Helping Her

Nov 3rd, 2015
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  1. >Fucking rain.
  2. >Fucking cold weather.
  3. >Fucking weathermen with their shit forecasts.
  4. >Hey Anon, today’s going to be a nice and sunny day.
  5. >Make sure you don’t bring an umbrella or warm clothes either.
  6. >I hope they get dick cancer and raped by a water buffalo, fucking channel twelve weatherguy.
  7. >You were on your way home from your job when the rain started.
  8. >The sky decided to just open up and fuck with your day.
  9. >Luckily you managed to snag a coat from the lost and found so at least you got some protection from the ice cold rain.
  10. >So here you were walking in the rain.
  11. >Miserable as shit.
  12. >The icy drops collecting on your head and dripping their way down your face.
  13. >Did you mention how cold it was?
  14. >Well just to be certain, it was fucking cold.
  15. >When you get home you’re just going to take an hour long warm shower.
  16. >A nice warm shower sounded fantastic right now.
  17. >As you continued the trek home the building around you changed from the usual storefronts to more derelict looking shops.
  18. >This route always took you through the shitty part of town.
  19. >Most of the stores were closed down and their windows boarded up.
  20. >You’d think there would be crime but everybody was so poor, robbing anyone wouldn’t get you anywhere.
  21. >Hell, if anyone robbed you maybe they could steal the two bills that were currently getting drenched in your back pocket.
  22. >With that thought the sky above you lit up.
  23. >Great, maybe if you’re lucky you’ll get struck by lightning.
  24. >Quickening up your pace you stepped right into a puddle.
  25. >The feeling of your shoe filling up with water made a chill go down your spine.
  26. >Yup, great fucking day today.
  27. >A flash of light lit up the sky again.
  28. >Yeah there’s that.
  29. >That and the thunder, and the crying.
  30. >Wait… crying?
  31. >You came to a halt.
  32. >You’re not the smartest man on the planet.
  33. >Hell far from it.
  34. >But that sure sounded like crying.
  35. >Slowly backing up the crying only got louder.
  36. >Eventually you stood at the entrance of an alleyway.
  37. >Various bottles and garbage bags littered its entrance.
  38. >It was way too dark to see inside it and find the origin of the noise.
  39. >Isn’t this how scary movies start?
  40. >A guy walks into an alley lured by crying, only to be torn apart by a serial killer or monster
  41. >Nah.
  42. >It’s not like your life is some crazy story only made for entertainment.
  43. >Steeling yourself you made the choice to continue.
  44. >Whipping out your cell phone you flick it on to use it as a makeshift flashlight.
  45. >Finally a use for this expensive piece of shit.
  46. >Well except looking up porn.
  47. >The quick internet definitely made porn better.
  48. >Walking slowly you passed several garbage cans.
  49. >Some were upended, spilling their contents on the ground.
  50. >There it combined with the rain water that was now coming down even harder than before.
  51. >Man the stench was horrible.
  52. >If there was anyone here, they most certainly lost their sense of smell by now.
  53. >Moving deeper into the darkened alley you searched for the source of the noise.
  54. >With every step that you took the crying grew in volume.
  55. >It definitely belonged to a girl as far as you could tell.
  56. >A few steps later you came to a cardboard box.
  57. >This was it.
  58. >With each audible sob the box moved a little.
  59. “Are you okay?”
  60. >Whomever was inside the box scrambled and ended flipping the box over.
  61. >That’s when you saw her.
  62. >A little orange filly tumbled out.
  63. >Even with the rain falling you saw the fresh tears running down her face.
  64. >But it was her eyes that shocked you the most.
  65. >She was scared.
  66. >”Ple…please don’t hurt me.”
  67. >With that simple sentence she was out like a light.
  68. >Whether from being afraid or just tired you couldn’t tell.
  69. >Kneeling down you checked for any signs that she was still alive.
  70. >Her chest rose and fell lightly, which earned a relieved sigh from you.
  71. >Checking her over you were sure of it now.
  72. >A stray.
  73. >She didn’t have a collar or tag etched into her hoof.
  75. ---
  77. >So trying to find her owner wouldn’t be an easy task.
  78. >That’s if she even had an owner.
  79. >Without much of a choice you picked the little pony and placed her inside your jacket.
  80. >At least you could keep her warm until you got back to your place.
  81. >You sure as hell weren’t going to leave her out here.
  82. >With a new vigor you rushed home.
