Daylily 3.333 Golden Shower

Jul 12th, 2016
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  1. >Sunday evening, the beginning of the night between Sunday and Monday, perfect night to laze around before another week begins
  2. >You’re Daylily the bat pony and next week your community service begins, so for now you’re just going to relax
  3. >There’s sounds coming from your kitchen so Tulip must be up and making herself something for breakfast, you’d better rise up and go see that she’s actually eating something and not just emptying your cupboards from various sweet things
  4. >A little stretching, a little bit of rubbing yourself against your fresh sheets while gently eeee~ing, and up you go
  5. >As you yawn and look inside your cozy little home and kitchen however your relaxation turns to alarm
  6. >What you see are the two stallions that were in the slammer with you, and the ones who tried to rob you and kidnap Tulip and all that other jazz
  7. “Tulip!”
  8. >You quickly fly to-wait no you stop and stare as one of the stallions acts as a living chair for Tulip and the other one presents all the sweets he can find in various places all over the kitchen before her
  9. >Tulip and the two stallions take notice of you and Tulip greets you happily
  10. >”Hi Daylily! These man-servants you have are pretty handy!”
  11. >The two stallions just give silent greetings to you with their hooves as you land and now just walk to the kitchen
  12. “Tulip don’t call them my man-servants...Why are you two even here? What do you want, how did you get in?”
  13. >The one beneath Tulip rises up and Tulip flies off of him and sits down on a normal chair
  14. >”I lock picked the door boss, it’s my talent, see?”
  15. >He shows you his butt with a lock pick cutie mark
  16. “I that doesn’t explain anything!”
  17. >Now the other stallion throws himself at your hooves
  18. >”Please boss come with us to the thieves guild and be out leader!”
  19. >He starts to kiss your hooves while begging you so you take a step back because it’s kind of gross
  20. >Tulip is now staring at you with big sparkly eyes
  21. >”My mom is the boss of a thieves guild!? Awesome!”
  22. “No Tulip that’s not a proper reaction to anything like that...and what’s this about a guild?”
  23. >Tulip hangs her head and mutters an apology for you and then sucks on her lollipop sadly
  24. >The lock pick butt one starts talking
  25. >”That’s right lass, we’re part of the notorious thieves guild of Hollow Shades, and you are the perfect mare to be our leader”
  26. >you raise an eyebrow
  27. “Notorious? This is the first time I’ve even heard anything about it”
  28. >The other stallion who was kissing your hooves rises up from the floor
  29. >”We’re...just that good”
  30. >Both of them offer you very forced and awkward smiles now
  31. >You’re about to tell them to get out, but then the gears in your head start moving
  32. >If these two are talking even an inch of truth...turning in any kind of organized crime to the guard could really aid you on restoring your reputation...
  33. “Sure I’ll come and check it out”
  34. >Both stallions do a little cheer and like that the three of you, not four no matter how much Tulip was insisting and then threw a small tantrum, headed off to this thieves guild
  35. >And where that lead you was the door to a basement inside a random house, through which you would have walked if it would not have been for the sudden voice of an older mare
  36. >”Butterknife! I can’t believe it, you finally have a girlfriend!”
  37. >The one with the butter knife cutie mark suddenly looks uncomfortable while the one with the lock pick applies his hoof to his face in an action also know as a facehoof
  38. >”M-mom no this-“
  39. >But the older mare who you now suspect of being the mother of the one called Butterknife grabs your hooves while looking so happy she might cry
  40. >”Oh thank you for brightening up the day of this old mare, I thought my son was a lost cause but here he is, bringing home such an attractive mare like you!”
  41. >The mom pulls you into a hug that is making you feel uncomfortable, but thankfully Butterknife breaks it off and pushes his mother away
  42. >”That’s all lovely and all mom but I have official guild business to discuss and-”
  43. >The mare lets out a chuckle
  44. >”Oh that little guild you and your friends talk about, don’t let me stop you from showing your little club house to your special somepony, don’t play too many games now”
  45. >”No mom I told you it’s not a club house-mom!”
  46. >The mare disappears into the house and you are starting to feel the hint of suspicion that you will not be finding a den of organized crime in here
  47. >The door is pushed open and you’re led into a small basement with a few chairs and other stuff lying around
  48. >It’s your typical friend X’s mom’s basement for role playing and nerdy hobbies
  49. >There’s a singe stallion sitting at the table and reading a comic which he puts down as he notices you
  50. >”So this is the lass eh? Well I’m afraid if she wants to be the top dog in this little slice of heaven she has to defeat me”
  51. >The stallion gets up and starts to hop around you
  52. >”Come on lass put your hooves up!”
  53. >You kick him in the face, gently, while he passes by your butt during his whole hopping around you repeatedly
  54. >And he ends up falling to the floor wasn’t even that hard of a kick!
  55. >The one with the lock pick of a cutie mark takes a look at the stallion on the floor
  56. >”Well done boss-lass, you defeated our temporary leader Sneak so easy. I’m Lockpick by the way, if you ever need a lock picked I’m the pony for it”
  57. >You look at the stallion with an unimpressed look on your face
  58. “This is not a guild, it’s just three grown stallions in a basement”
  59. >Suddenly the one called Sneak comes to
  60. >”No no no lass, I can guarantee you we’re a proper guild of thieves in here”
  61. “With just three members?”
  62. >”Everypony else left because we’ve been having a bit of bad luck for some time now”
  63. “In a basement?”
  64. >”We had to abandon our usual hide-out for reasons, this is only temporary until we get back on our hooves again”
  65. >You keep staring at Sneak while shaking your head in disappointment, but then Butterknife joins in on the conversation
  66. >”Anyway boss-lass-lady...we need to think of a proper codename for you at some point, we heard of your little thing on Monday, nice work infiltrating on our first ever target towards restoring the guild to its former glory”
  67. >You show your confusion on your face to them
  68. “What are you even talking about, I’m helping an elderly pony stack hay on Monday”
  69. >Lockpick joins in as well
  70. >”Yeah, that old pony is rumored to have something really valuable hidden in his home lass, and we’re going to steal it with your leadership”
  71. >You can’t believe it, these three idiots are thinking of robbing an older pony because they’re too busy pretending to be some kind of a thieves guild
  72. >You give them all a glare
  73. “No robbing!”
  74. >The three stallions seem confused
  75. >”But boss we-“
  76. >You stomp your hoof down
  77. “And I am not your boss. This needs to stop and you three need to face reality”
  78. >Before they can say anything the older mare suddenly waltzes in with a tray of cupcakes
  79. >”I thought you boys would be feeling hungry so I fixed you up something to eat”
  80. >Butterknife does not seem too pleased
  81. >”Mom we’re in a middle of a top secret meeting! Official guild business!”
  82. >You just walk past the mare and out of the open door to the basement
  83. “Don’t forget what I said, or you three will have to deal with me”
  84. >And with that you leave this complete waste of time behind, instead of finding organized crime to destroy for good guard points you found three stallioncolts playing pretend
  86. >”Good evening~”
  87. >You stare into the eyes of Midnight Delight as she smiles down upon you
  88. >You’re Daylily and you just woke up and found Midnight Delight in your bed, with you, hovering on top of you and staring at you amorously
  89. >Her mane is undone from her usual bun and flows down her shoulders, and she’s removed her glasses as well
  90. “Good...why are you here Midnight? How did you even get in and why are you in bed with me?”
  91. >She lets out a sweet giggle that makes you blush and also tingle a little
  92. >”I made a spare key, and I thought I’d bring you breakfast in bed”
  93. >You keep staring at the pony with your hooves pulled up and against your chest for safety
  94. “You mean actual breakfast and not yourself right?”
