Anon in Saddle Arabia's pony prison, chapter 2

Aug 26th, 2015
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  1. <Previously, on ‘Anon in Saddle Arabia’s prison’!
  3. “Hey guys, want some help?”
  4. >”NO”
  6. >”Anon, I’m pregnant and you are the father!”
  7. “I’ve only said two words to you!”
  8. >”They were very sexy words…”
  10. >”Anon, you must find the 7 chaos emeralds by finding the 9 sages. The 5 crystals will show you the way after you activate the master sword by consecrating it in the magic-“
  13. “Fuse, who is back? What is happening?”
  14. >”Terrorists, Anon”
  15. >Short fuse gulps nervously
  16. >”Terrorists from Al-Quesadilla”
  18. <The following situation happened between 6:00 p.m and 6:15 p.m
  21. Be Short Fuse
  22. >The time has come
  23. >You always knew they would come back
  24. >Many times in the past, your team wasn’t prepared for them
  25. >But this time your team is prepared for the fight!
  26. “Yarn, make sure everyone is safe in the prison! Tell them to cover their ears and hide in their beds! I’ll call the guard defense team and-"
  27. >"They are already there Fuse; I’ll just go on with my duties!"
  28. "Right, thanks!"
  29. >Ah, you'll need to remember to add points to her account for this
  30. >You’re going to need your battle costume…
  31. >No, the terrorists are already here!
  32. >You don’t have time to be changing clothes!
  33. >The more time those terrorists are here, the more your ponies are in danger!
  34. “Anon, be a good guy and stay here please. I’ll go with the guards and-“
  35. >Anon interrupts you, lifting Pancho
  36. >”we’ll go with you”
  37. >Pony feathers, there is no time to argue with him!
  38. “Okay, do what you want, but please, stay away from the battlefield! It can get pretty bad…”
  39. >Two guards walk into your room
  41. >Keep it together Short, don’t yell at them for a single mistake…
  42. >Just take a breath and…
  44. >Nice going there, warden
  45. “Just… let’s go… let’s no waste more time… are they on the move?
  46. >”They’re waiting for us, warden!”
  47. >Anonymous tilts his head in confusion
  48. >”Why are the terrorists waiting? Shouldn’t they just attack while they have the advantage?”
  49. “Well, it wouldn’t be fair if they attacked us and had an advantage. That’s why they are waiting”
  50. >”That… doesn’t make any se- oh forget it, let’s go already”
  51. “Right, Yarn Feather must be on her way to alert every prisoner and inhabitant of the prison!”
  52. >Anonymous nods at you and you nod at the guards
  53. >The four of you quickly make your way outside of the prison where a battle awaits
  56. Be Royal Mess
  57. >You are with your squad, waiting for the warden to come up and give orders
  58. >The terrorists are complaining about the annoying alarm sounds
  59. >’If they want something to really complain about, you’ll let them hear Tactic Star’s alarm noises…’ you think to yourself
  60. >…
  61. “The warden is really taking his time…”
  62. >Even your partner, Tactic Star, has fallen asleep!
  63. “Tactic, wake up! Come on, we haven’t been waiting too long and the battle could start any minute!”
  64. >You poke Tactic with your hoof
  65. >”Oh what, what? Did we win?”
  66. “Are you kidding me? You fell asleep while waiting for the warden! We only been waiting 5 minutes! Please don’t make a fool of us in front of the enemy…”
  67. >”But they are sleeping too, it’s not fair!”
  68. “They are what?”
  69. >You notice two terrorist ponies sleeping soundly on the sandy floor
  71. >They both react at the same time, jumping scared
  72. >”Woah dude, that was rude”
  73. “Says the one invading…”
  74. >You hear the doors of the main entrance of the prison opening
  75. >You and your squad look over as the warden makes her-HIS entrance
  76. >Woah, why is the warden wearing a saddle and socks?
  77. >...He looks so good in it...
  78. >Two ponies of your squad murmur while watching the warden walk
  79. >’I saw her first!’
  80. >’No you didn’t, she’s mine!’
  81. >...Oh right, the greeting!
  83. >”OI, OI, OUR WARDEN!”
  84. >Your squad greets the warden in unison
  85. >Perfect timing, even Tactic got the greeting right
  86. >Now we just need to follow the battle plan and everything will be fine
  87. >The prison guards will win this time!
  90. Be Anon
  91. >Be with Fuse and a few guards at the entrance of the prison
  92. >Most of the terrorists are almost the same body color, yellow or orange
  93. >They are all wearing bandanas and holding bottles
  94. >... Those bottles look like molotovs…
  95. >Everyone seems to just be sitting around, waiting for the battle to begin
  96. >The alarm is still on… might as well tell Fuse to turn it off?
  97. “Hey, Fuse?”
  98. >”Yes, Anon? What is it this time?”
  99. “Shouldn’t we turn off the alarm now that we are outside and everypony is advised about the invasion?
  100. >"Oh right, Royal Spear! Could you please tell Gloria to stop the alarm?"
  101. >The guard nods and goes to complete his mission
  102. "Can't he just press a button to turn off the alarm?"
  103. >"Gloria /is/ the alarm”
  104. “…oh”
  105. >”Okay Anon, just stay away and just watch how professionals work!”
  106. >Fuse walks to the front of the line of guards, looking at them with inspiration flashing in his eyes
  107. >”TEAM! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty… For tonight, we dine in summer!”
  108. >The guards seemed to get pumped up for a moment, but their excitement quickly shifts to confusion
  109. >”…Or was it autumn? Or a day of the week? Not this again, I forgot another good quote!”
  110. >You should say something
  111. >…
  112. >Nah, he’ll be okay
  113. >”Well whatever! Got the water guns ready?”
  114. >”YES MA- SIR”
  115. >Short Fuse smiles and points at the sky
  116. >”This time we are going to win! I can feel it!”
  117. >The guards roar at the sky
  118. >All you need is popcorn to enjoy the show…
  119. >A pony with a black burka makes its way to the center of the soon-to-be battlefield
  120. >Short Fuse does the same
  121. >They both walk in slow-mo
  122. >...Damn, they look awesome!
  123. >Short Fuse is the first to speak
  124. >”Musul Mare, are you ready to lose?”
