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  1. #X-Generator:
  2. itemGroup.MCA=Minecraft Comes Alive
  5. enum.agestate.toddler=Toddler
  6. enum.agestate.child=Child
  7. enum.agestate.teen=Teen
  9. entity.Villager.marauder=Marauder
  10. entity.Villager.outlaw=Outlaw
  11. entity.Villager.pillager=Pillager
  12. entity.Villager.miner=Miner
  13. entity.Villager.baker=Baker
  14. entity.Villager.warrior=Warrior
  15. entity.Villager.archer=Archer
  16. entity.Villager.hero=Hero
  17. entity.Villager.child=Child
  19. ##############################
  20. # Items & Blocks
  21. ##############################
  22. Ring
  23. Gold Wedding Ring
  24. Ring
  25. Gold Engagement Ring
  26.'s Ring
  27. Boy
  28. Girl
  29. Male Villager
  30. Female Villager
  31. Papers
  32. Gold Ingot
  33. Outfit
  35. Gold Dust
  36. Dust
  38. Editor
  39. Grim Reaper
  40. of Life
  41., and How to Cure It!
  42. and You
  43. Your Family Vol. XI
  44. Rose Gold
  45. the Infection!
  46. Gold Ore
  47. Gold Block
  48. Spawner
  49. Gold Block
  50. Gold Ore
  52. ################################
  53. # Relations
  54. ################################
  55. relation.spouse=Spouse
  56. relation.daughter=Daughter
  57. relation.son=Son
  59. ##########################
  60. # Reactions
  61. ##########################
  62. reaction.onhit1=Ow\! That hurt\!
  63. reaction.onhit2=I'll get you for that\!
  64. reaction.onhit3=Ouch\! Why did you hit me?
  65. reaction.onhit4=That hurts, stop it\!
  66. reaction.onhit5=Agh\! That really hurt\!
  67. reaction.onhit6=Hey\! What do you think you're doing?\!
  68. reaction.onhit7=*Oof*\! That better have been an accident\!
  70. reaction.ranaway1=That's right, you'd better run\!
  71. reaction.ranaway2=If you come back, I'm calling the guards\!
  72. reaction.ranaway3=Come back and fight like a man\!
  73. reaction.ranaway4=If I see you again, I'm going to punch you\!
  74. reaction.ranaway5=I knew you were afraid of me\!
  75. reaction.ranaway6=Why are you running? Get back here so I can hit you\!
  76. reaction.ranaway7=I'm going to hit you if I see you again\!
  77. reaction.ranaway8=I'll get my friends and beat you up\!
  79. reaction.drawnweapon1=No\! Please don't hurt me\!
  80. reaction.drawnweapon2=Stop\! No\!
  81. reaction.drawnweapon3=Someone help me\!
  82. reaction.drawnweapon4=They're going to kill me\! Someone help\!
  83. reaction.drawnweapon5=You can take whatever you want, just please don't hurt me\!
  84. reaction.drawnweapon6=I don't want to die\! Stay away\!
  85. reaction.drawnweapon7=Mother Notch, please help me\!
  87. #########################
  88. # Messages for chores
  89. #########################
  90.'s no %v1% nearby.
  91.'s some %v1% nearby...
  92.'s some %v1% %a2% blocks away.
  94. farming.nohoe=I'll need to have a hoe in order to farm.
  96. fishing.norod=I don't have a fishing rod!
  97. fishing.nowater=I don't see any water nearby...
  98. fishing.finished=I've finished fishing.
  100. cooking.nofood=I don't have any food to cook.
  101. cooking.nofuel=I don't have any fuel.
  102. cooking.nofurnace=There's no furnace nearby.