  95. >Midnight shrugs
  96. >”I’m fine either way”
  97. >You blush a little bit more
  98. “No that’s not going to happen, besides Tulip is...what is she up to?”
  99. >Midnight Delight climbs off of you
  100. >”Eating breakfast in silent terror that her teacher came over before school starts”
  101. >Ah, figures...poor Tulip, Midnight Delight coming over must have been a shock to her
  102. >You wiggle yourself into a sitting position and Midnight flies to fetch a tray with various things on it that she places on the bed before doing the same with herself
  103. >”Dig in Daylily, you’ll need a lot of endurance and stamina”
  104. >You spit out some of the juice you were drinking
  105. >”...for the community work, remember?”
  106. >You wipe your mouth and offer her an awkward smile
  107. “Of course, for that...”
  108. >After feeding you a little bit in a teasing manner Midnight Delight excuses herself and leaves to prepare for her job and you leave the bedroom to find a grumpy looking Tulip on the couch
  109. “Why the frowny face?”
  110. >Tulips huffs
  111. >”I wanted to come and wake you up but Midnight didn’t let me...”
  112. >You walk over to her and pet her head
  113. “You can wake me up tomorrow evening”
  114. >Tulip pushes her head up against your hoof
  115. >”Can I also make you breakfast?”
  116. “Sure, just...make something that actually exists instead of putting things into a blender and calling it a smoothie...”
  117. >Tulip looks up at you
  118. >”So do I make it like you do and open a few cans, or actually make something?”
  119. >You ruffle her mane
  120. “Hey I’ve been learning to cook too and don’t do that so often”
  121. >Tulip giggles and playfully starts to push your hoof away, and you retaliate with ruffling her mane even harder and soon enough it has escalated into a full blown tickle fight
  122. >Which you won in an embarrassed manner when you managed to tickle Tulip so much she peed herself a little, and after that she was feeling self conscious about it and it was a bit awkward for the rest of the morning
  123. >And after she headed for school you headed out to the guard outpost to starts your redemption
  124. >Long story short after getting briefed by the same stallion you had your embarrassing encounter with, who now seemed thankfully not as afraid of you, you had managed to pile the hay bails back into a neat little mountain for the elderly bat pony who left to visit a shop
  125. >But as you were enjoying the fruit of your labor...well easy labor, they did not weight much anything and you were done with it fast, you noticed three familiar ponies sneaking towards the house of the elderly pony
  126. >Sneak, Lockpick and Butterknife, all of them wearing sort of goofy looking masks...yet forgetting to cover their cutie marks completely...
  127. >They’re not actually thinking of-ok they went in, Lockpick just picked the lock
  128. >you can’t believe it, even after telling them not to
  129. >Feeling upset and angry you decide to go after the foolish ponies and drag them out before anything happens or somepony notices
  130. >After sneaking in, you can’t have any pony see you illegally enter the building right, you’re instantly noticed by the three stooges
  131. >”Look Sneak our boss decided to pop in as well”
  132. >”It appears that way Butterknife, she’s real boss material right there”
  133. >”Yeah, lads we’re going to make it big after all eh Sneak and Butter?”
  134. >”Hey why could you not have used Knife instead, that’s much more better”
  135. >You just make your annoyance be known on your face and the three of them have their ears switch from perky to droopy
  136. “What are you three doing here! I told you to not do this!”
  137. >Sneak takes a step forward
  138. >”I’m sorry boss but we can’t ignore a chance like this, your guild is really down on its luck so we need to make some cash, any cash and fast”
  139. >You glare at them
  140. “But it’s illegal!”
  141. >The three of them exchange looks
  142. >”Well we are criminals...and you’re one too”
  143. >You take a step towards Lockpick who was the one to say that and her backs away a little
  144. “What did you just call me?”
  145. >Sneak pokes at Butterknife with his hoof as the two of them keep looking at you while you menacingly approach Lockpick
  146. >”Feisty eh? I like that”
  147. >But suddenly there’s a loud noise from outside the building, shouted out by somepony
  149. >Butterknife quickly rushes to a window and parts the curtains to peek out
  150. >”Oh no it’s the guard, we’re surrounded!”
  151. >You quickly collapse to the floor
  152. “N-no they can’t find me here!”
  153. >The voice belonging to a guard continues his announcement
  155. >...three? Three, oh yes three, they must have seen those three stallions sneak in but not you
  156. >You quickly get back up while the three seem to be deep in thought
  157. >How could you manipulate-you mean suggest to these three to turn themselves in so you could sneak out of the house unnoticed...
  158. >But then Sneak suddenly poses in triumph
  159. >”Fear not boss I will turn myself in, and the rest of you can escape!”
  160. >You give him a big smile and nod your head
  161. “Oh Sneak, thank you!”
  162. >Sneak pushes his chest out proudly while you breathe out a sigh of relaxation, it’s going to be-
  163. >Suddenly Lockpick strikes a pose himself
  164. >”No, I will be the one to turn myself in, I’m sure I’ll be better at it that him boss, please watch me!”
  165. >Now Butterknife joins in too
  166. >”No I’m gonna do it! Don’t try to look too good in front of the boss you wankers!”
  167. >And now the three of them are fighting about it
  168. “Wait you three please stop, just-“
  169. >Suddnely all three of them rush to the door
  170. >”I’m gonna do it look at me boss!”
  171. >”No I am boss-lass I’m doing it for you-I mean the guild!”
  172. >”Boss I love you!”
  173. >And the three of them all tumble out of the door in a big mess
  174. >You facehoof and shake your head
  175. >’s going to be ok now, they will lock them up and nopony has to know that you-
  176. >Suddenly you hear Sneak’s voice from the outside, followed by some of the guards yelling
  179. >”ROGER!”
  180. >You kick at a chair hard enough to break it, if only they’d just stayed quiet!
  181. >You can hear ponies rushing into the house so you retreat deeper into it, and in your panic hide inside some kind of a closet
  182. >”Quick search all the rooms, don’t let the leader escape!”
  183. >You look around the small and very empty closet, no window, ponies patrolling the insides of the will you get out of this one?
  184. >There’s a barrel here...could you hide in it and wait for the day to come and then sneak out?
  185. >Nope, it’s full of glitter, dumping it all out would make it spread out from under the door and draw attention
  186. >Every new sound of a door being opened or wings flapping or hooves drumming against the floor makes you feel more and more nervous and make your heart beat faster, it’s not gonna be long until somepony opens up the door to this closet!
  187. >What else is there in here what else...just a small bottle of ink!
  188. >Oh no there’s no escape, how will you, what can you...and idea comes to you
  189. >And with no time to think it through you grasp that straw with your full abilities
  190. >Quickly you scoop some glitter and rub it into your tail, wings and then mane, making them all glittery
  191. >Then you splash some ink onto your hooves and cover your cutie mark on both of your flanks with identical ink splashes
  192. >And then you close your eyes and draw a line across your face, making it appear like you were wearing one of those burglar masks
  193. >Here goes nothing!
  194. >You kick the door open, spooking a few guards who were just about to open it
  195. >You quickly rush past them and run towards the exit as they start yelling out after you
  196. >A third guard suddenly tries to grab you but you grab him instead and fling him across the room and at a wall, making him scrape down in a comical fashion as you take flight and tackle your way out of the door
  197. >Now in the air you quickly look at the situation at hoof, a few guards here and there, most of them detaining those three stallions, a small crowd...
