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  1. Bedwyr  "My father taught me that if you've earned something, you should certainly keep it." Bedwyr undoes the string of the purse, looking inside of it.
  2.     David   furrows his brow and looks amongst the crowd
  3.     David   "Did the boy steal another purse from someone?!"
  4.     Bedwyr  "Whoa, slow down. Anyone could claim this thing. If you really want to bust my balls, they should at least know exactly what's inside of it without looking!"
  5.     Lithdoran   The crowd has dispersed "We've already replaced the stolen gold, and paid everyone back for goods stolen." the guardmen nods.
  6.     Bedwyr  Bedwyr shrugs and tucks the purse into his backpack.
  7.     David   nods to whoever responded and sighs with relief, before nodding to Bedwyr
  8.     Lithdoran   (It was the Guardsman, sorry.)
  9.     Lithdoran   Gabriel - the black-and white sheep dog - begins to sniff at the boy's unconcious body.
  10.     Bedwyr  "Heh, thieves are even present in small towns like this. I wonder why I wasn't expecting it." Bedwyr seems to pat himself down, before revealing some crumbled up tobacco, sitting down and rolling it into a small rice paper, before pressing it to his lips and lighting it himself.
  11.     Bedwyr  takes a deep inhale letting tendrils of smoke escape his mouth. "So, who're you trying to tell me what to do with my reward? As far as I know you weren't even here until the deed was done."
  12.     Lithdoran   The guardsmen notices the silver necklace, and speaks up "Tregar Silvers - the owner of the Seven Silvers tavern mentioned something about a piece of jewelry that was very important to him being stolen."
  13.     David   "They would most likely be very grateful if it was returned to them, then."
  14.     David   glances at Bedwyr
  15.     Bedwyr  Bedwyr sighs and takes another drag before stomping out the cigarette under his foot, grimacing at David before tossing the necklace to him.
  16.     Bedwyr  "The gold stays."
  17.     David   blinks and catches the necklace, looking at it before looking back at Bedwyr
  18.     David   "...Do you not wish to return it yourself, and claim the credit as you deserve?"
  19.     Lithdoran   David, you know that Tregar lost his wife a year ago due to illness. The guardsman chimes in again "Tregar said that necklace was worth more gold than we could give him. I'm sure he'd reward the person who found it handsomely."
  20.     Bedwyr  "I'm not one for the limelight. Let's just say you found it in the street."
  21.     David   furrows his brow, examining the necklace again, before looking down to his canine companion for input. He looks back up to Bedwyr thoughtfully
  22.     David   "Do you have a place to stay during the festival, sir?"
  23.     Bedwyr  "I've just arrived, myself. I figured the festivities would" He pauses standing up, talking with his arms "Renew my spirit! Make me feel better! But No! No! A thief comes, and takes what little gold I have left, and I almost get thrown in the county lock up for Sexual Assault!" He sighs and rubs his temples. "I'm sorry. I'm venting."
  24.     David   pats Bedwyr on the shoulder consolingly
  25.     Lithdoran   Gabriel tilts his head at his master, wagging his tail some. The Guardsman chimes in again a little more forcefully "Tregar also rents rooms. I'm sure he;d be more than happy to give you free room and board for his prized necklace.."
  26.     David   "If you'd like, you could accompany me to the inn, and we could see to getting you a place to stay."
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  28.     Bedwyr  "Sure, Sure. I'll buy you a drink. I can afford it now at least."
  29.     David   smiles warmly and nods to Bedwyr, before patting Gabriel on the head
  30.     David   "First I must take my flock to the barn. Come, we can get acquainted on the way. What did you say your name was? I am David, a humble shepherd in these parts - and this is my faithful friend, Gabriel."
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  32.     =-= Ze is now known as Lyraela
  33.     Bedwyr  "The name's Bedwyr. Bedwyr the Bold to some. I've noticed, he's a good lookin' mutt. Did you breed him yourself?" Bedwyr asks as they walk towards the in.
  34.     David   "Ha, oh no, he was given to me as a pup a few years ago, and we've been together ever since. Well met, Mister Bedwyr."
  35.     Lithdoran   It's not a far walk to the Seven Silvers. You two enter the tavern, and you can see behind the counter is a large man, cleaning glasses with a scowl. The air around him seemed a little dark, as he slammed down the clean glasses angrily. At the bar, you can see a a man in scale armor, with a shield on his back. On the shield was the herald of Iomedae. (Ursol, that's you.)
  36.     Lithdoran   (With that brb)
  37.     Bedwyr  "Ahh, the Seven Silvers. Seems to be nothing silver about this place but the patrons..."
  38.     David   glances at the armored man and recognizes the symbol, smiling a bit, as he goes towards the bar.
  39.     Bedwyr  trails behind.
  40.     David   "Hello, I believe you're Mister Tregar, correct?"
  41.     Lithdoran   Trelvar (So bad with names) gruffs at the two "Yeah, Trelvar Silvers." he keeps cleaning glasses.
  42.     Bedwyr  nudges David and nods.
  43.     David   "Please, don't look so sour, Mister Trelvar - my associate and I have a gift for you..."
  44.     David   presents the innkeeper with the silver necklace
  45.     Lithdoran   Trelvar glances up, but when he sees te necklace, he grps the glass he was cleaning, and it shatters. He doesn't even give it a second look before snatching it up "Thank Densa you found it!"
  46.     David   smiles and relinquishes the necklace
  47.     Lithdoran   drops*
  48.     David   "Twasn't me who found it, but my new associate here.."
  49.     David   gestures to Bedwyr, letting him introduce himself
  50.     Bedwyr  gives David a deathly stare before looking towards Trelvar.
  51.     Bedwyr  "Found it in an alleyway."
  52.     David   blinks and gives Bedwyr a confused and curious glance, before deciding to go along and nodding in agreement
  53.     Lithdoran   He kisses the necklace "Thank you so much Sir!" he slips it around his neck, and he sniffles loudly, wiping away his face "You don't know how much this means to me. Do you have anywhere to stay?"
  54.     Bedwyr  "No, actually I was thinking about getting a room here."
  55.     Lithdoran   "Please, stay as long as you like, free of charge!" he nodded quickly "And of course, drinks and food are free for you here."
  56.     David   smiles at the friendly and generous change of mood on Trelvar, petting Gabriel and scritching him behind the ears
  57.     Bedwyr  Bedwyr's eyebrows raise and a smile spreads across his face. "Free? Well I'd never turn a reward down!"
  58.     David   stifles a chuckle, watching the conversation casually
  59.     Lithdoran   Trelvar sweeps the glass under the counter before grabbing a key off the wall behind him "Here, let me show you to your room." he walks down the counter and comes out, leading them toward the stairs.
