A Yandere Suisei Fic

Apr 4th, 2021
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  1. No one asked for it but Suisei yandere fic.
  3. I don’t know how long I’ve been down in this basement, days, weeks, months or maybe a year; I really don’t know. All I know is that time has just become one big blur to me. And despite spending an alleged long time in here with nothing do to other than bask in my own thoughts most of the time; I still can’t fathom why it has come to this. I love Suisei, I still love here even to this very moment, even if she is the one responsible for my captivity. I still love her as much as the day I met her. But even now I still lie to myself to keep her image pure in my head. I obviously know why it has come this, I knew the second I woke up in my confinement. I’m just severely blinded by my love for her and suffer a terrible case of Stockholm syndrome. I can acknowledge my problems but I choose not to confront them.
  5. As much I hate to admit it, Suisei is not sane, her nickname ‘Suicopath’ is scarily accurate, it’s not an act exaggerated for the sake of her stream, it’s reality. I saw signs of it early on in the relationship but honestly they just seemed like endearing acts to me. She was insanely clingy, always at my side when she could be, always making physical contact when she could, whether it just be clutching my whole arm when walking then switching up to a bear hugs when we were stationary. She also was very territorial around me. She was always around when she could be when I was talking to other people, especially around other girls.
  7. I remember one time when I first met Kanata. The meeting was normal although Suisei was surprisingly quiet during then and I remember her wearing an uncharacteristic dead pan expression throughout the whole conversation but other than that it was normal until the end. I suggested we shake hands before parting ways to commemorate the start of a new friendship but just as we were about to do so, Suisei smacked Kanata’s hand away as if it were pure filth and uttered in a cold dead tone ‘What makes you think you have any right to touch MY boyfriend?’. I will never forget the absolute bewilderment that was on Kanata’s face. Thinking on that just brings up more and more instances where Suisei was acting completely out of line and psychotic. In retrospect I probably should have tried to correct her behavior but I couldn’t because it was addicting for me to witness her like that.
  9. Her actions were bad for sure but the intentions behind those actions were full of unconditional love for me and me alone. I never had anyone that fawned over me like the way Suisei did and her love was a drug for me, it was downright intoxicating. I always craved more. I actively encouraged her behaviour by doing things that I know would make her jealous. I always tried to get more chummy with other girls just to watch her shoo them away with insults and threats and it would always give me such a high. I loved it, I still love it.
  11. But I guess she eventually got fed up with me being in contact with other girls so often and decided to take matters into her own hands and so here I am. I don’t blame her, I egged her on too much and these are the consequences of my actions.
  13. And just as I was thinking about her, I hear the door unlock and open to reveal my beloved. I don’t know what we’re going to do today but another thing I do know is that I never want to leave here and her.
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