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  1. -the last camp-
  3. the last camp is a big concrete building. The bridge sorta "ends" at the buildings entrance so you're forced to go inside. It just looks like a huge 80s Disco on the inside, and everybody's dancing. aAs soon as froobie walks in, it's like an energy takes control of her body and she has to dance too. Everybody looks either tired or hyped as fuck.
  5. A dude she talks to is super serious like
  6. "yeah, this is how terrifying the bridge is... As soon as you step foot in this area, you cannot stop dancing no matter what! You can't even sleep, or drink water properly. This is the last camp, you should turn back while you have the chance..." And then u see froobie and she's snoozin while dancing no problem and the dude is like WUT.
  8. so Froobie dances while sleeping a bit more, wakes up and then she's like "ok, how do I keep going then.. I don't see a way out". She sees a nerdy looking frog in the background who just looks exhausted as FUCK and is like "yoo.. are you okay?"
  10. "No, i'm not ok... I'm almost dying here, but I can't go back because I told my family I was gonna cross the bridge no matter what... But I can't find the way out of this place! I've explored every corner, triangulated the precise coordinates of the exit with trigonometry and everything, but nothing. There is simply no way out! The bridge is a sham!"
  12. He seems desperate as frick basically while saying this, of course he's also dancing groggily while he talks.
  14. "There's only one explanation then..." Froobie ponders. "The exit will show itself to the people who BELIEVE..."
  16. "Believe in WHAT?? Also who are you again?"
  18. "in the power of DANCE" and then froobie pulls a sick move. "Come on, I'll show you how to dance properly. By the way, my name is Froobie"
  20. "I-I'm Charles V Frogium! Nice to meet you? But the whole point is that I don't WANT to dance!"
  22. "When the music takes over your body, it doesn't matter if you want to dance or not. you WILL dance and you WILL enjoy it! I think that's the whole point of this place. Come on, move your arms like this! and your legs like this! and your hips like this!" (Charles sloppily immitates Froobie with a confused look on his face)
  24. Suddenly a huge muscly frog touches Charles' shoulder and goes like "Greetings. My name is DJ Toad. I am the Guardian of this camp. I see that you are prepared... if you manage to defeat me in a dance-off, I shall let you through"
  26. Charles is like WTF I can't believe this worked.
  28. "Bring it ON" Froobie says. The whole crowd gathers around and a light shines in like the center. DJ Toad pulls some sick moves. Froobie pulls some sick moves and Charles sorta tries to copy her. SICK PASSIONATE DANCING happens for a few panels. by the end, DJ Toad is sweating.
  30. "Very well... you have defeated me. Come with me now" He takes them to an area that says "VIP Only", opens a door, and goes like
  32. "Good luck out there. Nobody that has crossed this door has ever come back. May the DANCE be with you."
  34. Froobie and Charles go through, and the door closes behind them.
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