House Kaliaxix Session 16

Sep 10th, 2013
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  1. <Kerosis> We finally got somewhere with those trade negotiations, were asked to come back tomorrow to finalize things, and ended up staring in confusion at a waterwheel
  2. <Lehkurehn> Pretty much.
  3. <Lehkurehn> We are terrible at knowing the things
  4. <Zehrahlixia> *shrugs* negotiations went swiftly, and seemingly well, all things considered
  5. <Latrehkiks> (us? knowing things? impossible)
  6. <Zehrahlixia> Didn't expect the giant corpsebounds
  7. <Latrehkiks> "I wonder what other strange things there are here, especially in a place this big."
  8. <SqueeGM> Lack of thing knowledge aside, the four of them find themselves outside the door of one of the House Hadnehrxix buildings.
  9. <Lehkurehn> "Who knows? We're nowhere near as elaborate."
  10. * Latrehkiks looks up at the building infront of him and then down at the door. "No, no we aren't."
  11. * Zehrahlixia hrrm...I suppose we should probably get back to the caraven or something? Make sure no dogs are taking our goods.
  12. <Latrehkiks> "I don't know.. Do you think someone would really try someplace like this?... Actually, don't answer that." He hums.
  13. <Zehrahlixia> "I'd like to say no, but I've seen a few too many massive buttjerks to guess now."
  14. <Latrehkiks> "That and our current amount of running luck so far. ."
  15. <Lehkurehn> "our luck refills about weekly along with our bandit quota."
  16. <Zehrahlixia> "Is that bandits we encounter or bandits we stab? Because If I'm gonna run into alot of buttjerk bandit's I'd like to be able to stab them."
  17. <Latrehkiks> "I guess I joined this caravan right after the quota refilled for the rest of you, or so it seems so far."
  18. <SqueeGM> A cursory check on the wagons confirms they are not in the process of being raided. Haeliksis gives them a wave.
  19. * Latrehkiks waves back to Haeliksis.
  20. <Lehkurehn> "We stab them after the bandit charity fund runs dry. It always does."
  21. * Zehrahlixia shrugs and lolls toungue
  22. <Latrehkiks> "Bandit charity fund. Hah."
  23. <Lehkurehn> What house are we outside exactly?
  24. <SqueeGM> The wagons are outside the House Hadnehrxix manor.
  25. <Zehrahlixia> Instead of standing around awkwardly, let's go find an inn then?
  26. <Latrehkiks> (what time of day is it actually, now that i think about it?)
  27. <Latrehkiks> (like, not dark, but is it close?)
  28. <SqueeGM> You set out in the morning, and it took you until about noonish to get there, so it's early afternoon now.
  29. <Latrehkiks> "Hm.. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm feeling a little hungry."
  30. <Lehkurehn> "That could be arranged."
  31. <Zehrahlixia> "Well what are we standing around for? Let's follow our noses to something good!"
  32. <Lehkurehn> "Hear! hear!"
  33. <Latrehkiks> "That is a very good idea, yes, let's." Latrehkiks replies, starting to walk towards where-ever it sounds, or smells, like food would be.
  34. <SqueeGM> The smell of oil lingers in the air from the machinery they visited, the air hanging within the city's walls underneath the dying sun. One of the metal bars on the side of the clock tower that faces them clicks into an upright position, and it starts to chime loudly, the sound of stricken metal reverberating over the cityscape. After four chimes, it dies off, the last one fading away back into the mumbling silence of the city. Around the manor, there's little activity, save for Housedogs walking to and fro and the odd patrolling guard. But there might be food in the other districts, so that's where they wander. Across the bridge back towards where they came, where they (vaguely) know. Past rows of houses stacked together, different shapes and sizes, they come across one that has an opening on the side, against which a bored-looking tombdog leans, playing with an assortment of cups. Above him is an obviously hand-crafted sign which advertises, "FOOD, GAMBLING."
  35. * Latrehkiks is actually kind of startled by the loud bell chimes, at least at first. But relaxes as they continue onward. Although he perks as he spots the opening, the tombdog, and the sign. "Want to see what this guy has?"
  36. * Zehrahlixia nods
  37. <Lehkurehn> Lehkurehn considers his options. "Can't see why not?"
  38. * Kerosis just kind of glances around.
  39. <Latrehkiks> "Well, that works for me then." He says before walking up to the bored looking dog. "Greetings offered. I see your sign that says there is food here! What do you have?"
