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  1. MINECRAFT FALLING - Episode 3
  2. [Narrator: Previously, on Minecraft Falling]
  3. *Shows a few clips from last episode*
  4. *Shows Minecraft Falling intro*
  5. ------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. *Emily swings her sword up and swings down, slicing through Jake’s arm*
  7. *Jake suddenly wakes up, Brandon and David hold him down as he struggles* AHHHHHHHHHHhhhhh…Uhh….uh.
  8. *Jake collapses once again*
  9. David: Aw, gross!
  10. Troy: Ewww.
  11. Emily: Well, it was for his own good. Somebody get me some water and a bandage to patch him up.
  12. *Jackson brings it to Emily*
  13. *Emily tips the water over his stub for an arm*
  14. Jake: *wakes up* OOOWWW!
  15. *Emily grabs him and holds him down until he’s calm*
  16. Emily: Uh, hey. Looks like you came to. Sorry about what happened, y’know, back there…
  17. Jake: You owe me so much for this…
  18. *Emily wraps his arm up*
  19. David: You should probably get some rest. You’ve been through quite a bit today.
  20. Brandon: Yeah. tomorrow is gonna be a hard day of working.
  21. Emily: Which Jake is NOT gonna do.
  22. Jake: HA! In your face, Brandon!
  23. Brandon: Shut up, stubby arm.
  24. [The next day]
  25. Emily: Ok, everyone. I’ve got your jobs for the day.
  26. Troy, you need to clean and organize the big house. *Troy smiles*
  27. David, you work on the farm. *David nods*
  28. Brandon, you’re out hunting. *Brandon salutes*
  29. Jackson, I think you should clean up the dead zombies. *Jackson hangs his head and frowns*
  30. Now get to work!
  31. *Everyone starts going to do their job*
  32. Brandon: Hey.
  33. Jackson: Hi.
  34. Brandon: Y’know, zombie-cleaning is a tough job.
  35. Jackson: Oh, I’ll live.
  36. Brandon: You might not.
  37. Jackson: And why is that?
  38. Brandon: They might come up and get you.
  39. Jackson: Well then how do I make sure they’re dead?
  40. Brandon: You gotta stab ‘em right in the head before you touch them. Kills ‘em instantly.
  41. Jackson: Sounds good. Thanks for the heads up.
  42. Brandon: A’ight. See ya later, Jack.
  43. Jackson: Please don’t call me that.
  44. Brandon: Okay, Jack.
  45. Jackson: Ugh…
  46. *Jackson walks over to zombie and stabs it in the head*
  47. *Jackson picks up the walker and throws it in a pile*
  48. [After Jackson picks up at least 20 zombies]
  49. *Jackson walks over to a zombie on the ground*
  50. *Jackson is about to stab it*
  51. Jones: *cough* No! I’m not a *cough cough* zombie.
  52. Jackson: WHOAAH!! Who the heck are you!?
  53. Jones: You frie *cough*
  54. Jackson: What’s wrong?
  55. Jones: Please. *cough* I need help.
  56. Jackson: Are you bitten?
  57. Jones: No! I-I swear!
  58. *Troy walks over to Jackson*
  59. Troy: Hey, Jackson. Whatchya doing?
  60. Jackson: This guy says he’s not bit.
  61. Troy: Hello, are you ok?
  62. Jones: Please help me…I can’t feel my legs… *cough*
  63. Troy: We gotta help this guy.
  64. *Jackson and Troy carry the guy to base*
  65. Jackson: Guys, we found…uh..this guy.
  66. *Brandon runs over to see the guy*
  67. Brandon: Are you bit?
  68. Jones: No- Oh. It’s YOU.
  69. Brandon: Oh my god! Jones!?
  70. Emily: What? Who is that?
  71. Brandon: Jones.
  72. Emily: Jones, why were you coming to our base?!
  73. *Emily puts a sword up to Jones Neck*
  74. Jones: *gasps* I was just, uh, stopping by *cough*
  75. Emily: What do you want?
  76. Jackson: Who is this guy?
  77. *David comes up and sees what going on*
  78. David: Ah! It’s Jones! this can’t be good…
  79. Jackson: Who’s Jones?
  80. Emily: He works for Landon.
  81. Jackson: Who’s LANDON?
  82. David: We used to be in his group. Then, we drove away one day.
  83. Troy: Why?
  84. Emily: He’s a jerk! That’s why.
  85. Brandon: He beat us and used us as slaves. He didn’t even give us much of a place to sleep.
  86. Emily: He was harsh. He swore that if anyone left he would hunt them down and kill them.
  87. Jackson: Oh my god. How’d you guys escape?
  88. David: One day, Landon was talking to us alone so we beat him up took the keys to his truck and some food.
  89. Emily: Then, when we were far away, we built this camp.
  90. *Emily turns to Jones*
  91. Emily: What do you want?
  92. Jones: He… *coughs* He’s coming…
  93. *Emily stabs Jones and kills him*
  94. Brandon: Emily! Why would you-
  95. Emily: I don’t know! I just… I just REALLY can’t stand him.
  96. Brandon: But he was about to tell us something important!
  97. Emily: We both know what that something was. Think about it.
  98. Brandon: Well yeah, but- …Ah, forget it. I was probably going to kill him anyway. He looked at us as nothing but servants. He was a complete prick who only thought of himself.
  99. Jake: Remind you of anyone, Brandon? Hmmm? (sarcastic smile)
  100. Brandon: Oh, put a sock in it, stubby. Well, we should probably hit the hay by now. It’s getting late and the mobs’ll be showing up any second.
  101. Emily: Good idea. ‘Night, everyone.
  102. Everyone collectively: Goodnight.
  104. [END]
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