Iroha's Story

Oct 20th, 2017
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  1. ===================================
  2. Part One: The Dish Full of Memories [1]
  3. ===================================
  5. Iroha: Hello, Mitama-san.
  6. Mitama: My, Iroha-chan. Welcome.
  7. Iroha: I only have... this many grief seeds but... could I ask you to strengthen me again...using just this much?
  8. Mitama: Of course, I'll gladly do so. Now then, let's go to the treatment room, okay?
  9. Iroha: Yes.
  11. Mitama: Now, first I'll have you take off your clothes...
  12. Iroha: I, I won't fall for that joke again...!
  13. Mitama: My, my, how disappointing.
  14. Iroha: Uu....
  15. Mitama: Fufuu, sorry, sorry. Now then, let's pull ourselves together and...start the treatment right away, okay?
  16. Iroha: Yes...!
  18. Iroha: (This feeling... I still... can't get used to...As if something is throbbing somewhere deep inside my body...Inside my head... I can catch glimpses of many different memories in front of my face...) Nn, aah...!
  19. Mitama: A hamburg steak with demiglace sauce.
  20. Iroha: Heh?
  21. Mitama: Oh, and a nice, thi~ck layer of cheese too, right?
  22. Iroha: Uhhm...!
  23. Mitama: A piping doria♪
  24. Iroha: Hambur--...Um...Something's...!
  25. Mitama: Oh, excuse me. Did you, by any chance, see something weird?
  26. Iroha: Something weird... more like...something...something like
  27. ???: Oh!
  28. Iroha: Heh?
  29. Mitama: Oh my.
  30. Momoko: So you were here, Iroha-chan!
  31. Iroha: Momoko-san!
  32. Mitama: My, how rude of you to come barging into the treatment room like that.
  33. Momoko: You usually make me act as your lookout so...I'm kinda like an employee here, aren't I?
  34. Mitama: My! If that's the case, then I'll have to work you harder.
  35. Momoko: Now look here...
  36. Anyway, so? How'd it go? Did you get a lot stronger?
  37. Iroha: Um... I kinda...
  38. Mitama: The treatment isn't complete yet. A slight problem came up.
  39. Iroha: Problem...?
  40. Momoko: Haha-n, lemme guess, you still haven't had lunch yet?
  41. Mitama: Right, bingo.
  42. Iroha: Heh? Eh? Ummm, what exactly do you mean by that...!?
  43. Momoko: Haha, relax! It's not like an emergency came up or anything! When she gets hungry, her treatments don't go as smoothly as it usually does.
  44. Iroha: that why...the hamburg doria...?
  45. Mitama: Fufuu, that's exactly right. Looks like I'm in the mood for a hamburg doria today.
  46. Momoko: Sheesh...can't run a business with an empty stomach, can you? Perfect timing, I haven't had lunch yet either. Let's take a lunch break here.
  47. Mitama: Fufu, you're right. Iroha-chan, you haven't had lunch yet either, have you?
  48. Iroha: Heh? Ahh, aaaaah...yeah...!
  49. Mitama: Then, would you like to eat with us?
  50. Iroha: Eh...! U, Um...!
  53. Mitama: Come on in.
  54. Momoko: Now then, what should I make~
  55. Iroha: --!? Heh...!? Th, This place had a kitchen...!?
  56. Mitama: Fufu, it's a lot bigger than you think, isn't it? This place has everything. In addition, we've got Momoko's cosplay outfits here and...
