Goat's Red Harness in GemStoneIV

Aug 2nd, 2018
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  1. V1:
  2. Your mind opens to the image of a soldier, dressed in a white uniform crossed by a red harness. The soldier stands guard beside the door of a towering white marble keep, which is shaped to resemble a graceful swan with wings outstretched. The soldier nods respectfully to a white-clad woman as she walks past him heading into the rose garden in the middle of the courtyard. She smiles back over her shoulder at him as the vision fades.
  4. Roundtime: 11 sec.
  6. V2:
  8. As you sing, you feel a faint resonating vibration from the red harness in your hand, and you learn something about it...
  10. Your vision clouds before returning to the soldier as he patrols the ramparts of the white marble castle. He pulls a sai from each scabbard of his red harness and twirls them lazily as he makes his rounds. Suddenly, his face breaks into a grin as he straightens up and quickly sheathes the sais again. You follow his gaze to find the white-clad woman beckoning at him from behind a guard tower door. He heads toward her as the vision ends.
  12. Roundtime: 10 sec.
  14. V3:
  15. Your mind clears to an aerial view of the castle, besieged by enemy forces. Steel-plated catapults propel projectiles into the formerly pristine castle walls as ground forces gather. Your focus is pulled back to the ramparts, where the white-clad soldier gazes out at the adversaries. Behind the guard tower door, the woman in white pleads with him. He points toward the keep and points out toward the gathering troops and shakes his head vehemently at her. Close to tears, she turns and disappears into the guard tower. He girds himself with the sais from the scabbards of his red harness and turns back toward the enemies as the vision fades.
  17. Roundtime: 13 sec.
  19. V4:
  20. Shadows clear from your mind to reveal a grey-cloaked figure picking her way through a battle-scarred field before the twisted black marble walls of the castle courtyard. She stops suddenly, looking down. Stooping momentarily, she pulls at something beyond your view. When she stands again, you see strips of black linen wrapped around her hand. She brings her wrapped hand to her face and presses her lips against the black linen before letting her hand fall again. Stoically, she turns and walks away from the castle as your vision fades.
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