  125. >The pony, ‘Musul Mare’ speaks directly to Short Fuse
  127. >”Quit your yelling already and prepare yourself…”
  128. >”AYAYA! Silly warden scared of big celebration yell! AYAYA!”
  129. >Fuse frowns and furrows his brow
  130. >”Don’t call me silly! You… you unfashionable pony!”
  133. >Short Fuse sticks out his tongue at Musul Mare
  135. >”GUARDS, ATTACK!”
  137. >And so the battle begins…
  138. >The terrorists begin throwing some plastic bottles with... /something/ inside
  140. >The guards retaliate by shooting water with some nerf-looking guns
  141. "Aim for their mouths! We’ll clean up their foul language!"
  142. >One of the guard hits a terrorist with a well-placed shot
  143. >”Ah! Poopy heads! Water with soap can hurt eyes! ”
  144. >”Everypony cover your ears! They are swearing!”
  145. >So the water has soap in it
  146. >What about the terrorists’ bottles?
  148. >Various bottles fly through the air into the guards
  149. >Tactic, being the silly guard he is, catches one bottle with his magic
  150. >”Oh boy, but if it isn’t soda!”
  152. >But it was too late, as Tactic was already drinking the unknown contents of the bottle
  153. >His body freezes for a moment, before convulsing in disgust
  155. >Tactic Star hits the floor, dramatically posing as though he had been knocked unconscious
  156. >Royal Mess throws his nerf gun to the floor next to Tactic and sits at his side, yelling at him
  158. >He quickly gets up with a dark expression on his face
  159. >Picking his own gun as well as Tactic’s gun, Mess sprays the enemy team in a rage like only a vengeful friend could do
  160. >”GUARD DOWN, I REPEAT, GUARD DOWN, TAKE COVER!” another guard says
  161. >This fight is amazing. If only you had a controller, you could think you were using one of the guards
  162. >Meanwhile, Musul Mare was trying to do a kind of dance behind the terrorist lines, motivating her team you would guess
  163. >...And Short Fuse is just jumping forward and backwards and yelling good things at the guards
  164. >All he needs is a cheerleader outfit…
  165. >Maybe you can make him wear one?
  166. >Man, wanting a stallion to wear a girly outfit? Something is wrong with you today
  167. >You’ll blame him for this later, after helping him with the paperwork...
  168. >It seems like the battle is coming to its end
  169. >The terrorist team got 4 terrorist ponies injured, swearing in their language
  170. >Meanwhile, the guards’ only casualty was Tactic Star
  171. >Well, casualty isn’t the right word... ‘out of combat’ fits better
  172. >The terrorists seem to be defeated! The guards are winning!
  173. >”…What’s that terrorist doing?”
  174. >Wait what?
  175. >A terrorist pony with a suit moves past his comrades
  176. >Everything seems to be quiet in the battlefield
  178. >He shows up what’s in his suit
  179. >Inside, there is a device with a yellow liquid; it seems to be very sticky!
  180. >A guard pony notices the liquid and yells at his team
  181. >”They are doing it again! They’ll stick us with that liquid cheese!”
  182. >…
  183. >He plans to sacrifice himself!
  184. >Maybe the guards can handle it? Fuse said that they were professionals!
  185. >…Okay, they started to cry already, time to be a hero
  186. >The terrorist with the suit starts running towards the guards
  187. >”WITNESS ME!”
  188. >Think of something! QUICK!
  189. >The terrorists begin to chant one word, over and over
  191. >FUCK, FUCK, FUCK
  192. >With not enough time to think, you grab Pancho and run through the guards’ front line
  193. >Fuse notices you and yells at you
  194. >”ANON, NO!”
  196. >Why does time seems to freeze in these kinds of moments?
  197. >You sweat bullets with nothing in mind
  198. >The terrorist kamikaze is almost pulling the trigger of his sticky death trap
  199. >But suddenly, something catches your attention
  200. >you hear something coming from inside Pancho
  201. *Bzzzzz*
  202. >…
  203. >The cockroach! That’s your salvation!
  204. >…
  205. >You hold Pancho in front of the oncoming terrorist and release the beast!
  206. >…!
  207. "Go, Larry! Put the fear of GOD into these heretics!"
  208. >The guards, the terrorists, Musul Mare and Short Fuse, all ask you the same question
  209. >”Larry?”
  210. >And so, the buzzing begins
  211. *Bzzzzzz*
  212. >The kamikaze terrorist stops as he sees the cockroach
  213. >Larry lazily flies toward the faint smell of cheese
  215. >The terrorist quickly retreats to his team, tripping in his way and accidentally pulling the trigger
  216. >[Explosion sound effect]
  217. >All the terrorists now are covered in cheese!
  218. >...Man, that’s a lot of cheese
  219. >Even Musul Mare got a little of cheese in her barka
  220. >If only you had a cheese pun for this occasion
  221. >”So that means… we win?”
  222. >Tactic Star recovers from… nothing apparently and yells
  223. >”We won!”
  224. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxkLK9NAHbc
  226. >Well duh, this isn’t either a zombie game
  227. >…I tried to be funny there, sorry about that… let’s all blame the narrator for this
  228. <How about we don’t?
  229. >The guards surround each terrorist, preparing to capture them
  230. >Fuse approaches you
  231. >”That was brave of you, Anon! Thanks to you we won! And we are finally going to trap these little…”
  232. >”OH NO YOU DON’T”
  233. “It’s over Musul Mare, there is no way out of this! You lost your little game of invasion!”
  235. >Okay, you are starting to hate how she speaks
  236. “What can you do to escape from this?”
  238. >A terrorist pony in orange outfit, completely covered in cheese, stands up and starts yelling slowly
  239. >A music comes from fucking nowhere, and all the terrorist ponies start to line up
  240. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTIIMJ9tUc8
  241. >The terrorist’s voice starts getting a bit high, and then drops
  242. >They all start moving their hooves in the same rhythm
  243. >They start dancing, moving their hind legs in different ways
  244. >And so they finally start singing, in a foreign language…
  245. >…This is getting a little weird
  246. >Okay this is weird
  247. >This is confusing as fuck
  248. “Shouldn’t we…“
  249. >The guards start clapping their hooves in the floor as the terrorists start singing
  250. “Oh you’ve gotta to be kidding me, seriously?”
  251. >Even Fuse is dancing and clapping his hooves!
