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  1.  Change Log:
  2. V0.54:
  3. The stage selection menu spins now
  4. Added a pause
  5. Added a pause screen to the pause
  6. Added some animations to the RED fighter KRIGGER
  7. Added KO to the game
  8. Added a pause menu to the screen of the pause
  9. You can go back to the menu from the pause screen
  10. Fixed fireball animation not working when you use it while walking
  11. Fixed the kick animation not working while walking
  12. Win animation only triggers after the KO animation
  13. Added a dramatic slow-motion during the KO
  14. Finally fixed the animation freeze on clayton
  15. Fixed a bug when you use a strong attack close to a wall the enemy would go outside the stage
  16. Fixed the ability to get stuck over the enemy on the corner of the stage
  17. You can't use fireballs while doing attack animations anymore
  18. Changed the font and color on the winner screen
  19. Changed the background on the winner screen
  20. Changed the material and size on the fighters names
  21. Hit stop fixed from 0.0001 to 0,02
  22. fixed some animations speed
  23. Clayton punches are way fasters, all thai attacks are faster
  24. Fixed Thai dodge animations that were not triggering
  25. Changed the font of the BEAT THE CRAP OF THE OUT GUY
  26. Changed the font of the ROUND X
  28. V0.55: Change Log:
  29. -Sparing mode Added
  30. -Sparing mode has a bag enemy
  31. -Sparing mode doesn't end when life reaches zero
  32. -Options menu finished
  33. -Can deactivate every single special effect during gameplay
  34. (exept on the Paper map, because some effects are needed for it to work)
  35. -Can mute the game
  36. -Options save between games
  37. -Change the font of every text on the main menu screen to BRODWAY
  38. -Fixed chose to choose
  39. -Fixed the numbers on the loading screen
  40. -Strong attacks now can throw enemies back too
  41. -Fixed the boat moving during the pause
  42. -Connected every single animation to the victory animation
  43. -Victory animation doesn't trigger on the air anymore
  44. -Death animation doesn't trigger on the air anymore
  45. -Thai low strong kick debuffed
  46. ------speed 1 > 0.7 , hitboxes are not as big
  47. Phisics changed
  48. ------Clayton mass = 0.9, gravity 6
  49. ------Thai Mass 0.85 gravity 5.5
  50. -Stamina during dodge changed according to each character
  51. ------Clayton 5/s
  52. ------Thai 7/s
  53. -Dodge ends 3 times faster
  54. -Clayton spins doenst freezes animations anymore
  55. -bloom is stronger
  56. -bloom is more potent
  57. -bloom, sparks , and explosions have a lights
  58. -Sparks and explosions have colisions on the floor
  59. -Clayton hands have extra bands with physics, to call attention to his hands
  60. -On the air collisions size fixed
  61. -Stamina text removed
  63. V0.56: Change Log:
  64. Victory Icon changed in every stage.
  65. Fixed the bug were life would go up if you change the atack type in a big combo
  66. Orange lifebar Drops slower (20/s to 15/s)
  67. Orange lifebar doesnt drop if the player keeps taking damage
  68. Sakana added to the game, all animations
  69. Krigger added to the game . all animations
  70. Sakana hitboxes added to the game
  71. Krigger Hitobxes added to the game
  72. Max stamina is diferent for every character
  73. >Clayton : 12
  74. >Thai : 10
  75. >Sakana : 15
  76. >Krigger : 20
  78. V0.57 Change Log
  79. Fixed the bug were animations would just fucking stop working
  80. Hitstun works on both characters
  82. Remade the entire Animator to connect every animation to every animaton
  83. Every atack of every character is way faster now
  84. Added name of the sage under the stage selection screen
  85. Took of the rainbow smoke from the main screen
  86. Cant atack whitout stamina anymore
  87. Dodge takes even less stamina now
  89. Krigger arms change color when he is hit
  90. Change the character Selection Menu
  91. Fixed the options menu not working right with a game pad
  92. Fixed the size of the golden border on the main menu
  95. V0.58 Change Log
  96. Rigged all the Faces
  97. Made animators for the faces of everyone
  98. Added Face animations to : Pain, Dead: Atack, Idle, Tired, Time out and Victory
  99. Fixed Krigger Tits not working properly
  100. Added 2 new camera positions to the main game
  101. Fixed the background of the pause screen size
  102. Fixed the Dash animation
  103. Fixed the WAlljump animation
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