  83. >Which was only slightly faster than you were walking before due to the added weight and trying to hold the filly.
  84. >This event did raise some questions in your mind.
  85. >Ponies were rare.
  86. >Not extremely rare, but not something you ran into on daily basis.
  87. >Most that were sold legally went for quite a lot of money.
  88. >You didn’t even want to think how much the illegal ones went for.
  89. >The illegal market sprang up here and there, but most of the auctions houses were brought down quickly.
  90. >So how did anyone let a small filly just end up in a alleyway in the worst part of town?
  91. >It didn’t make any sense.
  92. >Without even noticing you arrived at home.
  93. >Damn inner monologue’s.
  94. >A challenger has appeared!
  95. >Fishing your keys out your pocket while keeping a firm hold on the filly clutched to your chest turned out to be harder than you thought.
  96. >Come on you son of a bitch!
  97. >The damn key ring got stuck in your pocket.
  98. >Fucking hell.
  99. >Finally after your fight with getting the front door open you got inside.
  100. >Going into the living room you placed the little pony on your couch and went on to grab a towels.
  101. >Grabbing a few from the linen closet you went back.
  102. >Picking up the filly again you headed towards the bathroom.
  103. >A warm bath would hopefully warm her up and clean her up a bit.
  104. >You filled the tub with nice warm water and gently lowered her in.
  105. >Even with all this she didn’t wake up.
  106. >She must have been completely exhausted.
  107. >And judging by how thin she was, she was probably malnourished as well.
  108. >Grabbing some shampoo you began washing her coat.
  109. >As carefully as possible you began working on getting all the accumulated grit and grime out.
  110. >How long was she out there?
  111. >Grabbing a cup from under your sink, you repeated the process for her mane and tail.
  112. >Soon enough she was clean and warmed up.
  113. >Setting one of the towels on the ground you set the filly down on it.
  114. >With the other towel you began drying her.
  115. >Satisfied with your job you eyed the little orange puffball.
  116. >A purple mane and tail adorned her.
  117. >Interesting color combination.
  118. >It’s when your eyes fell on her wings did anger really hit you.
  119. >You heard stories of people doing stuff like this.
  120. >They would bind a pegasi’s wings in order to impede any chances of them escaping.
  121. >But when they did it to young Pegasi it actually caused severe irreparable damage.
  122. >Judging by the state of her wings, whoever did own her at one point did it.
  123. >She’d never fly.
  124. >As gently as you possibly could you picked up the little filly and brought her to your room.
  125. >Setting her on your bed you tucked her in.
  126. >Maybe after a good night’s sleep you’d be able to get some answers.
  127. >Time to fish out your sleeping bag from the closet.
  128. >Right before you went to bed for the night you checked on the little one resting on your bed.
  129. >There in the center of the queen size bed was the little filly.
  130. >Bundled up in a blanket.
  131. >Closing the door quietly you went to your temporary bed aka sleeping bag on the ground.
  132. >Let’s face it, you are an asshole.
  133. >So why were you doing this.
  134. >You could have just as easily taken her to a shelter.
  135. >I’m over thinking this, deciding to sleep on it you closed your eyes.
  136. >You didn't even care that you were still in your wet clothes.
  137. >What time is it?
  138. >Slowly your eyes adjusted to the darkness.
  139. >Looking to the side to find out what time it was you found… nothing.
  140. >What?
  141. >The events from the past few hours finally came to the forefront.
  142. >And with them the realization that you were not in your bedroom.
  143. >Reaching up you tried wiping the grogginess from your eyes.
  144. >Only to stop.
  145. >Soft sobs emanated from down the hall.
  146. >Your impromptu guest was awake it seems.
  147. >The sobs only continued.
  148. >That’s probably what woke you up.
  149. >Getting out of the sleeping bag you realized that you were still wearing the wet clothes from earlier.
  150. >You’d probably get sick if you don’t change out of these soon.
  151. >Slowly approaching your room you cracked the door open.
  152. >There on your bed the little filly was awake.
  153. >Tears streamed down her face as sobs wracked her small body.
  154. >The sight would break any man.
  155. >Slowly you pushed the door to open it further.
  156. >Only to hear that damn hinge creak like no tomorrow.
  157. >Do you think she heard it?
  158. >Looking back at the filly, her eyes were wide and staring straight into yours.
  159. >Yup she heard it.
  160. >In a scurry you saw her try to back up and away from you.
  161. “Hey it’s okay, I’m not going to hurt you.”
