Operaatio Screw Talvivaara - Press Release

Nov 11th, 2011
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  1. Dear Citizens of Finland, We are Anonymous.
  3. Today November 12, members of Anonymous Finland have voted and approved the support of Anonymous' worldwide Operation Green Rights, a series of actions in defence and safeguard of the environment, and decided to start a spin-off of the same in this country, as part of our Operaatio Valkomaa.
  5. The love We have for this land and its unique nature is limitless and as citizens of this country it is our duty - civil and moral - to do the utmost to protect and defend it. Sadly, not everybody agree with this and commit themselves to screw, pollute and destroy it: by doing it, these people decided to join that dark puddle of mud that is menacing Finland and its society and that We are fighting and trying to knock down and wash away.
  7. Talvivaara Mining Company Plc (Talvivaaran Kaivososakeyhtiö Oyj) has been carrying out massive and dangerous mining operations in Eastern Finland so far to the detriment of the local natural environment and people of the communities living in the Lake Hakonen area and nearby the Talvivaara mine.
  8. Waste water from the mining site may have affected ground water in the whole area, has brought so much sodium sulphate into the lake that its water has turned into brine and reduced its oxygen content, an action that in the course of the years will cause a gradual change the flora and fauna of the wilderness lake; dust caused by mining works is carried by winds for kilometres and turns the snow black when falling on the ground and the powerful smell of hydrogen sulphide coming from the mine is affecting the health of the locals. To understand the vastness of the environmental damage perpetrated by Talvitaara, the polluted water from Salminen flows via the lakes Kivijärvi and Kalliojärvi toward the Oulujärvi waterway covering a distance of 50 kilometres, the emissions from the mine can also in waters in North Savo, 177 kilometres away from the mine site, and the mining works have managed, for the first time ever in Finland, to create sea conditions in an inland lake, an event that finds its previous in the Southern Italian region Campania, where Camorra (Neapolitan mafia) managed to do the same - albeit with different actions - by getting sea water to flow into Volturno River.
  9. For years, Talvitaara has hoodwinded the communities living around Lake Hakonen by promising that extraction of metals would exclusively involve a closed cycle and that nothing would spread beyond the mine area. For years, they have have been vastly exceeding the maximum emissions allowed by the environment permit (130 milligrams per cubic metre) by emitting waste water containing 8,000 milligrams of sulphate per cubic metre. And shamelessly they applying for permission to raise the emission levels. This means simply killing the Finnish environment, and the longer Talvitaara continues with its outlaw, selfish and carelessless behaviour, the more the damage will grow.
  11. We at Anonymous Finland are simply pissed off and decided to join the struggle against Talvivaara: We officially declare war to You and start Operaatio Screw Talvivaara. We stand in solidarity with all the citizens affected by Talvivaara's action and polluting activities and We support them in protesting against this corporate abuse. Anonymous Finland will not stand by idly and let these environmental atrocities continue.
  12. Anonymous Finland will, over the course of the next weeks and months, use the powers We posses to spread attacks on You. We invite all the people of the communities affected by Talvivaara's activities and the rest of the Finnish people to take the protest to Eduskunta and show that You are as mad as hell and You are not going to take this shit anymore.
  13. We are actively seeking leaks to expose the corruption Talvivaara is possibly involved in and further wrongdoings perpetrated by it. To do this, We need Your precious help: get in touch with us on Twitter or IRC chat to share all what You know and material You have or can get that can help us to achieve this purpose, We are actively seeking leaks and You are the only who can make it happen. Upload them on the net and pass it to us.
  15. Spread the word on the net about the harm that is being caused by Talvivaara. Share it by using the tag #FUtalvivaara and #opScrewTalvivaara.
  18. Talvivaara mine's works are a major step backward in the effort of the country to keep itself as clean and respectful of the environment as possible. Anonymous Finland will not suffer this without a fight, and Operation Green Rights and Operaatio Screw Talvivaara will always support the rights of the people to live in an unpolluted world and unpolluted Finland, and aim to help safeguard it for the future.
  27. We are Anonymous Finland
  28. We are Anonymous
  29. We are Legion
  30. We do not forgive
  31. We do not forget
  32. Expect us
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