  252. “Fuse! Shouldn’t we do something?”
  253. >…He ignored you, he really is liking the song and the dancing
  254. >What now? You aren’t a guard, just a prisoner
  255. >…
  256. >Ah fuck it, for just this once you join the guards and clap your hands
  257. >Everyone is having a good time, why not you?
  258. >You do your best at dancing next to Short Fuse
  259. >He smiles at you, and you beam a smile back at him
  260. >He dances around you and every guard starts to watch the two of you dancing together
  261. >”This song is very catchy!”
  262. >You don’t answer, just keep dancing like crazy
  263. >The terrorist ponies start moving backwards like crabs
  264. >The music is still there and so are their voices
  265. >”Umm, Royal?”
  266. >”Masuuu~! What do you want, Tactic? Don’t you see we are dancing?”
  267. >”The terrorists!”
  268. >”Ye! What about them?”
  269. >”They are gone!”
  270. >The music finally stops
  272. >There is no terrorist pony behind
  273. >Okay, what the fuck happened
  274. >Short Fuse pouts and kicks the sand with his hoof
  275. >”Horse apples! They escaped again! …but whoa, they sing so wonderfully”
  276. >Again?
  277. “So… this wasn’t the first time they do this?”
  278. >”Yeah, this isn’t the first time… but you gotta give em points for singing!”
  279. “…Okay, this day can’t get crazier… I just want to go back to the prison, drink some coffee, start that paperwork and sleep. A LOT.
  280. >”Okay Anon, calm down! It was just a battle… We never asked for fighting, they always start it”
  281. >The guard from before, Royal Spear, approaches you
  282. >”Inmate Anonymous, I need to ask... What was that flying monster you released before?
  283. >Oh right, where is Larry?
  284. >…
  285. >Oh there he is! Flying in the distance, flying away from this place off to experience new adventures
  286. >You raise your hand to your forehead, saluting goodbye to the one who stopped this battle
  287. >He will always be remembered
  288. >Both Royal Spear and Fuse seem confused by your action
  289. “It was… nothing, just an unexpected ally”
  290. >”If you… say so”
  291. >Royal Spear says as he gets back in line with the rest of the guards
  292. >Short Fuse leans at your side very closely
  293. >”Anon, we won because you were here… Thank you for this victory…”
  294. “Are you going to kiss me for this or something?”
  295. >Fuse instantly starts blushing
  296. >He looks at the ground nervously
  297. >”I… didn’t know you wanted a kiss as a prize… Well I… I…”
  298. >This ponies need to learn about sarcasm…
  299. “Wait, it was a joke, pure sarcasm, no need for a prize, Fuse”
  300. >Fuse stays silent for a few seconds, then turns around and starts walking towards his team
  301. >You take a look at the terrorist’s part; it’s a pretty large mess you don’t want to clean
  302. >Wait… something is shining from the sand
  303. >You walk towards the shining item and investigate it
  304. >…It’s a… camera?
  305. >You bend and pick up the camera
  306. >Inspecting the camera, you find a few pictures of the terrorist ponies
  307. >A lot of… selfies with terrorists holding papers with words of their own language, you really don’t know what these messages in the photos mean
  308. >Might as well take this camera with you, you never know when this could be useful
  309. >Maybe you should show the pictures to Fuse? He might know what the messages say
  310. >Speaking of, you take a look back at the guards
  311. >Fuse seems a little nervous still, but he is trying his best to speak with the guards
  312. >”O-Okay, guys. That was an excellent work you did this time! Each and every one of you did their best for this victory!”
  313. >Fuse looks towards you now
  314. >”But I think we couldn’t have done it without Anon’s help and his… little surprise in the battlefield”
  315. >Fuse looks back to his team
  316. >”Everyone! Dismissed! Take a break, you all deserves it!”
  317. >”SIR YES, SIR”
  318. >You know something is serious when the guards don’t call the warden ma’am
  319. >Short Fuse walks towards you
  320. >”You and me we have some paperwork to work on! Let’s start it!
  321. >Guess there’s no rest for the wicked
  322. >You give him a thumbs up and a smile
  323. “Finally, let’s go!”
  326. Be Short Fuse
  327. >What a day! What a lovely day today was!
  328. >A new act, a new prisoner who is now a friend…
  329. >And to top it off, a victory from the invasion from the terrorists
  330. >But like everything else, fun comes to an end…
  331. >You are in your office with Anon, both of you doing paperwork and Pancho sitting in your bed
  332. >That silly lazy inmate
  333. >Anon was sitting at a desk next to you, drinking some regular vanilla coffee
  334. >You told Anon to fill the papers about his status and characteristics
  335. >Things like gender, creature being, favorite food, and the usual
  336. >…Speaking of creature, you don’t know what creature Anon is
  337. >He kind of looks like a minotaur… but he isn’t one
  338. >Maybe asking now is better than to have the doubt
  339. “Hey Anon”
  340. >”Hmm? What is it, Fuse?”
  341. “I was wondering… what type of creature are you?”
  342. >”I never said what my species is? Pardon me Fuse. I’m a human”
  343. “Hyouman?”
  344. >”Human. And I believe I’m the only one in this land of magical creatures”
  345. >He is the only one? That’s so sad!
  346. >”Don’t feel sad for me, I already saw it in your face... I don’t mind being the only human living here, it’s a… good change, let’s say that”
  347. “Why are you okay with that? Don’t you feel lonely?”
  348. >”Why would I? This land is big! I can make friends with many different people and creatures. Not to mention I’m able to go on adventures… the possibilities are endless!”
  349. >Anon is so interesting, going on adventures on his own… to discover a place he has never been before
  350. >You yawn from fatigue
  351. >”Tired, Fuse?”
  352. “Just a little, but I can continue… what time is it?”
  353. >Anon looks at the time on his watch
  354. >”Uh, its 8:30 P.M, Fuse”
  355. “Good, we have time; I think I need some coffee to resist sleeping for a little longer”
  356. >Something suddenly occurs to you
  357. “Oh right! Anon, your uniform!”
  358. >”Oh Shi- shoot, I almost forgot about that”
  359. >He almost said a bad word, but didn’t. Good
  360. “Please follow me, Anon”
  361. >”Where?”
