Children Of The Moon Application

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  1. Username: MKSudduth
  2. Name: Moon Iseul
  3. Nicknames: Izzy (Unnies)
  4. Slot: Waning Cresent
  5. Backup Slot: Waxing Gibbous
  6. Age: 19
  7. Birthdate: September 24, 1999
  8. Personality: Fun, caring, talented, feirce
  9. Background: My life was fun, except for the teasing. My Unnies used to find cute earth boys that were looking for girls who looked like me.
  10. Likes: Sports, food, sleep, one-uping the boys
  11. Dislikes: People who don't like sports, lazy people, people who are skinny as a twig
  12. Habits: Biting my lip
  13. Hobbies: Martial Arts, rapping, anything sports related
  14. Trivia: Can eat a lot of spicy food all at once.
  15. Love Interest: Jungkook
  16. Backup: Taehyung/V
  17. First Impressions: I found him on the streets looking through windows at Timberlands. I decided to buy hima pair and he was quite surprised. We spent the rest of the day together.
  18. Realationship Status:
  19. Friends
  20. Bedt Friends With Feelings
  21. Lovers
  22. I was walking along the streets looking for where to find and then saw him looking at shoes.
  23. Face Claim: Baek Su Min
  24. Backup: Jang Chom Mi
  25. Requested Scenes: None, do whatever you want. Have fun!!
  26. First Reaction: "Dayummmmmm. He cuteeeee.... Oh well, time to find who I'm looking for... *looks at picture of person then back at Jungkook* Dayum, I'm stuck With this..."
  28. Password: The amazing Min Yoongi (I'm with ya, gurl!!)
  29. Message: I hope you pick me!!
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