  60.     Bedwyr  follows with a pip in his step. It's been some weeks since he's been able to sleep in a comfortable bed.
  61.     David   stays behind in the tavern lobby, unaware that he was offered the same treatment as he didn't do anything but accompany the hero to the tavern
  62.     David   @ Ursion: "Good day, I see you're a follower of The Inheritor?"
  63.     Lithdoran   Trelvar slips the key into the door's lock, and turns it with a 'click' He turns the doorknob, and pushes it open. It was a nice room, with a soft-looking hay bed, covered in furs. In the middle of the room is a fire pit, the room having a smoke-stack to release the smoke. A small table sat against the wall next to the door, and a window, over-looking the square.
  64.     Bedwyr  "This is wonderful! But I assure you, I won't be a burden. I'm probably only staying through the end of the festival."
  65.     Lithdoran   "Well, the Festival won't end until the Flame is relit, which is atleast a four days from now." he sets the key on the table "I'll leave you to your room, I have to get back to the bar." he closes the door behind him as he heads back down. He had a new spring in his step as he puffed out his chest like a spring cock.
  66.     Bedwyr  looks around the room and sits down at the table for a moment, tapping his fingers on the table restlessly. He stands up and looks out the window, before slumping on the bed giving it a rest and nuzzling himself in.
  67.     Bedwyr  "Can't Sleep." He mutters to himself after a few minutes of trying and takes the key off the table, locks his room and heads down to the bar.
  68.     Bedwyr  "David, you're from around here right? What is a young man to do with some coin in his purse?"
  69.     David   is still downstairs by the bar, attempting to start a conversation with Ursion
  70.     Ursion  glives a serious glance at david and nod shis head That is correct,
  71.     David   smiles and nods, offering his hand to Ursion in a friendly greeting
  72.     David   "Good to see a knight of Iomedae in town. I'm David."
  73.     Ursion  gives David a tired smile, but takes his hand and shakes it firmly
  74.     David   smiles and shakes Ursion's hand, waiting for him to introduce himself
  75.     Ursion  "Well Met, I am Ursion, a humble servant of Iomedae"
  76.     David   "I don't believe we've met before. Are you passing through town on business, or did you perhaps come for the festival?"
  77.     Ursion  "I am here to meet an old friend during the festival,"
  78.     David   "Oh? Perhaps Father Prasst, or the captain of the guard?"
  79.     Ursion  shake shis head "Another traveller such as myself. What brings you to town David?"
  80.     David   "Ah, I live here actually - all my life. I'm a shepherd and I do some work for Father Prasst as well."
  81.     David   glances towards the stairs as Bedwyr arrives, smiling
  82.     David   "There's not much to do in this small town, but I'm sure you could find something considering the festival preparations are underway. How is your new room?"
  83.     Bedwyr  "Cozy." Bedwyr says descending the stairs. "But I'm not one to sit in my room and play games all day."
  84.     David   "Well, you could get to know the other townspeople and travelers, I suppose."
  85.     David   gestures to Ursion
  86.     David   "This is Sir Ursion, a knight of The Inheritor."
  87.     Ursion  bows his head slightly at the introduction. Ursion is fine, I am but a humble servant of the light. Nothing More.
  88.     David   lends Ursion some quotation marks to make up for his missing ones
  89.     Bedwyr  "The Inheritor? Is he a king or something?"
  90.     Lithdoran   Lyraela, after wandring lost through the forest, you finally come upon the town of Kassen. When you enter, you can see that the town in in some kind uproar about something. When you reach the square, you figure out easily enough that they're preparing for some kind of festival. Not far off, you see a sigh hanging from abuilding - it was seven silver coins stacked ontop of one another, and under
  91.     David   chuckles and shakes his head slightly, glancing at Ursion to let him explain his faith
  92.     Lithdoran   the coins in big silver letters it reads 'Inn'.
  93.     Ursion  shakes his head I serve Iomedae, goddess of the sun , who accended from mortality during the end of the great crusade.
  94.     Ursion  shakes his head "I serve Iomedae, goddess of the sun , who accended from mortality during the end of the great crusade."
  95.     Bedwyr  "Ahh.. Yes. The... .eh... Great Crusade. I know that one..." He coughs and nods, trying not to seem ill informed.
  96.     Lyraela enters the tarvern, lowering the cloth mask from her face, her eyes roam about the room searchingly. She stops a barmaid, Um, excuse me have you seen a large man. Um...wears armor..very gruff?
  97.     David   glances at the new arrival, giving her a curious and concerned expression from her disheveled appearance
  98.     Lithdoran   Ursion, you realize that Iomedae is also known by the title 'Inheritor'
  99.     Ursion  I know that
  100.     Ursion  ((
  101.     Ursion  looks to Bedwyr "Iomedae is called the Inheritor because she inherited her position from a pervious god. Some time I'll tell the story but you can find a preist to do such things. I'm not much of a preacher."
  102.     Lithdoran   Lyraela, the bar is pretty empty because of the festival. The barmaid point to the tavern "There's an armored man at the bar. He's got a shield with some holy symbol on it." she blinks at you a little, staring slightly, it was obvious she'd never really seen an Elf before.
  103.     Bedwyr  "Ahh. Well, I respect that. Preachers are bit too loud for me anyway."
  104.     Lyraela looked around for a moment before realizing she was being stare at. She blinked at the woman, 'Is something the matter?'
  105.     Ursion  turns his head at hearing a very familure sharp tounge.
  106.     Lithdoran   She shook her head quickly "N-nope. Sorry." Lyraela, you easily spot the three men at the tavern bar.
  107.     Lyraela dips her head respectfully before walking towards the trio, as she stood behind them she cleared her throat. Ursion?
  108.     Ursion  nods "It's good to see you are safe Lyraela, but not surpirsing to see that you are late." bows his head respectfuly to her
  109.     Bedwyr  Bedwyr turns to face the female voice.
  110.     Bedwyr  "A new arrival it seems."
  111.     David   is a fairly young-looking human male with brown hair, blue eyes and skin of a person who is used to working outdoors. He stands at 5' 10" tall wearing thick winter clothes made of wool, cloth and leather. He holds a staff with a bell tied at the end in one hand, while the other pets a black-and-white sheepdog at his side
  112.     Lyraela smiles nervously. 'Sorry, I got lost...' she lowered her head, dark tresses running down her shoulders. 'But I got here!'
  113.     Ursion  "It's fine, but I was starting to get tired, You have all the money so I was waiting for you to get here before I could get a room at the Inn." he stretches his neck
  114.     David   glances to Ursion
  115.     David   "Would this be your friend you came to see?"
  116.     Ursion  smiles at David "Yes that would be her. Lady Lyraela, a find woman if you have the thick skin to stomech it. I belive she caused me more injuries then most enemies have."