  57. Iroha: Cos...wait, eeeehhhh---...!?
  58. Momoko: We don't. And you, Iroha, don't believe it either!
  59. Iroha: Uuu...! I, I'm so sorry...!
  62. Momoko: Like always, this refrigerator never has anything good in it.
  63. Mitama: My, how rude.
  64. Momoko: I'm just telling you the truth. So? What do you want me to make?
  65. Mitama: A piping ho~t hamburg doria~♪
  66. Iroha: Fufu, you were talking about how you wanted to eat one earlier.
  67. Mitama: That's right♪
  68. Momoko: A hamburg doriaaa? How dare're requesting something you can't even make yourself.
  69. Mitama: My, that's not true at all.
  72. Iroha: Mi! Mitama-san!! Please stop!! Please don't swing the knife anymore!!
  73. Mitama: My, my. This is the first time I've seen Iroha-chan get this intense about something.
  74. Momoko: You're the one who's making her act that way...
  75. Iroha: ...Haa...haaa...
  76. Momoko: Right? Do you understand what I was saying now? She absolutely sucks at cooking.
  77. Mitama: Muu~
  78. Iroha: S, Seriously...I feel like my life's gotten shorter...
  79. Momoko: Ahahaha!
  80. Iroha: But Momoko-san, you're used to cooking, aren't you?
  81. Momoko: Ah~, well, yeah. For one thing, I am the person in charge of cooking at my house after all.
  82. Iroha: You're so skilled, it's amazing.
  83. Momoko: What about you, Iroha-chan? Do you normally cook a lot?
  84. Iroha: Yes. I started cooking...because of my younger sister...
  85. Mitama: Ui-chan, right?
  86. Iroha: Yes. Her body was so weak... so there weren't very many things she could eat... But regardless, I wanted to let her eat the things she wanted to eat...I tried things like coming up with seasonings...and made a lot...
  87. Momoko: You're such a good older sister...
  88. Mitama: She really is.
  89. Iroha: Hamburg... how nostalgic.
  90. Mitama: Hamburg? Is it a dish that has a lot of memories attached to it?
  91. Iroha: Yes, It's a dish that has a lot of memories for me... some of them, bitter.
  93. Doctor: Yes, all that's left is one last examination just to check.
  94. Iroha: Good for you, Ui..!
  95. Ui: Yeah!
  96. Iroha: Uh, um...!
  97. Doctor: Hm?
  98. Iroha: Um...until she gets discharged... does she still have to eat nothing but hospital food...?
  99. Doctor: Do you mean you want to bring something?
  100. Iroha: Ah, y,, for example, if I made something at home and brought it...
  101. Doctor: Ohh, that's fine. As long as it doesn't contain too much sugar or oil, there won't be any problems.
  102. Iroha: ...! That's good...!
  103. Ui: Onee-chan, are you going to make me food?
  104. Iroha: Yeah...! Next time Onee-chan comes to visit, she'll bring you something homemade, okay?
  105. Ui: Really!? Yay! Then, then! Hm....I want a hamburg!
  106. Iroha: Then...I'll make you a tofu hamburg.
  107. Ui: Yep!
  109. Iroha: Okay...! All that's left is to cook it... I wonder if I made it a bit too soon...even though there's still this much time left before we're leaving...
  110. I still have so many eggs... left over...I know! I'll bake her a cake...!
  111. Hm...It's not rising at all...did I put the right amount of baking powder in there?
  112. Iroha's Mom: Iroha---
  113. Iroha: Wha--t? Mo... ---!! Oh no...! What should I do...!
  114. Iroha's Mom: Iroha? What happened?
  115. Iroha: ...Mom...I was only paying attention to the cake so the hamburg...
  116. Iroha's Mom: ...Burned?
  117. Iroha: ...yeah...
  119. Ui: Onee-chan!
  120. Iroha: Ui...thanks for waiting...
  121. Iroha's Mom: How do you feel?
  122. Ui: Totally fine! But I'm so hungry...Onee-chan said she'd make me a hamburg so...I kept my stomach empty!
  123. Iroha:, Today...! I decided not to make hamburg!
  124. Ui: Huh?
  125. Iroha: Instead? I baked you a cake! A cake!
  126. Ui: You decided not to make me a hamburg?
  127. Iroha: Um...
  128. Iroha's Mom: It's okay. There's a hamburg too, see?
  129. Iroha: Eh...!?
  130. Ui: Really!? Yay!
  131. Iroha's Mom: Here!
  132. Iroha: Mom! Why did you bring it here...!? You said you wouldn't bring it...!
  133. Iroha's Mom: Why...because you went through the trouble of making it, of course. It's just a little burnt, so it should be okay.
  134. Iroha: It's not okay...!
  135. Iroha's Mom: Why are you so upset.
  136. Iroha: Cause...!
  137. Ui: Thanks for the food!
  138. Iroha: --!! Ahhh! Ui! Wait!!
  139. Ui: Nom...!
  140. Iroha: Ui...!
  141. Ui: Fufufuu! It's so~ yummy!
  142. Iroha: Eh...?
  143. Ui: The top is just a little burnt you know? It's really, really delicious! Onee-chan, thank you!
  144. Iroha: Ui...
  145. Iroha's Mom: Se~e, you don't need to be so upset, right?
  146. Iroha: Yeah...
  148. Momoko: ...She really was a cute kid, wasn't she?
  149. Iroha: Yeah...Seriously...Ui would always...turn the entire family's frowns into smiles in an instant...That's why Ui essential part of our family.
