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Fallout: Beyond Equestria. Session 13

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  2. Session Start: Wed Oct 03 18:09:45 2012
  3. Session Ident: #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  4. 03[18:09] * Now talking in #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  5. 03[18:09] * Topic is 'Session logs : http://derpy.me/n67Uw Current rulebook: http://derpy.me/Ktve7 Dicebot/OOC Chat #FalloutEquestriaDice Find all of the forum threads you could possibly need here: http://derpy.me/pnpboard New character sheets!: http://derpy.me/charsheet'
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  8. 06[18:16] * @CopyCat senses hostility coming from the balcony like a crushing wave and instinctivly reaching out to those nearby for help. Her companions may act a little faster.
  9. 06[18:28] * +Bookwright draws his pistol, cursing his luck and pulling the trigger simultaneously.
  10. [18:38] <@Kkat> 3One of the beams from Bookwright's laser sears across the griffin's feathers, but the weapon glitches before he can do serious damage to the assassin.
  11. 06[18:39] * +Bookwright abandons his attack and backs out of the doorway, wondering if it was a bad idea to curse his luck just then...
  12. 06[18:40] * @CopyCat spurred on by the group's feeling of urgency she tries to drag the unconcious griffin and pony away with her telekinesis while Mitzi charges across the room.
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  14. [18:47] <@Kkat> 3CopyCat begins pulling the unconscious griffin and pony out of the room.  Mercifully, the do not look like they have been harmed further.  The assassin was waiting for the gas to take full effect before entering, and that delay has cost her her prize(s).
  15. 06[18:49] * @Mitzi charges across the room, snraling furiously and slamming into the griffon with all the force she can muster
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  19. [19:20] <@Kkat> 3Mitzi charges across the gap, slamming into the griffin with a bone-jarring thud, sending the two of them sailing over the balcony.  A moment later, there is a crash from below.
  20. 03[19:20] * mimezinga is now known as Get_Lost
  21. 06[19:25] * @Get_Lost jumps outside her room, still with all of hger hooves tied together in bandages and evidently in distress; she doesn't even say a word
  22. 06[19:25] * Noble_Heart delays not at all the moment Mitzi had vanished. Her shield already around her to protect against the gas and potential combat from their now-fallen foe. She rushed across the room, leaving CopyCat to drag the two within to safety and spread her wings, sailing towards the ground below as her horn glowed. A moment's concentration and the briefest delay to see if their enemy was even still conscious before she flug a volley of purple energy beams at their form. And possibly Mitzi's as well. Not deliberately, mind you. "We will not let them escape!"
  23. [19:25] #FalloutEquestriaPNP Cannot send to channel (+m)
  24. [19:25] #FalloutEquestriaPNP Cannot send to channel (+m)
  25. 03[19:26] * Get_Lost sets mode: +v Noble_Heart
  26. 06[19:26] * +Noble_Heart delays not at all the moment Mitzi had vanished. Her shield already around her to protect against the gas and potential combat from their now-fallen foe. She rushed across the room, leaving CopyCat to drag the two within to safety and spread her wings, sailing towards the ground below as her horn glowed. A moment's concentration and the briefest delay to see if their enemy was even still conscious before she flug a volley of purple energy beams at their form. And possibly Mitzi's as well. Not deliberately, mind you. "We will not let them escape!"
  27. 06[19:32] * @CopyCat lets her shield fall when she brings the unconcious griffin and pony outside the room. Sensing distress she turns to Get_Lost in surprise. "Oh, err, can I help you?"
  28. 06[19:33] * @Get_Lost snorts again "oh no don't worry, i'm perfectly fine, i always go around tied with bandages... you should try, it's fun!"
  29. 03[19:36] * Kar-Dinner is now known as Yoshi
  30. 06[19:38] * @CopyCat cocks her head. Any sarcasm would wash over her head. "Okay! If you have some more bandages then I would like to join you."
  31. 06[19:45] * @Get_Lost nds, since being a solaris requires a lot of adaptability "alright then, later we ill try, but no wings, okay? if you use wings you lose"
  32. [19:46] <@Kkat> 3In the crash below, Mitzi fails to pin her opponent, getting tossed off but landing smartly on all fours.  The griffin, not so lucky, is splayed out amongst broken pottery, scattered fertilizer and white tulips.