  117.     Bedwyr  , is the classic case of a half-elf in denail. Stubble growth, long hair to hide his ears, and dirt on his face to make him look more human. His clothes don't fair any better, a wool cap pressed over his hair and thick winter clothing covered in dirt and mud pressed to his skin, with pieces of boiled leather strapped on top for added protection. A bow slung over his shoulder and a small
  118.     Bedwyr  woodchopping axe dangles from his belt, where he stores many of his other trinkets.
  119.     Ursion  fine*
  120.     Lithdoran   As you all speak, a stout, somewhat small man comes into the tavern. He's dressed in rich-looking clothing, and he has a thick head of blonge hair, and thick beard of the same colour. His greed etes peer over the bar, before spotting the group. He walks over to you, and blusters a little "Would the man who stopped that cutpurse happen to be here?" he looked rather kindly, jolly little man.
  121.     Lyraela nods quickly smiling 'I'll make sure to get our room.' as she rummaged through her satchel, a white ferret with glittering red eyes popped out its head. 'U-ursion that's not nice to say. I've always tended to any wounds you've suffered on my part.'
  122.     David   chuckles at Ursion's description, before looking to Lyraela and bowing respectfully
  123.     Bedwyr  Bedwyr gulps and backs behind David, slinking away from the man. The last thing he needed is trouble for beating some rich noble's rat kid.
  124.     David   In Elven: *Well met, Lady Lyraela. My name is David.*
  125.     Lithdoran   David, you'd recognize the man as Mayor Uptal. Trelvar, from behind the bar calls "Mayor, what're you doing here?"
  126.     Lyraela tilts her head at David a moment, looking him over before a polite smile touches her lips and she responds to him in polite eleven. 'It is a pleasure to meet you Sir David. Are you a friend of Ursion's?'
  127.     David   smiles and shakes his head, responding again in Elven
  128.     Lyraela elven*
  129.     David   *No, we only just met - but he spoke kindly of you before you arrived, so don't be too cross with him.*
  130.     Lithdoran   The Mayor coughs loudly at the group, a frown touching his lips "excuse me."
  131.     Bedwyr  Bedwyr turns to the bar and knocks on the counter. "Ale please."
  132.     David   blinks and turns to pay attention to the mayor
  133.     Lyraela looks over her shoulder at the cough.
  134.     Ursion  turns square to the mayor and gives him his full attention "Yes m'lord?"
  135.     Lithdoran   The little man nods "Thank you. I'm looking for the man who stopped that pick-pocket, I wish to congratulate him" he glances at Ursion "Would you happen to be him?"
  136.     Ursion  shakes his head "No M'lord, I've only just arrived."
  137.     Bedwyr  tugs at his collar, trying to avoid the mayor.
  138.     Bedwyr  "Ale please!"
  139.     David   smiles and nods to the Mayor
  140.     David   "This is the man who did the good deed, Mister Mayor."
  141.     David   gestures to Bedwyr
  142.     Bedwyr  "Damnit, Dave."
  143.     David   blinks and gives Bedwyr a confused look
  144.     Lithdoran   He looks Bedwyr up and down "Well, you have my great thanks, Mister.." he waits for the dirty man to inroduce himself, sticking out his hand.
  145.     Bedwyr  "Look, the kid swung a knife at me, and the Pavement did that to his face. You can't hold anything against me."
  146.     Bedwyr  "Oh... " He coughs and sticks out his hand."
  147.     Bedwyr  "Mister's fine."
  148.     Lithdoran   The Mayor blinks "What do you mean.." he shook the man's hand firmly "Yes. Well. Thank you." he looked at the group, almost sizing them up.
  149.     Bedwyr  "Nothing, nevermind all that. Glad to be of service, but I'm just trying to get a bite and a drink, my friend."
  150.     Lithdoran   He nods "Would you four be interested in carrying the Everflame down to the Crypt of Kassen, and relighting the flame over his tomb?
  151.     Bedwyr  "No."
  152.     Lithdoran   David, you'd realize that this is a great honor, and that a group of adventuerers hasn't been asked to do something like this in going on five years.
  153.     Bedwyr  "But something tells me you won't leave until I say yes, is that right?"
  154.     David   blinks at the Mayor in amazement, bowing his head respectfully
  155.     David   " would be an honor, Mister Mayor!"
  156.     Lithdoran   The Mayor smirks knowingly "SOmething to that effect." he nodded, then looked to the other strangers "What say you? OF course, you'll be repaid handsomely.."
  157.     Ursion  bows his head "I will gladly serve to help those in need, I accept"
  158.     Bedwyr  sighs and begins rubbing his temples.
  159.     Bedwyr  "Look, I'm just passing through. What is all this mumbo jumbo about."
  160.     David   looks to Bedwyr
  161.     Lyraela glances to Ursion, 'I'll be coming along with Ursion then.'
  162.     David   "The Quest of the Everflame is an annual tradition, where a select group of people are chosen to go out and fetch fire from the crypt of the town's founder, and bring it back here for the festival. Though, there hasn't been a quest for it for a few years now, ever since the last group didn't return..."
  163.     David   looks to the Mayor to explain the rest
  164.     Bedwyr  "How do we even know this flame is still lit?"
  165.     Ursion  "All the more reason to go isn't there? To find out if the flame is still lit, and what happened to the last group." he rubs his chin "We should make sure that there is no danger to threaten this lovely village."
  166.     Lithdoran   He nods "Yes, this is the Festival in which we celebrate the Harvest and our Founder, Kassen. The eleventh is the day he drove off Asar Vergas, who came to Kassen's Hold with a band of mercinaries, which Ekat Kassen, and the townsfolk dispersed. Sadly our leader died, and they were interred where they fell."
  167.     Bedwyr  "Maybe for you, but I'm no Knight of The Inhibitor. And I'm not a citizen either so the local stories about heroes do me no justice. I'm afraid I need a bit of enticement if I'm going to go where men did not return from."
  168.     Lithdoran   "Well, you're going to re-light the flame, actually."
  169.     David   blinks, astonished at the Mayor's words
  170.     David   "The Everflame has extinguished?!"
  171.     Lyraela frowns a bit, 'Well the Mayor did say you'd be paid handsomely.'
  172.     Lithdoran   "As I said, you'll recieve handsome repayment upon your return."
  173.     Ursion  rubs his stubble "I do need a new razor, some honest work for some honest pay, I think it would suit you Bedwyr, you did catch a theif after all, this should be easy for you."
  174.     Bedwyr  "Until the deed is on paper, I will not believe it. Unfortunately I've seen all too well how politicians work... No offense to you, Mr. Mayor. I'm just protecting myself."
  175.     Bedwyr  "If you write up a contract, I will fulfill the oath."
  176.     Lithdoran   He nods some "I'll draw up a contract, and hand it to you tomorrow. And no, I misspoke, I am sorry." he blushed some at his accident "YTes. The day after the Festival, you all come to the town square, where I will present you with the Lantern, and gear for your travels. You all need only take your neseccities, what you need to defend yourself and what-not. The town will provide supplies."
  177.     David   nods apprehensively to the Mayor
  178.     Bedwyr  "I hope you don't view me as rude, Mayor. I really don't want our relationship off to a bad start."
  179.     David   "What exactly happened, Mr Mayor? How was the Everflame extinguished?"
  180.     Lithdoran   Shakes his head "No, no. It's understandable, I assure. And the Everflame is fine. I made a mistake in my speech."