  150. Momoko: Yeah...that's right...
  151. Mitama: u, uuu...! Sniff...! Wha~t a touching story...!
  152. Iroha: Mi, Mitama-san! That's...!
  153. Momoko: Don't worry, she's just crying crocodile tears anyway.
  154. Iroha: N, No way...!
  155. Mitama: My! Looks like it's burning? The doria, that is!
  156. Iroha: Heeh!? Eh...eeh...!?
  157. Momoko: See, look.
  158. Iroha: T, This is...!
  159. Mitama: Fufuu "this is" what?
  160. Iroha: Uu...nothing...!
  161. Momoko: Now then! Looks like it's done? The "hamburg" doria! You need fill yourself up with this dish full of your memories...and do your best to look for Ui-chan, okay?
  162. Iroha: ...! Okay!
  164. Iroha: Ui's always been...someone who would make everyone smile.
  166. ===================================
  167. Part Two: Think of the Other Person
  168. ===================================
  170. Felicia: I'm ho--me--
  171. Yachiyo: Welcome home.
  172. Iroha: Welcome home.
  173. Tsuruno: Ohhh! Welcome home. How was the Hugegon Ball exhibit? [1]
  174. Felicia: It was awesome! Seriously, it was suu-per awesome!
  175. Tsuruno: Fuoooooh! Did it get you fired up!?
  176. Felicia: It didn't just get me fired up...! There was an actual sized hugegon ball made out of crystal...!
  177. Tsuruno: Fuoooooooooooooo...!!
  178. Felicia: ...Yeah! Here, this is a souvenir. For you. It's not an expensive, real deal crystal but... it's a Decagon Ball keychain.
  179. Tsuruno: Fuhaaaaa! Really--!?
  180. Felicia: Hmh---mm♪ Why don't you open it and take a look?
  181. Tsuruno: ...... Fu, fuooooooo!! It really is! It really is in the shape of a decagon--!!
  182. Yachiyo: (I don't get what she's getting worked up over...)
  183. Felicia: Here, catch! This one's for Yachiyo and this one's for Iroha!
  184. Yachiyo: Ah, thank you...
  185. Iroha: Thanks...
  186. Yachiyo: (H, How should I react...)
  187. Iroha: (It is a souvenir...)
  188. Felicia: Heee---y, I got so worked up that it made me hungry--!
  189. Iroha: Ah! Yeah! I'll make you something right away, okay?
  190. Felicia: ---!? Seriously!? Iroha's the one making dinner tonight!?
  191. Iroha: T, That's right...but... ...! Yeah! I'll put all my skills into making it! Today's tofu hambur...
  192. Felicia: Seriously... it's going to be Iroha's...what, a, let, down...!
  193. Iroha: Let...down...?
  194. Felicia: It's cruel and unusual to give my empty! empty! stomach Iroha's flavorless cooking~...!
  195. Yachiyo: Hold it. Complaining like that to someone who's willing to make you something is indescribably rude. If you're going to complain, then make it yourself.
  196. Iroha:
  197. Tsuruno: Ahhhh---... Iroha-chan's cooking gets all of its flavor from the ingredients! Right!?
  198. Felicia: Hey--, you haven't made it yet, have you? Then why don't we just eat out tonight--?
  199. Yachiyo: What? You're saying selfish things agai...
  200. Felicia: Nueee? I'm telling you, it's not selfish-! It's not like we're eating out every single day! You aren't rich, but you're still better off than me, y'know?
  201. Tsuruno: Now that you mention it, you might be right--
  202. Yachiyo: Tsuruno, I can't believe you'd say something to support her...!
  203. Tsuruno: Ueeeeh!? W, Well...
  204. Iroha: Ah, I.... I also... agree...
  205. Yachiyo: Tamaki-san, you too?
  206. Iroha:'s not like I don't feel like cooking anymore...! I really... now that she mentioned it, I think we haven't really... done anything like eat out as a group...
