Bedder Den Fiddy by SkyeHigh (Femanon/Soarin)

Feb 5th, 2016
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  1. Bedder Den Fiddy by SkyeHigh (
  3. ---
  5. >Be FemAnon
  6. >Be 7/10
  7. >Somehow you wound up in Equestria
  8. >Somehow you became the official Discipliner of the Wonderbutts... eh --bolts
  9. >They gave you a magic trinket so you can stay on the clounds
  10. >Never explained why and you couldn’t care less
  11. >You’re just doing your job
  12. >And you do your job well, that’s why they respect you... and some fear you
  14. >Enough introductions, we’re here for the action
  16. >Yesterday they informed you about your next job for today
  17. >Seems like someone was stupid enough to raid the team fridge in the night AND getting caught too
  18. >The culprit was Soarin
  19. >Cute little stallion
  20. >You always kinda liked him and the way he always acts around you makes you think he’s got the hots for you too
  21. >Anyway, according to the Wonderbolts’ rules bedtime is at 2200 because they get up at 0500
  22. >And absolutely no eating after bedtime as that’s bad for the sleep and shape
  23. >Yes, they are really strict about their rules and enforce them without hesitation
  24. >He was sentenced to ‘50 smacks of the paddle to the unprotected rump outside at the Red Plaza’
  25. >Wide open place outside the main building with a little raised platform in the middle and benches for the audience
  26. >The added humiliation of everyone seeing you getting your ass thrashed has so far prevented any repeat offenders
  27. >Time is set for 1000 which is in a bit
  28. >The first few veterans and some rookies are already seated
  29. >Your seat, an old wooden chair and your weapon, the black leather paddle are in place on the platform
  30. >Due to your human physique it’s a lot easier for you to sit down and take the bad Wonderbolts across your lap than some sort of pillory
  31. >The higher-ups also congratulated you for this revolution as it’s even more embarrassing and their fancy-shmancy statistics said it lowered the rule infraction rate even more
  32. >Whatever, you don’t care about that
  33. >And... Oh hey, here they come
  34. >A jumpy and nervous looking Soarin flanked by two other Wonderbolts, all in their uniforms
  35. >You stand there and watch on as they close in and take the few steps onto the platform
  36. >All other eyes are glued on them too and follow their steps
  37. >By now the plaza has filled considerably
  38. >They stop in front of you, the two escorts salute you briefly and turn on the spot without a word
  39. >The whole place falls dead silent
  40. >Soarin’s been avoiding looking at you so far
  41. “Soarin!” you address him loudly and his head snaps up to you
  42. >Everyone seems to be listening very intently now as if you were Celestia herself
  43. “You’ve been found guilty of the rule violations: stealing food from other teammates, eating after bedtime and getting caught outside your room past your bedtime. Accordingly to the Wonderbolt guidelines you’ve been sentenced to 50 smacks with the paddle to the unprotected rump.”
  44. >The stallion winces visibly as if already whacked when you recited his foalish crimes
  45. “Do you accept your punishment?”
  46. >The question is more rhetorical than anything
  47. >If he wouldn’t have accepted they’d have kicked him out by now already
  48. >But coming here will give him a new start over, no grudges held... and a sore rump
  49. >”I-I... accept!” he stammers out
  50. “Very well”
  51. >You step back and take a seat on the chair, before picking up the leather paddle from it
  52. >It’s thick and unyielding, almost like solid wood
  53. “Remove your uniform and then crawl over my knee!”
  54. >You pat your right thigh for added effect
  55. >Soarin’s head snaps left and right, realizing everyone is watching him now intently and seeing if he’ll cooperate
  56. >He wouldn’t be the first Wonderbutt you’d have to get by yourself and restrain properly
  57. >Slowly, awkwardly and embarrassed beyond reason he pulls his zipper down on the front and steps out of the spandex, discarding it in a pile to the side
  58. >You just watch on expectantly, this is nothing new
  59. >Not the first oversized colt you had over your lap
  60. >Biting his lip he steps up to your right side, putting his hooves up on your thigh and crawling over, kicking himself off the floor with his hoofsies
  61. >You grab his long navy-blue tail at the tip with your left hand and wrap it around once, pulling it taut
  62. >Then you pull his waist close to your body and hold him down
  63. >Many hot-headed rookies thought just because you were a female they could struggle all they want
  64. >But they were all mistaken, years of doing this job gave you an iron grip
  65. >As you tap tap the paddle against his exposed bottom you get an idea
  66. >Got nothing to do with his squirms from the patting
  67. >Like mentioned you do this for... a long time now and you’re respected and trusted
  68. >Means you can make changes to the spanking as long as you keep an equivalent value
  69. >And something tells you a sensitive type like Soarin would ‘benefit’ a lot more from some more humiliation than some more bruises
  70. “Soarin...” you speak up, “I’ll make you an offer”
  71. >Low hushed whispers break out in the gathered audience
  72. >They all know about your ‘special deals’ and try guessing what it’ll be this time
  73. “I’ll only give you 30 whacks with this paddle here...”