  162. >Your words fell on deaf ears as she continued to back up only to be met by the headboard.
  163. >You winced when the back of her head hit it.
  164. >That was probably going to leave a mark.
  165. >”Please, let me go I’m sorry I was making so much noise.”
  166. >Her chest was rising and falling rapidly, at this rate she’d have a panic attack.
  167. >You only came to the foot of the bed.
  168. >Any closer any she would probably have a breakdown.
  169. “Look I’m not mad.”
  170. >You held up both hands to show that you meant no harm.
  171. >She still looked like her heart might pop out of her chest at any second.
  172. >Well so much for that.
  173. “How about a name?”
  174. “Do you have a name?”
  175. >”Scootaloo.”
  176. >Okay well at least it’s something.
  177. “Okay Scootaloo, I’m going to grab a change of clothes then head back to the living room.”
  178. “Try to get some rest, I’m not going to hurt you or bother you.”
  179. >Grabbing some clothes from the dresser you left the room leaving the door ajar.
  180. >Small steps Anon.
  181. >At this rate you might even get straight answers before the year’s over.
  182. >Going to the bathroom you slipped into the dry clothes.
  183. >Throwing the wet ones in the hamper, you headed back to your makeshift bed.
  184. >Getting back in the sleeping bag you close your eyes and willed yourself back into dreamland.
  185. >A truly magical place where you, Chuck Norris, and Walter Cronkite saved the world from a cheese monster.
  186. >Good times.
  187. >Still you had a nagging feeling in the back of your head.
  188. >Like you were forgetting a pretty important thing.
  189. >Oh well you’d deal with it tomorrow.
  191. >Warm.
  192. >You were warm.
  193. >It was so much different than what you had been expecting when you woke up.
  194. >After you escaped that hell, all you knew was cold and hunger.
  195. >You didn’t dare open your eyes out of fear of the warmth going away.
  196. >The fear of waking up in that dirty alley kept them tightly shut.
  197. >But you were surrounded by warmth and softness.
  198. >Maybe you were dead.
  199. >And all those horrors that you saw were finally over.
  200. >Some mares were bought just to be maids.
  201. >Some got taken away crying.
  202. >Others, they go much worse.
  203. >Sweetie was bought and taken away, as was Applebloom.
  204. >The same happened to Pinkie and Twilight.
  205. >They didn’t even put up a fight when they left.
  206. >When those humans took them away.
  207. >But you did.
  208. >You waited, planned, and finally escaped.
  209. >The lone guard didn’t really think you could do it since you were so small and couldn’t fly.
  210. >You used it to your advantage.
  211. >Most of the ponies that were there didn’t even bat an eye when you unlocked their cages.
  212. >Then when you heard the guard returning you ran.
  213. >Without ever looking back.
  214. >You wanted to save them, you really did but getting caught again wasn’t going to do any good.
  215. >That’s how you ended up in that alleyway.
  216. >First you hid so they wouldn’t find you.
  217. >But eventually you realized, you yourself didn’t know where you were.
  218. >That and you didn’t dare step out of the alley with all the humans about.
  219. >Then the rain came.
  220. >With no food or shelter you got inside a cardboard box and began crying.
  221. >Why was this world so evil.
  222. >What did you or your friends ever do to deserve this.
  224. “Aaah…achoo!”
  225. >Thanks to your own stupidity it looked like you were coming down with a cold.
  226. >Groggily you crawled out of the sleeping bag.
  227. >Walking over to the table you picked up your phone to check the time.
  228. >7 am.
  229. >Still early.
  230. >You should probably check on the filly, and get some food in her.
  231. >But first bathroom.
  232. >Your bladder felt like it was about to explode.
  233. >Running to the bathroom you flung the door open.
  234. >Only to be pelted in the face with a roll of toilet paper.
  235. >”Get out!!!!”
  236. >And quickly you slammed the door shut.
  237. >Well she was awake and alive at least.
  238. >As for you however.
  239. >So much for not looking like a perv.
  240. >As for your bladder?
  241. >You could hold it for now.
  242. >Waiting patiently, you tapped your foot.
  243. >The noise of the toilet flushing got your attention.
  244. “Is it safe to open the door?”
  245. >”Yeah.”
  246. >Casting a quick glance at you the young mare walked past you.
  247. >The change from her previous nervous wreck like self to this was a good thing.
  248. >You guess.
  249. >Maybe.
  250. >What the fuck did you know about psychology?
