bottoming the top (futatwixAnon, teasing,) Unfinished

May 8th, 2018
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  1. >Futa Twilight: Top or Bottom?
  3. It's all about the mood
  4. But then, why would she want to grow a cock if she wanted to be bottom?
  6. Or maybe that's exactly it, maybe she's in a challenging mood, maybe she wants to push you around and act as if she was going to top, only actually waiting for you to reverse the table and pin her down
  7. Her eyes fleeting to the left of the bed for just a second, bringing your attention to a magic nullifying ring that just so happened to be placed on the nightstand, sitting there right next to another ring, a slightly larger one made of weird rubber-y material, not unlike the one she sometime places on your own horn whenever she's in the mood
  8. And there you have it, after some tumbling and maybe some kissing, you've got her
  9. Your little princess pinned down under your weight, a ring on her horn to stop any release of mana, and another ring on her cock to stop another kind of release entirely
  11. Her eyes may be throwing daggers at you, she still can't completely hide the hunger in them
  12. And even though you're the one on top, you still feel the irresistible need to comply to this demand of hers, leaning forward to crash your lips against hers
  13. She fakes resisting it, trying to keep her lips clenched shut to stop your tongue from invading her sanctuary, but a quick thrust of your hips into hers to squeeze her hardness between your bellies is enough to elicit a gasp from your captive, and this proving more than enough for your tongue to pierce through her defences
  14. Your tongues meet, and for a fraction of a second you feel hers falling into automatism, already starting its little dance around yours, the same you practiced a million times before
  15. But as if suddenly remembering her current predicament, she stops, deciding to use her teeth at your flesh instead
  16. You groan at her, in frustration, in want, in love
  17. And she smirks, the unmistakable feeling of her lips flexing upwards against yours as she let's out a nagging, if muffled, snicker reminding you full well why you love her so much
  19. And yet, you can't let this act of defiance go unpunished, not today
  20. She wants war? She'll get war
  21. You pull out, her grin unwavering as her eyes follow yours, still challenging you even though she knows full well she's not getting out of this one
  22. You try to come up with words that could tie well with your plan of action, but quickly decides against using any, actions will be more than enough
  23. And so you get to it, your right hand flying to her throbbing length to give her flare a good squeeze before she can realize it, and a loud moan is your reward, her hips rolling up in response, half trying to get out of your grasp and half begging you for more
  24. It's your turn to grin while she mentally chastise herself for letting that one out
  25. You squeeze again, but this time get barely any response from her body, her teeth biting into her bottom lip to somehow keep herself from losing anymore than she already did
  26. Barely any response, other than the sticky feeling of her liquid love bubbling from her tip and onto your palm
  27. Oh yes, this'll be good
  28. You pull your hand slightly down her flare, making sure to keep as much of your skin in contact with her flesh as possible while doing so, and grip the shaft, your thumb and pointer wrapping themselves right below her crown
  29. Once again, you see her fighting the urge to let go, but she still keeps it in
  30. She's a strong opponent, that's something you learned over time
  31. And even though the 'warrior princess' nickname you gave her was done half-jokingly, it still holds some truth
  32. But you still have to figure a way how to win
  33. Rather, you know exactly how to win, but winning too fast wouldn't be nearly as rewarding or fun, no, you've got to pace this one
  34. You give her length a slow but firm pump, the motion not unlike one would use to milk the teat of a cow, and you're rewarded with more of her pre slowly oozing its way out of her
  35. That will do
  37. But you need some more before you can really start, so you bring your second hand into play
  38. Her eyes intently follow its movements, and you see her body crisp in anticipation as you let it linger over her shaft, only to surprise her by dropping lower and grabbing one of her plum
  39. She hisses in concern as you give it a good squeeze, but you make sure not to hurt her, you know how fragile these things can be
  40. But you also know how sensitive they are, and so you roll it between your fingers, letting your thumb dig slightly harder here and there
  41. But it's still not enough, so you decide to resume your pumping
  42. And you feel this warm feeling flooding your chest as she lets out her second moan, or maybe it could be called a groan, who cares about the details
  43. Yet, she manages to recover and regain control of her hips, forcing them back down against the mattress while forcing her gaze away from yours, thinking that it could maybe reduce the sensations coursing their way up her spine
  44. But you know exactly how to get her attention back, and how to keep it, and a quick look down confirms that she's ready
  45. Using your thumb, you carefully swipe off as much of her nectar as you can from her crown, before leaning forward and letting go of her length to bring the digit to her muzzle
  46. "Open up for me~,"
  47. Her eyes flick down for a moment, just enough for her to analyze the situation, before she gives a quick shake of her head
  48. Plan B
  49. "Okay then, more for me,"
  50. Making sure to do it inside her field of view, you bring your thumb to your own lips and slowly push it in, making a show of licking it clean, and your eyes find hers again
  51. "Oh? So you do want some, don't you?"
  52. She averts her eyes once again, but doesn't shake her head this time
  53. "Well it's fine, we'll just have to make you produce some more,"
  54. "Even though... I'm sure you could still taste some if I were to kiss you right now,"
  55. You feel her back legs clenching around you at the prospect, which is exactly the kind of response you wanted
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