Girls Ops c02

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  1. Notes
  2. -===-
  4. AoE -
  5. Area of Effect, an attack targetting an area or multiple targets instead of one target.
  7. Speaking like a girl -
  8. Kuro first used the "ore" personal pronoun to refer to herself, but changed to "watashi" after this point.
  9. I simply changed it to "speaking like a girl", so... use your imagination.
  11. Norse-ish -
  12. Just for clarification, "from Norse mythology".
  14. Tsundere -
  15. A Japanese term used to describe characters.
  16. Tsun would be having a cold attitude, a quick temper, etc.
  17. Dere would be essentially the opposite of that, a soft and fluffy personality.
  18. Tsundere describes the development process where character switches from tsun to dere.
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