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That Gentle Clasp

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  1. That Gentle Clasp
  3. I’m walking through a forest on the edge of Suthinter.
  4. I come to a tree in the corner of a rocky outcrop. There are the base is an unremarkable rabbit hole. Walking past the tree, I notice a crevice that seems to be part of the rabbit’s tunnel that’s opened up. This wound in the Earth is letting in enough light to see the floor of it.
  6. I jump down the cavern and hit a solid floor. It’s a stone staircase. I look up and see what I thought was the underside of the ground is now in the bottom of floorboards. Light drains in though the boards in brilliant rays holding up dust particles.
  8. I climb down this long and deep staircase until I come out into the grand foyer of a seemingly derelict castle. The walls of grey stone have seen better days. Cobwebs line the eaves and dust coats the floor. In the centre of the room stands a tremendous carved stone angel wielding a sceptre. A tall suit of jet black armour stands proudly in the corner of the room with a brilliant red sword pointing to the ground. Upon walking into the next hallway I’m witness to paintings of bards and such, some of which with vivid hair and stringed instruments. I peer into the courtyard and see stoic gargoyles with bat ears adorning their hair. A statue of a cat eared archer watches over the courtyard of this immense fortress.
  10. I’m drawn to the great hall by striking gothic organ music. This music seemingly has no source, it’s emanating from this expansive chamber. Rows of wooden pews line the sides of this room. I amble down between them guardedly. I reach the front and stand in front of the alter. The music stops dramatically with a long note. Light floods the room through stained glass windows along the walls and sweeps away years worth of dust and webs, transforming this shunned keep into a cathedral of awe.
  12. All I hear is my own breathing for a time before the organ starts up again slowly and quietly.
  14. I hear the quietest footsteps I could have noticed approaching from behind. She takes place next to me. Her hair, two dazzling streams of iridescent teal. Her eyes shine like gemstones, a single tear resembling liquid sapphire rolls down her cheek. Her dress flowing from her small frame in waves of pure silk frills. She looks me in the eye. Takes my hand and squeezes tightly as if to never let go. We lean towards each other to kiss and I’m lost in her touch forever.
  15. As long as I live I shall never forget that gentle yet secure clasp.
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