  362. “To my closet, here I keep most of my disguises and prison uniforms”
  363. >You point your hoof to the only closet in the corner of your office, next to the mirror
  364. >Anon smiles and chuckles
  365. >”Where does that closet’s door lead to? Narnia?”
  366. >You close your eyes and focus your magic in the closet
  367. >With an audible ‘poof’ the door of the closet opens
  368. >The door opens slowly, revealing the contents of the closet
  369. “Okay! Come with me Anon, we are getting your clothes! And Pancho’s too!”
  370. >”You gotta to be kidding me…”
  373. You are Anon
  374. >You are looking at the biggest closet you have ever seen in your life
  375. >Man, fuck the Tardis, this looks like a mall center in here
  376. >The first thought is about Monsters Inc. How they saved every door in this gigantic warehouse that seemed to go on forever
  377. >This is almost the same case! Everything is so organized!
  378. >You see Fuse smiling at you; he must have noticed that you were shocked by the sheer amount of space
  379. “Magic closet?”
  380. >”Magic closet!”
  381. >Fucking magic dude, you’ll never understand how it works
  382. >You grab Pancho and follow Fuse into the closet
  383. >This is how girls in your world see closets, right?
  384. >You giggle at your thought
  385. >”What’s so funny, Anon?”
  386. “Oh, oh is nothing, just something funny I remembered… so where are the prisoner’s clothes?”
  387. >”Follow me! I placed signs all over this place in case someone gets lost!”
  388. >Great, this place is a labyrinth
  389. >You walk along his side, idly looking around; you can see clothes and costumes whirling around on racks
  390. >Some of the clothes are really girly and others are more normal
  391. ”This is going to take time? Cause we got paperwork to finish”
  392. >”No, I don’t think so. We are almost there”
  393. >Is there even a uniform for you to fit? There probably isn’t a human uniform
  394. >”Okay Anon, its here! Now, I know you might be asking: Which uniform should I wear if there are no hyoumans here? Well, I have the solution!”
  395. >Short Fuse’s horn starts to shine and he levitates 2 uniforms size medium and other 2 uniforms size tiny
  396. >”Go on, try them! These are meant to be for minotaurs”
  397. “Sure Fuse, but why the tiny size?”
  398. >”These are for young dragons, these are for Pancho!”
  399. >Oh right, Pancho needs to wear one too…
  400. “Okay, I’ll try the minotaur uniform”
  401. >You take off your shirt and begin to remove your pants, but…
  402. >Fuse is staring directly at you
  403. >Is he... staring at your pants?
  404. “Uh, Fuse? Do you mind…”
  405. >”Oh? Oh! Sorry! Y-yeah! Privacy! I’ve going to wear my pajamas! I will not take much time, wait for me here, don’t move!”
  406. >Fuse teleports himself to another part of the closet
  407. >Wait, why didn’t he teleport both of you to this part of the… ah whatever
  408. >You finally try on the minotaur prisoner’s uniform
  409. >It fits! 10/10 it’s okay
  410. >Well, now to wait for Fuse… hope he doesn’t take as much time as a girl to change clothes
  411. >Ponies wearing pajamas, that’s something you need to see
  412. >Maybe he’ll be wearing just a hat or something to sleep
  413. >…
  414. >How long has it been? 5 minutes? 10? Fuse is really taking his time, might as well look for something to burn time
  415. >You spot a comic book lying on a chest in a nearby corner
  416. “Huh, what do we have here?”
  417. >The comic’s title practically jumps off the page at you
  418. > ‘Super Mare: Power Ponies , Justice edition!’
  419. >You pick up the comic and two squares of cloth fall out
  420. >You scoop up the fabric
  421. >Each square has a letter proudly stitched on
  422. >’S’ and ‘M’
  423. >You pocket the cloth squares and crack open the comic
  424. >Fuse will probably take a while longer
  427. Be Short Fuse
  428. >Be lost
  429. >’How possibly I could get lost with my own teleport spell in my own closet!?’ you think to yourself
  430. “Ouhh… Anon will get mad at me if I don’t get back in time to- hey, those clothes look very nice!”
  433. Be Anon
  434. >Damn, how long has it been? 30 minutes?
  435. >At least you know now that the initials ‘SM’ stand for ‘Super Mare’
  436. >”A-Anon! Finally! Sorry, I got lost!”
  437. >You close the comic and put it back where you found it
  438. “Finally, I thought you’d never come… back…”
  439. >Remember how you wanted to see ponies in pajamas?
  440. >BAM, there you go
  441. >Fuse is wearing pink jammies with a hood built in
  442. >It even has a cape!
  443. >He looks… so fucking cute and adorable
  444. >You want to hug the shit out of Fuse right now
  445. >Hmm, the pajamas look strangely familiar
  446. >…
  447. >Oh right, it’s almost the same outfit as Fili-second! That must be his favorite character
  448. >”I’m glad the uniform fits you well!”
  449. >Fuse looks at Pancho
  450. >”And Pancho too!”
  451. >Yeah, it was hard work, but you finally made Pancho wear the uniform
  452. >Don’t. Ask. How.
  453. >He is never removing that uniform for fucking sure
  454. “Can we come out of the closet now? I think it’s like 9 P.M or something…”
  455. >”Oh right! The paperwork! We need to hurry and finish up before it gets too late!”
  458. Be Short Fuse
  459. >Be outside of your closet with Anon, pancho and your pajamas
  460. >Worth the adventure in the closet!
  461. >You found disguises you’ll wear for later!
  462. >You close your eyes and your horn starts to shine
  463. >You focus on the closet, slowly closing it
  464. >A little ‘poof’ and done!
  465. >”So… Why were you taking so long?”
  466. >What should you say? That you got lost? Or that you were searching for other costumes to wear?
  467. >Yeah, the costumes excuse will work
  468. “I was looking for costumes to wear tomorrow… sorry for taking so long, Anon”
  469. >You mutter under your breath
  470. “If only I had a camera…”
  471. >”A camera? I have one”
  472. >Oh horse apples, Anon heard yo-
  473. >Wait, what?
  474. “You have a camera?”
  475. >”Yup, found one in the middle of the battlefield. Those terrorist must have left it there by accident during the chaos”
  476. >Wait, idea!
  477. “Anon, you…Can’t have a camera in the prison! It’s against the rules!”
  478. >”Oh, really?”
