glimshim(you) shitpost sketch to do

Oct 31st, 2018
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  1. just imagine it, the both of them easily overpowering you, glimglam slowly taking her place on top of you, straddling your chest and showing you her back, as well as a glimpse of what lays under her dock, all the while using her magic to keep you pinned down, to keep you exactly where it is she wants you
  2. then shimmy, slowly, meticulously removing your clothes, one piece at a time, explaining glimmy how to do it, how to do it well and what their name and purposes are, each time ending said definition with 'in the way' or 'not needed right now'
  3. then, once you're fully exposed to the cold air and soft mattress, she'd tell glimmy to just explore and experiment
  4. >"Don't worry, it's not like he minds, most human males would kill for this to happen to them,"
  5. >"Are you sure about this?"
  6. shimmy would nod, tapping the gem attached to her collar with a hoof
  7. >"Yeah, if you knew the kind of things running through his mind right now, look at him, he's already growing for us~,"
  8. and who wouldn't, you might be a faggot but even you could realize this is the chance of a lifetime
  9. >"Oh, wow, I-I didn't know humans did that,"
  10. >"I know, right? And just look at him go~,"
  11. glimmy would nod, seemingly mesmerized with your pride
  12. you wouldn't be able to see shimmy from there, so you'd try and move enough to do so but there was just no fighting this magic of theirs
  13. the only thing you'd be able to do is groan as you'd finally feel something pressing against your shaft
  14. >"Come on, it's not going to bite or anything,"
  15. your hips would lift themselves up as she'd give your cock a first, slow pump
  16. >"If I had known you'd chicken out, I would've picked Trixie to assist me~,"
  17. her voice would be teasing, and just enough to get the wanted reaction from the pink horse
  18. >"I-I'm not chickening out! I'm just taking my time!"
  19. sunny would giggle
  20. >"Well you go ahead and take your time, I'll be working on this fine piece of meat right here~,"
  22. that's how it'd start
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