  207. Yachiyo: ...Well, it wouldn't be bad to eat out.
  208. Felicia: ---!! Alrighty then...
  209. Yachiyo: In exchange,
  210. Felicia: ---!?
  211. Yachiyo: From now on, you won't complain about other people's cooking. Got it?
  212. Felicia: Yeah, yeah. I got it!
  213. Tsuruno: We're eating out--!! So? Felicia, what're we eating?
  214. Felicia: Well obviously, baaaamm! Whaaam! something like that, duh!
  215. Yachiyo: I don't get it...
  216. Tsuruno: "Bam!" "Wham!" right? OK! Leave it to me!
  217. Iroha: Y, You understood what she meant...!?
  220. Tsuruno: Taaadaaaa--!! We're here! "Chinese Restaurant: BanBanzai"!!
  221. Yachiyo: Wait, this is your house, Tsuruno.
  222. Iroha: ... You said to leave it to you... so this is where you meant...
  223. Felicia: What, you two don't like this place?
  224. Iroha: I, It's not like I don't like it...
  225. Yachiyo: Well, at the very least... it doesn't have me jumping for joy. After all, this place has a 50 point rating on its food.
  226. Tsuruno: Guhaaaa...! The tragic memories areeeee...!
  227. Iroha: Y, You don't need to bring that stuff back...!
  228. Felicia: 50 points? Here? BanBanzai's food? I like the food here. ____ aside, I wouldn't put the food here below 80 points!
  229. Tsuruno: Felicia is such a good gir~l!
  230. Yachiyo: 80...!? Is it a side-effect of the staff meals? It's frightening how good human beings are at adapting...
  231. Iroha: Oh Yachiyo-san...
  232. Felicia: ...Anyway... You were completely right that Bam! Wham! equals Chinese!
  233. Tsuruno: Right? Right?
  234. Yachiyo: Fufu, so Chinese is bam, wham. Then what about Japanese?
  235. Felicia: Japanese? Hm... let's see here... Swoosh! Shh--! ...something like that?
  236. Iroha: Nfuu! Fufufu! What was that?
  237. Yachiyo: Puu, fufuu! Seriously.
  239. Tsuruno: Here, thanks for waiting! The chili shrimp is here!
  240. Iroha: Yeah, thanks.
  241. Tsuruno: Now, now! Eat to your hearts' content~
  242. Felicia: Thanks for the food!
  243. ...Chomp! Muguu...munch munch...
  244. Tsuruno: How is it?
  245. Felicia: ...Kuuuu~...! Yummy! This might just be a 90 pointer!
  246. Tsuruno: Really!? The points have gone up! I did it~♪
  247. Yachiyo: ... Yeah, it hasn't changed. I might give this 50 points.
  248. Iroha: ...Right...
  249. Tsuruno: How is it!? What do the two of you think!?
  250. Yachiyo: Let's see here, we give it fifty...
  251. Iroha: Ah, ahhhh, yeah...! We give it 90 points too...!!
  252. Tsuruno: Hooray--!!
  253. Yachiyo: I see you avoided trouble.
  254. Iroha: Uu...
  255. Felicia: Ya--...seriously...this stuff sinks into my empty stomach...
  256. Tsuruno: Fufu--u♪
  257. Felicia: Chompp...munchmunch... Tsuruno, your parents' place really is amazing, huh--
  258. Tsuruno: Seriously!? It's amazing!?
  259. Felicia: Yeah--, it's amazing-- chompp, munchmunch...
  260. Tsuruno: Really! It really is, isn't it--! Right now, it's not very well-known but "our place" is pretty amazing and--to tell you the truth, long time ago this place was really famous and well-known, you know? After all, there's famous politicians and whatnot in our family tree!
  261. Felicia: ...Chomp, gulp politicians?
  262. Tsuruno: That's right! He funded the army and stuff...
  263. Felicia: Pff! Nnnahaahahahaaa!!
  264. Tsuruno: Heh?
  265. Felicia: That's fucking hilarious! Seriously, funny!!
  266. Tsuruno: Funny...?
  267. Felicia: Oh yeah! It is funny after all! Your family used to be involved in politics and the army and stuff, right? And in the end you guys end up running a Chinese restaurant of all things...!
  268. Tsuruno: ..............
  269. Felicia: Pfft! Ahahahahaa! Seriously, that's terrible! That's one hell of a joke!
  270. Yachiyo: Hold it, Felicia...!
  271. Iroha: Felicia-chan...!
  272. Tsuruno: ...Sorry. I... don't feel like eating anymore.
  273. Felicia: ...Huh?
  274. Iroha: Ah...! Tsuruno-chan...!
  275. Yachiyo: Tsurunoo...!
  277. Felicia: Huh? Did I say something bad?
  278. Yachiyo: Yes you did...
  279. Iroha: Tsuruno-chan...This restaurant is very important to her, you know? If you laugh at it like that...of course she'd get mad...
