General Paul Kagame Your MTN Rwanda Hacked

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  1. Urgent Attention For General Paul Kagame, Village Urugwiro, Kigali
  3. General Paul Kagame, we have disrupted your partner websites. If you will not listen to our peaceful protests we will continue to disrupt your websites until you do. We speak on behalf of the millions of Rwandese who have been silenced by you and your machinery of state. We want our freedom.
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  9. General Paul Kagame, Rwanda has reached a boiling point. Something has gone terribly wrong in the more recent past. If immediate remedies are not urgently applied, our country risks yet another round of uncertainty and chaos.
  11. Under your command, (1) a genocidal government was removed from power, (2) security and order restored, and (3) a social and economic foundation was built. Although our country remains desperately poor, your role in achieving these three key objectives is not in dispute. You did the best you possibly could for our country in accordance with your capacity. Your skill was not necessarily what you possessed as an individual, but ability to follow the vision crafted by Fred Rwigema who tragically perished in 1990 in mysterious circumstances that remain unclear. In particular, you followed Rwigema's path in mobilizing Rwandans and marshaling our collective energy through the movement he founded and led - the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF).
  13. But General Kagame, you have now become a threat to Fred's legacy and our hard-won achievements. (1) RPF under your chairmanship - the movement in which thousands selflessly applied their skills, talents, material resources and even lost their lives to build a better society - is a ghost of its former self. You have become the RPF. You have cast aside independent thinkers, business leaders, resourceful cadres, and upright party activists. (2) Similarly what is left of the Rwandan military that was born from within RPF is just you. You recklessly and repeatedly manipulate, arrest and banish into exile its leadership. (3) You are also singlehandedly the Rwandan state because you run the executive, judicial and parliamentary institutions as your personal property. You are furthermore (4) the Rwandan private sector because your Crystal Ventures Group controls almost all major sectors of the national economy. Above all (5), under your iron-fist rule, the Rwanda of happy, welcoming and kind people has been replaced by a severely distressed citizenry terrorized by state organs answerable to you alone. Who can blame Rwandans for becoming fearful. We have either witnessed or are fully aware of the murder of opposition leaders, former ministers, advisors, senior military officers, public servants, journalists, clergy, and thousands of internally-displaced citizens by your killing machine since 1994. You have exported this terror to Kenya, South Africa, Cameroon, Tanzania, DRC, Burundi, and Uganda, among other countries. Each of these countries have had to contend with deaths, attempted assassination and kidnapping of Rwandans or people associated in someway with Rwanda. Your denial that you are responsible for these crimes is besides the point. These heinous deeds are being committed during your tyrannical rule.
  15. General Kagame, you are now an international liability. You continue to alienate external players, notably the American and British leaders whose governments have played an important role in our country's revival. Not only do these governments finance Rwanda's development, they have often stood by you when accused of crimes against humanity. A good example is their suppression of the 1994 Gersony Report that detailed how you massacred up to 45,000 Rwandans or more recently, their silence on the 2010 UN Mapping Report that accused you of possible genocide in DRC. But now you frequently bite the hand that feeds you. When in November 2011 the US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice, as Rwanda's friend, expressed her government's concern of imprisonment and disappearance of Rwandan opposition leaders and journalists, you savagely abused her. This was soon after President Obama's government fought court battles in 2011 for securing your presidential immunity to prevent your arrest on American soil. In the case of Britain, Scotland Yard had to warn members of the Rwandan Diaspora in the UK that they were in danger of being harmed by your operatives.
  17. General Kagame, you display an absurdly high level of moral bankruptcy.
  19. You have lost your moral campus, even though Rwandans continue to give you the benefit of the doubt that you can somehow recover your bearings and reverse your misguided course. It is with this mindset that we place before you a number of urgent remedies to save our country. Most likely, however, your elephant-sized ego will lead you to dismiss this writing on the false ground that you are invincible and that no other Rwandans but you can determine the direction of our country. Think again. If you foolishly reject our justified demands, you firmly place yourself onto a disastrous path as your fellow disgraced African tyrants such as Gbagbo, Ghadafi, Mubarak and Ali.These monsters, too, thought the views of their citizens did not matter.
  21. First, free all political prisoners without any preconditions. These individuals must be able to organize, engage the population, raise funds, and have access to the national broadcaster whether print, radio or television. A leveled democratic playing field begins by freeing people jailed for their beliefs. From now until when next elections, Rwanda must be open to political competition without your interference.
  23. Second, free all journalists, and remove all the draconian restrictions you use to hinder their operations as a means of monopolizing our country's political environment.
  25. Third, repeal all illegal In-Abstentia sentences imposed on exiled Rwandans. Individuals that escaped your nasty arrests or those you intimidated into exile must freely return home without fear of persecution.
  27. Four, stop the killings, intimidation and terror in and outside Rwanda. Enough is enough. You claim to have abolished death penalty but only to target and eliminate larger numbers of people by extra-judiciary methods.
  29. Five, put on trial immediately the known assassins and remove from public office toxic individuals you have surrounded yourself with as head of state. For example, General Jack Nziza, your confidant, was caught on audio discussing with assassins in South Africa how to murder the exiled former Army Chief of Staff. Your recent arrest of Colonel Dan Munyuza, though for a mysterious reason, is welcome because he too is a known killer. Your Chief of Staff Mrs Innes Mpambara is a poisonous fear-monger that terrorizes leaders, public servants and citizens in your name. These individuals are not fit for any public office, let alone to be associated with the highest office in the land.
  31. Six, account publicly for the financial status of Crystal Ventures, formerly known as Tristar Corporation. Other than yourself and two of your cronies, no one knows what Crystal group of companies have earned for their owners, the RPF, during the past ten years. What has MTN Rwanda, for instance, earned in dividends and profits since it was set up in 1999? What did you do with over $30,000,000.00 from the sale of MTN Uganda shares? Come clean Mr President because these companies do not belong to you, or to Ben Rugangazi, your cousin, who at the time headed Tristar. These assets are certainly not owned by Prof Mannasseh Nshuti, the failed minister of Trade and Industry, Finance, and Public Service whom you have imposed as "Chairman."
  33. We demand that you officially acknowledge these urgent concerns within 24 hours on your Twitter account@paulkagame.
  35. Thereafter begin to implement these measures by first announcing a timetable. The matter will not end if you foolishly refuse to satisfactorily address these demands. We will continue our just cause against your cruel rule with history on our side. Peaceful but determined people world-over continue to defeat much stronger tyrannical regimes than yours. There is limit to brute force even in Rwanda.
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