  40. <SqueeGM> The dog looks up at him and lolls his tongue out. Latrehkiks can tell by his markings that he is not from around here. If he's even a he, since it's somewhat hard to tell with Southern dogs. His accent is pretty thick. "Yes, yes. Good food, and gambling. Have food, and three cup game." He displays the cups.
  41. * Zehrahlixia "Food please."
  42. <Latrehkiks> "Food first, game later? Maybe." He says, looking at the cups and then at whatever kinds of food the southern dog may have available.
  43. <SqueeGM> The tombdog heads into the back, leaving Latrehkiks to realize nobody has any money, save for Kerosis's penny.
  44. <Kerosis> (from spending or robbery?)
  45. <Zehrahlixia> ._.
  46. <SqueeGM> Mostly spending.
  47. * Latrehkiks fleeces himself and discovers... A serious lack of money. "Uhm.. Lehkurehn? I don't seem to have any money... Does anyone else? Or... Should we scatter before he comes back?"
  48. <Lehkurehn> Lehkurehn shrugs. "I bought you guys tents."
  49. * Kerosis checks just how much she has exactly.
  50. <SqueeGM> One Kaliaxix penny.
  51. <Kerosis> "I suppose this wouldn't cover much."
  52. <Zehrahlixia> "We're dumb dumb dogs."
  53. <Lehkurehn> "Maybe a meal for one. Let's take Latrehkiks advise and get scarce."
  54. <Zehrahlixia> "first, apologize the vender dog, then go ask Haeliksis about it.
  55. <Zehrahlixia> "I don't see any reason to leave, we can just apologize for the mishap...Right?"
  56. <SqueeGM> Better decide on a course of action quick, before he comes back.
  57. <Latrehkiks> "Lehkurehn, would you rather stay and apologize to the dog, or scram before he comes back, in case he comes back with food?"
  58. <Lehkurehn> "I leave that decision to those who were actually here!" he says while running. What a butt!
  59. * Zehrahlixia jaw drops, then takes off after him
  60. * Latrehkiks blinks and chases after Lehkurehn, then. "Hey! Wait for me!"
  61. <SqueeGM> Only Kerosis is still standing there when the tombdog comes back out, bearing a stack of flatbreads. "Hey, who you?" he questions her.
  62. <Kerosis> "Oh, I'm sorry... the group I'm with just realized they'd forgotten something, it seems... so... sorry for the confusion. I um... I'll just be going too I suppose."
  63. <SqueeGM> "Hey no. Someone said they buy food, I get ingredients all out here. You want food or not?"
  64. <Kerosis> "Well, I would, but I'm not the one who usually pays. All I have is this, so... sorry again."
  65. <SqueeGM> The vendor examines the coin and beckons. "Let me see."
  66. * Latrehkiks feels he's gotten a safe enough distance away, and watches from down the street.
  67. * Kerosis remains seated, wondering how this is going to play out exactly.
  68. <SqueeGM> The Southern vendor stares at her, and then beckons again. "Let me see coin."
  69. * Kerosis hands it over.
  70. <SqueeGM> He picks up one of the cups and puts it under, then places his hands on top and starts to switch their places with each other. He builds up speed, the identical cups soon moving fairly rapidly, before stopping abruptly. He drums his hands on the table. "Where is coin?"
  71. <SqueeGM> (DC 10 Visual Acuity check)
  72. <Kerosis> 3d6
  73. <Dicey> Kerosis, 3d6: 11 [3d6=6,4,1]
  74. <Kerosis> oh hey
  75. * Kerosis while slightly confused, points.
  76. <SqueeGM> Kerosis points, and he lifts up the cup. The coin is there. "Good!" he says, and stacks another coin of the same type on top of it. "You want keep going?"
  77. * Zehrahlixia notices Latrehkiks stopping, turns back to join him and look
  78. * Latrehkiks continues watching at a distance, now joined by Zehrahlixia.
  79. <Kerosis> "Keep going? Oh! Is this some sort of gambling game?"
  80. <Lehkurehn> Lehkurehn pants.
  81. <SqueeGM> "Yes." He points to the sign.
  82. <Kerosis> "I see... again though, that's.. my last coin there, and I imagine I'll need it to find an inn or something later, so, I really shouldn't be taking any risks with it..."
