My Teacher - 11

Aug 20th, 2020 (edited)
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My Teacher

Notable Characters:

Name / Hangul Description
Min-Soo Cheol / 민수철 MC
Kim Bo-Young / 김보영 FMC
Min-Soo Jeong / 민수정 MC's Guardian
Head Teacher / 교장선생님 Old Fatty who wants to fuck every female teacher
Hajoon Seong / 하준성 Rapist, Drug Dealer, Minsoo Jeong's Boyfriend
Choi Byung-Min / 최병민 Bully
Han-Na / 한나 Brown Hair girl

고손작: Author

호닷: Artist

Script Information:

Minsoo Cheol MC
Kim Bo-Young KB
Minsoo Jeong MJ
Head Teacher / Principal P
Hajoon Seong HS
Classmate C1, C2..
Teacher T1, T2..
Random R1, R2..
Gangster G1, G2..
Jessica J
Choi Byung-Min CB
Han-Na H
Nurse N

{Inner talk / Thought}

Chapter - 11

CB: Come on fucking bitch, it's no fun if you don't try to fight back!

CB: Eat this mother fucker!

CB: Who were you trying to scare with these eyes?!

CB: Don't glare at me like this little bitch!

C1: Don't you find Byung-Min really mean?

C2: I agree ~ Such a narrow-minded bastard, beating a nerd into such a state...

C3: {No, it can't be... It's too one-sided...}*

C1: Hey, I can't see! Move out bastard!

C3: Ah... I'm sorry...


C3: ?

CB: Not good enough little bitch!

CB: I've always found you crazy, turns out you were a kinky motherfucker!


CB: Stand up fucking pervert!

CB: You don't want to?

CB: Weren't you acting tough earlier?!

C3 :{Uh...?}

CB: Playing with the math teacher's panties...

C3 :{Isn't it a pair of Guchi sneakers...?}

C3: Ah!

CB: You crawled in front of her to see her cunt, right? Disgusting bitch!

C3: Min-Soo, wake up! Byung-Min's weak point are his legs, since the beginning he didn't use them to not damage his shoes...!

CB: Answer me honestly, in truth you're just a horny dog trying to fuck the math teacher, am I wrong? Fucking pervert!


CB: The fuck are you trying to do?

CB: Hey fucker, you aren't gonna let go?!

CB: Let go of me, perverted fucking bitch!

CB: Uuuh!

CB: Give it back little bitch... Do you want me to really kill you?

CB: Hey...


CB: Argh!

CB: This-... Fuck...

CB: Uh? Get away from me!

CB: {Ugh... What an humiliation, this bastard is riding me like I was his bitch...!}

C3 :{That's it!}

CB: Hey hold on! please wait!

CB: This fight, let's stop it... We could...

H: Oh...

MC: Shriek!

CB: You aren't worth shit in front of me, stay at your place fucking bitch!

MC: Aaaaargh


N: Hmm...

N: {Should it be so swollen after being hit...?}

N: {I can't believe it, how could his package be so big...?}

N: {It's bothering me, I must take a look...}

N: {For safety purpose, of course...}

N: Alright, I'll examine this part, you don't mind it, right..?

H: Teacher! I brought back Min-Soo's bag, can we leave now?

N: Shit, at the worst moment...

MC: Ugh...

MC: Teacher. I'll go back home, I'm fine now.

N: We can't leave him like this. Han-Na, could you bring him back to his house?

H: Okay but why should it be me?

N: Are you really not going to help me?
Do you know how many times I backed you up when you were skipping class and sleeping in my office?

N: You don't want me to have a conversation with your head teacher ~

H: Oh.

MC: Hey I'm going home alone. My bag, give it back.

H: Do you really think I want to go with you? I'm being threatened by the nurse, so don't make it harder for me!

H: You should just accept my help like an obedient boy. I mean you can't even walk straight, so show me some gratitude...

H: Hey! Wait for me!

MJ: Haaang

MJ: Aaaah

HS: It's been awhile... It feels like my dick is melting inside you...

MJ: Haang... Me too... I love it so much...!

MJ: Come on big boy, do me harder...

MJ: Haaaa!

MJ: Aaaah:

Door: Bip

MC: Hey, why are you still following me? I'm already home.

H: I carried your bag from school to here!
Aren't you at least gonna give me glass of water?!!

H: Oh...

All: Uh...?!

To be continued...
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