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Playstation 5 real APU and fake GitHub leak

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Jan 9th, 2020
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  1. I am a developer of tools for managing the optimal operating temperatures of microchips.
  2. My company works closely with companies like AMD, Qualcomm and others.
  3. I know well how the AMD production test system works and for this, I can say that the GitHub leak does NOT concern the APU of Playstation 5, but only the next production dedicated to the PC/Mobile sector that AMD has scheduled since 2020 following. In particular, the frequencies in the leak serve as a stress test to determine the maximum frequency point of the chip.
  4. The APU for the Playstation 5 was designed following a different path together with Sony. In particular, it is based on the implementation of exclusive features absent on the APU produced for Microsoft. These features mainly concern the RDNA 2 GPU, with full hardware Ray Tracing and direct read/write access to the SSD.
  5. In addition, the entire testing phase of the APU for the next Playstation 5 was done directly by Sony in its laboratories and NOT in AMD's ones, to avoid leaks and industrial espionage.
  6. In fact, the information we received to calibrate our software has been limited and strictly classified.
  7. For sure there is that the GPU has a maximum performance point of 18+ TFLOPS, but the final version will be limited to 13/14 TFLOPS, the final frequencies have not yet been fixed since at 14 TFLOPS the APU has proven to work perfectly without thermal problems.
  8. These results were verified by Sony's post test documentation.
  9. Anyway soon (about a month) the exact PS5 specifications will be officially announced by Sony, perhaps before those of the Xbox Series X, because Microsoft's APU has a problematic thermal point that has forced Microsoft to reduce the frequency, fixing the computing power at 11.4 TFLOPS
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