  83. <SqueeGM> Lehkurehn keeps running, leaving the other two behind, dodging another pedestrian, who looks around in confusion, before a guard steps in front of him and bars his way. "Where are you going?"
  84. * Zehrahlixia walks back to the vendor
  85. <SqueeGM> "Fine," the vendor says, tossing the coins at Kerosis and picking up his ingredients, walking back inside to put them away.
  86. * Latrehkiks blinks and watches Zehrahlixia walk past him. He stays put down the street though.
  87. <Kerosis> "Um... sorry again for the confusion!"
  88. <Lehkurehn> "Uh? I don't actually know?"
  89. <SqueeGM> "Sure. Put your hands out to your side," the guard says.
  90. * Kerosis snatches up her doubled money and goes to see where everyone else went.
  91. * Latrehkiks waves from down the street.
  92. <Lehkurehn> "Umm? Okay?" He complies. "What is this for?"
  93. <SqueeGM> The guard doesn't answer, but puts his hands on Lehkurehn's sides, patting down his shirt and thighs, lifting his mantle, and checking in his pouch. He holds up the vial of hemlock poison. "What is this?"
  94. <Lehkurehn> "Medicine."
  95. <SqueeGM> "What kind of medicine?"
  96. * Kerosis in view of this?
  97. <SqueeGM> No, no one is.
  98. <Lehkurehn> "It's for stomach problems. Vomiting. I don't always get along well with my guts, you know?"
  99. * Latrehkiks is, however, still trying to get kerosis' attention. So she wouldn't be lost alone at least.
  100. <Kerosis> "Um... what happened to Lehkurehn?"
  101. <Latrehkiks> "He kept running. I didn't see where to though." He turns to Zehrahlixia. "You see where he ran to before you stopped?"
  102. <Zehrahlixia> "I lost track of him when I noticed you weren't there.
  103. <Zehrahlixia> "Why do I have the feeling that isn't a good thing?"
  104. <Latrehkiks> "Because it probably isn't. Guess we should go and try to find his buttface." Latrehkiks says, looking down the street a ways.
  105. <Latrehkiks> 3d6
  106. <Dicey> Latrehkiks, 3d6: 12 [3d6=5,2,5]
  107. <Lehkurehn> 3d6+2 lies
  108. <Dicey> Lehkurehn, lies: 14 [3d6=1,6,5]
  109. <SqueeGM> The guard furrows his brow and hands the vial back, seeming to accept this. He takes the reliquary from him instead, opening it up to look inside. Latrehkiks, meanwhile, trails down the street after where he saw Lehkurehn run off, and spots him standing by a guard around a corner.
  110. <Latrehkiks> "Hey, there he is!... With a guard. Oh no." He says, looking kind of defeated. "Guess we should see what he's gotten himself into." Latrehkiks says, walking towards Lehkurehn.
  111. <Lehkurehn> "Looking for something? Kaliaxix can provide any goods you seek?"
  112. <SqueeGM> The guard closes the reliquary and hands it back, spotting Latrehkiks walking towards them. "Do you know him?" he asks, waving his hand at Lehkurehn.
  113. * Zehrahlixia pips up "That we do, good sir."
  114. <SqueeGM> "And?"
  115. * Lehkurehn strikes a pose
  116. <Latrehkiks> "I do." Latrehkiks states simply. "Dare I ask what you stopped him for?"
  117. <SqueeGM> The guard grunts and walks off.
  118. * Zehrahlixia glares at Lehkurehn
  119. <Zehrahlixia> "Let's just go back to Kerosis
  120. <Lehkurehn> "Being wonderful," Lehkurehnmutters to the party as the guard walks off.
  121. <Latrehkiks> ". . Okay then." He likewise looks at Lehkurehn. "What was that all about?"
  122. <Lehkurehn> "Who knows? I'm probably too suspicious. Where's Kero?"
  123. <Zehrahlixia> "We left her behind like buttjerks."
  124. * Zehrahlixia facepalms
  125. <Zehrahlixia> "Just one bad move after another right now..."
  126. <Lehkurehn> "Oh."
  127. <Lehkurehn> "Let's rescue her like not-jerks then."
  128. * Kerosis clears her throat.
  129. * Latrehkiks thumbs at Kerosis.
  130. * Zehrahlixia facepalms again and looks down at the ground guiltly.
  131. <Kerosis> "So... is everything all right now?"