  104. #################
  105. # GUI
  106. ################################
  107. gui.button.debug.startraid=Start Raid
  108. gui.button.debug.spawnguards=Spawn Guards
  109. gui.button.debug.selectnearestvillager=Get Nearest Villager
  110. gui.button.debug.startmining=Start Mining
  111. gui.button.debug.startfishing=Start Fishing
  112. gui.button.debug.startchopping=Start Chopping
  113. gui.button.debug.starthunting=Start Hunting
  114. gui.button.debug.startharvesting=Start Harvest
  115. gui.button.debug.unzombify=Unzombify
  116. gui.button.debug.zombify=Zombify
  117. gui.button.debug.marrytoplayer=Marry to Player
  118. gui.button.debug.rebuildvillage=Rebuild Village
  119. gui.button.debug.openinventory=Open Inventory
  120. gui.button.yes=Yes
  122. gui.button.ok=Ok
  123. gui.button.done=Done
  124. gui.button.random=Random
  125. gui.button.interact=Interact
  126. gui.button.follow=Follow Me
  127. gui.button.stay=Stay Here
  128. gui.button.move=Move Freely
  130. gui.button.sethome=Set Home
  131. gui.button.gohome=Go Home
  132. gui.button.ridehorse=Ride Horse
  133. gui.button.special=Special
  134. gui.button.procreate=Procreate
  136. gui.button.inventory=Inventory
  138. gui.button.joke=Joke
  140. gui.button.shakehand=Shake Hand
  141. gui.button.tellstory=Tell Story
  142. gui.button.flirt=Flirt
  143. gui.button.hug=Hug
  144. gui.button.kiss=Kiss
  145. gui.button.prospecting=Prospecting
  146. gui.button.hunting=Hunting
  149. gui.button.chopping=Chopping
  150. gui.button.harvesting=Harvesting
  151. gui.button.start=Start
  152. gui.button.stop=Stop
  153. gui.button.havebaby=Have Baby
  154. gui.button.divorce=Divorce
  155. gui.button.asktomarry=Ask to Marry
  156. gui.button.hire=Hire
  157. gui.button.hired=Hired
  158. gui.button.accept=Accept
  159. gui.button.combat=Combat
  160. gui.button.extend=Extend
  161. gui.button.dismiss=Dismiss
  162. gui.button.divorcespouse=Divorce Spouse
  163. gui.button.resetbaby=Reset Baby
  164. gui.button.exit=Exit
  165. gui.button.back=Back
  166. gui.button.backarrow=<<
  167. gui.button.adoptbaby=Adopt Baby
  168. gui.button.revive=Revive
  169. gui.button.infected=Change Infection
  170. gui.button.gender=Change Gender
  171. gui.button.texture.set=Set Skin
  172. gui.button.texture.randomize=Randomize
  173. gui.button.profession.set=Set Career
  174. gui.button.profession.randomize=Randomize
  175. gui.button.stopworking=Stop Work
  176. gui.button.copyuuid=Copy UUID
  178. gui.title.namebaby.male=It's a boy\!
  179. gui.title.namebaby.female=It's a girl\!
  180. gui.title.namebaby=Name your baby\:
  181. gui.title.tombstone=Enter tombstone text\:
  182. gui.title.editor=Villager Editor
  183. gui.title.whistle=Call Family Member
  184. gui.title.staffoflife=Select a Villager to Revive
  187. gui.label.readytogrow=Ready to grow!
  188. gui.label.owner=Owner
  189. gui.label.infected=Infected!
  191. gui.label.age=Age:
  192. gui.label.unnamed=Unnamed
  193. gui.label.rightclicktoname=Right-click to name
  194. gui.label.minute=Minute
  195. gui.label.minutes=Minutes
  196. gui.label.parent=Parent:
  197. gui.label.male=Male
  198. gui.label.female=Female
  199. gui.label.prospecting=Prospecting
  200. gui.label.harvesting=Harvesting
  201. gui.label.chopping=Chopping
  202. gui.label.hunting=Hunting
  204. gui.label.staying=Staying
  205. gui.label.following=Following
  207. Available
  208. to take)
  210. spouse.chore.mining.orenotify=There's some %v2% nearby...
  211. spouse.chore.mining.nopick=I forgot my pickaxe, dear, did you bring an extra one?
  212. spouse.chore.chopping.noaxe=Oh, I thought we were going for a picnic. I didn't bring an axe...
  213.'d love to! But, I can't find my fishing rod.
  214. spouse.chore.hunting.nosword=I broke my sword yesterday. Do you have another one?
  215. spouse.chore.harvesting.nohoe=Do you have an extra hoe I could use?
  217. childp.chore.mining.orenotify=I think there's some %v2% nearby...
