Conflict of interest between David Neumann and Slitherine

Jul 9th, 2016
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  3. NOTE: This patstebin was made for the sake of being used as a source on DeepFreeze, a website at which I am a contributor.
  5. Subject: David Neumann and Slitherine
  6. Sources: Pocket Tactics
  7. Final version completed on: N/A
  8. Credits: I originally came to know of this conflict of interest from a thread on reddit by user "more_ethics_lol", who pointed out that Pocket Tactics had covered games developed by Slitherine without disclosing they're part of Wargamer Limited, a Slitherine's subsidiary ( Later on another reddit user, "sodiummuffin", compiled a list of articles by Pocket Tactics in which they covered Slitherine without initally disclosing their ties to them. My research prior to writing this pastebin mostly sums up in going through sodiummuffin's list of articles and sorting out the ones written by David Neumann.
  10. Introduction: David Neumann had written several articles for gaming outlet Pocket Tactics. It's not clear to me whether or not he still writers for them; an archived version of their staff page that was saved by waybackmachine on April 2016 (and later on backed-up by me through still lists him as deputy editor, but by 07.09.2016 he is no longer listed on the site's staff page ( In August 2015 Pocket Tactics became a part of Wargamer Limited, a subsidiary of Slitherine. This information was not disclosed in several articles by Neumann which were published after August 2015 ( Disclosure would later on be added to some of the articles, but not all of them. Neumann also covered Slitherine in one article from August 2015, but it's not clear whether or not the article was published before or after the date in which Pocket Tactics became a part of Wargamer.
  12. Articles by Neumann about Slitherine published after August 2015, all from Pocket Tactics:
  14. 09.17.2015: EVEN MORE BULGY: BATTLE OF THE BULGE GETS REVAMPED, TRAILER (still undisclosed as of 07.09.2016:
  15. 09.30.2015: Band of bros: Heroes of Normandie comes to PC tomorrow, new gameplay footage released (version without disclosure: , still doesn't have a disclosre as of 07.09.2016:, after this pastebin is finished I'll contact Pocket Tactics to add a disclosure.)
  16. 10.15.2015: Drop your panzers: Panzer Corps expands with Operation Sea Lion (version without disclosure: , version with disclosure:
  17. 11.05.2015: It’s Ork season: Ork Hunter expansion added to Warhammer 40K: Armageddon (version without disclosure: , version with disclosure:
  18. 11.11.2015: Turn on the Voight-Kampff machine: Slitherine’s last attempt at Android involves Battle Academy 2 and Legion (version without disclosure: , version with disclosure:
  19. 11.27.2015: Raise the main-sale: Black Friday deals are in effect (version without disclosure: , version with disclosure:
  20. 12.08.2015: Slitherine swinging for a Thursday release of Star Hammer (version without dsiclosure: , version with disclosure:
  21. 12.09.2015: Out Today, Tonight, or Tomorrow: Star Hammer, Devouring Stars, Lifeline: Silent Night and more (version without dislcosure: , version with disclosure:
  22. 12.14.2015: Pike and Shot getting more pikes and, yes, more shot (version without disclosure: , version with disclosure:
  24. Neumann also covered Slitherine on August 2015, the same month in which Pocket Tactics became a part of Wargamer:
  26. 08.11.2015: Between the Bronze and Iron: Age of Defenders coming to iPad this week (still undisclosed as of 07.09.2016:
  28. I don't know the exact day in August in which Pocket Tactics joined Wargamer, so I can't tell whether or not this article was written before or after that date.
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