  280. Felicia: Huh. But usually, when she gets pissed she just screams at me like a brat. I just thought she suddenly got an upset stomach or something.
  281. Yachiyo: ---!! Feli...
  282. Iroha: How could you say things like that? Don't you realize that that means it was that big of a shock to Tsuruno-chan?
  283. Yachiyo: (Tamaki-san...)
  284. Felicia: Aaahnn? Are you saying I'm the bad guy here?
  285. Iroha: Of course you are. You said something that hurt someone else's feelings...!
  286. Felicia: For one, it's not like I was trying to hurt Tsuruno or anything. I was just honestly saying what I thought, that's all.
  287. Iroha: Are you saying it's okay to say whatever you think!?
  288. Yachiyo: Tamaki-san...!
  289. Felicia: 'the hell is that...Then...are you saying I should've lied!? Are you saying I should've said the opposite of what I was thinking!?
  290. Iroha: I'm not saying that it's okay to lie...! To lie...and to think of what the other person is feeling...are two completely different things...!! To just say whatever you want without considering how the other person will feel is...not sincere at all...! ...hhhaa...haa....
  291. Felicia: ---!! I...! (...Why? she saying... that Tsuruno got hurt because of me...I wasn't trying to diss her...or anything, and yet...why would she...say those things like I'm a mean guy...!) ---!! I, DON'T KNOW ANYMORE!!
  292. Yachiyo: ...Wait...! Feliciaa...!!
  293. Iroha: --!! I'm sorry...even Felicia left too...
  294. Yachiyo: You don't need to apologize. I felt the same way, so I kept quiet and listened. You say some pretty good things.
  295. Iroha: Yachiyo-san...
  297. Felicia: (Even if I think that way, is she saying I should just hide it...!? ...I'm just, trying honest...I want to be with that's why, I'm trying to stay true to...That's what...I'm trying for and yet...It's because I...want to be with them...)
  299. What does it mean to "think of the other person"?
  300. ...If I'm trying to think of Tsuruno...what would have been the right thing for me to do...
  301. ...Because of me...Tsuruno got hurt...
  302. ...Think of Tsuruno...Tsuruno...
  304. --!!
  305. ...This is where
  307. Tsuruno: Then-- let's eat at my favorite park--!
  308. Felicia: Yeah, I'm in!
  310. Felicia: I was thinking of I ended up coming to this park...Huh...! Tsuruno...!!
  312. Tsuruno: --!! Felicia...! ........ You know, I...
  313. Felicia: Sorry!!
  314. Tsuruno: Eh...?
  315. Felicia: You didn't like it when I said...stuff like that was funny, right...? ...Sorry...I said things that hurt you...
  316. Tsuruno: Felicia...
  317. Felicia: But...!
  318. Tsuruno: ?
  319. Felicia: ...I...wasn't trying to talk shit about you, or actually...what I meant when I said...uh... "funny"...because those "well-known"? people went from doing politics and a, Chinese I thought that was a big change so uh...
  320. Tsuruno: ...Yeah.
  321. Felicia: So...! Ah....when I said "funny", I didn't mean that it was uh... stupid, or lame...nothing like that...I meant that it's amazing, or uh...terrific, or uh...something like that...![3]
  322. Tsuruno: ...Really.
  323. Felicia: ...'Cause! They went from doing politics and army stuff to working a Chinese restaurant!
  324. "The Red-hot! Chinese BanBanzai!" or something... See, it's totally like something from a manga! If there was a manga like that, it'd definitely be a really popular manga so uh! It's interesting! It's amazing!
  325. Tsuruno: .......
  326. Felicia: ------!!
  327. ...Did I... say something that made you feel bad again...? Why can't I.... (...Why can't I...always say it properly...)
  328. Tsuruno: Pff! Fufuu! Ahahahahahaa!!
  329. Felicia:!?
  330. Tsuruno: Hiii--...! My stomach hurtss...!
  331. Felicia: Wha...!
  332. Tsuruno: Well, you suddenly brought up manga as an example! You even thought of a title...
  333. Felicia: Well, sorry...
  334. Tsuruno: No...! It's not like that...! Ahhh--geez---...I your original Felicia-esque sense! I really do love you, Felicia!
