Trapped Activity Check

J15UNG5PLU5H13 Oct 13th, 2018 76 Never
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  1. QUESTIONS: (this was kinda hard :<)
  3. ↘ who do you think will survive? and WHY?
  4. I think Taeyong, Minji, Jikyung, Johnny and myself because for the boys, they are strong and the girls are pretty active people, which means no death from active checks.
  6. ↘ do you think you'll survive as you leave the school? and WHY?
  7. Yeah, because I'm pretty sure that the class will stick together once their out as there are still zombies. With them sticking together, I don't think that they'll be going down.
  9. ↘ who do you want to survive? (can be you) and WHY?
  10. Jooyoung, Haechan, Minji, Chaeyoung, Sian and Chenle. Okay, honestly I want everyone to survive, but these are just the people I love a lot :')
  12. ↘ where do you think the class should go? and WHY?
  13. I'm not sure how, but they should go to the busan military base if that's where they've say that the soldiers haven't been affected or something. Then again, after what happened to Soonyeon, I think it might be better to stay in school.
  15. ↘ what do you think about leaving the school?
  16. I don't think it's that good of an idea because didn't the zombies infest the entire of Seoul? Might never better to stay in school, but then again I'm not so sure.
  18. ↘ is the book getting boring or out of your interest? and WHY?
  19. NEVER EVER WILL THIS BOOK GET BORING OR OUT OF MY INTEREST!! Firstly, it's written by a queen I stan. Secondly, it's so well written and INTERESTING that every time it's updated I get really excited to read it!! And it updates often which is a plus.
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