  479. >You shouldn’t be lying, but you really need a camera
  480. “Yes, so please, give it to me!”
  481. >Anon goes over to Pancho, does something, and picks up the camera
  482. >”Are you sure you don’t want this camera and you are lying about those rules?”
  483. “I… I… Just give me the camera, Anon”
  484. >”Just tell me why you need this camera”
  485. “I-It’s the rules, Anon! Give it to me!”
  486. >You are starting to sweat a little
  487. >”You are lying, I can tell by your face”
  488. >There are only two ways Anon could be able to know you were lying…
  489. >He has a lying detection cutie mark, or he knows your face better than you do…
  490. >Has he really spent that much energy learning about you?
  491. >It’s a little flattering…
  492. >No! Stop that!
  493. >Anon is an inmate, don’t get distracted
  494. >Besides, you still need that camera
  495. >You pout at him
  496. ”Prisoner Anonymous! Give me the came-“
  497. >The flash of the camera blinds you for a moment, and you recover from it slowly
  498. “W-wah?”
  499. >”Oh ho ho, you really look cute pouting like that!”
  500. >Anon shows you the photo taken of you blushing slightly while pouting at the camera
  501. >You can’t let a picture of you blushing and pouting in your pajamas leave this room!
  502. “G-give me that photo!”
  503. >”Isn’t that what you wanted? Man, I’m a pretty good photographer!”
  504. “Anon! Just-“
  505. >Anon looks at the photo again
  506. >”I’m keeping this photo, really cute”
  507. >This is no use; he isn’t listening to your lies
  508. “Ugh! Okay, take the camera; I’m going to continue the paperwork!”
  509. >”Can’t we continue the paperwork tomorrow morning? Also, I was just joking. You can have the camera; I don’t think I need it… Though I am curious about something with it”
  510. “First, I need to finish this paperwork today. if I don’t finish this, I’ll have even more paperwork for tomorrow. Second, the camera was just for taking photos of my costumes, okay? That’s all. …And what are you curious about?”
  511. >Anon comes closer and shows you the camera
  512. >”Well, I need to apologize first for not showing you the camera earlier. I was more focused in finishing the paperwork with you. Anyway, this camera contains a few pictures of the terrorist ponies with writing in their language and I was wondering if you could translate?”
  513. >Anon shows you a few photos from the terrorists ponies
  514. >The photos are taken in group from different angles, from below and even from top
  515. >They are holding black signs with white letters
  516. >Hmm, the photographer must be a Pegasus or a unicorn to get those high angles
  517. >That is… weird, since every terrorist that you have seen so far were all earth ponies…
  518. >”So… do you know what those signs mean or say?”
  519. >You shake your head
  520. “Sorry, I don’t speak their language”
  521. >The fact that there is a non-earth pony on the terrorist side surprises you
  522. >You don’t think they asked some random pony to just take the photo
  523. >Or maybe they would…
  524. “Hmm…”
  525. >”What is it, Fuse?”
  526. “…Nothing, let’s get back to work”
  527. >You grab the camera and photos with your magic and place the photos in your desk
  528. >Anon grabs the camera before you can put it in the desk
  529. >”But first…”
  530. >He approaches you and holds your shoulder with his hand
  531. “Eep!”
  532. >”Selfie!”
  533. >You blush slightly
  534. >This time the flash didn’t blind you, because you were looking at Anon
  535. >Not because you wanted to see his face up close! You were just trying to avoid looking directly at the flash! That’s why you were looking at him!
  536. >”Whoa Fuse, you are pretty photogenic”
  537. “I-It’s not true…”
  538. >”Oh yeah? Just look at this!”
  539. >He shows you the photo taken, you two really look so… close
  540. >Isn’t friendship amazing? Hehe… yeah, friendship!
  541. >You look at Anon with a nervous smile in your face
  542. “We look… good”
  543. >”Ah, don’t be so cold, Fuse”
  544. “I’m not cold! We look good and that’s it! Now, let me finish the paperwork, please”
  545. >”Gee, fine. I’ll leave the camera in the desk along with the photo”
  546. >Anon places the photo next to your paperwork
  547. >Is he doing this on purpose?
  548. >Just don’t look at the photo, keep working… don’t look, keep working… don’t-
  549. >You looked. You looked again. And again while trying to focus in the paperwork
  550. >A thought on your head is saying ‘We look cute together, like a couple!’
  551. >NO! STOP IT! Focus in the paperwork!
  552. >Another thought came in your mind: ‘Oh come on, you know you like-‘
  553. “Anon!”
  554. >”Ah? What did I do this time?
  555. “W-what time is it?”
  556. >Anon looks at the clock once again
  557. >”Is 10 P.M, Fuse”
  558. “Oh no, not again…”
  559. >”This isn’t the first time you’ve been up this late doing paperwork, am I right?”
  560. >You sigh
  561. “There is… nothing a good cup of coffee can’t do!”
  564. Be Anon
  565. >Fuse is really overworking
  566. >Times goes by while you two finish the paperwork
  567. >”Okay, I filled the accounts of everyone with points for helping… the ones who are free… All I need are your papers, Anon!”
  568. “Oh, don’t worry about that. I just need to fill some medical parts and sign and that’ll be all”
  569. >”Oh yes, tomorrow during the tour we are taking you to the nursery for those medical reports!”
  570. “Seems fine to me”
  571. >Short Fuse yawns
  572. >”Now that everything is done, we could take a rest… speaking of…”
  573. “Uh? What is it, Fuse?”
  574. >Fuse looks a little worried
  575. >“You don’t have a cell yet and it’s night already…”
  576. ”Oh yeah, I don’t have where to sleep, do I?
  577. >“That’s the point; I think you are sleeping with me-I mean in my room!… just for tonight”
  578. >Sleeping with Fuse, huh? You can handle that
  579. >”It’s kind of forbidden to sleep in pairs. B-but today I’m making an exception”
  580. “If you want I can sleep in this chair, or on the floor. It’s no big-“
  581. >”Oh no Anon, this time you will listen to me! First you helped with the kitchen problem and then in the battle against the terrorists against my direct instructions, but this time you will listen to me! YOU WILL SLEEP WITH ME!”
  582. >Was yelling that part necessary?
  583. >Welp, he’s blushing and is looking at the floor, gotta say something
  584. “Alright, I’ll sleep with you… in your bed I mean. Both of us in the same bed, that is. Maybe we can put a pillow in the middle of the bed to separate us?”