  218. childp.chore.mining.nopick=I can't do that without a pickaxe!
  219. childp.chore.chopping.noaxe=I can't chop wood without an axe...
  220. can't fish without a fishing rod!
  221. childp.chore.hunting.nosword=Can you give me a sword first?
  222. childp.chore.harvesting.nohoe=I don't have a hoe to harvest with.
  224. adult.chore.mining.orenotify=Found something! There's some %v2% nearby.
  225. adult.chore.mining.nopick=I don't have a pickaxe anymore.
  226. adult.chore.chopping.noaxe=I don't have an axe anymore.
  227. don't have a fishing rod anymore.
  228. adult.chore.hunting.nosword=I lost my sword! Do you have another?
  229. adult.chore.harvesting.nohoe=I don't have a hoe to harvest with.
  231. gui.interact.label.married=Married to %v1%
  232. gui.interact.label.engaged=Engaged to %v1%
  233. gui.interact.label.notmarried=Not married
  234. gui.interact.label.parents=Parents: %v1% and %v2%
  235. available. Click to claim.
  237.'s a pretty ring, but I am already married to you, silly.
  238. are already married. Did you forget?
  240.'m sorry, no...I'm already married.
  241., I thought you knew...I'm already married to someone.
  242.\! I'm already married\!
  244. see that ring on your finger. You're already married\!
  245. what are you trying to do? You're already married\!
  246. Really? I think you're married to someone else, aren't you?
  247.'m appalled\! You already have a spouse.
  249. No\! I don't like you\!
  250., pretty ring\! Oh's for me?
  251. that for me? Sorry, I just don't know you enough.
  252.'m flattered, but I don't really know you.
  254. spouse.interaction.engage.success1=Yes\! I will marry you\! I love you\!
  255. spouse.interaction.engage.success2=Of course I'll marry you\!
  256. spouse.interaction.engage.success3=About time...just kidding\! Love you\!
  257. this real? I mean, this moment, not the ring. But the ring is real, right?
  259. spouse.interaction.marry.success1=It's a dream come true\! I'll love you forever\!
  260. spouse.interaction.marry.success2=We're finally married\! Now what?
  261. spouse.interaction.marry.success3=I'm happy to be married to you, %v1%.
  262. spouse.interaction.marry.success4=I can't wait to start our life together\!
  264. am already married to someone.
  265.'m happily married, I do not want another spouse.
  266. don't want that - I'm already married.
  268. am engaged to someone already, I can't take that ring.
  269.'ve promised to marry someone else.
  270., thanks but I think I'm okay. I'm already engaged to someone.
  272.'t you need two rings to arrange a marriage?
  273., okay\! But you need two rings first.
  274. spouse and I will both need a ring, but you only have one.
  276. don't see anyone close by. Who did you want me to marry?
  277. just don't know...move me closer to the one you think is right for me.
  278., but there doesn't seem to be anyone close by. Who should I marry?
  280. adult.interaction.sethome.success1=Okay, this will be my new home point.
  281. adult.interaction.sethome.success2=I understand, I'll be sleeping here at night.
  282. adult.interaction.sethome.success3=Sure thing, %v1%.
  283. spouse.interaction.sethome.success1=I really like this place, good job %v1%!
  284. spouse.interaction.sethome.success2=This is like a dream home!
  285. childp.interaction.sethome.success1=Okay fine, where's my room?
  286. childp.interaction.sethome.success2=This is cool I guess. Can I go play now?
  287. childp.interaction.sethome.success3=Okay, but I want the biggest room!
  289. adult.interaction.sethome.fail1=This doesn't look like a safe home point for me. There's some %v1% in the way.
  290. adult.interaction.sethome.fail2=Is there another place nearby? There's some %v1% in the way.
  291. adult.interaction.sethome.fail3=I can't have my home point here. There's some %v1% in the way.
  293. adult.interaction.gohome.success1=Alright, I'll go there immediately!
  294. adult.interaction.gohome.success2=Sure, I'll go home now.
  295. adult.interaction.gohome.success3=I'm going home. Goodbye!
  296. spouse.interaction.gohome.success1=Sure, dear, I'll head home now.