  181.     David   takes a breath and exhales in relief
  182.     Ursion  nods his head then goes to the bartender to order a room for Lyraela and himself. Something small and simple for them both.
  183.     Lithdoran   He nodded "Well, you all enjoy the festivities while you can. If you're looking for work, I'm sure there's something you can do around town"
  184.     David   "Please be more careful with your words, Mr Mayor - the Everflame is a very important tradition to the entire town. I would hate to think what would've happened if you made this mistake in front of the other citizens.."
  185.     Bedwyr  nods to the Mayor and smiles.
  186.     Lyraela dipped her head, 'Thank you very much' pays for the room for the night.
  187.     Lithdoran   With that, they mayor leaves. Trelvar hands Ursion a key "Friends of the man who brought me back my dear wife's necklace stay free." he smiled warmly "Good lock."
  188.     David   turns to Trelvar and blinks, smiling and shaking his hand in thanks
  189.     Lithdoran   luck*
  190.     Bedwyr  "Friends? Oh what the hell. I guess even I need friends. A round on me!" He says loudly to Trelvar
  191.     David   "Very generous of you, Mr Trelvar! Thank you kindly!"
  192.     Ursion  Looks back at Bedwyr "As kind and generous as that is good sir, I've only just met Master Bedwyr, It would not be right to ride his coat tails. We will pay for our room."
  193.     Ursion  "Call it a donation to the festival if you will. "
  194.     Lithdoran   Trelvar whistled loudly as he filled up four mugs of his finest ale "Then take it on me, I'm just so happy to have it back, it'd be an insult to my wife to take your gold." he slid them all their drink as he went about his duties again
  195.     David   holds the mug warily in his hand, taking a small sip, before looking to Trelvar again
  196.     Bedwyr  thinks to himself for a moment. Wife? Eh, whatever. Time to drink! And down the hatch he pours the ale.
  197.     David   "Ah, could I have some table scraps for my friend here? I can't very well let him go hungry while I get free food and drink"
  198.     David   gestures to Gabriel sitting by his side
  199.     Ursion  bows his head and walks away, heading to his room and changing out of his armor and into some his traveling cloths, he returns back down stairs after 30 minutes, cleaned up a bit and dressed in a simple tunic and belt, his long sword at his side. He takes a seat with his new comrads.
  200.     Lyraela clasps the mug in both her hands, trying not too appear to impolite she thanked Trelvar then turned her back, taking a sniff of the brew first before sipping at it. The ferret climbed free of her bag, scurrying up her back to her shoulder and pushing his face into the mug drinking deeply. 'I suppose that solves that.."
  201.     David   blinks and gazes at Lyraela and her pet
  202.     David   "My, what a handsome creature. What is his name?"
  203.     Ursion  Orders himself a meal and a lite ale for himself, not above drinking, he never dank for drunkeness sake. He kept his plate orderly and eat silently.
  204.     Lithdoran   He smiled at David "Sure, I have some big hambones I was just gonna trash." he diappeared, coming back with bones as large as his forearm, chunks of meat still holding to it "Enjoy." he tossed the bone down to the dog who barked happily before gnawing at the bone.
  205.     David   smiles and pets Gabriel, as he converses with Lyraela
  206.     Bedwyr  "So, Trelvor? Do you run this place alone?" He puts his mug down and wipes his mouth.
  207.     Lyraela smiles, 'Galus. He's a bit mischievous but he means well for the. . . most part.'
  208.     Lithdoran   "No, no. I gave most of my staff today and tomorrow off the the festival. And I have my daughter, who'd out buying some things." he goes about serving Ursion his meal and ale
  209.     David   raises his hand above the counter and extends two fingers towards Lyraela and Galus, glancing to the lady
  210.     David   "May I?"
  211.     Ursion  thanks the tavern keeper quietly and goes about to eating his meal and drinking his ale quickly, but neatly.
  212.     Bedwyr  notes no mention of his wife on staff. Noting how much he cared about the necklace that was given to him he puts his mug down and sighs.
  213.     Bedwyr  "You raise the girl on your own?"
  214.     Lyraela tilts her head as she looks to the dog. 'What a lovely animal.' she leans back a bit and shook her head at David, 'You really don't need to.' Galus emptied the cup, nodding the mead mug over as he rolled into it.
  215.     Lithdoran   "No. She's about thirteen now, and my dear wife passed only this last year." he frowned, rubbing the necklace "She died in labor.."
  216.     David   "Oh, but I'd like to" he responds to Lyraela. "And Gabriel there would be very happy if you pet him as well."
  217.     Bedwyr  "So you have a second child?"
  218.     Lithdoran   "No.." his frown deepened "My son didn't survive the winter." he sighed a little, going on with his duties.
  219.     Bedwyr  "I'm sorry to hear that my friend. I shouldn't have said anything."
  220.     Lyraela nodded, 'I would be silly to deny a companion's simple wish. Go ahead.' she smiled as she removed her simple, pale blue gloves and offered her hand to the beast for inspection. 'What is his name?'
  221.     David   "Gabriel. He's very loyal and hard-working."
  222.     David   slowly reaches over and rubs under the chin of the ferret on Lyraela's shoulder
  223.     Lithdoran   Gabriel looks up from his hambone and barks, his tail wagging as he realizes he's being talked about.
  224.     Lyraela kept her hand out, looking to Gallus as he perked atop her shoulder. Instantly grabbing at the fingers and biting at them, lightly and playfully. 'Oh! Gallus no.. He doesn't mean any harm I assure you.'
  225.     Ursion  finishes his meal and sits there silently watching everyone, sipping his ale.
  226.     David   chuckles and lets the ferret chew on his fingers playfully
  227.     Lithdoran   Gabriel gets up and walks into her hand, nudging it with his nose.
  228.     David   "It's no problem, Lady Lyraela - he's just showing his affection."
  229.     Bedwyr  sits there, feeling like an idiot for a moment before drinking some more of his ale.
  230.     Lyraela smiles more, 'Ursion, you should come and meet this dog. He's so sweet.' she gently reached over, scratching beneathe his chin. 'Most people tend to be put off by the biting.'
  231.     Bedwyr  "Does anyone know what time it is?"
  232.     Ursion  stands up and walks over to Lyraela nods "A fine creature. But you know more about animals then I. My education isn't what it should be in all honestly." kneels down and pats the dog's head
  233.     Lithdoran   Gabriel rolled over onto his back, wagging hi tail, begging Urison with his eyes to rub his belly,.
  234.     David   chuckles at Gabriel's antics
  235.     David   "He definitely likes you two - he's a good judge of character, I've found."
  236.     Lithdoran   Trelvar looks ouut the window "I'd say it's getting on in the after noon," he answered Bedwyr
  237.     Lyraela nods, 'I am glad to see you feeling better after a freshening up. I should freshen soon as well actually, with the job now it would be best. Especially after getting lost in the forest.' frowns a bit. 'I fell into a small pit for a time and a nice hot bath might get rid of the embarassment.'
