Condensation (Orange Juice Part 2)

Apr 27th, 2019
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  1. - …“Do you- do you want to join me?” A blush starts to spread across her cheeks, and she quickly tucks a stray strand of hair back behind her ear. Your heart soars.
  3. “I’d love to.”… -
  5. She smiles, broad and bright and you lean back towards the far wall of the bathroom; giving her whatever space you can to peel off the juice-stained clothes. She discards them in to a lumpy pile as she stands tall, closing her eyes and luxuriously stretching her arms over her head. The Berserker form gleams in the afternoon sun; the purple fibers almost glowing as they absorb the light streaming in from the window. You find yourself simply appreciating the sight before you- at least, until she notices you staring. The blush has yet to leave her cheeks; she glances at her feet before softly speaking.
  7. “I hope you don’t think I look strange. I know I’m not as soft as-” she pauses as she stumbles across her last word. “Humans.”
  9. You feel your heart ache as she stands there, hands clasped behind her back and head bowed. You move without thinking to grab her in a tight hug. She sighs as she relaxes in to your embrace. Your words are full of care when you respond.
  11. “You’re more beautiful than any human I’ve ever met.” Alita peeks up at you through her raven hair and you plant a gentle kiss on her forehead when you see the corners of her mouth begin to twitch. “Now go hop in! I’ll be there in a second.”
  13. She nods and turns the worn-down shower handle to full. The pipes groan but eventually water starts flowing, and she steps in to the stream immediately. The fact that it’s icy-cold doesn’t seem to bother her, though you take your time disrobing to let the shower rise to an appropriate temperature. Alita hums as tendrils of steam spread throughout the room. Your clothes have joined hers on the floor, and you move to join her under the flowing water. You step behind her and wrap her in a hug. She coos contentedly as the water runs over you both, bringing with it a unique sense of touch and texture. Though you’d stay like this forever if you could, it eventually comes time to actually make use of the shower’s intended purpose. You carefully lather Alita’s cybernetic body with a floral soap, and as you run your hands over the velvety texture of her nanite skin she moans softly.
  15. A fire inside you kindles as the lather grows. Your movements grow firmer; you massage in tiny circles along her stomach as you slowly move up to her breasts. Though the slick feel of her skin doesn’t change, Alita’s responses do; her moans deepen, with her eyes heavily lidded as she bites softly at her lower lip. Your hand traces her body down to her thighs, and you feel the warmth radiating off her. She grinds her body up against yours, and through the steam of the shower you see her eyes, full of longing and lust. You’re reminded of that afternoon in Scrapheap; her same intensity is almost overwhelming. Before you can stop yourself, you find a comment tumbling out of your mouth.
  17. “We’re not very good at saving water are we?”
  19. Alita’s eyes flash dangerously, and you realise too late your mistake. She grabs you and shoves you up against the back wall of the shower, finding your mouth in a rough kiss. The chill of the tiles clashes with her heat from her lips as her tongue overpowers yours. She pushes in to your shoulder with an almost painful force as her free hand traces its way up and down your dripping chest. You shudder as you feel blood pulsing between your legs. She breaks off the kiss and stares at you, her breathing heavy. You feel her hand play over the skin around your adonis belt. Your hips twitch involuntarily, and she speaks. The words are thick with desire.
  21. “No more jokes. If you try to say anything I will not hesitate to stop you. I’ve waited so long for this.”
  23. You nod, eyes wide as she kisses your collarbone, still holding you in place with her immense strength. Her teeth scrape along your skin and you subconsciously grunt. The steam swirls around you as she lovingly kisses your chest and you find yourself lost in the passion of your bodies entwined.
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