  132. <Lehkurehn> "Kerosis! See! Clearly she can handle herself."
  133. <Zehrahlixia> "...Let's just find an inn before we have to renegotiate the deal due to being idiots."
  134. <Lehkurehn> "Right as the incessant rain."
  135. <Zehrahlixia> "Wait, we're broke
  136. <Kerosis> "Well, I seem to have two um... pennies? How much is an inn usually?"
  137. <Latrehkiks> "It seems to be now, Kerosis, yeah.. And yeah, we should probably go back to Haeliksis to talk about our lack of money. And the need of an inn. Before it gets later."
  138. <Lehkurehn> "We can just eat rations out of the wagon. Or trade some stuff."
  139. <Zehrahlixia> "I guess I could part with a few of these javelins..."
  140. <Kerosis> "I don't think selling things off the wagon is such a good idea... didn't people agree to buy the lot of it?"
  141. <Latrehkiks> "Nah, not selling, but see if there's any money back there we can potentially use. Or we're sleeping by the wagons. Again."
  142. <Lehkurehn> "I meant steal one of the guards meals," lehkurehn says with a wink.
  143. * Zehrahlixia shakes head in disapproval.
  144. * Latrehkiks shoots Lehkurehn a look.
  145. <Lehkurehn> "Let's go with the javelin plan though. That is a good plan."
  146. <Zehrahlixia> "Just because I was dumb doesn't mean someone else should go hungry for it."
  147. * Zehrahlixia nods at Lehkurehn's mention of the javelin thing
  148. * Lehkurehn waves Latrehkiks off.
  149. <SqueeGM> Gonna try and find somewhere to pawn off your javelins?
  150. * Latrehkiks shakes his head and covers his face with a hand. "Selling a few of the javelins should cover some of the cost, depending on what we can get for them. And how much we'll have to pay though."
  151. <Kerosis> "Let's just head back to the wagons, get some sleep, do our business and go home? I don't think I like this town very much."
  152. <Zehrahlixia> "It hasn't been too bad so far. Lehkurehn nearly getting arrested aside."
  153. <Kerosis> "For what exactly? Running from a restaurant?"
  154. <Lehkurehn> "you say that about every town. Is it because they're all trying to kill us?" He gives a quick laugh.
  155. * Zehrahlixia sighes
  156. <Latrehkiks> "Yeah, I haven't minded this place too much. Aside from the. .. Obvious. Although it is a bit large for my tastes."
  157. <Lehkurehn> "It has a charm all it's own. So what is the plan? They're your javelins, Zehra."
  158. <Zehrahlixia> "Hrrrm...I've got 5 of these right? I'm thinking sell off two or three? How much do javelins like these run for-anyone know?"
  159. <Lehkurehn> 3d6+1 merc
  160. <Dicey> Lehkurehn, merc: 15 [3d6=5,5,4]
  161. <SqueeGM> Lehkurehn knows that back home, one of those light javelins would sell for just under a Kaliaxix coin, or three and a half Kaliaxix pennies. It'd probably go for less if you tried to sell it to a vendor, though.
  162. <Lehkurehn> "About a coin each. Probably less if we sold them. We could try to fancy them up a bit but it seems a moot point with the dinner bell si soon to ringing."
  163. <Latrehkiks> "Fancying them up definately doesn't seem like a good use of time this late in the day.. Besides that'd probably decrease their value as an actual weapon. I still want to talk to Haeliksis to see if he had any plans for lodgings of some sort though."
  164. * Lehkurehn grabs Zehrahlixia's hand and drags her to the nearest store that would buy weaponry. "Agreed. We'll handle food."
  165. * Latrehkiks blinks and shrugs as he makes his way back to the caravan then. "Coming, Kerosis? Or following Lehkurehn?"
  166. * Zehrahlixia calls out "Maybe you guys should head back to the caravan while we shop...."
  167. <Kerosis> "OK... um... do you think you'll need any extra money?"
  168. <Latrehkiks> "I'm just heading back to Haeliksis, so I don't think I will."
  169. <Kerosis> "Well no, I meant them... I suppose it'll be fine."
  170. * Kerosis heads H-ways
  171. <Latrehkiks> "I'm sure it'll be fine." He laughs, walking to the caravan.
  172. <SqueeGM> Kerosis and Latrehkiks head over to Haeliksis, who is still sitting on the wagons, taking inventory.