  238.     Ursion  nods "It's best to relax now, we'll be busy tomarrow, Something tells me we will be facing more then rats in those tombs. you'll need your strength."
  239.     Bedwyr  "Trelvar, I'm not one to be idle too long, and while your Ale is amazingly refreshing, I'd be wondering if you knew of any work a man like myself can do around here?"
  240.     Lyraela nods and rises to her feet, pulling Gallus into her arms. 'Thank you very much for the drink Sir David.' she dipped her head 'I'll reture for the evening and see you all first thing in the morning?'
  241.     Lithdoran   "Pit?" Trelvar chimed "I know there are bandits in the forest, maybe it was there work." He remarks to Bedwyr "There's a reward out for those bandits I was talking about."
  242.     Lithdoran   their*
  243.     David   smiles warmly and bows his head to Lyraela respectfully
  244.     David   "It would be a pleasure. Hopefully we'll see each other tonight as well, seeing as we'll all be staying in the same inn. Perhaps we could have dinner?"
  245.     David   looks to Ursion and Bedwyr for their opinions
  246.     Lyraela blinks and looks to Ursion, 'A good meal would be nice. And get acquainted with everyone, don't you think?'
  247.     Ursion  nods his head "It would be lovely to eat with friends tonight." He said walking to the door "I'm going to explore the village for a bit. Maybe hit the temple and hear some service."
  248.     Bedwyr  "The bandits sound more appetizing to me, honestly. Have you seen a succesful bandit? They carry gold in their pockets with no fear."
  249.     David   "Oh, I'll come with you then - I need to go visit Father Prasst anyway, now that I'm back from my rounds."
  250.     Lyraela dips her head to group before heading up to freshen up.
  251.     Bedwyr  stands up and thanks Trelvor, heading for the door.
  252.     David   nods as Lyraela goes upstairs, using this time to finish his drink and meal
  253.     Bedwyr  "If nobody wants to go after bandits but me, perhaps I should at least look for a bounty ledger..."
  254.     David   looks to Bedwyr with some cautious alarm and worry
  255.     David   "Bandits? Are you a bounty hunter, Mister Bedwyr?"
  256.     Ursion  "Bedwyr, I'll go with you after the bandits as well, but I am not sure it would be wise since we are going into the tombs tomarrow."
  257.     Lithdoran   "Bounty ledgers are posted in the Guard's office. And I don't think Prasst has a shrine to Iomedae, but you can check." he goes about sweeping up the glass he broke earlier.
  258.     Ursion  smiles "If Father Prasst needs assitence to erect one for Iomedae I will gladly help him do so."
  259.     Bedwyr  "I wouldn't be so narrowminded as to put a single title on what I do, David." He pauses and turns around to face him. "I just know how to track prey and survive in the wild. Bandits are easy to track, they leave destruction whether intentional or not behind them."
  260.     David   furrows his brow, taking a nervous glance at Bedwyr, then Ursion, as he looks into his mug pensively
  261.     Bedwyr  "Ursion, you have a more noble goal in mind, but I have signed no contract to go into those tombs. For now I must take what work I can."
  262.     David   "I...don't exactly enjoy looking for trouble. My role is to protect my flock and companions from attackers - not go looking for people to attack..."
  263.     Ursion  Nods "I understand that Bedwyr, but the mayor did say he will have a contract for you tomarrow. But if you insist, I will lend you my sword to bring these bandits to justice."
  264.     Ursion  "But first let us visist the preist for prayer, guidence and blessings before we head out. Surly having the gods on our side is perferable to no advantage at all."
  265.     Lithdoran   "Well, these bandits have been causing trouble for the whole town. Raiding supply shipments, stopping carvans. We need that trade, you know."
  266.     Bedwyr  "David, don't sit there pensive and afraid. You are making excuses for yourself. These bandits attack the citizens going in and out of Kassen and you expect me to believe that you are protecting your flock by letting them persist with their evil intentions?"
  267.     Bedwyr  "Don't make me laugh. You two pray. I'm going to the guard post to retrieve the bounty ledgers."
  268.     David   furrows his brow and nods understandingly, but still nervous. He scratches his beard and thinks for a few moments
  269.     David   "...Wait, Mister Bedwyr."
  270.     Bedwyr  "Hmm?"
  271.     David   "...I believe I know someone that could help you - us, in hunting down these bandits."
  272.     Bedwyr  turns his attention fully to David, crossing his arms and raising an eyebrow.
  273.     David   "Go ahead and fetch the information you need from the Guard house. You can meet us at the temple afterward, and I'll take you all to speak with them. Does this sound reasonable?"
  274.     Bedwyr  "I've got nothing against it.""
  275.     David   nods
  276.     David   "Then we'll meet you at the Temple."
  277.     David   "Try not to get into any more trouble with the local children."
  278.     David   grins playfully at Bedwyr
  279.     Ursion  smirks and nods "Shall we visit the temple then?"
  280.     Bedwyr  laughs and heads out the door towards the Guardhouse.
  281.     David   looks to Ursion and nods, taking a thoughtful sip from his mug
  282.     David   "Although, if Lady Lyraela is to join us, perhaps we should let her know, so she won't be unarmed and unprepared.."
  283.     David   "I hate to make her interrupt her bath and relaxation, just to drag her along with us on this...brash expedition."
  284.     Ursion  "I will tell her when we rerturn form the temple. I will need time to put my armor on anyways."
  285.     Lithdoran   Alright. Everyone goes to their respective destinations. Bedwyr, you easily find the bounty postings - you take the one that calls for the leader of the local bandit that's been harrowing the town. Dead or Alive. You'll recieve a bonus for any supplies you can recover. Ursion, and David, you go to the Temple of Erastil. In the far corner, Ursion, you find a small, sadly unused Shrine to Iomedae.
  286.     David   nods and drinks the last of his ale, before setting the mug on the counter and placing a few copper pieces next to it. He calls for Gabriel to follow, making sure to take whatever scraps and bones that were still left with him for the faithful sheepdog to enjoy later.
  287.     David   1d5
  288.     Bedwyr  stuffs the note into his backpack.
  289.     Ursion  when he arrives he tends to and worships at the shrine, whispeirng prayers and receiting from the holy test what he can remeber, He takes a rag and water and washes the shrine and sets up nicely so that it will be presentable next time it is used.
  290.     Ursion  text*
  291.     David   goes to speak with Father Prasst, greeting him with a friendly handshake and a hug, and letting the man pet Gabriel
  292.     Lithdoran   Ursion, for your servise to Iomedae's Shrine, and your prayers, you are imbued with a holy blessing. (+1 to all attack and skill checks for one hour)
  293.     David   "Good day Father, how have you been? Gabriel and I have missed you while we were out on our rounds."
  294.     Lyraela finishes her bath and the like while they're gone and checks all her gear.
  295.     Lithdoran   Father Prasst is realtively young for a priest, but none the less, he serves Erastil failthfully. He blesses you, David "Ah, I have been well, David. I trust your rounds have gone well?"
