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  1. 80 chains goin, and aint took one yet
  2. aint nuttin retarded bout gucci but this gold rolex
  3. 10 thousand dolla bounty put on my neck
  4. i hope you didnt pay them cause they didnt have no success
  5. you seen my interview nigga and you got upset
  6. i seen yo interview too you looked oh so stressed
  7. i think da nigga just mad cause i fucked his ex
  8. and im a big dog, you got dat lil boy complex
  9. dig ya patna up nigga bet HE CANT SAY SHIT
  10. and if you lookin for tha kid ill be in zone 6
  11. i hit da birthday party fresh, you and ya homeboy TIP
  12. i know yall seen me over there, wit dat black fo fifth
  13. i bought a bentley mulsanne, it look just like TIP's
  14. but i never went platinum do ya catch my drift?
  15. ill never let a nigga do me like TIP did Flip
  16. this the same shit that got BIG and 2pac killed
  20. i aint playin witcha i aint tryna dance witcha
  21. i aint usin hands let dem rubba bands getcha
  22. it take money to go war, well we can go to war nigga
  23. i aint no real rapper im a fuckin grave digga
  24. im a old school fool, dont make me show my age nigga
  25. grab a louie viaton into a batting cage nigga
  26. i did a song wit keyshia cole and i know you still miss her
  27. but puff was fuckin her while you was fallin in love wit her
  28. allowed you to do a song wit me but smoked no bud witcha
  29. i was screamin so icy and was a neighborhood nigga
  30. this AR's my back up cause i dont need no nigga
  31. musta heard when flaka said let dem guns blam nigga
  32. i used to drive in birminham wit a lot of grams nigga
  33. im just who i am nigga but i dont span nah nigga (?)
  34. i know its hard for you to sleep knowin you killed ya homeboy
  35. you left his son to be a bastard wont even raise ya own boy
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