  173. * Latrehkiks waves at Haeliksis as he walks up to the caravan. "Hey, Haeliksis. Did you have any arrangements before hand for us staying here tonight per chance?"
  174. <SqueeGM> Haeliksis tilts his head at Latrehkiks. "Hm? No."
  175. <Latrehkiks> "Alright. And is there any spare cash stored with the caravan?"
  176. <SqueeGM> "Hah! No. We don't have any money until we get paid tomorrow."
  177. <Kerosis> "So... I suppose we're sleeping on the wagons then."
  178. <SqueeGM> "Guess so."
  179. * Latrehkiks taps his fingers together. "Seems that way, unless Lehkurehn can haggle some serious money."
  180. <SqueeGM> Lehkurehn and Zehrahlixia finally happen upon a weapon shop that's still open. They swing open the door and walk inside the rather small room, filled with racks and shelves that display a variety of tombdog weaponry. There's nobody here, but there's a handbell on the counter.
  181. * Lehkurehn rings the bell. His stomach grumbles.
  182. <SqueeGM> Lehkurehn picks up the bell and rings it before setting it down. There's a few moments of silence, and then the back door opens, and a tombdog wearing a thick, sooty leather apron and gloves comes in, wiping away the grime. "What can I get you?"
  183. <Lehkurehn> "Looking to unload actually." He gestures to Zehrahlixia.
  184. <SqueeGM> "Oh. What are you selling? I might have room for it."
  185. * Zehrahlixia places two javelins on the counter
  186. <SqueeGM> The tombdog examines them. "I'll give you a penny for the both of them."
  187. <Lehkurehn> 3d6+1 mercantilism
  188. <Dicey> Lehkurehn, mercantilism: 14 [3d6=1,6,6]
  189. <Lehkurehn> "How about a coin for the lot?"
  190. <SqueeGM> "A coin? You're insane. I'll give you four pennies, that's it."
  191. * Lehkurehn ponders for a bit. "Deal."
  192. <SqueeGM> He takes the javelins and puts four Hadnehrxix pennies on the table.
  193. <Lehkurehn> "A pleasure." He turns to Zehra. "Let's pick up some bread or something and head back. What say you?"
  194. * Zehrahlixia lolls toungue "Sure."
  195. <SqueeGM> Meanwhile, outside, the clock strikes five chimes.
  196. <Zehrahlixia> "Oh, and thanks mister."
  197. <SqueeGM> "No problem." The tombdog puts the javelns away and heads back outside.
  198. * Latrehkiks winces again as the clock starts up. He's obviously not used to it.
  199. <SqueeGM> Meanwhile, Haeliksis finishes taking inventory and climbs out of the wagon.
  200. * Latrehkiks leans against one of the wagons as he watches Haeliksis. "Hopefully everything we got here with is still there."
  201. <SqueeGM> "Yep, 'cept the stuff that got stolen."
  202. <Latrehkiks> "Thankfully we still have most of it."
  203. <SqueeGM> "Indeed."
  204. * Latrehkiks looks out over what he can of the town without actually moving. "Wonder where Lehkurehn and Zehrahlixia are. It couldn't take THAT long to sell a couple things."
  205. <Lehkurehn> 3d6+1 spendy
  206. <Dicey> Lehkurehn, spendy: 10 [3d6=5,3,1]
  207. <Lehkurehn> Lehkurehn and Zehrahlixia return with meals in tow!
  208. <Latrehkiks> "Oh hey, there they are!" He waves at Lehkurehn and Zehrahlixia. "With food, too. How much did you two get from the javelins?"
  209. <Zehrahlixia> "thanks to this guy? four pennies, enough for food to feed us."
  210. <Latrehkiks> "Very good, wow, all that just for some food." He laughs. "Thank you though, Lehkurehn."
  211. <Lehkurehn> "Don't thank me. It was Zehra who provides this meal!" Lehkurehn begins passing out the food.
  212. <Latrehkiks> "Thank you both, regardless." He says before taking his food and munching.
  213. * Zehrahlixia shrugs "Enjoy it while you can. By tomorrow it's either rations or whatever I catch."
  214. <Lehkurehn> "Just don't get mauled by a pig."
  215. <Latrehkiks> "Pigs are dangerous, or so I hear."
  216. <Lehkurehn> "Tasty though," Lehkurehn mumbles through a mouthful of bread.
  217. * Kerosis is happy enough to have some food after all that.
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