  297. spouse.interaction.gohome.success2=See you there, dear!
  298. childp.interaction.gohome.success1=See ya!
  299. childp.interaction.gohome.success2=Okay! Bye!
  300. child.interaction.gohome.success1=Okay! I think I remember where I live...
  302. don't have a home...
  303. me again where our house was?
  304. don't remember where I live...
  305. don't remember where home is! We move too much!
  307. are the horses? I want to ride!
  308. is my horse? I hope I didn't lose it again...
  309. don't see any rideable horses nearby.
  310. is my horse, dear? I can't find it.
  312. already have a didn't lose it did you?!
  313. lost baby Joby didn't you? Wait...was his name Joby?
  314. more time with me! I'm not ready for a child.
  315. just yet. I think we need to spend more time together first.
  317. notify.spouseendedmarriage=%Name% has ended their marriage with you.
  318. notify.spousedied=Your spouse %v1% has died by %v2%
  319. notify.childdied=Your child %v1% has died by %v2%
  320. notify.child.grownup=%v1% has grown into an adult!
  321. notify.revival.disabled=Revivals have been disabled by the server administrator.
  322. is disabled by the server administrator.
  323. will only eat cake if my spouse is nearby...please find them!
  325. ##################################
  326. # Responses to interactions
  327. ##################################
  328. isn't a good gift...
  329. made you think that I would like this?
  330. thanks.
  331. don't want that, why would I?
  332. are you giving me that?
  333. this supposed to be a gift? No thanks.
  334. considerate\! Thank you.
  336. thoughtful\!
  337., I love these\!
  338. gift? For me? How nice\!
  339., this is pretty cool\!
  340., friend\!
  341., you're such a good friend\!
  342. wow, I actually needed one of these\!
  343. is a pretty good gift\!
  344. don't know what to say. Thank you so much, %v1%\!
  345. did you...nevermind, this is amazing\!
  346. wow, I've always wanted one of these\!
  347. is fantastic\! I'll put it to good use.
  348. you so much. I will remember this forever.
  349., cookies and milk does sound delicious right now.
  350., I suppose the weather is nice today.
  351.'m doing just fine\! Hit my toe when I woke up, though.
  352. apple a day keeps the zombies away\!
  353. dream is to build my own village, but I'm so lazy.
  354. think I saw %Supporter% the other day in Diamond armor.
  355. friend %Supporter% told me that they found a chest full of diamonds yesterday!
  356. you seriously just say that?
  357. don't believe it exploded on its own.
  358. know, you're not that cool.
  359. off.
  360. should be thrown in a dungeon\!
  361. adult.joke.success1=Haha\! Serves that Skelly right\!
  362. adult.joke.success2=*Laughs* That's hilarious\!
  363. adult.joke.success3=That's funny\! Did you hear the one about the cows?
  364. adult.joke.success4=Unfortunate for the sheep to lose its wool, but funny\!
  365. adult.joke.success5=That's the best I have ever heard\!
  366. adult.joke.success6=You might be funnier than %Supporter%\!
  367. adult.joke.fail1=Don't speak about my pig like that\!
  368. adult.joke.fail2=Ha. Ha. Not funny.
  369. adult.joke.fail3=Ah, you're not the funniest in town.
  370. adult.joke.fail4=That's low.
  371. adult.joke.fail5=You shouldn't joke about that.
  372. adult.shakehand.success1=You have a nice grip\!
  373. adult.shakehand.success2=Your grip shows me you have great power\!
  374. adult.shakehand.success3=Wow, you're so polite\!
  375. adult.shakehand.success4=Good day\!
  376. adult.shakehand.success5=Why, hello there\!
  377. adult.shakehand.fail1=Seriously? After you slaughtered the cow?
  378. adult.shakehand.fail2=Um, no that's okay.
  379. adult.shakehand.fail3=I'm not a stranger, you don't have to be so polite.
  380. adult.shakehand.fail4=Wow really? This isn't like you.
  381. adult.shakehand.fail5=Go away.
  382. adult.tellstory.success1=Really? I can't believe that all happened\!
  383. adult.tellstory.success2=I wish I was brave enough to take on a creeper.
  384. adult.tellstory.success3=That was a really good story\! Is it original?
