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  1. > ::jsstack
  2. 7fff08cf91d0 0x7f6d4a8611e5
  3. 7fff08cf9920 v8::internal::V8::FatalProcessOutOfMemory+0x1ee
  4. 7fff08cf99b0 0x61aa14
  5. 7fff08cf9a00 v8::internal::Execution::Call+0xc8
  6. 7fff08cf9a80 v8::Function::Call+0x14a
  7. 7fff08cf9af0 node::MakeCallback+0xc7
  8. 7fff08cf9b40 node::MakeCallback+0x52
  9. 7fff08cf9c40 node::StreamWrap::OnReadCommon+0x12e
  10. 7fff08cf9dc0 0x97b8a4
  11. 7fff08cf9e20 0x97bf90
  12. 7fff08cfce90 uv__io_poll+0x27c
  13. 7fff08cfcee0 uv_run+0xec
  14. 7fff08cfcf70 node::Start+0x148
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