Safe Drop Method by Empyrean

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  1. Safe Drop Method by Empyrean
  3. Re: What's the consensus about obtaining a drop?
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  8. Forget PO boxes my friends.
  10. Lets say you have a friend, your friend is moving out, before he moves out he lets you make a copy of his mail keys (if it does not say "DO NOT COPY".)
  12. You have the copied key, wait until the next person moves into the apartment in which your friend moved out of. Once the new person moves in, check their mail and write down their first and last name with the whole address. You use that mailbox to get your packages. This will only work if the package does not require signature. Use this method for domestic only. Not international.
  14. How to be aware that your package is out for delivery:
  15. Before you have anything ordered to that mailbox, create a MyUSPS account and sign up for the informed delivery. On the day your package is "Out for delivery" you find a good parking spot to where you can see the USPS truck putting mail into the mailboxes. Once the mailman leaves you go right in and open the mailbox and there is your package.
  17. Your welcome all. No need to pay for a PO box and have to worry about cameras 8)
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