  385. adult.tellstory.success4=All of that happened yesterday? No way\!
  386. adult.tellstory.success5=I was near there yesterday, I can't believe I didn't hear this already.
  387. adult.tellstory.success6=Haha! That definitely sounds like %Supporter%! Such an awesome person.
  388. adult.tellstory.success7=I've heard the Legend of %Supporter% almost a million times. Tell me again!
  389. adult.tellstory.fail1=*Ahem* That's my mother you're talking about.
  390. adult.tellstory.fail2=This is why the village talks about you.
  391. adult.tellstory.fail3=I don't get it...
  392. adult.tellstory.fail4=You're terrible\! Creepers have feelings too\!
  393. adult.tellstory.fail5=How could you kill a poor sheep?\!
  394. adult.flirt.success1=You're sooo brave\!
  395. adult.flirt.success2=Oh, you\! Stop being so cute\!
  396. adult.flirt.success3=*Blushes* Do you mean it?
  397. adult.flirt.success4=Oh, my...
  398. adult.flirt.success5=That was so adorable\! You had me at "hello"\!
  399. adult.flirt.fail1=If you mean that, then prove it.
  400. adult.flirt.fail2=Aw.... Wait, you told the baker the same thing\!
  401. adult.flirt.fail3=Not in a million years.
  402. adult.flirt.fail4=Pathetic much?
  403. adult.flirt.fail5=A zombie has a better chance than you.
  404. adult.hug.success1=Long time no see\!
  405. adult.hug.success2=Thank you, I needed that.
  406. adult.hug.success3=At least one thing made my day today.
  407. adult.hug.success4=You're as snuggly as a sheep\!
  408. adult.hug.fail1=You're covered in soot and mud\!
  409. adult.hug.fail2=No thanks.
  410. adult.hug.fail3=Uh, why?
  411. adult.hug.fail4=After you called me a dinosaur last week? No.
  412. adult.hug.fail5=Quite frankly, you don't deserve a hug after you did that.
  413. adult.kiss.success1=I wish this moment would last forever.
  414. adult.kiss.success2=I think I love you...
  415. adult.kiss.success3=Mmm, tastes like pumpkin pie\!
  416. adult.kiss.fail1=Not if someone can see.
  417. adult.kiss.fail2=You call that a kiss?
  418. adult.kiss.fail3=Ash kisses better than you.
  419. adult.kiss.fail4=Two words... breath mints\!
  420. adult.kiss.fail5=Thank you?
  421. adult.greeting1=Why, hello there\!
  422. adult.greeting2=Hey\! How are you today?
  423. adult.greeting3=Hey, good to see you\!
  424. adult.greeting4=What's going on with you today?
  425. adult.greeting5=How are you today?
  427. heard stories about you\! Are you a hero?
  428. I was going to go try and climb to the roof.
  429. you wanna go burn stuff with me?
  430.'m going to be a hunter like you and kill many things\!
  431.\! What are you doing today? I'm going swimmin'\!
  432. you don't give me cookies I'll hold my breath.
  433. parents said not to talk to you, that you're bad.
  434.*Laughs* You look smelly\!
  435. yeah? Well I'm gonna egg your house\!
  436., I'm not listening\! Lalala.
  437. child.joke.success1=You're funnier than daddy\!
  438. child.joke.success2=Tell me another one\!
  439. child.joke.success3=You're the funniest person alive\!
  440. child.joke.success4=I'm tellin' my momma that one\! *Laughs*
  441. child.joke.success5=It should eat a leaf\!
  442. child.joke.fail1=I don't get it.
  443. child.joke.fail2=You're not funny. Really.
  444. child.joke.fail3=You need to stop...
  445. child.joke.fail4=But, who's apple?
  446. child.joke.fail5=Don't be mean\!
  447. child.shakehand.success1=Hiya\! Someone I know likes you...
  448. child.shakehand.success2=Dad said this is a very nice thing to do.
  449. child.shakehand.success3=Now high five\! Down low... too slow\!
  450. child.shakehand.success4=Hi stranger\!
  451. child.shakehand.success5=*Giggles* I just cleaned a cow with this hand.
  452. child.shakehand.fail1=Stranger danger...