  251. >Well next to nothing and add the fact that we were talking about terrestrial talking miniature equines makes this just a bit more strange.
  252. >Then the reason for standing there hit you.
  253. >Damn did you need to pee.
  254. >After using the bathroom you made a beeline for the bedroom.
  255. >Hopefully you could clear up the little misunderstanding.
  256. >And hopefully talk to her about her circumstances.
  257. >The door wasn’t closed but lightly ajar.
  258. >Knocking on it you pushed it open the rest of the way.
  259. “Can I come in?”
  260. >”It’s your house.”
  261. >Calm down girly I’m just trying to be polite.
  262. >She was sitting on her haunches on your bed.
  263. >Her face was impassive, but her eyes betrayed her.
  264. >You knew when someone didn’t trust you.
  265. “Well I already know your name, mine’s Anonymous or Anon for short.”
  266. >She still looked as impassive as ever.
  267. >Tough crowd.
  268. “About last night…”
  269. >You were cut off before you could even finish the sentence.
  270. >”Why did you bring me here?”
  271. >”Are you some sort of sicko, do you like filly’s you pervert. I saw guys like you at the auction house, you sicken me.”
  272. >The last words she spat out like they were toxic.
  273. “Woah okay, if this is about the bathroom thing, I just needed to take a piss. How the hell was I supposed to know a mare was going to be in there.”
  274. “You could have at least locked the door.”
  275. >Scootaloo looked at you then raised her hooves up.
  276. >”And exactly how was I supposed to do that you idiot?”
  277. >Well you just made yourself look like a retard.
  278. >Blame it on the public education system.
  279. >You were about to retort to the little mare when you were interrupted by the ringing of your phone.
  280. “Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back.”
  281. >”Where exactly do you think I’m going to go?”
  282. >Damn smart miniature horse.
  283. >Sprinting back to the living room you picked up your cell.
  284. >The name on the caller Id belonged to your workmate Steve.
  285. “Hey Steve, what’s up?”
  286. >”No work today, there was a situation at the office.”
  287. “Against my better judgment I’m going to ask what happened?”
  289. >Stupid human.
  290. >First he tries to spy on you using the bathroom, now this.
  291. >You got rescued by the world’s most dumb and perverted human.
  292. >Despite his request you went in the direction he ran off toward.
  293. >There standing in the living room you found him.
  294. >Phone stuck to his ear, mumbling incoherent sentences.
  295. >”Office contaminated….. Jerry got drunk…. Snuck in with ten hookers.”
  296. >”Wait how many pounds of manure… jesus… where the hell did he get all that shit?”
  297. >Turning right around you went back to the bedroom.
  298. >You didn’t even want to know.
  300. >You continued to listen to the explanation from your coworker.
  301. >The office was declared a biohazard by OSHA.
  302. >Holy shit those guys work fast.
  303. >Fucking Jerry, he always does this shit when he gets drunk.
  304. >Last time it was aborted fetuses and pudding, now this.
  305. >Where the fuck did he get the money for his shenanigans.
  306. >”So basically, we have the rest of the week off until they get all the shit off the walls and ceiling.”
  307. >”So there’s that and our janitor quit.”
  308. “Okay got it, I guess I’ll see you guys next week.”
  309. >”Yup, later Anon.”
  310. >Week off from work.
  311. >Fuck yeah.
  312. >Setting the phone down you headed back to the bedroom.
  313. >Stopping by the door, you knocked.
  314. >Just in case she was naked.
  315. >God dammit she’s a miniature horse, she’s always naked.
  316. >You should probably ask your parents if they dropped you on your head as a child.
  317. >It’d definitely explain a lot.
  318. >After knocking gently you pushed open the door.
  319. >It took only a second to see her distinct coloration against your sheets.
  320. >She was there sitting on her haunches in the middle of your bed with a grouchy pout on her face.
  321. “Soooo, you hungry?”
  322. >The loud rumbling noise coming from her tummy was the answer you got first.
  323. >”What do you think?”
  324. >There’s the snarky attitude from before.
  325. “Want me to cook anything specific? I can cook some mean scrambled eggs.”
  326. >”I don’t care, just no meat.”
  327. “I figured as much. Just give me a bit and I’ll whip up some food.”
  328. >Heading to your modest kitchen you set to work.
  329. >A simple breakfast of eggs, hash browns, and some pancakes with a side of OJ sounded like the best choice.
  330. >And judging by how tiny she looked she probably hasn’t had a decent meal in a long time.
