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Dec 15th, 2011
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  1. So, apparently, a lot of game developers have recently received the new PS4 and XBox 3 specifications so they can be ready when the prototype devkits drop. And I got ahold of them.
  3. I tried to leak them to Engadget, but they weren't going to print it without independent confirmation, and no one is going to confirm this shit because they like their jobs. But being a jobless student, I figured someone should get some laughter out of this. So, here's the rundown.
  5. No firm date has been set for either, but currently they are stating that they are both setting to launch for the Holiday season in 2013. Codename of XB3 is "Durango". PS4 Codename is "Orbis".
  7. Both consoles are going to have Blu-Ray, with support for Single-Layer and Dual-layer, and higher-fidelity versions of their current motion control systems.
  9. The X-Box 3 is going to have an 8-core 64-bit processor (assumedly an i7 or similar design) rated at 1.2 Teraflops. The PS4 will feature a 4-core 32-bit processor. XB3 will be using a GPU running support for DirectX 11, while the PS4 will be using an OpenGL 4 GPU. XB3 is specified to use 4 GB RAM, and the PS4 will be shipped with 2GB.
  11. Specifications state that the PS4 will have *NO* hard drive by default, while the XB3 will come with a 500GB Hard Drive with 8GB of Flash memory. The XB3 will also have a 24/7 connectivity system which has not been entirely elaborated on, with coming support for cloud-based connectivity in 2015/2016.
  13. Why do I have this? Well, let's just say that some major developers like EA games are currently very pissed because the PS4 specs are shitty compared to the next XBox and besides limiting their abilities in making more impressive games for the new Playstation, it's also going to shit up cross-platform titles in the same way that the lack of Blu-ray and Standard Hard Drive did with the XBox this generation, and Sony's not listening to their pleas for less shitty hardware. Right now, programmers are pretty much looking at it and comparing the two consoles like one is a high-end gaming PC and the other's a piece of shit eMachines unit from Walmart's $200 special (including monitor).
  15. EDIT: The prototype PS4's will start hitting developers around Q3 2012.
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