  335. Felicia: --!! ( did go through to her...Tsuruno...understood me...) Me too...
  337. Iroha: There they are!!
  338. Yachiyo: Feli...and Tsuruno too!
  339. Tsuruno: Uwaaaa...! ...Sorry for suddenly taking off like that...
  340. Yachiyo: No, not at all..
  341. Iroha: too...sorry for earli...
  342. Felicia: I...! (Guu~kyuu~ruru~...)
  343. Iroha: --!!
  344. Felicia: ...Well this is 'cause...I haven't finished the...twice-cooked pork and stuff yet...
  345. Yachiyo: ...Pfft! Fufuu...!
  346. Iroha: Fu, ahahaa...! No way...what was...that right now...!
  347. Tsuruno: Bufuu! Ahaa! Ahahaa! Really! That was loud...!
  348. Felicia: 'Cause...!
  349. Yachiyo: Okay, okay. Since we don't eat out too often after all, let's eat up all the...twice-cooked pork and fried rice before we go home, shall we?
  350. Tsuruno: Okay--! I'm in--!!
  351. Felicia: Me too! Count me in!
  352. Iroha: Fufuu, me too!
  354. Iroha: To think I'd lecture someone like made even me surprised...
  356. ===========================================
  357. Part Three: Welcome Home
  358. ===========================================
  360. Tsuruno: I came over againn---
  361. Felicia: I'mmmmm home!
  362. Iroha: Oh! Welcome home!
  363. Sana: Welcome home.
  364. Yachiyo: Nice timing. Dinner's just about done.
  365. Tsuruno: Yay--! It really is nice timing!!
  366. Yachiyo: Fufu...seriously. It's almost like you girls were aiming to come home at this time.
  368. Tsuruno: Thanks for dinner--!
  369. Iroha: Thanks for the food.
  370. Tsuruno: Nnnn~... it's delicious--!
  371. Yachiyo: Come on, Felicia. Eat the fish too.
  372. Felicia: Heey! Don't put it on my plate without asking me first!
  373. Iroha: The steamed potatoes didn't fall apart, that's good.
  374. Sana: Yes...! It's just right, isn't it?
  375. Tsuruno: Ah! Hey, hey! Does anyone wanna go to strengthening camp?
  376. Sana:
  377. Felicia: Yeah--yeah--! I kinda heard from Asuka today but this weekend, at Asuka's dojo, they're going to do a magical girl strengthening camp!
