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  1. <ul class="we-mega-menu-ul nav nav-tabs">
  2.     <li class="we-mega-menu-li dropdown-menu" data-level="0" data-element-type="we-mega-menu-li" description="Sell" data-id="3a6e767b-8783-432e-b206-3fbf5cee8447" data-submenu="1" hide-sub-when-collapse="" data-group="0" data-class="" data-icon="" data-caption="" data-alignsub="" data-target="">
  3.             <a class="we-mega-menu-li" title="Sell" href="/sell" target="">
  4.             Menu name
  5.                   </a>
  6.             <div class="we-mega-menu-submenu allSubMenus subMenuSell" data-element-type="we-mega-menu-submenu" data-submenu-width="800" data-class="allSubMenus subMenuSell" style="width: 800px; display: inline;">
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