  198. >And a few guard ponies quickly flying towards you! You quickly swoop down to evade them, but then notice you’re heading straight at the three stallions and the guards keeping them in check so you pull up to just barely avoid them, making some of the glitter on you fall off and make them cough and sneeze a lot
  199. >But the three seem to be well protected from this by their masks and they make a run for it
  200. >”Run lads the boss lady has given us a chance to flee”
  201. >”Thanks boss!”
  202. >”I love you boss!”
  203. “Shut up!”
  204. >You try your best to avoid the two guards after you but they’re really good flyers, you’re really having to work to keep the distance, not to mention avoiding buildings, nature and other bat ponies
  205. >Your heart is beating fast and you feel so tense and excited...excited?
  206. >You’re... it feels almost back when you were not living in Hollow Shades but free in the nature, or that time when you and Anon were running away from the timber wolves
  207. >It’s a thrill you have not experienced in a while, and it’s making you feel so...tingly and on the edge
  208. >Dodge, fly away, don’t let them catch you-oh no they almost did quickly evade them, then that pony, then that building!
  209. >You find yourself grinning and having fun!
  210. >This is fun! It should not be but it is! It is filling you with a weird energy and it feels like your body and senses are finally being put to proper use instead of mellowing out in this town!
  211. >That’s...that is not what you’re supposed to feel, you’re doing a bad thing! You need to stop this
  212. >With enough distance between you and the guards you quickly round a corner and dust the glitter off while wiping the ink away
  213. >And just in time as the guards fly after you and then stop before you
  214. >Your heart is beating fast and your blood is pumping
  215. >”Excuse me Miss but did you see a glittery bat pony wearing a burglar mask fly this way?”
  216. >You nod, struggling to keep your breathing in check
  217. “Y-yeah, she flew that way!”
  218. >The guards fly off to the direction you pointed and you slowly, with shaky steps, start to head back towards home
  219. >You’re still feeling it, that’s wrong but still a rush!
  220. >No, that’s bad, what you did was bad, you’re going to need to have a stern talk to those three stallions
  221. >Yeah that’s right, it’s just you not getting enough exercise while staying in this town, you need to start doing some jogging that’s all
  223. >”Wait what do you mean we can’t?”
  224. >Lockpick stares at you with confusion on his face and the two other stooges join him
  225. “I mean it, no more criminal activities!”
  226. >The three ponies who got you into trouble yesterday look at you with defeat
  227. >” were supposed to golden shower us!”
  228. >Your mouth falls open and you blush crimson
  229. “Y-you three want me to do WHAT to you!?”
  230. >The three appear confused and then Sneak speaks up
  231. >”Um we meant an actual golden shower, not know...”
  232. “Oh...”
  233. >Great, now you feel extremely awkward and those three look like they’re silently judging you for thinking it in that kind of a way
  234. >Suddenly Butterknife speaks up
  235. >”You know if you actually for some reason really wanted to do that and needed some pony to do it to...I’m available”
  236. >He gets a lot of looks so he quickly adds something more to it
  237. >”Calm down I’m just taking a piss”
  238. >Lockpick looks even more horrified
  239. >”Please don’t take one, boss please don’t give him one”
  240. >Butterknife grabs Lockpick
  241. >”Hey I meant I was just pissing with you lads as a joke!”
  242. >Sneaks joins in as well
  243. >”Talking about this is like pissing into the wind lads”
  244. >Lockpick opens up his mouth but you quickly silence him with your hoof
  245. “Say one more pee pun and urine a lot of trouble, that goes for all of you”
  246. >You remove your hoof but Sneak speaks up again
  247. >”Way to dampen the conversation-Ow!”
  248. >You gave him a firm poke with your hoof
  249. >But then Lockpick starts talking again, but thankfully business instead of Butterknife’s pleasure
  250. >Almost as if sensing your mental remark at him he pouts in an offended manner
  251. >”Yeah boss that house you need to help fix, that’s where a pure golden shower is hidden away, that pony is very rich and got himself one custom made, if we steal that our guild would be well off for a long time”
  252. “An actual golden shower?”
  253. >”Yeah”
  254. >Some ponies have way too much money...but that’s not the point
  255. “No, we’re not stealing anything”
  256. >All three start to complain more or less so you sharply stomp your hoof down to silence them, and manage to crack the floor a little in the process
  257. “And you three should disband this little playtime club of yours and do something with your lives”
  258. >”But boss we’re the thieves guild and not some-“
  259. >You cut Sneak off
  260. “No, you are three stallions sitting in a basement, role playing as thieves for some reason. And if I am the boss, the boss says that this guild is finished”
  261. >All three hang their heads in defeat
  262. >”That’s it then lads...our guild seems to be finished”
  263. >”Yeah...our last candidate for boss and salvation of the guild seems to have quit so...”
  264. >”Maybe I should just become a poop shoveler”
  265. >”Homosexual prostitution doesn’t solve anything”
  266. >”I meant farm work you dolt”
  267. >”Oh wouldn’t get any clients anyway”
  268. >”Oi what was that you!”
  269. >”SCREEEEEEE”
  272. >And as you leave the basement the three are fighting amongst each other
  273. >You say bye to Butterknife’s mom who’s in tears because she thought that you two broke up or something, and head out of the house
  274. >Now then...
  275. >Suddenly somepony places a hoof...a hand on your shoulder?
  276. “Eeee?”
  277. >”Wow Daylily, long time no see”
  278. >You turn your head around in surprise and find Anon standing behind you
  279. “Anon?”
  280. >He nods and pats your head, making you blush a little
  281. >”Yeah it’s me, I came to Hollow Shades for a few days due to work”
  282. >You fold your wings back in and turn around to properly face him
  283. “Your work? Are you still working as a-“
  284. >Anon shakes his head
  285. >”Nope, I’m actually a detective now, made me life a real nocturnal lifestyle”
  286. >Your mouth falls open in amazement
  287. “A real detective? Anon that’s amazing”
  288. >”Yeah, how do you like my detective coat, cool right?”
  289. >Anon proceeds to show off his jacket to you
  290. >This is a big surprise, Anon’s come to Hollow Shades, maybe the two of you can catch up and do friendly things together-
  291. >Suddenly a very gorgeous earth pony mare walks up to you two and joins Anon’s side
  292. >”Oh my, you must be Daylily, I’ve heard so much about you from my husband, so sorry I could not be there to meet you in person when you were visiting Manehattan”
  293. >Wait this must be Anon’s-WAIT HUSBAND?
  294. >Your shock must be apparent on your face as the two chuckle and Anon shows you his ring
  295. >”Yeah, remember that marefriend I was talking to you about, we actually have gotten married”
  296. “That’s, wow, congratulations, and yeah nice to meet you, I’m Daylily and...”
  297. >”Soft Heart, it’s nice to finally meet the mare whom with my husband had such a wild adventure”
  298. >The two exchange a few words while you can’t help but to think that you weren’t invited to the wedding...
  299. >Not to mention looking at Anon and this mare act so affectionate and happy together is making you don’t know what but it’s an irritating emotion...
  300. >”Hey why won’t the three of us go and have some coffee together, I’m sure my husband and you have some catching up to do and I could get to know Daylily better”
  301. >Anon shrugs
  302. >”Not really, maybe we should not bother her”
  303. >What does he mean not really, does he not want to talk to you at all? You’re starting to feel a bit peeved
  304. “No, let’s have some”
  305. >You force a smile on your face and soon enough the three of you are at a local cafe, sitting and chatting
  306. >Or more you sitting there and those two chatting and acting icky levels of affectionate in public
  307. >Anon’s wife seems like on ok pony, it’s just that...she and Anon somehow rub you the wrong way
  308. >Especially with how Anon seems to ignore you so much
  309. >You pick up a few things while listening to the two, and it turns out that the golden shower that your...should you even call them underlings?
