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Apr 13th, 2016
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  1. 19:50 - CSn| Lia_Rein: Hey, can I talk to you for a sec when you're next online?
  2. 05 April 2016
  3. 22:24 - ku: What's up?
  4. 22:25 - CSn| Lia_Rein: I just wanted to talk for a sec cuz I was always on good terms with you but I feel like the past 2 months or so have been a bit weird
  5. 22:26 - ku: I would agree so. It's been strange.
  6. 22:29 - ku: Well, it started with balu
  7. 22:29 - ku: And after that I readded you, and then again 3 days later.
  8. 22:30 - ku: It was frustrating, especially your little jabs against me
  9. 22:31 - ku: After that, I can honestly say I never wanted to talk to you ever again
  10. 22:32 - ku: And then the team rolled around...still not sure what that was about
  11. 22:33 - CSn| Lia_Rein: What do you mean the teams rolled aroudn?
  12. 22:33 - CSn| Lia_Rein: around*
  13. 22:34 - ku: I readded you for scrims about a week ago
  14. 22:34 - CSn| Lia_Rein: ok so you readded me for scrims after I deleted you due to trolling and innappropriate comments a while back
  15. 22:36 - ku: You removed me again though after the last Lobby / sceim
  16. 22:37 - ku: Confused what that was for
  17. 22:37 - CSn| Lia_Rein: ok well I'll tell you how it has seemed for me
  18. 22:37 - CSn| Lia_Rein: but first I don't want to be on bad terms with you
  19. 22:37 - CSn| Lia_Rein: because we were fine before
  20. 22:39 - CSn| Lia_Rein: First thing I remember being somewhat of an issue was you and Jom acting out a bit (this was post balu complaining about you to me and me telling him he was wrong). Then I spoke to you in steam chat and asked you not to do that sort of thing again. But you did it a couple times more despite that and that's when things first became an issue for me. I admit I've made stupid jabs at you, because I was annoying and I shouldn't have done that. I feel that you've behaved a bit similarly since though too. Like idk what this dustbowl thing is all of a sudden :P because you never complained to me about it before i removed you.
  21. 22:39 - CSn| Lia_Rein: You know I play on csn for fun, if I didn't I would shut up a little more lol
  22. 22:40 - CSn| Lia_Rein: i was annoyed*
  23. 22:40 - ku: I understand that.
  24. 22:42 - ku: I had jom muted from a very long time ago
  25. 22:43 - ku: Sometime during June
  26. 22:44 - ku: We were never coordinating or anything to annoy Balu.
  27. 22:44 - CSn| Lia_Rein: It wasn't balu
  28. 22:44 - CSn| Lia_Rein: It was remarks made towards me
  29. 22:44 - CSn| Lia_Rein: whatever happened with balu is a separate thing I'm not even sure what was said
  30. 22:46 - CSn| Lia_Rein: To explain the team thing to you
  31. 22:48 - CSn| Lia_Rein: with a lot of remarks you made on sb1 and stuff I had the feeling in general that you were very critical of me. And I 100% agreed with all your comments postgame btw about healing sniper more and demo. I can try and work on the sniper myself but the demo is difficult because our demos have largely been roamers and I can let them know where I am but I needa stay with my bodyguard too and sometimes the demos don't come back lol I felt like during the game and post game you were very critical of me and I may be wrong, but it felt like it was influenced by what had happened before
  32. 22:48 - CSn| Lia_Rein: so that's my explanation for that
  33. 22:52 - CSn| Lia_Rein: Also I didn't delete you that time with jom, it was a few days later when you continued making comments
  34. 22:52 - CSn| Lia_Rein: I just spoke to you when jom was on
  35. 22:54 - ku: I remember it well.
  36. 22:57 - ku: I never meant for the criticism to be targeted at you and only you
  37. 22:58 - ku: I'm a spy. I'm not a combo class. I threw pretty hard that scrim as well.
  38. 22:58 - ku: :P
  39. 22:59 - CSn| Lia_Rein: yeah I can see that
  40. 22:59 - CSn| Lia_Rein: I just was unsure because of things
  41. 23:00 - CSn| Lia_Rein: I can see that your criticism wasn't intended for me alone lol
  42. 23:00 - CSn| Lia_Rein: nnot that you thre
  43. 23:00 - CSn| Lia_Rein: threw*
  44. 23:03 - ku: just particularly mediocre at process. Ugc generally doesn't put it up in seasons that often
  45. 23:07 - ku: For dustbowl, I'm not like the dust bowl Antichrist. I know it probably sounded like that to everyone on sunday lol
  46. 23:09 - ku is now Away.
  47. 23:10 - CSn| Lia_Rein: lol well a couple times maybe
  48. 23:11 - CSn| Lia_Rein: It's just that I never saw you like that before there were issues lol and then it seemed to happen all of a sudden
  49. 23:11 - CSn| Lia_Rein: but the point is
  50. 23:11 - CSn| Lia_Rein: I won't make any jibes at you and you know the kind of comments that I also don't like
  51. 23:11 - CSn| Lia_Rein: We're both regulars on csn and we got on fine before
  52. 23:19 - CSn| Lia_Rein: I would prefer we get on over other solutions
  53. 23:25 - ku is now Online.
  54. 23:25 - ku: Other solutions?
  55. 23:25 - ku: Are you saying you want to mud wrestle me
  56. 23:25 - CSn| Lia_Rein: lol sure
  57. 23:26 - CSn| Lia_Rein: Like legitly when I think of the start of things I really don't know why things suddenly got bad
  58. 23:26 - CSn| Lia_Rein: to be honest with you the past few months have had an increasing number of trolls and that while I've been on
  59. 23:26 - CSn| Lia_Rein: so I have decided not to be so lax about it
  60. 23:30 - ku: Especially the people that go spy and target you
  61. 23:30 - ku: Lol it's kind of funny
  62. 23:31 - CSn| Lia_Rein: ? wuuh
  63. 23:31 - CSn| Lia_Rein: i expect to get stabbed as medic lol
  64. 23:32 - ku: The people that literally say "I'm gonna target Lia" into Alltalk
  65. 23:33 - CSn| Lia_Rein: lol well
  66. 23:33 - CSn| Lia_Rein: that's vaguely annoying yeah
  67. 23:33 - CSn| Lia_Rein: but it's not something I would really kick for or anything
  68. 23:35 - ku: *insert Mr paladin joke here*
  69. 23:36 - ku is now Away.
  70. 23:37 - CSn| Lia_Rein: lol sure
  71. 23:37 - ku is now Online.
  72. 23:37 - CSn| Lia_Rein: and you know
  73. 23:37 - CSn| Lia_Rein: let me know if I say something and it bothers you
  74. 23:37 - CSn| Lia_Rein: because I won't say it again
  75. 23:37 - CSn| Lia_Rein: genuinely :P
  76. 23:38 - ku: Same for you :p
  77. 23:39 - ku: But believe me, it's pretty hard to offend me haha
  78. 23:40 - CSn| Lia_Rein: for most things I'm normally the same
  79. 23:40 - CSn| Lia_Rein: obviously my main humour is teasing people and them teasing me lol
  80. 23:44 - CSn| Lia_Rein: anyway, now we can get back to wearing our friendship braclets :P talk to you later
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