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Hollyhock Rewards

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  1. Rewards: The Fable Badge, 2000Y, and TWO of the following
  2. - Book: "How to Avoid Getting Spooked"
  3. - Book: "Changeling"
  4. - TM: Unearthly Visions
  5. - TM: Attract
  6. - Held Item: Deluxe Fable Badge
  8. Deluxe Fable Badge: Scene - When your Pokemon hits a foe with a Status-Class Move, you may choose to Bind the foe and choose one of the following: Status-Class Moves, Combat Maneuvers, Damaging Attacks with an unmodified Damage Base 10 or higher, or an Moves of a specific Elemental Type. The Bound foe suffers a -2 penalty to all Attack Rolls made to use attacks with the chosen Trait for the rest of the Scene. Switching does not end this effect.
  10. Changeling
  11. Rank 1 - Novice Occult Education: You gain +2 Evasion against Moves with the Social Keyword, and +1 to Save Checks against Rage and Infatuation. Does not stack with the Smooth Edge.
  12. Rank 2 - Expert Occult Education: When you go to sleep for the night, you may Drain 1 AP from the next day. If you do, you have a dream that gives you insight to a current dilemma or problem you're facing, but it may be muddled or unclear.
  14. Unearthly Visions
  15. Type: Fairy
  16. AC2 - Scene - Status
  17. Ranger: 6, 1 Target
  18. Effect: Roll 1d6 and apply the rolled effect and all effects of a lower value. If the attack roll was 16+, add a +1 to the 1d6 roll. If the attack roll was 20+, add +2.
  19. 1: The target is Slowed for 1 full round.
  20. 2: The target considers all Terrain to be Rough Terrain for 1 full round.
  21. 3: The target is Confused.
  22. 4: The target considers all foes to be Invisible for 1 full round.
  23. 5: The target is Vulnerable for 1 full round.
  24. 6+: The target immediately attacks the nearest Ally as an Interrupt with a Struggle Attack
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