  33. 06[19:46] * @Mitzi is a Hellhound with cat-like reflexes. Go figure
  34. 06[19:51] * @CopyCat grins. She was making friends! "Yes I will remember no wings."
  35. 03[19:59] * Eridani (Eridani@Pony-nejfkj.east.verizon.net) has joined #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  36. 06[20:04] * +Kid proceeds to help pull the captives out of the room. That griffon was being handled. "Hey! Hey, are y' awake? Are y' awake?" She clops her hooves together over the probably gassed and confused pony (and griffon) in front of her.
  37. [20:05] <@Kkat> 3The griffin is blasted well and truly into utter unconsciousness.
  38. 06[20:05] * @Mitzi pickes herself up and dusts herself off a bit. She then hunches over, flexing her claws in case the griffon was only playing possum
  39. 06[20:07] * @Get_Lost nods again at CopyCat "sure, but first i need to checlk on the patients... by the way, what's this smell? i mean, besides the smell of my heat"
  40. 06[20:08] * +Kid stared at Get_Lost, completely unamused. "Can ya'll, like, keep some of that shit to yerself?" She looked at the billowing cloud of gas. "I dunno, but shit's painful to be in."
  41. 06[20:09] * +Bookwright mumbles from the corner, "So don't stand in it dummkopf."
  42. 03[20:10] * Bone_Marrow is now known as Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  43. 02[20:12] * @Get_Lost (utente@Pony-95lg5q.retail.telecomitalia.it) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
  44. 06[20:13] * @CopyCat steps away from the two patients who have been leant up against the corridor wall. "A poison, I think. It stings a lot."
  45. 06[20:13] * +Noble_Heart hmphs softly and drops her shield, thumping a forehoof against the ground. "Such an uncultured brute should never have attempted to attack Our charges! They shall join the others and answer Our questions when they awaken."
  46. 06[20:14] * @Mitzi prods the griffon with a claw to make sure she's out. She wondered if a bit of 'aggressive preening' would be useful
  47. 06[20:16] * +Kid narrows her eye and glares at Bookwright. "I didn't see ya'll openin' any doors with yer telekinesis, so 'scuse me fer getting a lil' too close!"
  48. 06[20:17] * +Bookwright "Yes, I'll just use my LIGHTBRINGER LEVEL telekinetic OVERWHELMING POWER to open the door, instead of letting Mitzi open it at much less expenditure of energy. Also I'm not that telekinetically strong."
  49. 06[20:18] * @Mitzi IS that strong, physically at least. Of course, she didn't really hear that comment so she continues eyeing the griffon.
  50. 06[20:18] * @CopyCat looks between Kid and Bookwright, her own eyes watering as well. "Oh, please don't fight. I... I'm sure we can disperse it somehow. Maybe I can use my wings?"
  51. 02[20:19] * Stop_That (Zepheniah@Pony-alh7q5.pool.mediaWays.net) Quit (Connection closed)
  52. 06[20:19] * +Noble_Heart spreads her wings and moves up towards the window, hovering outside some distance. "Kid! We need your expertise. The attack has been neutralized, and We now require her restraint."
  53. 06[20:20] * +Bookwright shrugs. "There's nobody in there now, just close the door so it doesn't get into the rest of the hotel and it'll dissipate out the gaping hole that used to be a set of Prench doors."
  54. 06[20:21] * +Bookwright finishes unglitching his energy pistol and puts it away. "I'm going to go downstairs and get a closer look at this griffin friend of ours."
  55. 06[20:21] * @Mitzi makes holes in teeth. Er... walls
  56. 06[20:22] * +Kid lets her eye open wide with anger. "Wow! Ah didn't know ya'll don't have th' strength t' open an unlocked, unguarded, door wi' a loose handle that was in th' other room!" She looked at Noble and actually preferred what she was saying over what Bookwright was saying. "Sure, jus... Lemme get m' rope." She followed Noble, looking rather out of it.