  310. >Those three ponies were talking about is something that Anon was hired to protect until it would be shipped off to Canterlot to some wealthy pony who bought it from the one living in Hollow Shades due to seeing ponies who seemed to belong to a thieves guild being seen in Hollow Shades
  311. >Turns out there’s actually been one in here before, that did take you by surprise, that must be form where those three got the idea for their game of pretend
  312. >Not to mention Anon’s future career seems to be hanging on this operation, if it goes well his life in the force will be mostly easy living from then on out
  313. >But Anon seems oddly...he’s ignoring you a lot and only concerns himself with his wife, you mean you know it’s his wife but the two of you should have been better friends than this
  314. >Your negative feelings keep growing and growing during the duration of the chat and after Anon and his wife excuse themselves you feel angry and frustrated and...
  315. >Dumb Anon!
  316. >Suddenly you get an idea, a shocking one that you push away
  317. >But as you walk towards home you feel more and more like Anon deserves to be thought a lesson
  318. >You struggle internally but change your direction and head off to somewhere else
  319. >You’re not really going to rob it, you’re just going to knock Anon down from that high horse he seems to have gotten and show him that “some dumb bat ponies couldn’t even begin to challenge his superior smarts”
  320. >That’ll put an end to that annoying mare squealing over him as well, hah!
  321. >You enter a house and head straight for a familiar door, and kick it open
  322. >The three stallions, Sneak, Lockpick and Butterknife all lift their heads and look at you as you slowly step the steps down to the basement
  323. “Listen up you lowlifes who will never amount to anything!”
  324. >They pick themselves up and stare at you like you were some kind of a messiah descending from heavens above
  325. “We are going to steal the golden shower”
  326. >They all appear surprised, you can’t blame them with how much you were against it but now your sense of right seems to be replaced with a drive of wrong
  327. >Sneak takes a step forward
  328. >”But lass, they have that famous human detective Anon guarding it, we can never pull this heist off, and who’ll lead us?”
  329. >You glare at him
  330. “Wasn’t I supposed to be the boss, and isn’t this supposed to be a notorious guild of thieves?”
  331. >They all hang their heads in defeat
  332. >”You were right, we’re just three washed out stallions pretending to be something we’re not, just look at the state where our mighty guild is...”
  333. >You look at Sneak
  334. “That’s not true, you three are very good thieves”
  335. >”But even our last heist was a failure if it would not have been for you boss”
  336. >You turn your head to face Butterknife
  337. “Yes, and now you have my help once again, this time fully, what could go wrong?”
  338. >”I just don’t know...”
  339. >You roll your eyes, you could waste time with more motivational speeches but you get the feeling doing something different would give the same result much more faster
  340. >Normally you might not do this but now you’re fueled by some strange emotion inside of you
  341. >You wiggle your body around lewdly and mimic Midnight Delight’s bedroom eyes while
  342. “But thinking about pulling it off makes me all tingly down there~”
  343. >You run your hooves here and there around your body
  344. “Mmm~”
  345. >The three spring up very suddenly and surprisingly full of energy
  346. >”Ok yeah we’re the thieves guild!”
  347. >”We’ve got our boss on board so we’re going to be fine!”
  348. >”I can’t believe how hard I am right now!”
  349. >Sneak suddenly pushes a brick on the wall and a secret passage opens up
  350. >”We need to enter our true guild quarters now that we’re back in business!”
  351. >Now you’re confused, so you tilt your head to the side in confusion with one of your ears pointing upward and the other one lying flat to the side
  352. “True quarters?”
  353. >The three start walking and signal you to follow them
  354. >”Come boss, come look at your new office”
  355. >You follow them along the underground corridor that looks awfully lot like an old brick sewer
  356. >You’re honestly surprised, this appears much more thieves guild-like than just a random basement...these three could not actually be of a genuine thieves guild could they?
  357. >A few rats running towards your little group of 4 ponies makes you stop and take a single step backwards and prepare to eliminate them if they are thinking of biting at your hooves, but Sneak crouches down and the rats stop before him
  358. >”Hi there little lads and lass’s, have you all been keeping the place tidy for the return of the thieves guild?”
  359. >The rats nod and Sneak pets a few of them, and they apparently join you all in traveling towards where they were coming from
  360. >Lockpick takes notice of your general confusion of the situation
  361. >”Sneak’s the only original member who’s left of the thieves guild before they decided to disband it due to bad luck”
  362. >Butterknife joins the convo as well
  363. >”And mostly because most of them found themselves a much more well paying steady job compared to being a thief”
  364. >”We’re here lass, or boss, your new domain”
  365. >You walk past Sneaks and enter a large underground hall made of grey brick, with dark aged wooden tables and chairs, and a few old rusty lanterns hanging from the ceiling
  366. >It’s pretty amazing to look at actually, if not a bit damp and a bit of moss here and there, but exactly like what you could expect an actual thief’s hideout looking like
  367. >The rats rush back to some other rats sitting around in identical smaller chairs around a few smaller tables, playing a bit of cards
  368. >You turn to look at the three ponies with wide eyes
  369. “You ponies actually are a true, real thieves guild!”
  370. >All three of them don’t really react in any mentionable way to this
  371. >”Yeah we did tell you that from the start. And you’re in it now too, you’re the leader of it”
  372. >You just let that sink in for a minute while slowly walking around and looking at stuff while the three stallions start to put some candles into the lanterns and refreshing the place up a bit better than the rats have been able to
  373. >You’ve gotten and made yourself the actual leader of a thieves guild
  374. >For some reason, instead of feeling bad about it you feel a little bit excited about it
  375. >No’s just because normal life in Hollow Shades always appears so boring compared to the high action life you have had before it, that’s what it is and nothing else
  376. >After pulling off your little revenge against Anon you’ll anonymously tip the guard about this place, that way you haven’t done anything that bad and even if you might be leading it a little it’s just temporary, and you’ll make up for it, you swear
  377. >Lockpick pokes you on your shoulder to get your attention
  378. >”We’re going to get this place up and running but that’ll take us the rest of the night, so if it is ok with you could you reveal your plan tomorrow night instead of tonight?”
  379. “Yeah...that’s ok with me, yeah let’s do that”
  380. >Lockpick points at a corridor and tells you it should come out somewhere near where you live, and after coming out from the hidden entrance you find yourself pretty close to your own house, to where you head into
  381. >And as you walked that lonesome road your determination only grew
  382. "Kekekekeee..."
  384. >You close your door and step into your cozy little home
  385. “Tulip? Are you home?”
  386. >Tulip peeks in from behind a kitchen counter
  387. “There you are, have you-“
  388. >And so does Midnight Delight, taking you by surprise
  389. >”Hi mom, Midnight wanted to come over and started to cook dinner for some reason”
  390. “...had any dinner yet, I guess that answers that question. Hi Midnight”
  391. >”Welcome back home Daylily, hope you don’t mind me coming over unannounced like this”
  392. >You start heading towards the kitchen area
  393. “No it’s fine, you’ve got the key to my house and all...what are you making?”
  394. >You go in to peek at what Midnight’s making
  395. >”It’s a fruity paella”
  396. >Tulip happily runs up to you and leans against your hooves
  397. >”And I’m helping”
  398. >She’s wearing a cute little apron, and now that you pay more attention so is Midnight Delight, but her apron appears more...naughty...
