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  1. seafood
  2. /ˈsēˌfo͞od/
  3. noun
  4. shellfish and sea fish, served as food.
  5. "local seafood"
  7. hold's
  8. /hōld/
  9. verb
  10. 3rd person present: holds
  11. 1.
  12. grasp, carry, or support with one's arms or hands.
  13. "she was holding a brown leather suitcase"
  14. synonyms:   clasp, hold onto, clutch, grasp, grip, clench, cling to, have in one's hand; More
  15. 2.
  16. keep or detain (someone).
  17. "the police were holding him on a murder charge"
  18. synonyms:   detain, hold in custody, imprison, lock up, shut up, help me please, put behind bars, put in prison, put in jail, incarcerate, keep under lock and key, confine, impound, immure, intern, constrain, keep under constraint;
  20. me1
  21. /mē/
  22. pronoun
  23. 1.
  24. used by a speaker to refer to himself or herself as the object of a verb or preposition.
  25. "do you understand me?"
  26. "can you hear me?"
  27. 2.
  29. used in exclamations.
  30. "dear me!"
  31. "help me"
  33. cap·tive
  34. /ˈkaptiv/
  35. noun
  36. 1.
  37. a person who has been taken prisoner or an animal that has been confined.
  38. synonyms:   prisoner, convict, detainee, inmate; More
  39. adjective
  40. 1.
  41. imprisoned or confined.
  42. "the farm was used to hold prisoners of war captive"
  43. synonyms:   confined, caged, incarcerated, locked up, penned up;
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