  378. Yachiyo: Hu~h, that's quite a vigorous thing to do for girls this young.
  379. Tsuruno: He--y, Yachiyo, girls, let's go too!
  380. Yachiyo: Eeh? I'll pass. You girls can go by yourselves.
  381. Tsuruno: E---h! Then, what about you, Sana?
  382. Sana: "Asuka"...Are you talking about...Tatsuki-san...?
  383. Felicia: Right--right--! That Asuka!
  384. Sana: (W, Wasn't do I say this...pushy...? She's not...a bad person, but...she was a bit...scary...)
  385. I'll...pass...!
  386. Tsuruno: Ueeeeh--!
  387. Felicia: Iroha, what about you? Tsuruno and I are going, but...
  388. Iroha: H--m...
  389. Tsuruno: Hey c'mon, let's go--!
  390. Iroha: Hm...I'm not too...interested...I guess...?
  391. Tsuruno: Whaaaaaa! I got rejected by Iroha-chan toooo~!
  392. Yachiyo: Felicia will go with you, isn't that enough?
  393. The carnivorous group will go to the strengthening camp...
  394. The vegetarian group will stay and watch the house.
  395. Sana: Carnivorous.........
  397. Tsuruno: Uhoooo--! Uhouhouhouhouhoho--!! (We're going to hunt a mammoth today--!)
  398. Felicia: Uho, Uhohoho--!! (Alrighty--! You can count on me!)
  399. Tsuruno: Uhhoho--!! (Sic 'em----!!)
  401. Sana: y...eah...! Fufuu...fufuu...!
  402. Tsuruno: Hey! Ah! She's laughing while shaking! Which means you're making fun of us, aren't 'cha--!
  403. Sana: N, not at all...! Nfufufu...! I'm not...! Fufu...!
  404. Iroha: ? (I wonder what she imagined...?)
  406. Tsuruno: Anyway! We're o--ff!!
  407. Felicia: See 'ya late--r--
  408. Yachiyo: Yes, yes. Be careful, okay?
  409. Iroha: Have fun.
  410. Sana: Be careful.
  411. Yachiyo: ...Now then. Seems like we'll be able to spend the next two days quietly for once.
  413. Iroha: (Ohh!) W, What should I do...!
  414. Yachiyo: Nn? What's wrong?
  415. Iroha: Without thinking, I was just so used to...
  416. Yachiyo: Ohh, you sliced two onions?
  417. Iroha: Yeah...I kept thinking...3 servings, 3 servings, and yet...
  418. Sana: Ohh...!
  419. Yachiyo: Huh? ...You opened up 2 packs of chicken?
  420. Sana: I, I'm so sorry...!
  421. Yachiyo: Don't worry you two, okay?
  422. Iroha: ...Huh?
  423. Yachiyo: See.
  424. Iroha: Oh...the broccoli too...
  425. Sana: A whole...bunch of them...
  426. Yachiyo: Even if we know in our's already dyed into our intuition. That there needs to be 5 servings.
  427. Iroha: Ehehe...seems like it.
  429. Yachiyo: No one's using the bathtub right now.
  430. Iroha: Oh, there's no one else left, so...
  431. Sana: I'm already done too.
  432. Yachiyo: That's right...I was the last one, wasn't I...I should have taken my time, just for today. I rushed and got out for no reason...thinking that there'd be someone using it after me.
  433. Iroha: Yeah, me too. I thought afterward that I could have spent a bit longer and taken my time.
  434. Sana: Ohh...! It's 10 o'clock! The usual drama show is going to start...! Oh...! But...Tsuruno-san's...not here, is she...?
  435. Iroha: She isn't...
  436. Yachiyo: Well, we might as well. It's not like there's anything else in particular we can watch...Or to be more precise...around this time on Saturdays, we're always watching it so I can't even think of anything else I can do.
  437. Iroha: That's right.
  439. Iroha: It's over...
  440. Sana: It kinda...
  441. Yachiyo: ...doesn't feel like it was that exciting.
  442. Iroha: Y, Yeah...
  443. Yachiyo: I feel like it was more fun since we watched it with those girls...
  444. Sana: You're right...
  445. Yachiyo: It's this quiet...with just those two missing, isn't it...?
  446. Iroha: ...You're right.
  448. Asuka: Alright, everyone! That concludes today's training! We're training again tomorrow! The following schedule will be a bath after dinner, and then we will retire for the night! Dinner will be made by all of us working together! Now! I'll lead you all to kitchen so please follow me!
  449. Tsuruno: Fueeee--, finally, dinnerrr
  450. Felicia: We kept doing hard training so I'm hungrier than usual. Asuka, you're always training about this much right? Asuka, 'you sure you're not a masochist?
  451. Asuka: You there! Please refrain from pointlessly whispering behind my back! ...And I am not a masochist.
  452. Felicia: He--h...
  454. Momoko: Alrighty! Then, I'll peel the carrots!
  455. Kaede: Momoko-chan, this is...
  456. Momoko: Ohh--, the potato has a sprout. Hand it over to me real quick. You do--- use the back part of the knife!
  457. Kaede: I, I'll try...!
  458. Tsuruno: Then--...I guess I'll cut the onions. Peel the skin... and...yeah! Hey, Yachiyo, the garbage goes...
  459. Rena: Haa? For your information, Rena isn't Yachiyo-san.
  460. Tsuruno: Ahhh...! Sorry...I got you two mixed up...!
  461. Momoko: Puu! Fufuu! What's with that! Tsuruno, you're~so~cute!
  462. Felicia: It's like the guy that calls the teacher at school, "mom"!
  463. Momoko: Right! That! I thought the same thing!
  464. Tsuruno: Hey...! Felicia, back me up!!
  465. Rena: Fufufuu.
  467. Tsuruno: Fuii--...I'm hungry--...
  468. Felicia: Oh...
  469. Tsuruno: Eh?
  470. Felicia: It just came to me that we don't have to do the after dinner rock-paper-scissors today...
  471. Tsuruno: Aah~, the rock-paper-scissors we do to decide who's going to make tea...That's right, today we don't have to do rock-paper-scissors...
  473. Momoko: Uwaaa--! I haven't slept with a bunch of people huddled together like this since the last time I went on a class field trip!
  474. Kaede: Yeah, yeahh! It kinda makes me feel excited...!
  475. Asuka: O--kay, ready? I'm going to turn off the lights.
  476. Tsuruno: Oka--y
  477. Asuka: Then good-night everyone.
  478. Felicia: Gooood niiigght...
  480. Tsuruno: (Uu...I can't sleep at all...) Haa... (...Can't be helped. I guess I'll just give up and go outside for a little air or something...) ...Wait, Felicia!