  399. >You feel your cheeks heat up, just a little, when Midnight Delight wipes some sauce off of her cheek and then licks it off of her hoof
  400. “S-so what’s the occasion?”
  401. >Midnight Delight shrugs
  402. >”Just felt like coming over and making something”
  403. >She returns to cooking and Tulip pushes you out of the kitchen, telling you to relax and wait for them to cook
  404. >They’re getting along surprisingly well in the kitchen together, Tulip’s much more relaxed around Midnight than she usually is
  405. >You plop down on the trusty old sofa and proceed to lie around aimlessly while listening to the two cook and giggle
  406. >And you’re left with time to think about what you’re doing, maybe you’re overreacting?
  407. >”You seem to be deep in thought”
  408. >Before you can respond Midnight Delight, now without her skimpy apron, suddenly cozies up against you and now she’s practically lying on top of you
  409. “Midnight...what are you doing?”
  410. >”Oh I’m just spending some quality time with a dear friend of mine, that’s all”
  411. >She begins to play with the tuft on your chest, making you feel warm and pleasant...yet uncomfortable, well...kind of?
  412. >”And I could not help but to notice you looked a bit troubled. A coin for your thoughts?”
  413. “Midnight, what if Tulip sees?”
  414. >”Oh let her, besides she’s too busy staring at the paella pan and waiting for it to be cooked”
  415. >You twitch your ears and sure you can hear a happy humming coming from the direction of the kitchen
  416. >But that it might be harmful for her growth, you kind of popped that cherry by doing bedroom things with her, but if she might get jealous and do something drastic and highly improper...or start spreading rumors in excitement that her mommy is dating the teacher or something...
  417. “I ran into somepony I knew beforehand and he...”
  418. >You proceed to tell Midnight Delight all about Anon and the adventure the two of you had, and then meeting him in Manehattan, and what happened tonight
  419. >”I see, and that left you feeling sour?”
  420. “Yes, very sour...”
  421. >Suddenly Midnight Delight pulls herself upwards on the sofa so she can hug your head against her chest
  422. >”There there”
  423. >You’re unsure if her mouth is that close to your ear on purpose, her warm breath is starting to make you feel...things...
  424. >But luckily the moment between the two of you is broken up by Tulip jumping over the couch and onto the two of you
  425. >”The food looks ready Midnight Delight”
  426. >Midnight Delight lets go of you and returns to the kitchen, leaving the still apron wearing Tulip to cuddle up to you and rub her head lovingly against your chest
  427. >”Hey hey wanna hear what we did in school today?”
  428. >You simply lie there and shrug your eyebrows
  429. “Sure”
  430. >Tulip pouts
  431. >”Be more excited, it’s really cool! We took the head off of a cockroach and it kept running around, and then Midnight Delight told us it’ll live for a few weeks like that! Without a head!”
  432. “That’s nice...”
  433. >Your mind is still heavy with pondering if you’re doing the right thing-Oww!
  434. >Your thoughts are interrupted by Tulip gnawing on your ear so you lift her off of you and set her to the floor while getting up from the couch yourself in the process
  435. >”You weren’t listening...”
  436. “I was”
  437. >”What did I say?”
  438. “Ok I wasn’t, but I have stuff on my mind Tulip”
  439. >You start heading towards the kitchen and Tulip follows you
  440. >”What kind of stuff?”
  441. “Grown-up stuff”
  442. >”So sex?”
  443. “No not that kind of grown up stuff, dirty filly”
  444. >Tulip scrunches her mouth and protests that she is not while Midnight Delight tells you to sit down since dinner will be served very soon
  445. >Most of the dinner goes along with nothing worth mentioning, except Midnight Delight decided to clean some food you dropped on yourself with her mouth, which got a bit too close for comfort...
  446. >And she knew exactly what she was doing, giving you hefty bedroom eyes as you stared down at the mare making certain areas tingly
  447. >And no Tulip was not allowed to tickle you too, as she thought that was what was happening
  448. >And the fruity paella tasted very good, even if you three had it very late in to the night, almost to the early morning hours
  449. >After a while Tulip headed off to sleep and you decided to retreat to your own bed, with Midnight Delight
  450. >Who now is lying on your bed and waiting for you to join her.
  451. “Are you going to sleep on my bed?”
  452. >Midnight Delight nods while fixing her position into a more seductive one
  453. >”Yes, I thought about sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag but that’d be so uncomfortable, and since we’re no strangers to each others bodies I figured what the heck”
  454. >She pats the bed
  455. >”Stop standing and come to bed Daylily, I want to help you relax~”
  456. >You decide to just comply and climb into the bed, cum whatever is to cum
  457. >And Midnight Delight proceeds to roll you over and begins to massage the back of your hooves
  458. >And it feels heavenly~
  459. >”Wow you’re tense”
  460. >She puts more pressure into her hooves as she moves up and down along your hooves
  461. “Mm-hmmm~”
  462. >Midnight Delight proceeds to move upwards and now massages your upper things and even your flanks every now and then
  463. “Midnight, about you telling me that know-“
  464. >”Love you?”
  465. >You blush and she once again does some wondrous things to your butt
  466. “How would you feel if I found a stallion and developed feeling for him?”
  467. >Midnight Delight lets out a sigh and moves up to your lower back, making you moan gently and arch your back a little
  468. >”I’d feel a little bit sad, but you know...”
  469. >She suddenly climbs on top of you and straddles you while massaging your upper back and leaning her mouth next to your ear
  470. >”I would not be against sharing you with a stallion, if he was a good character and if you and him were up for making that team of two into a trio”
  471. >Now your whole body feels like it is heating up as mental images of said relationship start popping up to your mind
  472. “Y-you’d be ok with that?”
  473. >”Mm-hmm I think I would, why?”
  474. >She keeps massaging the base of your wings which feels really, really good, heavenly even, you’re wishing she’d do your neck too, that’d be so good~
  475. “Well if I’d be, you know, with you and you’d find a stallion I probably would not want to share you with anypony, or any pony who would be my special somepony...”
  476. >You wonder if that makes you a bad pony, being so selfish, but you’ve always understood that you’re supposed to be selfish when it comes to things like this
  477. >Suddenly Midnight Delight lies down on top of you, surprising you as she settles down into a comfy position, resting her head against your back
  478. “Midni-“
  479. >”Shhh~ Let me have this moment...”
  480. >Well, she did give you such a good massage and everything, you really should let her do whatever she is doing...
  481. >And she feels nice, warm...and you’re starting to feel a bit aroused like this
  482. >You find yourself hoping it’d turn into something sexual, but then suddenly you hear Midnight Delight begin to snore
  483. >you gently weasel out from beneath her and gently tuck her in on your bed before settling down yourself as your arousal finally leaves your body
  484. >Maybe you should not go through with getting revenge against Anon...Yeah, that probably would be the best...
  485. >And with that you too fall asleep
  486. >But the next night you ran into Anon again and spied on him talking shit about you to his wife and how shocking it is that you’re not a guard pony and instead of heading back to the thieves guild to cancel the plan, you went ahead and finalized it for good with any doubt towards what you’re about to do completely gone
  487. >Soon!