  74. >You tap his rump again with it
  75. >This and his squirming is so much fun to you
  76. “...if you count every single one loud and clear for everyone to hear like a good boy”
  77. >The hushed whispers get louder and you can make out single lines from their conversations
  78. >”I could never do that...”
  79. >”...too embarrassing”
  80. >”Bedder den fiddy”
  81. >”Poor Soarin...”
  82. >”Can he even count that far?”
  83. >”I bet he can only count to apple pi”
  84. >You wait on patiently as you see Soarin close his eyes shut in desperate thinking
  85. >”I-I... a-accept...” he repeats his earlier agreeing
  86. >Seconds later he slaps his hooves over his head and pulls them down over his ears and face with gritted teeth
  87. >Must be thinking something like ‘I-I am so d-doomed...’ you muse
  88. >Well, no time like the present
  89. >You raise up your weapon of ass destruction and smack him square over both cheeks
  90. >”GAH! Ffffff--” he howls in surprise as his hind legs kick out violently
  91. >”O-one...” he stammers out after a few moments
  92. “Tsk tsk... that was neither loud nor clear, Soarin. Shame... I thought we had a deal”
  93. “Better go for fifty after all...”
  94. >”ONE!” he practically shouts now in fear
  95. “That’s a good boy,” you praise, grinning widely
  96. SMACK!
  97. >The next connects
  98. >“T-TWO!”
  99. WHACK!
  100. >”T-T-THREEEE!”
  101. >Whispers break out again in the audience
  102. >”Didn’t think he could count that far”
  103. >”She hits really hard”
  104. >”Yeah, that way 30 or 50 won’t be very different”
  105. >You go on at a relaxed pace, making that stallion savour each one to the fullest
  106. CRACK!
  107. >”AhhhhHOW! F-FOUR!”
  108. >Oho, a sniffle already
  109. >He’ll be in tears by the tenth
  110. >His rump is showing some color too, pale pink glow in contrast to his light blue hair
  111. >Fast forward
  112. >He dutifully counted every single one so far up to 25
  113. >Though the pauses between his howling in pain and the count are getting larger
  114. >Oh yeah, also at the tenth he broke down in sobs and cries like you predicted, you know your stunt flyers after all
  115. >You raise the paddle for the next one and get a glance at his face
  116. >His hooves are pulling on his mane in an attempt to busy himself
  117. >Tears, snot, drool... all is leaking down without holding back
  118. >His rump looks battered and is glowing reddish, well... not much more
  119. WHACK!
  120. >The next spank hits and his struggles after each one died down as well
  121. >He’s just taking them and yelling in agony
  122. >”WAHAAAAAA!”
  123. >A pause, a sob, hoofsies kicking
  124. >”T-t-twenty-s-six...”
  125. “I didn’t hear you, Soarin”
  126. TAP TAP
  127. “You really want 50 so close to the end?”
  128. >”TWENTY-SIX!”
  129. >Atta boy
  130. >That gets them every time
  131. >WHACK!
  132. >”TWENTY-SEVEEEEEEEN!” he shouts in a long drawn out howl
  133. >WHACK!
  134. >”T-TWENTY-EE--” Soarin almost chokes on his snot there and coughs loudly
  135. >”...E-EIGHT!”
  136. >You glance in the crowd for a bit
  137. >Fearful faces everywhere
  138. >No one dares making fun of the scene, knowing full well they could easily wind up here at anytime
  139. >WHACK!
  141. “Last one, big boy!”
  142. >As expected he tenses up when you say that, expecting a really good one
  143. >You give him a few seconds to relax again, don’t want him to hurt himself
  144. >Three
  145. >Two
  146. >One
  147. >...
  148. CRACK!
  149. >Soarin nearly jumps out of his skin and wails loudly
  150. >All the misery’s coming out now as he sobs and bawls like a little colt
  151. >After some time though he’s coming to himself and notices you still got your arm slung around him
  152. >Cue realization hit
  153. >”THIRTY! THIRTY! P-please no m-more!”
  154. “Close call, mister”
  155. >You let his tail go and begin to pull him up into your arms
  156. >The audience, that was holding their breaths so far, break out in cheers and whistles
  157. >Slowly at first as if unsure what to do
  158. >But they all join in being teammates and unity and shit
  159. >The stallion in your arms buries his face in your chest and sniffles quietly, surely aware how he’s got his back on them and how they all can properly see his disciplined bottom
  160. >You take that opportunity to whisper to him, holding his back with one arm and rub his rump with the other
  161. “If you want to... meet me tonight after bedtime in my room, cutie”
  162. “...don’t let anyone catch you though or we’re here again tomorrow.”
  163. >You let Soarin down on his hooves then and watch him hobble around in circles, butt blazing for sure
  164. >He won’t be raiding any fridges anytime soon... but maybe he’ll raid something else tonight
  165. >You give him a final wink and he looks away, blushing furiously
  166. >END...for now
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