New World: Weapons (Two-Handed)

Nov 25th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. {
  2. "title": "Two-Handed",
  3. "description": "This is the catagory for **Two-Handed Weapons**. Please select which weapon you currently have equipped.",
  4. "color": 7909721,
  5. "fields": [
  6. {
  7. "name": "<:red1:913688901191888906> Spear",
  8. "value": "*A melee weapon that utilizes its long reach for aggressive thrusting attacks. Perfect for keeping targets at a distance, strategic positioning, and applying persistent pressure to targets.*"
  9. },
  10. {
  11. "name": "<:red2:913688901422555207> Great Axe",
  12. "value": "*A large melee weapon with wide arcing swings and powerful chopping attacks. Ideal for engaging multiple enemies with AoE damage or dealing extreme damage to single targets.*"
  13. },
  14. {
  15. "name": "<:red2alt:913689734654619709> War Hammer",
  16. "value": "A mighty combat hammer that can cause the earth to quake with its crushing strikes. Ideal for impeding enemies with ground tremors or dealing crippling blows directly to a target."
  17. }
  18. ]
  19. }
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