  489. >You open up a kitchen cupboard and find a rat wearing leather armor inside
  490. >It hands you a small note before disappearing into a small tunnel
  491. >You unravel the small note and read it, good they have all that you need
  492. >Today is the day you are going to rob the golden shower with the thieve’s guild
  493. >They were a bit surprised at your plan but praised it to all high heavens and proceeded to secure the needed items
  494. >You have been able to visit the house a few times while helping to fix the wall, and caught a glimpse of the golden shower
  495. >The plan is for you to create a distraction while it is being transported out of the house so your underlings can steal it
  496. >You’ve made sure Tulip and Midnight Delight have no idea about your little activity, Tulip would be on board with you 100% no matter what it might be don’t want to involve the two of them in this, there’s no need for them to be dragged down with you if things go wrong
  497. >You head on out and disappear into the hidden entrance to the thieve’s guild near your home
  498. >As you reach the main hall you find it bustling with two of the three ponies going over their gear, and Sneak notices you as you walk towards him and Lockpick
  499. >Butterknife is nowhere to be seen
  500. >”Over here boss, I’ve got all of it prepared”
  501. >You walk over to the table with your stuff on it and pick up the helmet to inspect it
  502. “Wow, this looks better than I hoped”
  503. >Lockpick walks over
  504. >”Yeah, I had a blacksmith friend of mine who owed me for a thing to make all of the parts of the armor so they’re top quality. Only the best for out boss, who is going to bring our guild back to glory”
  505. >Suddenly Butterknife rushes in
  506. >”They’ve moved the schedule up, the shower is being moved in about 30 minutes!”
  507. >You look at the three and nod
  508. “All right, we’re heading out! Ink me!”
  509. >Sneak grabs some ink into his hooves and slaps it on your cutie marks to cover them
  510. >And as he does so he delivers a very firm slap on both of your cheeks, making you jump a little and let out a yelp
  511. “Ah~!”
  512. >You blush at the indecent sound you let out, and after noticing that now Sneak is starting to blush too you quickly clear your throat
  513. “It was just a...very firm slap stop blushing like that all of you!”
  514. >They all disappear to their own tables and stuffs and begin their preparations, putting on their own leather armors that hide enough of their identity
  515. >You on the other hand slip into the black full body unitard, harder than you thought with these wings, so difficult to get them inside their own areas in this unitard for pegasus ponies, and then smear some black ink all over your face so your coat looks like it’s black
  516. >A little bit of make-up and the rest of your gear, and you’re ready to go
  517. “Ok, let’s do this you maggots and worms!”
  518. >”For glory!”
  519. >”For the guild!”
  520. >”For the profit!”
  521. >The four thieves sort out into the streets of Hollow Shades...calling yourself a thief, you never expected this to happen in your life...
  522. >As you arrive at your position you find Anon outside the house with a few guards, looking over the golden shower as it sits on a wagon, they’re preparing to tie it down for transport
  523. >This is the perfect moment, you signal to the others hiding nearby that it’s go time and spread your wings before taking flight
  524. >And then you land down before them and spread your wings wide while letting out a maniacal evil laugh, for it’s show time
  525. “Freeze you powerless little fools before I zap you!”
  526. >It works, all you have to do is stand there and look evil, and the guards are already backing away while looking absolutely terrified
  527. >”It c-can’t be-“
  528. >”H-h-how!?”
  530. >Anon stares at you dumbfounded like his brain decided to stop working
  531. >”Nightmare...Moon?”
  532. >You three companions sneak out from one hiding place to another, slowly getting closer to the now unguarded golden shower as all attention is on you
  533. >Your pitch black coat, thanks to some ink and a convenient unitard, your striking and scary eyes, thank you party contact lenses, and your gleaming armor that strikes horror to the hearts of ponies, Butterknife’s friend really did a great work on it, it’s so shiny and blue!
  534. >And this beautiful flowing mane and tail stuff, thanks to some funky light fabric and a bit of glitter
  535. >Anon shakes his head to clear his thoughts and speaks up
  536. >”Aren’t you a bit short?”
  537. >Your menacing pose falters a little, you didn’t have any time to solve the issue of size difference
  538. “It’s the recession, it affects everypony you foolish human!”
  539. >A few of the guards seem to be ok with that explanation but Anon still seems skeptical
  540. >”That’s-“
  541. >You cut him off by shouting and waving your fake horn at him
  542. “Silence!”
  543. >On cue sneak, who has sneaked close to Anon and the guards, throws a small firework at his feet at the precise timing, making it appear like you just casted a spell
  544. >Anon quickly lifts his hands up and begins to sweat while you feel really good at making him like that
  545. >Maybe you should make him feel threatened a little bit more
  546. >but this display has also cleared the streets from most of the ponies by now and has glued everypony’s eyes on you and away from the three thieves currently lifting the golden shower out of the wagon
  547. >Suddenly some of the glitter on your fake mane gets into your nose and you let out a sneeze
  548. >And one of your contacts comes off because of it!
  549. >Everypony, your companions as well, stares at the contact lens on the ground in horror and Anon raises an eyebrow while lowering his hands
  550. >”Wait...that’s a contact lens”
  551. “So? I use contact lenses if I please you fool!”
  552. >You hiss at him which makes one of the guards faint, but Anon seems unfazed as he points his finger at you
  553. >”She’s a fake! Get her!
  554. >But it is already too late, Sneak, Butterknife and Lockpick are already gone, and so is the statue
  555. >One of the guards pleads for Anon to apologize while you grin and suddenly take flight
  556. >”See that proofs it, get her!”
  557. >This is good, the only thing you need to do now is to get away and this heist will be over
  558. >But much to your worry you now notice that the spandex around your wings is making it very hard to fly at fast speeds or to gain altitude properly
  559. >You quickly land down and rip the parts covering your wings off, freeing them just in time to avoid a guard pony jumping at you and trying to grab you
  560. >he hits the ground and falls unconscious, leaving only Anon to rush after you
  561. >You decide to fly just slow enough for him to keep up while cackling maniacally to taunt him further
  562. >But as you do you fail to notice how the extra weight of your armor is slowly, very slowly pulling you downwards as you don’t focus on your flying
  563. >And just enough for Anon to grab a hold of your fake tail
  564. >Quickly you start beating your wings and kicking the shoes and armor parts off of you to reduce weight as the spandex keeps getting pulled and stretched
  565. >And suddenly it gives out, sending Anon onto his butt and you flying straight at a wall
  566. >”Fuck!”
  567. “Scree!”
  568. >And you simply drop down and hit the ground before managing to collect yourself and get up
  569. >”D...Daylily?”
  570. >Your eyes fly open and you stare at Anon in shock
  571. >H-how does he know!?
  572. >You follow his gaze and onto your butt where the ink is not covering your cutie mark anymore, all that pulling on the unitard must have made it rub off!
  573. >You let out a sigh and remove the remaining contact lens, pull the helmet off before discarding it to the side and rubbing your face clean
  574. “Yes, it’s me”
  575. >Anon’s mouth opens and closes a few times before he finds his voice again
  576. >”But wanted to be a guard and you’re my friend, why are you-“
  577. >You let out an annoyed snort and stomp your hoof down on the ground
  578. “A friend? With the way you were talking to me and about me after finally meeting me again after all this time?”
  579. >Anon seems offended
  580. >”What do you mean? You’re the one being a faggot here!”
  581. >Now you just see red and dive towards him, but he side-steps you and you fly straight at some trash cans
  582. >”I’ll be placing you under arrest for-“
  583. >Suddenly the voice of a panicked guard pony is heard shouting
  584. >”Anon we have trouble, the golden shower is missing!”
  585. >Anon turns to look at you while you grin at him smugly, all the while wiping some trash off of you
  586. “I have already won”
  587. >Now Anon comes at you and the two of you end up wrestling each other to the ground, but eventually you end up on top and manage to push him down
  588. > don’t know what to do next! Anon finding out your identity was not in your plan! Your life is going to be over...unless you become a full time thief and live hidden away with the guild...unless you silence him somehow...