  453. child.shakehand.fail2=Mom, dad\! This person is trying to kidnap me\!
  454. child.shakehand.fail3=Don't touch me I'm famous\!
  455. child.shakehand.fail4=Ew, your hand has black stuff on it.
  456. child.shakehand.fail5=I'll only shake your hand if you give me a diamond.
  457. child.tellstory.success1=Wow\! You're a beast\!
  458. child.tellstory.success2=I want to be just like you when I grow up. Shh, don't tell dad.
  459. child.tellstory.success3=Can you adopt me?\! You're awesome\!
  460. child.tellstory.success4=I went fishing and almost drowned.
  461. child.tellstory.success5=Does this mean I can take whatever I want? I mean, "borrow?"
  462. child.tellstory.success6=Tell me again about %Supporter%!!
  463. child.tellstory.fail1=You're a meanie\!
  464. child.tellstory.fail2=I'm telling my mom what you said about her...
  465. child.tellstory.fail3=I believe you're speaking about my grandpa...
  466. child.tellstory.fail4=You're nothing but a scaredycat like dad said\!
  467. child.tellstory.fail5=How could you kill a poor chicken?
  468. child.greeting1=Hi, who are you?
  469. child.greeting2=Hi, what's your name?
  470. child.greeting3=Eek\! You look scary\!
  471., I don't like this\!
  472.\! I don't want this.
  473. did you bring me this? It's dumb\!
  474. don't even know what this is\!
  475. it all mine?
  476. this really for me?
  477. is cool\!
  478.\! I'm going to show this to all my friends.
  479. found it\! I lost this a few minutes ago.
  480. friend stole one of these from me. Did you beat him up for me?
  481., you give the best presents\!
  482.\! My friend will stop bragging now.
  483.\! Where did you get this thing?
  484. Dad has one of these. Now I have one too\!
  486., I was just going to go explorin' later.
  487. we go camping? Please?\!
  488., can you make me a cake?
  489. I have my own room away from our house? That would be cool\!
  490.'s move into a cave\! That sounds so fun\!
  491. don't think I'd like that very much.
  492. that why I've heard so much about "divorce"? What does that mean?
  493. want a new daddy.
  494. don't want a baby sister.
  495. childp.joke.success1=*Laughs* Tell that one again\!
  496. childp.joke.success2=I've got to tell my friend that one\!
  497. childp.joke.success3=How did the creeper explode?\!
  498. childp.joke.success4=*Laughs*Why is there no longer 3 of them?
  499. childp.joke.success5=*Laughs* ... *Laughs*... *Laughs*
  500. childp.joke.fail1=I thought you were funny, though...
  501. childp.joke.fail2=I like knock knock jokes better.
  502. childp.joke.fail3=I don't get it, that was dumb.
  503. childp.joke.fail4=*Yawn* My friend's dad is cooler and funnier than you.
  504. childp.joke.fail5=I'd rather have cake.
  505. childp.shakehand.success1=Why do I need to learn this stuff?
  506. childp.shakehand.success2=I heard that this is a polite thing to do.
  507. childp.shakehand.success3=I'm gonna be just like you when I grow up\!
  508. childp.shakehand.success4=Can I have cake now?
  509. childp.shakehand.success5=I don't get it, but okay\!
  510. childp.shakehand.fail1=I spit on my hand.
  511. childp.shakehand.fail2=You're such an old person.
  512. childp.shakehand.fail3=Only losers shake hands.
  513. childp.shakehand.fail4=I'll shake your hand if you give me cake.
  514. childp.shakehand.fail5=No, you'll slip and hit me.
  515. childp.tellstory.success1=What!? You really did that?\! But...what happened to your friend?
  516. childp.tellstory.success2=I want to explore a cave, too\! Let's go\!
  517. childp.tellstory.success3=One day I'll kill more creepers than you\!
  518. childp.tellstory.success4=Oh, oh, oh\! Can we climb a tree, too?\!
  519. childp.tellstory.success5=Did the lava hurt?
  520. childp.tellstory.fail1=I don't want to hear about grandma.
  521. childp.tellstory.fail2=You always say that. I just want a pet.
  522. childp.tellstory.fail3=You're just fibbing. I don't belive that.
