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Jan 3rd, 2022 (edited)
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  1. -------------------------------------
  2. T.E.C. - Part of the ******** Network
  3. -------------------------------------
  4. Contact Information:
  5. Discord:
  6. - For Personal Queries: Serethia#0001
  7. - For Server Queries & Invites: Elysian#7484
  9. We're getting ready for our launch! The Alpha phase is expected to start sometime in Q1 2022, with the Launch later in the year.
  11. Please note that under no circumstances or exceptions will we allow any user under the age of 18 to access our services at any time. We will be happy to answer any questions at any time.
  13. ------------------------
  14. Update - 16th January 2022:
  15. ------------------------
  16. Thank you to everyone who got back to us over the past few weeks. It's been great hearing from you, and we've already started implimenting some of your suggestions into the early versions of our documentation. Also while not decided yet, there does seem to be a vested interest in the 1950s! Not sure if that's what everyone will settle with in the end, but that'd be interesting to figure out either way.
  18. While hard at work developing the new server, we are taking a few days break to test our new server infrastructre by hosting various different games on it. At the moment we're trying out ARK survival evolved again, and the results are promising. In the meantime, we have also established proper monitoring to ensure uptime and visibility for our engineers, including a whole new uptime status tracker that we can release down the line. Due to financial reasons, deploying the Server to a local datacenter has been pushed back to March, as we've chosen to spend the budget for this month instead on adding a few extra disks to the server for backup purposes just incase something goes horribly wrong down the line!
  20. In the meantime, We are looking for people to help us with a few things. If you are interested, please let us know using the contact information at the top!
  22. - Lore Writers (To help edit our existing lore to fit the new setting/universe)
  23. - Event Manager (Someone to assist with and manage the server storyline)
  24. - Community manager (Provisional Role)
  25. - Additional Community members to assist with early decision making such as Server Era/Time Period, and vote on all initial server policies. (With the wider community to continue this post launch)
  27. The Following Roles have now been filled:
  28. - Technical Operations (All Accounted for) [+OTL, +Developer, +Server Engineer, +IGP Design Specialist]
  29. - Loremaster
  31. Our Discord Server is almost ready, and expected to be available on 1st of February 2022. The server will be open to the public, but users will need to pass through a manual interview process to be given roles and access to the wider community. If you're looking to get involved in the pre-Alpha phases and wish to help with decision making, setup and design, please contact us using the information above, and we'd love to get your input. Anyone involved with the pre-Alpha will not be required to pass the verification process on the public launch.
  33. We intend to have all documentation regarding the basic operation of the Community, and server policies ready and available to the public prior to allowing entry to the discord server. (Sorry this has taken a while. We want to make sure we get all the basics right before we get everyone in to start expanding upon this.)
  35. Thanks All!
  37. ------------------------
  38. Update - 8th January 2022:
  39. ------------------------
  40. As we are getting ready to make the announcement of our future project, we've started to hit a few pillars in our discussions that we would really appreciate a much wider range of feedback on. While our discord server and entry process for new community members is not yet ready; We would like to hear from you!
  42. With that in mind, we have made the decision to start working on a Sequel to the Aethier Universe. With features such as:
  43. - No Applications
  44. - Drastically imrproved community entry and introduction systems
  45. - Character ability based player permissions
  46. - No Donation Store or Paid Features
  47. - The ability to continue to play any Aethier Generation character, with all abilities and earned traits during the alpha, beta, and with proper integration of the new server universe post release (With progression & transition paths as needed)
  48. - The eventual ability to do everything ingame. Make items yourself, earn new character traits and abilities through ingame action and so on.
  50. We intend to create an inclusive, strictly adults only environment where we all treat oneanother with respect and as equals with a major focus on keeping any kind of drama in character. This isnt going to be easy, and we're looking into systems and technologies that have not been attempted before in an online community, mostly because we'd really like to see if its possible, enjoyable, and most importantly, we have nothing really to lose!
  52. If you are interested, we'd love to hear from you, and have your feedback, during, and even after the development process. Every member of our community will have a say in how its ran.
  54. You can contact me directly if you have questions, or would like to inquire about joining early at Serethia#0001. We will have a server management bot you can message seperatley at a later date.
  56. Thanks All!
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