  589. >”H-honey!?”
  590. >You quickly look to the side and find Anon’s wife staring at the two of you, looking shocked and confused
  591. >But before you can silence him Anon manages to shout
  595. >You quickly grab a barrel and slam it on Anon, smashing his head through the bottom and trapping his upper body in it
  596. >But as you’re about to escape Anon manages to trip you with is leg and sends you spinning into the feet of his wife
  597. >”Quickly grab her!”
  598. >You stare at Soft Heart, Anon’s earth pony wife, as you lie at her hoofs
  599. >But instead of trying to detain you she extends her hoof to you
  600. >You stare at it cautiously and she gives you a reassuring smile, so you grab her hoof and she helps you back onto your hooves, much to the shock of Anon
  601. >”My wife whom I love very much what are you doing!?”
  602. >Soft Heart brushes some dirt off of you which makes you feel a bit uncomfortable
  603. >”I just want to hear her reason for doing this, she didn’t strike as the kind of a mare who would do this kind of a thing without a good reason”
  604. >Anon tries to escape the barrel he’s stuck in
  605. >”No she should be arrested and-“
  606. >His wife glares at him
  607. >”Shut up for a second hubby”
  608. >Anon and you both stare at Soft Hearts with surprise as she turns her face towards you again, her earlier stern expression replaced once again with her usual gentle one
  609. >”So please, tell me why you’re doing this Daylily”
  610. “Well I...”
  611. >You simply decide to tell her all about how you felt, and how you came up with this plan to knock Anon down from his high horse because you were feeling irritated and kind of...jealous...
  612. >Soft Heart simply listens to you calmly and Anon manages to break free from his barrel, and joins his wife’s side in listening to you
  613. >It makes you feel awkward telling the two about how you were feeling, and Anon does not appear as understanding of you as his wife by the time you’re done explaining yourself
  614. “...and that’s why I decided to steal the golden shower”
  615. >You hang your head in shame
  616. >Anon’s the first one to speak
  617. >”What are you even talking about, I haven’t changed at all Daylily. This is just-“
  618. >His wife interrupts him
  619. >”You know you have gotten too full of yourself lately”
  620. >Anon stop stalking and looks at his wife with shock
  621. >”Excuse me, love of my life?”
  622. >But his wife ignores him and places her hoof on your shoulder
  623. >”But even then this way you’re going at’s not right either Daylily”
  624. >You kind of know that but...
  625. >You can’t tell her that you were actually enjoying the thrill of doing things like this can you? It was just so much fun compared to your normal life-no no, don’t think like that, that’s not good...
  626. “So what’s going to happen to me now?”
  627. >Anon crosses his arms
  628. >”I am still going to place you under arrest for what you’ve done, and-“
  629. >Suddenly two ponies jump out and place themselves in front of you, between you and Anon
  630. >Two ponies you know, it’s Tulip and Midnight Delight!
  631. >”I’m afraid I can’t let you do that human!”
  632. >”Yeah you big meanie stay away from my mom!”
  633. >You’re not sure who is more shocked, you or Anon
  634. “Y-you two what are you doing here?”
  635. >Midnight Delight turns her head around and smiles at you
  636. >”Can’t let the mare I love be taken away”
  637. >Tulip lifts her hoof up like she was signing in a classroom
  638. >”Oh oh me too, I love her too”
  639. >Midnight Delight turns to look at Anon again
  640. >”I was aware you were up to something lately, but to think it was something like this...”
  641. >Anon seems annoyed
  642. >”Stand down or I’ll have you two arrested as well!”
  643. >Suddenly three more ponies jump out from Luna knows where
  644. >”No”
  645. >”You”
  646. >”Won’t!”
  647. >Butterknife, Sneak and Lockpick all strike an individual pose while staring at Anon
  648. >You look at the three posing stallions
  649. “You three why are you here?”
  650. >Sneak chuckles
  651. >”Can’t let your dear boss be thrown in the slammer eh?”
  652. >Butterknife switches his pose to an even more ridiculous one
  653. >”Just didn’t want to be left out from the action that’s all lass”
  654. >Lockpick grins manically
  655. >”I had nothing better to do anyway”
  656. >Anon takes a step back and shields his wife
  657. >”You lowlifes...”
  658. >But then a bunch of guard ponies rush into the scene
  659. >”Captain Anon’s here!”
  660. >”He’s got the thieves’ guild cornered!”
  661. >All of the guards that have now swarmed to the scene stare at your little group
  662. >”But who’s the leader, who was the one in the Nightmare Moon costume?”
  663. >Sneak takes a step forward while flashing you a let me protect your identity boss and at the same time rise my value in your eyes at the hopes of some nice reward afterwards for it-smile
  664. >”It was me! I am the-“
  665. >Suddenly a random guard bat pony looks extremely fired up as he begins to shout
  667. >The other guards start talking
  668. >”It must be one of the mares, that means one of those two!”
  669. >”Yeah but which one!”
  670. >You glance over at Midnight Delight who seems a bit panicked, with Tulip hugging her leg since she’s closer to her than you
  671. >You put on a smirk and walk past her, silently whispering something to her as you do so
  672. ”Look after Tulip”
  673. >You push your chest out proudly and inhale
  674. “IT WAS ME!”
  675. >All the guards, no, pretty much every pony in the area gasps loudly
  677. >The guards look at Anon
  678. >”Captain Anon is that true?”
  679. >Anon glances at you briefly before gritting his teeths
  680. >”Yeah, that’s true, those two are just innocent bystanders and have nothing to do with the thieve’s guild”
  681. >Soft Heart smiles happily and nods behind her husband
  682. >Lockpick, Sneak and Butterknife all join your side
  683. >”That’s right, and we’re her henchstallions!”
  684. >”Fear the reborn thieve’s guild!”
  685. >”I’m in here just because the boss is an attractive mare!”
  686. >The other two turn to look at Butterknife
  687. >”I’m not sure how to feel about your honesty...”
  688. >”Yeah, I mean the lass does look nice”
  689. >”I know right, not a bad sight for sore eyes, very pleasant even”
  690. >”I’d love to get chewed out be our boss if you know what I mean”
  691. >”Yeah I bet she’ll use a whip and-“
  692. >You cut their little chat short while blushing furiously
  693. “Just get to it idiots!”
  694. >All three let out a war cry and throw down some smoke bombs, creating a smoke screen that allows all 4 of you to slip past the guards and start flying away towards secret entrances into the underground guild quarters
  695. >The guards are yelling out things in panic and Anon is barking orders at them, but all of you manage to get away and slip through a secret hatch and into the underground corridors
  696. >The three of them are celebrating a robbery well done, but you collapse to the ground in despair
  697. >You went ahead and proclaimed all that! It was to help Midnight Delight and Tulip but isn’t this quite bad? Now the whole town thinks that you are the leader of the thieve’s guild!
  698. >Ahhh...forget about returning the golden shower after the heist like you planned to, your reputation is already gone...just...
  699. >You just lie there limply with your underlings poking at you and calling out to you
  700. >You screwed up. You’re going to be able to sneak into Midnight Delight’s house after things calm down’re left with an utter feeling of defeat with how things went, even if you managed to steal the golden shower
  702. >Well, here goes nothing
  703. >You enter Midnight Delight’s house through the back door, and once you’re inside you’re tackled to the ground before you can call out to Tulip or Midnight
  704. >”Mommy!”