  296.     Lithdoran   Lyr, besides a little dirt from your woodland stride, your gear is all intact.
  297.     David   nods and smiles
  298.     Bedwyr  returns to the Seven Silvers, taking the time to roll and smoke a cigarette while he waits for the two in the church.
  299.     David   "Yes, the flock and I had a good trip. There are two new yearlings now, and they and their mothers are very healthy. Gabriel, as usual, has been a very big help. I thank you again for giving him to me and putting him under my care - some days I believe he takes care of me more than I him."
  300.     Lithdoran   The wiry priest smiles "So good to hear. And I see you've brought someone with you." he glances at Ursion as he cleans and prays "A faithful of Iomedae? we don't get very many here."
  301.     David   nods and smiles, gesturing to Ursion
  302.     Ursion  Catches up with Father Prasst and David, and offers the priest his last 9sp as tiths. "Tithings for the wonderful work the church has done for the upkeep of Iomedae's shrine"
  303.     David   "Yes, his name is Sir Ursion. I met him at the tavern today."
  304.     Ursion  bows his head in greetings "A pleasure to meet you Father."
  305.     Lithdoran   He bows slightly, taking the silver pieces "I shall see these find the collections box. Thank you very much. I tend to all the shrines here." he bows again "It's so refreshing to see a worshipper of the Inhereitor." he looks you over, Ursion "You wouldn't happen to be Cheslih?"
  306.     Lyraela ventures back downstairs after a while, looking around to see if anyone was around when she spotted Bedwyr, she walked over. 'Mind if I join you?'
  307.     Ursion  "Where I come from is not as important as to where I'm going Father" bows his head respectfuly then turns and heads back to the tavern,
  308.     Bedwyr  nods and offers her his half burnt cigarrete. "Care for some tobacco?"
  309.     Bedwyr  "Really warms the spirit."
  310.     David   takes a moment to ask Father Prasst if he knows anything about the bandits in the area, and if he could offer any advice/help
  311.     Lithdoran   He bows "Blessings be with you." he calls to Ursion. He shakes his head at David "I do not, my son." he blasses David again "May Erastil guide you if you're to go after them."
  312.     Lyraela shook her head 'Oh no thank you. I don't smoke, but please enjoy.' she gestured to him as she took a seat. 'Are you prepared for tomorrow's sojourn?'
  313.     David   smiles, a bit disappointed, but thankful to Father Prasst for the help. He shakes the priest's hands one last time before beckoning Gabriel to follow him back to the inn with Ursion
  314.     Ursion  Returns to the tavern and notices Lyraela with Bedwyr and nods his head to her before heading upstairs and donning his armor, and equipting his sheild and weapons.
  315.     Bedwyr  "Little bit pre-occupied with a bit of business. Going to go collect a bounty. You should come along, the more men we have the more of a chance we stand."
  316.     David   arrives shortly after Ursion, nodding to Bedwyr and Lyraela as he arrives with Gabriel in tow
  317.     David   "I'm sorry if this isn't what you had planned for the afternoon, Lady Lyraela - but it seems our companions wish to look for some trouble and collect bounties, to have 'fun' while the festival is prepared..."
  318.     Bedwyr  Bedwyr waits for him to finish, still puffing on his cigarette before flicking it to the ground.
  319.     Bedwyr  "So about this contact, David."
  320.     Ursion  walks downstairs in his armor and full gear, his sheild slung around his back with his small quiver of arrows, his weapons at his side, and short bow in his hand. "I'm ready when the rest of you are." he walks over to join everyone.
  321.     Lyraela blinks a bit at the news, 'Oh no, it's perfectly fine.' she rose to her feet, 'Afterall, I travel with Ursion.' taps her chin in thought, 'I suppose we should be off then? I don't need anything from my room.'
  322.     David   "Are you sure? If we're to go up against bandits, you might wish to fetch your armor and weapons again, Lady Lyraela..."
  323.     Ursion  smiles broadly "yes Lyraela, you may wish to go fetch your giant hammer" pats her gently on the back "Come we should head out so we beat sun set."
  324.     Bedwyr  "David, who do you know that could help us?"
  325.     Lyraela tapped her head. "My weapons are up here. And I don't generally wear armor. It inhibits me.' she gestured to Ursion. 'He is usually my armor.' she drew back her sleeves revealing a sheathed dagger in one sleeve. 'Though I do have weaponry should ym abilities fail me.'
  326.     David   gives Lyraela a reluctant, worried nod "I shall do my best to offer my help and protection if things go badly" before he turns to Bedwyr
  327.     Ursion  laughs and heads for the door.
  328.     David   "Yes, an old teacher of mine, by the name of Arnama - she's a very experienced and influential member of the city council, and is relied on for her knowledge of the woods and her scouting reports of the surrounding area."
  329.     Bedwyr  "Interesting. I wonder if that little punk who tried to rob me is in with the bandits."
  330.     David   furrows his brow at Bedwyr
  331.     David   "I doubt he is involved with such characters - most likely he's just a poor orphan trying to get by on his own."
  332.     Bedwyr  "Orphans don't try to stab people without someone giving them bad advice."
  333.     Bedwyr  "Trust me."
  334.     David   sighs, not willing to get into a tedious debate over idealism and realism, as he gestures to the door
  335.     David   "Come, we'll go see Arnama, and see if she can offer us any help."
  336.     Ursion  walks back into the tavern "Shall we be going, once night falls they'll have the advantage."
  337.     Lithdoran   So the group leaves, heading through the east gate of town. You visit Arnama's cabin, but it's dark, and empty. She isn't home. You're on your guy's own for this one.
  338.     Bedwyr  "Aye. Let's at least see what she has to say."
  339.     Bedwyr  "Looks like she isn't home David."
  340.     Lyraela follows after Ursion after pulling on her cloak. She checked her belongings in her satchel as she followed behind him.
  341.     Ursion  checks out the cabin "seems like no one is home."
  342.     David   furrows his brow
  343.     David   "Oh dear, she must be out on patrol again..."
  344.     Bedwyr  "I've an idea. But... you may want to hear me out."
  345.     Bedwyr  "Feel free to say no, at any time. This is just. Just spitballing here."
  346.     Bedwyr  clasps his hands together and looks to the group.
  347.     Ursion  waits for bedwyr to actually say what he has to say"
  348.     Lyraela listens.
  349.     Bedwyr  "What do bandits go after? Easy targets. Who looks like the easiest target?" He says, as his eyes drift over towards Lyraela. "Now I'm not implying you are, I'm just saying... maybe you could walk the road on the own, while we stalk from the shade of the trees."