  481. Felicia: Are you stupid!? You're too loud!
  482. Tsuruno: Oyo...! Sorry, sorry...! ...What are you doing over here?
  483. Felicia: Nn--? I'm playing a game, a game. I just couldn't sleep for some reason soo
  484. Tsuruno: ...I see. I couldn't sleep either--
  485. Felicia: Then-- wanna duel or something!?
  486. Tsuruno: Sure!
  488. Tsuruno: Daaa--, I lost again...!
  489. Felicia: ~♪ It was easy.
  490. ......Playing a game at midnight like this...If we were back home...then Yachiyo'd probably get mad at us.
  491. Tsuruno: ...Well yeah...if Yachiyo was here...she'd get mad...
  492. Felicia: ...When we're here we can play games as much as we want. ...It's the best thing!
  493. Tsuruno: ...........Do you really think that?
  494. Felicia: .........
  496. Iroha: The strengthening camp...the second day goes until the evening, right?
  497. Yachiyo: Yes, they said they'd be back by dinner.
  498. Sana: I they're going to eat dinner at home...
  499. Yachiyo: ...Then, how about a hot pot[4] for the first time in a while?
  500. Iroha: ----!! That's a great ideaa! Yeahh! Hot pott! Let's do hot pot.
  501. Sana: Yess! Yes! Hot pot! I completely agree with that idea...!
  502. Yachiyo: Fufu. Then, let's go shopping.
  503. Iroha: Yes!
  505. Yachiyo: Was ice cream on sale today?
  506. Iroha: But, it looks like it's not one of the kinds that Felicia-chan likes...
  507. Yachiyo: It isn't. Felicia only eats vanilla if it's this kind.
  509. Sana: Tsuruno-chan's favorite very cheap...!
  510. Yachiyo: Then, let's buy it in bulk. Oh, but, keep it a secret from Tsuruno, okay? She'll just keep eating it as long as it's there.
  511. Sana: Fufu, yes. It's a secret.
  513. Sana: It looks'll become cheaper if you buy two of them...Shall we buy
  514. Iroha: Then, it's gotta be...dorayaki[5]! Right?
  515. Yachiyo: Fufuu. You read my mind.
  517. Iroha: What they like...what they dislike...whether something is popular with them or not they'll act if they're in a bad mood and...what kind of kid they were and the wounds they have from the past that can't be healed, everything...If it's about each other, then we know everything. About each other...
  519. Yachiyo: This is kind of embarrassing. We know everything and anything.
  521. Iroha: Before we realized it...there were very few things that we didn't know about each other... The things we knew just kept increasing more and more...All the different things I know about so beloved and so precious to me...I think that each and every one of those things are like jewels.
  523. Like...
  524. "Did you know? Tsuruno-chan's... Felicia-chan's like this"
  526. It just makes me want to proudly show off what I know.
  528. Iroha: Tomatoes... Sana-chan doesn't like
  529. Sana: Yes...
  530. Yachiyo: If it's going to be a hot pot that everyone can enjoy...
  531. Iroha: Um... ---!! Sukiyaki!![6]
  533. Iroha: How much you know about that person.
  534. I wonder if that's what people call a bond.
  536. Tsuruno: Ah! Isn't that Iroha-chan?
  537. Felicia: Oh, it is.
  538. Tsuruno: O---i! Are you headed home from shopping--?
  539. Iroha: Tsuruno-chan! Felicia-chan! Tha---t's ri---ght! A---re you done with camp?
  540. Tsuruno: We left just a bit early--! We thought you girls would be lonely--!
  541. Yachiyo: Fufu. Just as I thought...they can read our minds, can't they?
  542. Sana: Yes, that's right...
  543. Yachiyo: Look who's talking--!
  544. Iroha: Dinner will be sukiyaki--!
  545. Felicia: Heyy! They said it'll be sukiyaki...!
  546. Tsuruno: Yaaaaaay--------ahh!!
  547. Iroha: Nn, ahaha!!
  549. Iroha: Welcome home. We were waiting for you.
  551. Iroha: Just like I thought...if two people are missing, then it feels like something's missing. Welcome home...both of you.
  552. ===============================================================
  553. [1] = 料理 is a vague term that can mean meal, dish, food or cooking. I tend to use whatever fits the context and doesn't sound (too) awkward.
  554. [2] = Yes, it's their plz don't sue us version of Dragon Ball.
  555. [3]= 面白い could mean funny or it could mean interesting/fascinating. Felicia's trying to argue that she meant the latter here.
  556. [4]=
  557. [5] =
  558. [6] =
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