  331. >Mixing the ingredients for the pancake mix you set the skillet and sprayed it with some pam.
  332. >Multitasking like a boss.
  333. >”You done yet, I’m hungry.”
  334. >Yeah you freeloading horse, almost done.
  335. “You know it wouldn’t hurt you to be just a little polite.”
  336. >”Yeah I remember politeness from the farm. You humans would take mares and fillies and make them do disgusting things.”
  337. >”And when they refused they’d be beaten. Is that what you want you sicko?”
  338. “Holy fucking shit relax, no need for all that. I know you probably went through a lot but have I done anything to make you feel unsafe here?”
  339. >”Besides trying to peek when I was using the bathroom.”
  340. “That was an accident.”
  341. >”I’m sure.”
  342. >Damn you little horse.
  343. “How about this, I’m almost done cooking so we’ll eat a warm breakfast then talk about your… strange circumstances.”
  344. >With a snort the filly left the kitchen.
  345. >From where you stood you saw her hop up onto the chair by the dining room table and put her head on her hoof in a show of boredom.
  346. >Maybe you can figure out who messed up a little kid this badly.
  347. >You sure as hell weren’t this fucked up when you were younger.
  348. >Then again you weren’t made to be a slave in a strange world where you saw your friends sold off to be slaves for labor or sex.
  349. >So yeah, you’d need to be sensitive to her feelings during the talk.
  350. >Well you’re fucked.
  351. >Being nice and sensitive towards others people feelings was never your forte.
  352. >Loading up two plates with some breakfast goodness you headed to the table.
  353. >This was going to be an interesting dining experience.
  354. >Setting one of the plates in front of the filly you set yours at the spot across from her.
  355. >Shit you forgot the utensils.
  356. “Be back in a sec.”
  357. >Walking back to the kitchen you grabbed two sets of cutlery.
  358. >Stopping a question came to mind.
  359. >How was she going to use these with her hooves?
  360. >This you had to see.
  361. >She’d probably try to hit you if you tried feeding her, that would be a sight to see.
  362. >Walking back into the dining room you saw quite a sight.
  363. >Scootaloo was chowing down.
  364. >Her face pressed hard into the food on the plate.
  365. >Yup she was definitely hungry.
  366. >You could only watch in awe as the little filly inhaled everything as if it were her last meal.
  367. >A few seconds later you saw her head lift from the plate.
  368. >Bits and pieces of eggs and hash stuck to her snout.
  369. >Then you saw something new.
  370. >She smiled.
  371. >An honest to goodness smile.
  372. >Hnnnnngg!
  373. >Composing yourself you decided to break the nice moment.
  374. “Want seconds?”
  375. >Her smile disappeared in an instant.
  376. >”Yes… please.”
  377. >Well I’ll be damned, she said please.
  378. >Remember Anon, small victories.
  379. >With a big smile on your face you stood up ready to fill Scootaloo’s plate with more food.
  380. >The sudden knocking on your door however put a hamper on that.
  381. >You weren’t expecting any company this early.
  382. >Sliding your plate in front of the filly, you headed to the door.
  383. “Swear to god, if it’s a salesman I’m going to be pissed.”
  384. >But when you opened the door you were a bit surprised.
  385. >”Good Morning Mr. Mouse, my name is Doctor Byzantine.”
  386. >The man standing there was wearing a sharp suit that looked like it cost more than what you made in… ever.
  387. >”Now don’t look so surprised Mr. Mouse, may I call Anon?”
  388. >Before you could even respond the man continued.
  389. >”You see Anon, you have in your possession something that does not belong to you.”
  390. >I don’t like where this is going.
  391. >”May I come in, I believe this conversation would best be had in a much more private atmosphere, don’t you?”
  392. >I really don’t like where this is going.
  393. >Shakily you nod your head and step aside to let the man who claimed to be a doctor in.
  394. >Cautiously you led him to the living room.
  395. >As you both sat down he continued.
  396. >”Much better, now Anon on to business. You have something that belongs to me, and were it not for the fact that I made an oath to do no harm you would be in quite a predicament.”
  397. >God what did you get yourself into?
  398. “Listen Jerry said to just hold onto it for him. That fucker said it wasn’t illegal or stolen so I”
  399. >”Young man what are you on about?”
  400. >Walking over to the entertainment center you pulled out the box that Jerry gave you months ago.
  401. “Isn’t this what you’re here for.”
  402. >You handed the box to the doctor who opened it.
  403. >The moment he opened the box the contents cast an eerie green glow over his face.
