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Jan 20th, 2015
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  1. (11:17:26 AM) directorbot: What's this in my inbox from the leader of Marmite Collective? Hrm...
  3. Gevlon : You're Fired !
  4. From: Tora Bushido <>
  5. To: Gevlon Goblin <>, magic preacher <>, kypp durron <>, Kesper North <>, The Mittani <>
  6. INBOX <>
  9. Gevlon,
  11. Of course we are doing these wars for free, as we make 0 isk on them. You are getting the service of killing your enemies for cost price. You know any businesses who would sell you anything for cost price ? Exactly, none of them would. Not even the non-profit ones. For someone who is good with numbers, you can act pretty dumb. And we are doing this without any extra effort ? Who do you think is paying for the ship losses we have every month because of these wars? Yes, we are, not you. So don't give me this crap.
  13. We have tolerated your blogs long enough, where you keep telling everyone how you are 'destroying the CFC'. I call bullshit. You havent done shit. If anyone has done anything, it was Marmites doing the killing. It's like buying a painting and telling everyone what a great artist you are. We knew this had zero impact on the CFC, but we were enjoying the killing, smacktalk, blogs, content. It's time you get your wake up call.
  15. Price just went up to 15B / week. You not willing to pay it, fine, we'll go talk to the CFC and see if they want to support the wars against BL, Mordus, TRI, etc. and we will cancel your grrr....Goonies project. You can have it any way you want.
  17. Go luck with finding people who work for free.
  19. Tora
  21. Ps. You are fired !
  23. ~~~ This was a broadcast from the_mittani to all-all at 2015-01-20 16:17:33.729888 EVE ~~~
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