch (turns off on its own)]
  80. >I played too long, my eyes are shot...
  81. >Running out of supplies too. While I'm recovering, I'll take a brea....
  82. >Revival--!!
  83. >[UUooooohhhhhhhhh!!!!]
  84. >W-where's the tissue box, tis...
  85. >Nee-san, what are you doing....
  86. >[Ahaha]
  87. >N-n-nothing...[owwww]
  89. >'re jut lazing around today, just like yesterday
  90. >Enough is enough now, Nee-san!
  91. >I-I got it... | I'll tighten up, I'll start seriously cleaning up after myself too...
  92. >[headrub]x2
  93. >Okay? So don't cry!
  94. >Really... | will you really start getting serious?
  95. >Of course I will.
  96. >(Do I need to bother translating this)
  98. >Eh...the cup noodles in the cupboard....
  99. >[Nee-san, I've cleared out all the instant noodles. I left you some spaghetti, so just cook that and eat it. -t. Jintsuu]
  100. >Mm....she got me... | can't be helped...
  101. >I haven't cooked spaghetti in a while. [No words on the package either...]
  102. >But you probably make it the same way I do for the destroyers..
  103. . >[A portion measuiring tool][for spaghetti.]
  104. >Yep, I'd better use that to measure the spaghetti. Without that...
  105. >[Very precise about the oddest things.]
  106. >Well, this should be enough.... | Ahhh, that's not right...this seems like too little.
  107. >One strand of spaghetti should probably be this much | [hmmm] eh, I guess it's fine to add a little more. Probably.
  108. >[pouring wildly--]
  110. >Eh...
  111. >I made too much!!
  112. >[Whew--] Eating that was...pretty painful....
  113. >[I'll just leave it in the sink...]
  114. >[should be fine.]
  115. >"Jintsuu, I'll leave the rest to you..." there we go....
  116. >Nee-san...
  118. >SEndai-chan, I got you the juice you wanted!
  119. >Thanks for that, having you go out for me.
  120. >Is this kind of foreign juice tasty...?
  121. >It's mad good! It's because of these that I can survive all those night battles!
  122. >I-is that so...
  123. >Ah, that's right, | Here's the delivery cost! Naka, you should try it out too!
  124. >Eh--I dont' wanna!
  125. >WIth this money, Naka's going to get some vegetable juice to drink!
  126. >[Thank you nee-san]
  127. >'re no fun--
  129. >...I bought it after all...
  130. >No matter how i look at it, it doesn't look all that tasty. This...
  131. >That color is scary!
  132. >[Gulp...]
  133. >H-here I go...
  134. >Ugh...nasty!
  135. >[Mnnn]
  136. >What the hell! As expected, it tastes yucky!
  137. >[So Sweet...]
  138. >I'll just drink one more sip...
  140. >[In the end i bought another one...]
  142. >Nee-san
  143. >Naka-chan's holding a concern thsi weekend.
  144. >Want to go and cheer for her?
  145. >Mmmm....| This weekend....
  146. >Do you have some other trip during that time?
  147. >[Sorties or something?]
  148. >Nah, I don't want to miss this game event.
  150. >Really now! All you care about is your games!
  151. >It's not everyday Naka-chan gives a live performance, you know! | I don't care anymore, just play as you like!
  152. >...Well, it's not good to piss off your sister over games either...
  153. >[Mmm--]
  154. >After all, it's for my precious sisters...
  155. >[Mmmnn (stretching)]
  156. >Screw the event, I'll just stay up a little later--!
  157. >[she's still going to play the game.]
  158. >WHatever, I'll go. Jintsuu-chan, wait for me--!
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