  57. 06[20:23] * @CopyCat bites her lip and glances at the loose door hinges... the door itself lying in several pieces on the floor. "Umm, closing the door might be difficult."
  58. [20:23] <@Kkat> 3Sadly, the agent seems to be unconscious yet again.  Although hopefully the poison's effects will clear up in an hour or so.
  59. 06[20:24] * +Noble_Heart beats her wings to help get the poison from the room a touch faster and helps Kid down from the window. "We wish to know why Our charge has been targeted by so many. It is unusual to see such lengths taken for a single pony's life."
  60. 06[20:26] * @CopyCat shuts her eyes tightly and stands in the doorway, beating her wings to try and send the poison out the window. "Oww, oww. Oww."
  61. 06[20:26] * +Kid rolls her eye. "Why else? Bet y' at th' end of th' day, it boils down t' caps." Rope, rope, rope. Oh, splendid. Last bit of rope on there.
  62. 03[20:28] * Kkat sets mode: +v Eridani
  63. 06[20:28] * @Mitzi moves around the griffon to let Kid do her work, but extends a paw to near the griffon's neck in order to keep her down in the (unlikely) event that she woke up suddenly
  64. 06[20:31] * +Noble_Heart whinnies in irritation. "What ponies or griffins would demand assassination of a New Canterlot citizen!? Such a thing is beyond acceptance. They must be punished for such offering such a reward." She glares down at the griffon. "And their minions shall be reminded of the laws of these lands as well!"
  65. 04[20:34] * @Mitzi looks up to Noble_Heart curiously; "Ponee laws? Uh didn't know ponies had laws."
  66. 06[20:35] * +Noble_Heart gave a snort, shaking her head to Mitzi. "Ponies have had a long history of laws, order and Harmony in our lands! Even the darkest of days were merely a setback upon those ideals. The New Canterlot Republic and the Followers of the Apocalypse remember the way things should be. And We shall not disappoint."
  67. 06[20:35] * +Kid blinks as she pulls the last line tight. There. That one was more tied up that Get_Lost on a good day! "In case ya'll didn't know, I ain't a New Canterlot citizen, Noble. Not properly." It's how she's allowed to keep the name shuffle game going.
  68. 06[20:36] * @Mitzi nods; "Uh see. Wit Ur kind, Alpha's wurd eez law. Who makes ponee law?"
  69. 06[20:36] * +Bookwright "Ponies have a lot of laws, and most of them don't apply out here."
  70. 06[20:38] * @Mitzi 's dogs are still at the inn somewhere. er player keeps forgetting about them <.<
  71. [20:39] <@Mitzi> *her
  72. 06[20:40] * +Noble_Heart shakes her head. "The Council in writes the laws by which ponies live." She looks to Bookwright and frowns. "Perhaps so. But We will not overlook an attempted assassination of an innocent pony. Least of all one which We have been charged with protecting!" She stomps a forehoof. "These griffons shall face justice and, in time, so shall their employers."
  73. 06[20:41] * +Bookwright "I don't actually care whether or not the law applies out here, I'm merely interested in dealing with anyone who thinks they can assassinate someone and get away with it."
  74. 06[20:42] * @CopyCat flaps away, breathing in a fresh dose of the poison even as she drives the rest of it out. "Nearly done, nearly done... feel tired." [PER dropped to 0] She slumps onto the ground and mumbles to herself. "Ah, I used my wings, that means I lose... oh dear." CC slips into unconciousness, happy in the knowledge that she was useful.
  75. 02[20:49] * @CopyCat (Samus@Pony-s74hjp.demon.co.uk) Quit (Quit: )
  76. 06[20:51] * +Kid rolls her eye. "That makes sense.
  77. 06[20:57] * +Kid slowly trots on up, tugging at the tied up fellow and plopping him down on her belly. "Well. That happened."
  78. 03[21:03] * Noble_Heart is now known as Ilushia
  79. 03[21:07] * Kid is now known as Fridge|Sleep
  80. 03[21:09] * @Mitzi (coolsmile@Pony-0d0hnc.cable.rogers.com) has left #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  81. 03[21:09] * Bookwright is now known as Scorch_Mechanic
  82. Session Close: Wed Oct 03 21:14:21 2012
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