  350.     David   furrows his brow disapprovingly
  351.     Lyraela raises a brow. What makes me appear an easy target?
  352.     David   "...I would rather not risk another of our group's lives for a risky plan like this. If anyone should be the bait...then I'd like to volunteer in Lady Lyraela's stead."
  353.     David   "Besides, Gabriel and I have experience fighting off wolves and bandits."
  354.     David   pets Gabriel affectionately
  355.     Ursion  "It might work instead of searching for them all night. We can give it a try."
  356.     Lyraela grumbles. 'And I do not?' shook her head. 'Fine, if you agree with it Ursion, I'll do it.'
  357.     David   gives Lyraela a worried expression
  358.     David   "Not to say that you can't handle yourself, Lady Lyraela, but I'd rather not any of you be put in harm's way, if I can help."
  359.     Bedwyr  "Give her Gabriel. I'm sure he won't mind."
  360.     Ursion  "Besides, I trust Lyraela to be abel to handle her self. I think it will work."
  361.     Bedwyr  searches through his pack and retrieves a Signal horn, handing it to Lyraela.
  362.     Bedwyr  "Not that anything will happen, but if for some reason we lose you... Blow on this and we'll follow the sound."
  363.     David   frowns disapprovingly as Lyraela is shoved into the role as 'bait'. He's not sure he likes how his new companions do things...
  364.     Lyraela lifts her hood and raises the cloth mask just above her nose. 'Keep Gabriel, the potential for an attack dog might not be as appealing as a lowly woman walking the road alone.' she turned her back to them fter taking the horn. 'I'll be walking now.' begins walking along the road.
  365.     David   looks after Lyraela as she walks ahead, his worrisome face growing worse and worse
  366.     David   "...I do hope nothing happens to her."
  367.     Ursion  follows after carefuly, trying to leave enough distance but not lose her.
  368.     Bedwyr  draws his bow and lets her get distance before beginning to sneak through the undergrowth of the forest, motioning for David and Ursion to follow him.
  369.     Lyraela slips her hands into her sleeves as she walks, humming idly.
  370.     David   sighs, looking to Gabriel and whispering instructions to the sheepdog, before the pair follow Bedwyr and Ursion - bell jingling softly with every second step
  371.     Ursion  draws an arrow and notches it into the bow so he's prepaired so he can at least cover Lyraela's escape if she has to fall back
  372.     Lithdoran   Ursion, you're so concentrated on your bow, that you don't notice yourself clinking and clanking. You all waly a ways down the path before three bandits jump out and attack David and Ursion!
  373.     Lithdoran   Roll Intiative!
  374.     Lyraela waly..?)
  375.     Lithdoran   walk*)
  376.     Lyraela ok)
  377.     =-= Lithdoran has changed the topic to “Bandit 2, Bandit 1, Ursion, Bandit 3, David”
  378.     =-= Lithdoran has changed the topic to “Bandit 2, Lyraela, Bandit 1, Bedwyr, Ursion, Bandit 3, David”
  379.     Lithdoran   Bandit 2 attacks Ursion with Londsword, yelling as he slashes at him "Hya!"
  380.     Lithdoran   His attack bounces off of your armor ineffectually, Ursion
  381.     Lithdoran   Actually, the bandit hits you just hard enough to do real damage.
  382.     Ursion  winces but holds his ground.
  383.     Lithdoran   Bandit two stands in the treeline, and fires a crossbow at David.
  384.     Lithdoran   The shot goes wide, and misses David.
  385.     Bedwyr  knocks an arrow and let's it fly into the Bandit with the crossbow foolish enough to fire at Bedwyr's companion. He makes no sound in doing this, like hunting animal almost.
  386.     Ursion  staggers back a bit to give himself some room and drops his bow to the floor forgetting about it for now, with a smoth, trained motion he draws his sheild from his back and slide sit onto his left arm, while his right hand grabs his flail and readys it for action.
  387.     Lithdoran   Bandit 3 attacks Bedwyr with his rapier, with a fanciful slourish -swish swish-
  388.     Lithdoran   The bandit only just hits you, Bedwyr
  389.     Bedwyr  jumps back away from the blade, but not enough, allowing the rapier to scrape across his face, cutting deeply across his cheek.
  390.     Bedwyr  "GRAH!"
  391.     David   clicks his tongue to Gabriel and nods towards Bedwyr, sending the faithful sheepdog to go help the man, while he walks up to try and thwack Ursion's assailant across the back of the skull with his staff
  392.     Lithdoran   The bandit howls in pain as Gabriel bite hard into his thigh, snarling
  393.     David   swings and misses his target, but satisfied with letting Ursion that he's not alone in this fight
  394.     Lithdoran   Bandit 2 advances on Ursion, swinging in with his sword again
  395.     Lithdoran   The bandit misses, his swing going wide.
  396.     Lithdoran   Lyraela.
  397.     Lithdoran   Bandit one launches another arrow at David!
  398.     Lithdoran   Well, instead, the bandit reloads his crossbow.
  399.     Bedwyr  struggles to level his bow, drawing an arrow back and wiping what blood he can out of his eyes with his sleeve before letting it launch into the blur of a bandit in front of him.
  400.     Ursion  moves close and uses his flail to wrap around the ankle of the bandit and yanks hard. The bandit is pulled off his feet and leveled proned "Stay down!"
  401.     David   takes a panted breath and nods to Ursion, as he prepares to move on to help another of his companions
  402.     Bedwyr  again succumbs to the tip of the bandits blade as it scrapes across his skin he lets out a scowl. "Sick'im Gabriel!"
  403.     =-= Lithdoran has changed the topic to “ Lyraela, Bandit 1, Bedwyr, Ursion, David”
  404.     David   nods approvingly as he sees Gabriel take care of Bedwyr's assailant, so he decides to go after the final bandit and take a defensive stance - sticking him between Lyraela and himself
  405.     David   "Surrender peacefully, and you won't be harmed! Lay down your weapon, now!"
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  409.     Lithdoran   The bandit drops his cross bow "We surrender! We surrender!" he gets down on the ground, and waits, trembling.
  410.     =-= Lithdoran has changed the topic to “”
  411.     David   sighs with relief, holding his staff ready to strike down the bandit should he try anything funny, as he surveys the area
  412.     David   "Everyone....okay?"
  413.     Bedwyr  sees this and puts his bow away, seeing as everyone has given up. He draws his woodaxe just in case.
  414.     Bedwyr  "David. Call your dog off this man."
  415.     Lithdoran   Bandit 3 whimpers as Gabriel growls in his face.
  416.     David   nods and whistles for Gabriel to get off the pinned bandit, and come to his side
  417.     Ursion  nods his head "I'll survive." looks down at the man he tripped. "where are the supplies at?"
  418.     Lyraela leans down, smoothing out her robes a bit.
  419.     Lithdoran   "O-Our camp! They're back at our Camp with the boss!"
  420.     Ursion  steps on the bandits chest to hold him down"What do you think team? should we cut these small fish lose and hit the camp? or take them in?"