  585. >”A pillow? F-For what?”
  586. “You know… so that way any of us don’t cross the bed and touch the other”
  587. >”But I have no problem with you touching me”
  588. >He wot?
  590. “Okay, okay I get it, just stop yelling. I don’t think the others inmates would want be woken up in the middle of the night by your yelling
  591. >”Actually… I only have one pillow…”
  592. >Fuse takes a pause
  593. >”Oh, and you don’t have to worry about us waking any of the inmates up. I have a magic spell in this room and in some cells because some inmates tend to snore. A lot. So this magic spell of mine makes rooms soundproof!”
  594. >Interesting information…
  595. “So, what you are saying is that we both could be yelling at each other in the bed and nobody would notice?”
  596. >”Yes! Why do you ask that?”
  597. >You give him a smirk
  598. >He seems to not have noticed what you just said
  599. >Wait for it...
  600. >…
  601. >”…OH, WHAT!? Y-You and me! Yelling at… each other?”
  602. >There it is, now he notices
  603. >Look at that blush in his face; he is full red like a tomato!
  604. >Shouldn’t have given him the camera yet!
  605. “Calm down, it was just a joke”
  606. >”D-Don’t joke about that! P-Please…”
  607. >Short Fuse gives a big yawn
  608. >He then sits in the bed, motioning for you to sit with him
  609. >You shrug and sit next to him
  610. >”You… haven’t told me yet what happened in the kitchen while I was unconscious”
  611. “Well, the cockroach knocked you out and then I used the help of Pancho to… make the cockroach to go away! And then you were… not breathing… and I panicked. So I started trying to do mouth to mouth to save your life and… well, you know the rest. You got up and went to the nursery”
  612. >”And you almost kissed me”
  613. “It is sometimes called the ‘kiss of life’ so…Yeah, almost”
  614. >There was a long silence between the two of you
  615. >”I was surprised, all day my mind has been… dizzy…”
  616. “Dizzy? What do you mean by dizzy?”
  617. >Short Fuse let out another big yawn
  618. >He is leaning closely to you, losing balance
  619. >”I’m sorry, let’s speak of this tomorrow, I think sleep is the best thing to do right now”
  620. >Welp, sleeping in this bed will be… a challenge
  621. >This bed is designed for only one individual, and a pony at that! There is one pillow and of course one bed sheet
  622. >God damn, and you don’t even have any pajamas
  623. >You remove your uniform and start pulling off your pants; but a sound makes you stop in your tracks
  624. >Yup, that’s the sound of surprise, coming from Fuse
  625. >”W-What are you doing?”
  626. >Shit. Explanation time
  627. “I don’t have pajamas, and the prisoner’s uniform is too uncomfortable for me to sleep in”
  628. >”Well… e-eh, I don’t know, I could give you some pajamas from the closet…”
  629. >No shit, another 30 minute long search?
  630. >He could get lost or even worst, sleep in there!
  631. “It’s already too late to go back into the closet, Fuse”
  632. >Fuse took another yawn
  633. >”You are right… I don’t have energy to use my magic… I’m so tired. Sometimes I can’t even get to sleep!”
  634. >Another problem…
  635. >If only you had a magic pill to make him sleep quickly
  636. >…Oh yeah, you got the pills from the nurse
  637. “Fuse, you seem kind of thirsty, do you want some water?”
  638. >”Oh yes please, the thermos is below the desk… if you would be so kind”
  639. >Still wearing your pants, you move to the desk
  640. >You pick up an empty glass and with the thermos of water, you start filling the glass
  641. >You search in your pants pockets for the pills, pick one and drop it in the water
  642. >The pill slowly dissolves in the water
  643. >You sit next to the almost sleepy pony again
  644. “Here you go Fuse, fresh and ready”
  645. >”Thank you Anon, if you want some water, help yourself”
  646. >He gives you a smile and proceeds to drink the water
  647. >Those tiny little gulps of his… damn it, even drinking water is cute
  648. >”Aaahhh... That’s what I needed… now An- Anon? Why suddenly… you look… so… fuzzy?”
  649. >As if starting to get dizzy, Fuse looks around the room
  650. >After a few seconds of blearily scanning the room, Fuse falls against your chest asleep
  651. >[Cute sleepy trap sounds]
  652. >Holy shit, that didn’t take even a minute to take effect!
  653. “Are those pills really this effective?”
  654. >You put Fuse on the left side of the bed; he puts his hoof in his mouth as if trying to suck it
  655. >D’aww… is so cute
  656. >Fuse moves around in his sleep and doing so the flap in his pajamas comes undone
  657. >Showing his butt
  658. >What a view…
  659. >Swiggity swooty…
  660. >...Eh, too sleepy for this
  661. >You pull off your pants and place them on the chair next to the desk
  662. >One pill and the two cloth squares fall from your pants pockets
  663. >Almost forgot about those two letters…
  664. >Hmm, this gives you a naughty idea
  665. >Well, not so naughty, but funny
  666. >You carefully place the ‘S’ and ‘M’ on each of Fuse’s butt cheeks
  667. >You /could/ take a photo, but he could get mad at you... so maybe next time?
  668. >You close his flap, and leave the two cloth squares inside
  669. >Sometimes you question yourself about why you do this kind of stuff
  670. >...Probably because of 4Chan
  671. >That place is full of perverts who have been a bad influence on you
  672. >You pick up the pill from the floor and look at it
  673. >It just looks like any ordinary pill
  674. “Hmm… maybe if I…”
  675. >”Gloria the bell is on…”
  676. >Fuse moves on his sleep, drooling a bit
  677. >Holy crap that scared you, Short Fuse is talking in his sleep
  678. >This pill is /really/ something
  679. >Might as well try it?
  680. >Fuck it, your curiosity beats you
  681. >You fill the glass of water with the thermos and dissolve the pill in your glass, like you did before for Fuse
  682. “Okay, here goes nothing”
  683. >You drink the water and place the empty glass on the desk
  684. >You quickly manage to get in bed before the pill takes effect
  685. >…
  686. >Nothing, not even the little reaction on you
  687. >Maybe these pills are just for ponies?
