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  1. <align="center"><color=red><size=400%> Talloran's Allegory </size></color>
  2. <size=350%> Discord: <color=#00ffff><link="www.discord.gg/k6G5248"><size=275%><u>Link</u></size></link></color>  Patreon: <color=#00ffff><link="https://www.patreon.com/PWBackup"><size=275%><u>Link</u></size></link></color></size></align>
  5. <size=285%><color=red><align="center">Server Rules:</align></color></size>
  6. <color=#c1c1c1><size=100%><align="center">____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________</align></size></color>
  7. <size=250%>
  8. 1. Team-Killing only under role-play circumstances
  9. 2. No Excess Mic-Spam
  10. 3. No Racial or Homophobic Slurs
  11. 4. No Harassment of a Specific User
  12. 5. Don't Delay Rounds
  13. 6. Don't Impersonate Staff
  14. 7. Don't Disrespect Staff
  15. 8. No Cheating Of Any Sorts
  16. 9. Exploits that allow you to get to certain points of the map where SCPs cannot reach you are Allowed, don't delay the round with this!
  17. 10. Don't Intentionally Crash The Server
  18. 11. No Ghosting
  19. 12. Do Not Be Toxic
  20. 13. No Cross-Teaming beyond these guidelines:
  21. - Teams can cooperate for survival until the reason for working together is gone. (Being locked in a room together, being chased by an SCP)
  22. - <color=red>SCPs</color> may show 'mercy' to <color=yellow>Scientists</color> or <color=orange>D-Class</color> personnel.
  23. - <color=yellow>Scientists</color> and <color=orange>D-Class</color> may freely cross-team with each-other, but only against <color=red>SCPs</color>.
  24. - Teaming with other classes outside of these guidelines will result in a warning or ban.
  25. - <color=red>SCP</color> and <color=#016000>Chaos</color> cannot team even if they do win together.
  26. - Killing at the end of the round is allowed.</size></color>
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