  404. >”By the gods, why would you even have this.”
  405. >The doctor proceeded to pull out the foot long glow in the dark dildo.
  406. >Placing the big veiny bastard back in its box he handed it back to you.
  407. >”I’m quite happy to say that the reason for me being here does not involve the curious contents of that case.”
  408. >”I’m here because you have come into possession of one of our pony’s.”
  409. >How did they?
  410. >How the hell did they know about Scootaloo.
  411. >”Judging by your confusion you are trying to deduce how we knew her whereabouts. It’s quite simple really. A small gps chip implanted at the base of the neck, much like the ones used for dogs.”
  412. >”It’s extremely efficient and very practical. Look they even have an app for it on the phone.”
  413. >Causually he held up his phone, but all you saw was a lock screen.
  414. >”Give me second here, alright slide to unlock and…. Darn, what was the passcode again. What do you mean I’m locked out for 5 minutes! Well you get the idea.”
  415. >Nonchalantly he placed the phone back in his suit pocket.
  416. “So what do you want? You here to take her back to that hell hole she escaped from?”
  417. >Despite his carefree attitude earlier, the look he gave you sent chills down your spine.
  418. >If you’ve ever seen a video of a predator evaluating its prey you would know the look.
  419. >”As shocking as it may come, no I have not, well not in the sense you’re thinking of. That little filly has been a thorn in my operation for quite too long.”
  420. >”Constant escape attempts, inciting riots and uprisings, that sort of thing. That and the fact that she bit me.”
  421. “She bit you?”
  422. >”Right in the calf, don’t let her small size fool you she may as well be a small shark with hooves.”
  423. >You saw him lift up his leg and pull up the pant leg.
  424. >A small imprint of teeth marks were still there.
  425. “Ouch.”
  426. >”Indeed. But back on topic, here’s our connondrum. This filly is still our rightfull property, but she’s caused more trouble than she’s worth.”
  427. >”So we have two choices here.
  428. >”Either I take her back and ship her to another ranch or”
  429. “Or?”
  430. >”Or you buy her. And I am sorry but I need your answer quickly, I am a busy man after all and I rarely ever make house calls anymore.”
  431. “Yes.”
  432. >With a smile the doctor walked over and shook you hand.
  433. >”Excellent, excellent. Now as most ponies run along the lines of about $2500, and due to your understanding and hospitable nature I’ll bring down the price down to let’s say $1500.”
  434. >Wincing internally you nodded.
  435. >”Do not worry yourself young man, we already ran your credit and prepared a personal loan for you with our bank.”
  436. “Wait, you guys have a bank?”
  437. >”Naturally, we do a lot of business it would only make things more convoluted if we didn’t.”
  438. >”Anyhoo, enjoy your purchase and we’ll send all her papers to you within the week.
  439. >Slowly you nodded.
  440. >Walking the doctor back to the door you thought about what just happened.
  441. >So right now you owned Scootaloo.
  442. >Well at least she didn’t need to worry about someone coming for her anymore.
  443. >But a gut feeling told you that this was only going to cause more problems than it solved.
  445. >You closed the door the moment that the weird man stepped through it.
  446. >Well crap, you owned a small equine.
  447. >Why does this shit always happen on your days off.
  448. >Walking back to the kitchen, you were ready to break the news to Scootaloo.
  449. “Hey Scootaloo?”
  450. >”Don’t you hey me, I heard everything!”
  451. >”So you own me, well guess what you’re a sicko and a pervert that likes watching ponies go to the bathroom.”
  452. >Again with that.
  453. >”So don’t think I’m going to call you master or anything you weirdo.”
  454. “I was going to say lets finish breakfast and maybe watch some television.”
  455. >And the little filly instantly stopped her rant.
  456. >Her mouth still open she just sat there.
  457. >You however had more pressing matters.
  458. >Filling up her plate from before and setting it down, you sat at your own spot and began downing your breakfast.
  459. >Boy you made some killer eggs, if you do say so yourself.
  460. >”Sorry.”
  461. >Well that was quick.
  462. “Don’t worry about it.”
  463. >Swallowing the rest of the food in your mouth you looked Scootaloo straight in the eyes.
  464. “I don’t blame you for not trusting humans, and honestly buying you was the best option at the time if you consider the alternative.”
  465. “I don’t need a slave or a pet, so for now let’s just say were roomies., that good with you?”
  466. >A slow nod from the orange filly was the only response you got.
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