  688. >You take a look at Fuse’s sleepy face
  689. >So damn cute… you could sleep while watching him
  690. >…
  691. >Oh boy, the pill is really starting to take effect!
  692. >The room feels dizzy
  693. “Good night… Fuse”
  694. >”Asff.. asf….” Is his only answer
  695. >You close your eyes
  696. >And suddenly, nothing
  697. >…
  698. >You open your eyes, and realize something
  699. >You are falling to a big black hole!
  701. >You close your eyes as the black hole sucks you
  702. >…
  703. >You open your eyes and now you are in a classroom, wearing a school uniform
  704. “This… this must be a dream…”
  705. >”Mister Anonymous! Could you please go to the blackboard?”
  706. >This… is your old school, high school to be exact
  707. >Oh fuck no, this isn’t a dream, this is a fucking nightmare!
  710. Be Short Fuse
  711. >Be being the most powerful warden ever
  712. >”Warden, warden! We love you!”
  713. >Lots of ponies, inmates and guards cheer up at you
  714. >Life is good, life is great, and you are the best!
  715. >You give a little laugh before you start your speech to your adoring public
  718. Be Princess Luna
  719. >Be lurkin- protecting! Your subject’s dreams
  720. >Tonight is one of those slow and boring nights
  721. >Nothing funny going on, everyone having normal dreams like always
  722. >Wait, you detect something
  723. >Someone is having a nightmare!
  724. >This is the perfect time to help!
  725. >As you locate the creature having nightmares, you sense another dreamer at his side
  726. >A couple? Sleeping together? This is the perfect chance to use your new spell!
  727. >The spell is simple, of course. It’s just mixing their dreams together! You cast the spell, the couple helps each other while dreaming. Together they solve the nightmare that one of them is having and they will dream with each other!
  728. >Nothing can go wrong!
  729. >Well, if something happens in the nightmare, you could help
  730. >Time to cast the spell…
  733. Be Anon
  734. >Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit
  735. >This is one of those bad dreams from high school, isn’t it?
  736. >You are in the center of the classroom and the teacher is staring at you
  737. >”Mister Anonymous, would you please go to the blackboard? We are waiting on you…”
  738. >Heavy breathing.jpg
  739. “S-sure”
  740. >You stand up and slowly walk up to the blackboard
  741. >”Now please, resolve the problem”
  742. >You look at the blackboard
  743. >’3.14159265^5=X, Solve for X’
  744. >Merciful god you don’t know the answer!
  745. “Uh…”
  746. >”What’s that, Mister Anonymous? You didn’t study? AGAIN?”
  747. >The entire class is laughing and giggling at you
  748. >This hurts
  749. >You start writing one number randomly; maybe you can guess the answer?
  750. >”WRONG”
  751. >The teacher hits your hand with a ruler and your chalk falls to the floor
  753. >All of your classmates start laughing and calling you names
  754. >Loser, King of dumb, stinky, and countless other mean things
  755. >Not that you care, they are just high school nicknames
  756. >You finally take seat where you wait for whatever the teacher has to say
  757. >Suddenly you feel as if an earthquake has struck the building
  758. >Everything is moving, except for you
  759. “What the FUCK is going on?”
  760. >The earthquake stops
  761. >The teacher notices your sudden swearing
  762. >”Mister Anonymous! Don’t swear in the classroom or else you are going to the dunce corner!”
  763. “S-sorry teacher…”
  764. >You hate school
  767. Be Short Fuse
  768. >Be giving the best speech in the history of speeches in all of Equestria from a solid gold podium!
  769. “And every Friday will be free salad day!”
  770. >Your crowd just keeps going crazy about you and your speech
  771. >Somepony even throws you a bouquet of flowers! So sweet!
  772. >”Warden, we love you! You are the best warden! And also the manliest one!”
  773. “Oh please, you ponies are making me blush…”
  774. >Suddenly you feel the crowd moving abruptly… No! The earth is moving abruptly!
  775. >You feel an earthquake coming!
  776. “Everypony listen! I can sense an earthquake coming! Search for cover!”
  777. >You duck into a hollow space in the podium
  778. >…
  779. >…
  780. >…?
  781. >You move out of the desk and see the crowd still cheering, as if nothing happened
  782. “What the-?”
  783. >You felt someone behind you, gently poking your back
  784. >You turn around and see a pony
  785. >More like a shadow pony, you couldn’t quite see his or her face
  786. >”Hey warden! Does this rag smells like chloroform to you?”
  787. >The pony covers your nuzzle with the forenamed rag
  788. “Mmmph!”
  789. >”Shhh, don’t fight it warden”
  790. >It smells funny, really funny
  791. “Mmph…”
  792. >Everything starts getting fuzzy
  793. >You feel dizzy for a moment as your crowd yells start to vanish into the distance and everything seems to turn black
  794. >…
  795. >..
  796. >.
  797. >You wake up inside a building, in a corridor, wearing a school uniform
  798. “W-wuh? Where… am I?”
  799. >A light turns on in front of you, revealing a mirror
  800. >In it, you admire your actual school uniform. You are wearing a red skirt that perfectly matches the red and white blouse you’re wearing, which draws attention to the adorable pigtails in your mane
  801. “Hey! Who’s the attractive pony wearing that amazing uniform? Yeah is you, me! And whoa, that mane, so neat!”
  802. >…Talking to yourself isn’t the thing you should do right now
  803. >…But maybe you could get away with it for a little while
  804. “I love this skirt! It is so… red!”
  805. >You make a pose, and then you wiggle your hips
  806. >You feel something in your skirt mess with your tail
  807. >That /something/ was some kind of… cloth?
  808. >You stand on two hooves and raise your skirt
  809. >Blue and white underwear…
  810. >Wait! Underwear?!
  811. “Why I am wearing this kinky thing!?”
  812. >It isn’t uncomfortable… and it is pretty well hidden under your skirt… maybe you should ignore the fact that you are wearing underwear…?
  813. >It’s not like somepony will notice you are wearing these…
  814. >You wiggle your hips once more just to see your behind shake in the lewd garment
  815. >You giggle a little
  816. >This is fun!
  817. >...Okay, enough fun
  818. “Right… now… where I am right now?”
  819. >Suddenly the corridor’s lights start to shine one by one
  820. >Guess following the light should answer your questions? Yeah that could do it
  821. >There is logic in that! Isn’t there?