  705. >Now you’re lying on the ground with a very affectionate filly rubbing her face against your chest while hugging you
  706. >Midnight Delight also joins your close proximity while you hug Tulip back and then somehow struggle to get up with said filly still clinging onto you
  707. >”Did you get here without much trouble?”
  708. >You’re a bit surprised by the sudden hug from Midnight as well, but hug her back
  709. >Though her hug felt a bit more adult-like than hugs normally are...
  710. “Yeah, it was easy sneaking in, Sneak has been teaching me how to be sneaky”
  711. >You let go of Midnight Delight and try to ignore the shiver you feel when she drags her hoof along your body as she lets go
  712. >”You’ve been taking sneaking lessons? Daylily are you thinking of becoming a full time thief now?”
  713. >Tulip lets go of you and starts to jump around you excitedly
  714. >”That’s so cool!”
  715. >You grab the filly and place her back down onto the ground while Midnight Delight gives Tulip a not-so-impressed look from calling thieving “cool”
  716. “No that’s not it, I’ve just been bored being cooped up inside the Thieve’s guild these past days”
  717. >”And for good reason too, look at what they have hung all over the town”
  718. >Midnight Delight hands you a wanted poster with your face on it, made to look meaner than you ever have looked
  719. >Well you knew of the posters, you were told about them by the other ponies of the guild, who for some reason have not been wanted at all
  720. >It makes you feel a bit grumpy, not to mention did they really have to make you look so mean?
  721. >”So are you going to stay with us now mom?”
  722. >Tulip flies over you, plops down on your back and rests her chin on top of your head before settling in to lie around cozily on top of you while you follow Midnight to her living room
  723. “Not just yet, but I’m working on it”
  724. >”Good to hear that, I was almost afraid you’d start to organize the guild and might even enjoy these Thieve’s guild activities greatly, you sure looked happy while escaping those guards and tussling around with that human thing”
  725. >You begin to sweat a little
  726. “Yeah, that’s stupid Midnight, I wouldn’t do that...”
  727. >You kind of re-worked the budget planning and financial plans of the Thieve’s guild when you had nothing else to do and managed to make it more sustainable
  728. >And you have been helping with building, repairing and cleaning to pass the time
  729. >Not to mention you did enjoy the thrill of running away from the guards...
  730. >And the golden shower you were supposed to return, those three managed to sell it for quite a bit of cash before you managed to do that so you could not sort of erase your crime
  731. >Midnight Delight gets really close to you and eyes you up, before suddenly licking some sweat off of your face
  732. >”This’s of a liar”
  733. >But before you can apologize Midnight Delight suddenly grabs you and pulls her body very tightly against yours in an adult-like embrace
  734. >”But being such a bad girl just makes me crave you even more~”
  735. >She licks her lips and eyes you up like she really wanted to pounce you right there and then but you push her away
  736. “No I am not a bad girl...”
  737. >Tulip pokes your cheek with her hoof
  738. >”You kind of are, if I did what you did you’d spank my butt so hard it would come flying out of my mouth!”
  739. >Midnight Delight bites her bottom lip seductively
  740. >”Maybe you should go out and play with your friends Tulip and I’ll give your mom a good spanking...”
  741. >You place your hoof against midnight’s chest and stop her from coming closer to you
  742. “Contain yourself you indecent mare!”
  743. >Midnight Delight just lets out a playful growl at you and keeps trying to come closer
  744. >Tulip pipes up once again and flies off of you, ignoring Midnight Delight as she tries to move forward only to be held back by your ridiculous strength
  745. >”Can I live with you in the Thieve’s guild instead of here? She makes me study even when I am not at school!”
  746. >Tulip points at Midnight Delight but as she finds Midnight still eying you like a bitch in heat she raises and eyebrow and slowly lowers her hoof back down
  747. >” you need me to go outside?”
  748. >Before you can reply Midnight Delight stops walking and her face returns back to normal
  749. >”No you don’t, I’m just goofing around with your mom, to lighten her spirits from being the number one wanted mare in Hollow Shades”
  750. >”Oh ok”
  751. >Midnight Delight ruffles Tulip’s mane while your mouth falls open
  752. “You actually were just joking?”
  753. >Midnight Delight faces you again and nods
  754. >”Yes I was”
  755. “Oh...ok then”
  756. >That makes you-
  757. >Suddenly Midnight Delight grins mischievously
  758. >”But if you want it could be real too~”
  759. >Is it a yes or a no!?
  760. >You let out a sigh and Tulip giggles with an amused kekeke before going out
  761. “I think I will return to the guild now, before it’s too busy outside...”
  762. >”You know, you could just dye your mane or coat and walk around freely”
  763. >That might work, but
  764. “At least for now I want to stay with the guild, I am keeping other ponies in it from doing any unneeded crime with my leader status”
  765. >”Those three stallions? They seemed like they’d do anything you asked them, is it really necessary?”
  766. >You let out another sigh
  767. “Turns out my little stunt pulled in some new recruits, and those three have good connections all around Hollow Shades with some shady ponies, and as long the Thieve’s guild is active they are keeping out from any kind of shady business out of fear and respect towards the guild, and mostly me”
  768. >Midnight Delight chuckles
  769. >”You’re a big mean scary thief queen?”
  770. >You hang your head
  771. “I swear those three spread all kinds of weird rumors about me...”
  772. >”Not to mention all the rumors I have heard...someponies even think the Thieve’s guild is some kind of a dark cult that works for Nightmare Moon thanks to your little cosplay stunt”
  773. >You feel a bit embarrassed now
  774. >”But by staying there you can actually lower the crime in Hollow Shades?”
  775. >You lift your head back up and let your face beam a bit with pride
  776. “Yeah, instead of constantly being out there stealing whatever now they are more focused on the guild’s revival and the guild is keeping any small time crooks from being that active, and after pulling off a stunt like that not many foolish young ponies are looking to join into it either”
  777. >Not to mention it’s kind of fun to be a leader and have underlings...kind of like you were a guard captain
  778. >Not to mention sometimes the only way to do good is to do bad, kind of like suddenly finding out one member of the town guard took bribes so your guild stole all of them and left a message that brought his injustice to light and him getting removed from the ranks of a guard
  779. >You felt proud because of that, even if it meant there was now more money that did not belong to any of you in the guild treasury
  780. >But a cult huh...maybe if you ordered a few of the right kind of rumors be spread around the Thieve’s guild could become even more scary to the public eye and your hold on most of the troublemakers in Hollow Shades would grow need to think about this a bit more in depth
  781. >”I won’t keep you any longer then, but do think of something soon, Tulip’s been missing you a lot”
  782. >Now that is a pang on your conscience
  783. “I miss her too, I’ll come up with something soon”
  784. >And with that you leave her house and start to think about things while heading for the secret entrance
  785. >Should you stay at the guild and bring Tulip with you there, keep this current arrangement or to just move in into Midnight Delight’s house and live with her and Tulip?
  786. >Or maybe get your original house back while wearing a disguise and pretend to be her new adopted parent?
  787. >Poor Tulip, she must be so depressed about not being able to see you so mu-
  788. >Suddenly you see Tulip laughing happily and running around with a few other fillies like she didn’t have a care in the world
  789. >...please miss me a bit more openly Tulip!
  790. >You just head back into the guild
  791. >After sitting on your throne, you insisted you did not need one but they made you one anyway, and the expression is kind of sweet, you take a look at your guild that bustles with life
  792. >And you feel a strange feeling of pride, followed by grave worries towards your future from here on out
  793. >You sigh
  794. >Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down and I’d like to take a minute just sit right there, I’ll tell you how I became the queen of thieves in a town called Hollow Shades
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