Abraful To-Do

Jun 11th, 2020
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  1. Pokemon Sapphire
  2. Abraful To-Do
  4. - Find exact Abra yoloball window, determine number of frames for Poke Ball and Great Ball, and their offsets
  5. - Re-do Winona calcs accounting for L37 on Altaria
  6. - Figure out whether it is faster to leave WG in slot 3
  7. - Change to teach Strength over Tackle
  8. - Calc WG vs. Golbat
  9. - Find optimal place to Ether (if not in Wattson's gym)
  10. - Practice menus
  11. - Do TnL offensive calcs (Surf vs. Lunatone at +0 after Solrock has fainted?)
  12. - Look into late-game Surf PP. How many can you reasonably afford to miss on Swellow before you might need Max Elixir? Can you save one somewhere?
  13. - Calc +1 WF vs. +0 Whiscash, may be worth teaching Surf early if it doesn't kill
  14. - Delete Drake gold (since you never skip X Speed without ogre candy)
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