  523. childp.tellstory.fail4=You said you didn't eat the cake and cookies...
  524. childp.tellstory.fail5=Someone said you were a bad person, and I believe them\!
  525. childp.hug.success1=*Kisses* You're the best ever\!
  526. childp.hug.success2=I'm going to be as strong as you are one day\!
  527. childp.hug.success3=hug anymore?
  528. childp.hug.success4=I love hugs\! You're soft and warm\!
  529. childp.hug.fail1=I'm too old for hugs\!
  530. childp.hug.fail2=Stop it\! I don't want people to see\!
  531. childp.hug.fail3=Go away, you're so annoying\!
  532. childp.hug.fail4=Just leave me alone or give me some cookies\!
  533. childp.hug.fail5=I'd rather hug a skeleton.
  534. childp.greeting1=Hey there\!
  535. childp.greeting2=Hey, what's going on?
  536. childp.greeting3=What are you doing?
  537. childp.greeting4=Where are you going?
  538. a really bad gift.
  539., I've gotten so much better before!
  540.'t you give me this like, last year?
  541. could get this easily, no thanks.
  542., cool\! Thank you!
  543. it my birthday? This is awesome!
  544. is much better than the last gift I got\!
  545. hoo\! It's mine, all mine\!
  546. I...can I eat it?
  547. me? For free?\!
  548.\! Shiny\!
  549. really like this one, can I have another?
  550. of my friends will be jealous now\!
  551. is so cool! I've wanted one of these forever!
  552. must have cost a fortune\!
  553. knew you would get me one of these. I just knew it\!
  554.\! I have the best parents in the world\!
  555. is so amazing\! I can't believe this is all mine\!
  556. you so much\! You're the best ever\!
  558. cleaned the entire house. How was your day?
  559., let's go camping sometime. Doesn't that sound like fun?
  560. today I saw a spider. It was huge so I ran away.
  561. should build a new house together\!
  562. almost walked into a lava pit the other day. That wouldn't have been good\!
  563. know we're not the poorest family, but...
  564. love being around you but I need some space.
  565. I wish I had my own "cave" to escape from you and everyone.
  566. away, I'm not in the mood.
  567. have you been? Are you seeing someone behind my back?
  568. spouse.joke.success1=*Laughs* I married you for your humor\!
  569. spouse.joke.success2=You should throw an egg at him next time\!
  570. spouse.joke.success3=Then the wolf fell in love with the sheep.
  571. spouse.joke.success4=That never gets old\!
  572. spouse.joke.success5=Here's one for you... How many chickens does a creeper blow up?
  573. spouse.joke.fail1=Lame...
  574. spouse.joke.fail2=Sweetheart, you're not funny.
  575. spouse.joke.fail3=Ha...Ha...Ha...Not funny.
  576. spouse.joke.fail4=You need to erase that from your mind.
  577. spouse.joke.fail5=Okay...
  578. spouse.shakehand.success1=Your hand is so soft\!
  579. spouse.shakehand.success2=Our hands fit perfectly together.
  580. spouse.shakehand.success3=One day people will forget to shake hands.
  581. spouse.shakehand.success4=Our children will need to be this polite.
  582. spouse.shakehand.success5=*Continues to shake hand* Tell me when to stop\!
  583. spouse.shakehand.fail1=shakehand? How about a kiss, instead?
  584. spouse.shakehand.fail2=*Squeezes hand hard*
  585. spouse.shakehand.fail3=Your hand is nasty, no way.
  586. spouse.shakehand.fail4=They have germs on them.
  587. spouse.shakehand.fail5=Why don't you get a decent job instead of shaking my hand?
  588. spouse.tellstory.success1=Let's not tell our children that one...
  589. spouse.tellstory.success2=You were so rebellious\! I love it\!
  590. spouse.tellstory.success3=Did you ever tell your parents about losing their rings?
  591. spouse.tellstory.success4=It was that moment when I fell in love with you\!
  592. spouse.tellstory.success5=Wow, you're the best hunter ever\!
  593. spouse.tellstory.fail1=Talk to me when you kill something other than a harmless cow.
  594. spouse.tellstory.fail2=Don't do something that reckless\!