  421.     Bedwyr  steps on the bandit in front of him, digging his heel into his chest. Huffing. Puffing. Fuming. His axe trembles in his hand as he looks down at the man.
  422.     Lithdoran   "I-If you let us live, we'll turn our selves in, we promise! Just please don't hurt us! We have families!"
  423.     David   looks to his captive with a stern expression
  424.     David   "How many are in your number, and how far away is your camp?"
  425.     Lyraela thinks a bit. I think we should turn them in. No reason to murder the man
  426.     Bedwyr  stands over the man, dripping blood onto him, he leans over.
  427.     Bedwyr  "You are going to bring us to your camp, and show us every point of entrance that is not guarded by your men. Do you understand me?"
  428.     Lithdoran   The man nods shakily "Y-yes! I understand.
  429.     Lithdoran   "There's ten men at the camp. Including our boss, the supplies are hidden in the cave we based ourself around, along with the treasure stash!"
  430.     Bedwyr  kicks the rapier away from the bandit under his foot, still applying pressure so he can't stand up.
  431.     David   tries to determine the honesty in the man's testimony, as he looks at his face while he speaks
  432.     Ursion  "Bedwyr, be still, lets take these bandits back to town, it's going to get dark soon, The bandits know the forest so they will have the advantage. At teh very least it will garentee these will be punished."
  433.     David   nods in agreement with Ursion, offering the bandit on the ground in front of him the edge of his staff to help pull himself up to his feet
  434.     Bedwyr  "There was no bounty for individual bandits, only for their leader, Ursion."
  435.     David   "Get up, we're taking you back to town. If you cooperate and give a full and honest account of your group's actions, the Mayor may be lenient with you."
  436.     Bedwyr  keeping his weight on the bandit reveals the bounty ledger, showing it to him.
  437.     Ursion  "Bedwyr, can you take ten men with our injuris? If so I will go with you and get him right now, while these lots scurry off."
  438.     Lyraela "But he does have a point. Bandits will have the advantage in the forest and with ten of them plus the leader, we cant be certain the reward is worth the work. Not to mention we have nusiness tomorrow."
  439.     Lyraela business*
  440.     David   "We can take these back to town and let the town guard handle them. Hopefully with the information we provide, we can organize a larger party to hunt down the rest."
  441.     Bedwyr  "I do not know Ursion, I do know however that this one. Right now, has the fear of preserving his own life in him. This may change once he has had time to compose himself in a solitary cell." He pauses, looking at the groveling bandit. "At the very least we should mark the location while we can and return with guards."
  442.     Lithdoran   The bandits get up, and you lead them back to town "If you can promise us safety, we'll give you some information that might help you..." they offer hopefully "Please, we just want to put this bandit business behind us and go home to our wives."
  443.     David   glances at Bedwyr and nods in agreement, telling Gabriel to watch his captive while he fishes through his backpack - pulling a large map out of a leather tube
  444.     David   "We' Show the spot where your camp is, if you will."
  445.     David   points the current location on the map and shows it to his captive, letting him point out the camp's location
  446.     Bedwyr  "Yes, Show us." Bedwyr says, making a play of holding the axe a few inches from the mans face.
  447.     Lithdoran   The leader of the three bandits points to a place on the map - where the forest backs into a small hill "We're camped out around a cave where we stash our loot."
  448.     Ursion  thinks for a moment then nods "Very well lets return to town and prepair for a true strike agianst the bandits"
  449.     Bedwyr  "This cave have a name?"
  450.     David   marks the location on the map, folding the parchment up and putting it back in the leather scroll case, and back in his backpack. He hefts his gear back over his shoulder, before glancing around
  451.     Lithdoran   All three shake their head "No" the leader answers "Not that we're aware of."
  452.     David   "One of us should carry their weapons. I'm afraid I'm near full load at the moment.."
  453.     Bedwyr  wipes the blood from his eyes and lets his foot off the bendit beneath him.
  454.     Bedwyr  "Don't try anything."
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  457.     David   looks to Ursion and Bedwyr, seeing if either of them volunteers to confiscate the weapons
  458.     Ursion  sheates his weapons and grabs his bow. "Lyraela, have a treat and pick your share of the weapons and gear. you were the bait after all."
  459.     Lithdoran   You take the former bandits to town, and deliver them to the Guard Captian, Mister Gregor Wisslo. He thanks you for your fina work, but sadly cannot give you a reward for just them."
  460.     Ursion  "Just doing our duty. At the very least convince the church to mend our wounds."
  461.     Bedwyr  "Of course not."
  462.     David   escorts the captives to the Guard house jail, before sighing with relief. He tells Ursion and Bedwyr to sit down on a bench and remove their armor, as he pulls out a parcel full of healing herbs, salves and bandages
  463.     Lyraela smiles a little, 'It's fine, we have better prospects tomorrow.'
  464.     Bedwyr  sits down on a bench grunting. "I need a little help with my armor."
  465.     David   nods to Bedwyr, glancing at Lyraela and asking if she'd help Ursion with getting his off
  466.     Ursion  removes his armor and sits down, taking the time to do it himself , Has a large bruise from the strike that hit him and harmed him through his armor. "They might have bruised a ribs"
  467.     David   sighs, getting to work on Ursion and Bedwyr's injuries, asking Lyraela if she could assist him
  468.     Lyraela crosses her arms, 'Sorry, not skilled in the healing arts.'
  469.     David   nods and gets to work, stitching up Bedwyr's cuts and applying bandages, and putting a salve on Ursion's bruise
  470.     David   "You have no injures yourself, Lady Lyraela?"
  471.     Bedwyr  grits his teeth and puts up with it.
  472.     Ursion  glances "Lyraela, how did it feel being the bait?"
  473.     Lyraela shook her head, 'I'm fine. I've been in worse ordeals.' she walks over to Ursion, 'Will you be alright?' sits down besides him, 'Not my usual place, it was boring really.'
  474.     Ursion  nods his head "I'll be fine, I just need to rest and I'll be ok, It was a small wound."
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  479.     Bedwyr  looks at the stitch job. Not bad. Definitely better than having to do it himself.
  480.     Bedwyr  "Thank you. Going to take a bit for the stiffness to go away at least."
  481.     David   nods apprehensively as he cuts the end of the stitching thread with his dagger
  482.     David   "This is why I don't go looking for trouble..."
  483.     Ursion  "We should all get some rest, Either way we'll need it tomarrow." grabs his armor and heads back to the tavern
  484.     Bedwyr  "Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I plan on giving those bandits a visit when this whole flame lighting thing is over and done with."
  485.     Bedwyr  nods and grabs his armor heading back to his room.
  486.     Bedwyr  "Hold onto that horn for now Lyraela, I'll get it back later."
  487.     Lyraela smiles politely and dips her head, 'Thank you.'
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