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  1. Dream 1: FOOD RACES!
  3. You were competing with another person to make some dish as fast as possible. But here's the catch: You were in a grocery store and had to buy everything you needed to make it, including cookware and utensils. You also had to make it without looking at a recipe. You were then judged based on 3 categories:
  5. 1. How much you spent
  6. 2. What place you finished in
  7. 3. How good your dish tasted
  9. In the dream it wasn't televised or anything, but it sounds like a really good show that I would definitely watch.
  12. Dream 2: A biopic about soundcloud producers where it covers the drama that's been had and the friendships that have been made. It's really not a movie I would want to see, honestly.
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