  595. spouse.tellstory.fail3=You have a family to think about\!
  596. spouse.tellstory.fail4=...If you liked them why didn't you marry them, instead?
  597. spouse.tellstory.fail5=Why did you wear the pink fluffy underwear? Whose were they?
  598. spouse.flirt.success1=*Blushes* Well, how about we do something like that, then\!
  599. spouse.flirt.success2=Aw, you said that when we first met.
  600. spouse.flirt.success3=Baby, you're so cute\!
  601. spouse.flirt.success4=You bet I am\!
  602. spouse.flirt.success5=*Winks* You still got it\!
  603. spouse.flirt.fail1=*Sighs*
  604. spouse.flirt.fail2=This one is getting old... like you.
  605. spouse.flirt.fail3=We're married, we don't have to do this anymore.
  606. spouse.flirt.fail4=Talk to the tree, it cares more.
  607. spouse.flirt.fail5=Yeah, yeah... What was it you were saying?
  608. spouse.hug.success1=I love being entangled in your arms\!
  609. spouse.hug.success2=Wait, don't leave... you're warm.
  610. spouse.hug.success3=Would you rather only being able to hug or kiss?
  611. spouse.hug.success4=*Kisses*
  612. spouse.hug.success5=Let's stay like this forever\!
  613. spouse.hug.fail1=Why don't you go hug your ex?
  614. spouse.hug.fail2=No thanks.
  615. spouse.hug.fail3=Man, you stink.
  616. spouse.hug.fail4=What do you want?
  617. spouse.hug.fail5=Huge someone else.
  618. spouse.kiss.success1=I fall in love all over again when our lips meet\!
  619. spouse.kiss.success2=Time stops ticking when I'm with you.
  620. spouse.kiss.success3=Sweet as cake\!
  621. spouse.kiss.success4=I love you, baby\!
  622. spouse.kiss.success5=I wouldn't trade you for anyone in the world\!
  623. spouse.kiss.fail1=Not where someone can see us...
  624. spouse.kiss.fail2=We don't have to if you don't want to.
  625. spouse.kiss.fail3=Your breath smells like wolf kibble.
  626. spouse.kiss.fail4=Go take a drink from the lake.
  627. spouse.kiss.fail5=Now that we're married I can tell you how lousy you are at kissing.
  628. spouse.greeting1=Hi honey, where have you been?
  629. spouse.greeting2=Hello dear, how is your day going?
  630. spouse.greeting3=Oh, %v1%\! You look tired.
  631. spouse.greeting4=Hey %v1%\! You look hungry. Would you like me to cook something?
  632. spouse.greeting5=%v1%, you're back\! I missed you.
  633. spouse.lowhearts.greeting1=There you are. Where did you go? You never tell me anything anymore.
  634. spouse.lowhearts.greeting2=Are you going to say hi to me this time?
  635. spouse.lowhearts.greeting3=Um, hi! I still exist, you know!
  636. spouse.lowhearts.greeting4=%v1%, are you ignoring me on purpose?
  637. spouse.lowhearts.greeting5=I'm starting to feel like you don't pay attention to me.
  638. spouse.endmarriage1=I've had it. You don't treat me well enough. I'm leaving you!
  639. spouse.endmarriage2=I'm leaving. Forever! Don't look for me.
  640. spouse.endmarriage3=I'm sorry - I thought we could work things out, but it's not working for me. Goodbye.
  641. spouse.endmarriage4=%v1%, this is goodbye. Don't try to follow me.
  642. honey...this is just terrible.
  643., is this supposed to be a gift for me?
  644. away your own junk\! Oh, this was a gift?...sorry.
  645. thought you knew me better than that. I hate these.
  646., you're so sweet.
  647.\! You're too good to me.
  648. is unexpected, thank you, dear\!
  649., how sweet of you.
  650., hun\!
  651. wow, this is actually really nice\!
  652. love it\! Thank you\!
  653. is amazing, dear\!
  654. got this for me? How sweet\!
  655., thank you %v1%\!
  656. %v1%, I love you\!
  657. are *way* too good to me\!
  658. must have been extremely expensive\! Thank you\!
  659.'t believe you'd get me something so thoughtful\!
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