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  1. Dear Future Me,
  3. Soon you will be off to uni. Please don't forget me. I'm on/off with Lili and Marie's started dating someone else (in case you forgot marie is that girl you really hit it off with and got off with a couple of times then got bored of and she got bored of you). Then there's that Ellen girl Marie is trying to set you up with. She's pretty, but you probably will forget her.
  5. Mum's ill at the moment. If she's around to see you go to uni give her a hug. It's hard to give her affection as she never really shows me any but I want to as I'm scared I'll lose her
  7. You will definitely be finishing with Lili. DO NOT CONTINUE WITH HER, OR ANY GIRLS, WHEN YOU GO
  9. You're probably gonna be at Aberystwyth right? It's beautiful. Be social. Get SWOLE, MOTHERFUCKER YOU CAN DO IT. Study hard, party harder. If you keep being as awesome as you are now you will be rolling in girls.
  11. Join a band. Yeah you heard me a freaking band you should be good by now. If not send me a letter back apologising because you have a chance
  13. love you man
  15. send these people a letter
  17. Chris
  18. Sam
  19. Grace
  20. Lili
  21. Hannah J
  22. Hannah M
  23. Marie (maybe)
  24. Nathanial
  25. Briony
  26. Hugo
  27. Raoul
  28. Toby
  29. Mum
  30. Dad
  32. They are who matter to you right now
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