Battlefleet Gothic Proxy-makers and minis

Mar 7th, 2016
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  1. List of Battlefleet:Gothic-appropriate manufacturers
  3. Battlegroup Helios:
  4. From the guy responsible for the "Zeus" ships. The Cruisers are about 25% larger than a GW cruiser, but have similar modularity.
  7. Also, he makes bespoke cruiser prows
  9. $22 AU for one each of blank, torpedo, and Nova cannon
  11. Winter's Bio-forge:
  12. Resin 'Nid proxies of pretty good quality, also sells 3D Blast Markers and some other things. Working on modular transports.
  15. Vanguard minis: reprints of an older line. Escorts only, works for cogboys and eagles.
  18. Shapeways:
  19. Several manufacturers make similar ships, usually under some variant of "Gothic" or "cathedral";
  20. Ramilles/Tombship proxy
  21. (Excellent Blackstone proxy)
  22. ("Terran Marines", as well as modular weapon plates)
  23. (Egyptian death-skeletons and assorted ordnance)
  24. (Pretty much everything)
  25. (Ordnance and light escorts)
  26. (Dorfs, Imps, assorted accessories)
  27. (Ordnance, Egyptian skellie ships, light cruisers)
  28. (Slitfaces and Elves)
  29. ("Legion" ships and defenses)
  30. (Modular weapons, incomplete ship model)
  31. (Heresy ships, ordnance, "scrap pirates")
  32. (Assorted eagle prows, foul Xenos, and transports)
  33. (system ships, space stations, and freighters with a more hard-SF aesthetic)
  36. Do NOT go to, they are totally pirates and you should definitely avoid their high-quality resin castings of the original BFG ships and Forge World items. And their free shipping. That would be BAD.
  37. ======================================================
  38. For boarding actions:
  39. (Void-suit helmets, air packs and hoses, etc. Also has jezzails and acceptable Volkite/Rad weapon proxies, as well as some decent Servitor or Iron Men stand-ins)
  40. (Breacher)
  41. (Officer)
  42. (Officer)
  43. Voidborne/Hardened IG --- Forge World Solar Auxilia, Hostile Environment Cadians. Games Workshop 3rd and 4th-generation Genestealer cultists from Deathwatch boardgame. Also, everything else from that box is a delightful idea for boarding.
  44. Naval Ratings and Boarders --- Forge World Titan Crew (they're based off of the same concept sketches).
  45. Ship crew: Bullgryns (loaders), Frateris Militia (regular crew), Penal Legionaires, Scions.
  46. Officers: Titan Crew officer (again, very similar concept sketches), IG Regimental Advisors Fleet Liason
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