  822. >How were you here again? And who made you wear this outfit?
  823. >And what about the blue and white underwear?
  824. >Time to seek answers!
  827. Be Anon
  828. >Be BORED as FUCK
  829. >Teacher is talking about history and math
  831. >It’s the history OF math!
  832. >You can’t handle this
  833. >You really can’t handle this!
  834. >”Okay students, as much as I would like to continue this interesting topic, I have an announcement”
  835. >Oh, what now?
  836. >The teacher takes a look at the closed door
  837. >”I’ll like to present a new student! Please, come in”
  838. >As the door slowly opens by itself, a shadowy figure enters the classroom
  839. >Not a monster, not a human…
  840. >What kind of creature is this?
  841. >”…So this is a school… I should have known”
  842. >That voice…
  843. >The teacher takes a glance at her
  844. >”Please, come in, could you please be so kind as to introduce yourself to the class?”
  845. >She looks… familiar
  846. >”My name? Uh… fine, I guess”
  847. >The figure steps into the light...
  848. >She is… a pony
  849. >”My name is Short Fuse, and I’m the best warden in the entire world!”
  850. >She is…. Beautiful
  851. >”Fine Miss Short, sit next to that gentleman in green over there, if you wouldn’t mind”
  852. >That teacher son of a bitch
  853. >Fuse starts walking, or rather, trotting to her seat, making eye contact with you and giving a big smile as if she already knows you
  854. >She sits and you look at her meanwhile trying to say the words to greet her
  855. >…Go on, you can do it Anon! Just say hi!
  856. “H-hello, I’m Anon”
  857. >”Anon? Hey! Don’t you recognize me? It’s me! Fuse!”
  858. “Fuse?”
  859. >” Short Fuse! I already told my name!”
  860. >Shit, you were too focused on her beauty instead of what she was saying
  861. >Her name is Short Fuse? Hmm, it rings a bell
  862. “Well you are really giving me a short fuse right now… hehe…”
  863. >Smooth Anon, smooth
  864. >She gives you a confuse look
  865. >”Uh? I don’t… get it”
  866. >Great, maybe you can say another thing to impress her
  867. >A student notices you both talking and stands up, pointing at both of you
  868. >”Hey everyone! Anon is hitting on the new girl!”
  869. >Everyone in the classroom is now staring at you and chanting the same word
  871. >Damn it High School…
  872. >The new girl seems to blush harder and harder
  873. >”Wh-what!? Kiss? In front of everyone!? All of the sudden!?”
  874. >Would it hurt a little peek on the lips? Or the cheeks?
  875. >Maybe you should ask first…
  876. “Hey, Short-“
  877. >Suddenly, you feel like someone threw you towards Short Fuse
  878. >The sudden contact with Short Fuse made her fell to the floor
  879. “A-ah!”
  880. >And then she hits the floor
  881. >Oh fuck, you can see her underwear…
  882. “Are you okay? I’m sorry, someone threw me”
  883. >You give her a hand to help her stand up
  884. >”Y-you… saw it…”
  885. >Oh shit, she knows you got a good glance at her underwear!
  886. “No I didn’t! I mean, yes I did, but just a bit! Besides that color is great for your uniform and…”
  887. >STOP.
  888. >TALKING!
  889. >She doesn’t make eye contact to you, blushing fiercely at the ground
  890. >”If you… say... so”
  891. >Wait, she’s fine with it?
  892. >Your feelings are flying like crazy right now
  893. >She takes your hand and tries to stand up but fails and falls, knocking you down in the process
  894. >All the classroom is exchanging ‘eeehs’ as if they were impressed by the situation
  895. >And now… Short Fuse is on top of you
  898. Be Luna
  899. >Be enjoying this dream so far
  900. >You didn’t need to help them! They were doing great! What a great couple
  901. >Maybe you should get a special somepony…
  902. >...You feel alone now...
  903. >…
  904. >Nothing a big carton of ice cream can’t fix
  907. Be Short Fuse
  908. >Be sitting on Anon
  909. >Your face was a new, previously unknown color of red
  910. >You are blushing so hard right now you’re a little worried that the tips of your ears will catch fire
  911. >Everything except for you and Anon fades to black
  912. “Shorty…”
  913. >Another nickname!?
  914. “Do you… believe in first sight love?”
  915. >You can feel his heart beats
  916. >Your own heart beat is twice as fast as his
  917. “I…”
  918. >’A kiss shouldn’t do anything, just kiss him!’ a thought said
  919. >NO! How can you kiss him!? He’s… an inmate… he… saved your life… twice… he’s… the same sex as you!
  920. >He… is… so close to you right now
  921. >…
  922. >’Oh that’s it, I’m taking control now’ the thought says, grumpily
  923. >Wut?
  924. >Suddenly, your hooves move by themselves and your mouth speaks by itself
  925. >Your hooves go around Anon as you give him a hug
  926. “A-Anon, I…”
  928. >’Just see and learn’ the thought said
  929. >You try to squirm away, but you are a prisoner in your own body
  930. “I always…”
  931. >NO! STOP IT!
  932. >”Y-yes?”
  933. “Words can’t say how much I… feel…”
  934. >You learned closer to him, closing your eyes
  935. “Play with me, pretty please”
  936. >”P-play? Like a pet?”
  937. “Ple-“
  938. >You force yourself to be quiet
  940. >’And why is it /I/ can’t do anything I want?’ the thought said
  941. >Because… I will do it by myself!
  942. >With all the courage in Equestria, your body finally responds
  943. “A-Anon, you know I’m a male, don’t you?”
  944. >He just stared at you
  945. >Centuries pass in the span of seconds as he stares at you
  946. >Slowly opening his mouth, he finally speaks
  947. >”Does it matters? I believe it doesn’t matter, at least for me”
  948. >He carefully moved his hands to your mane, petting it
  949. >It feels so… good…
  950. >”Love is love, Shorty. There aren’t rules for who you can and can’t love…”
  951. >His hands move to your ears, giving them an affectionate scratch
  952. >OH… it feels even better than the mane petting! You could do this for hours…
  953. >He leans up and slowly brings his face close to your neck
  954. >Was he trying to bite you? Is he trying to eat you!?
  955. >You feel his lips on your neck as he slowly kisses up and down your neck
  956. “Eeep~!”
  957. >It feels like forever as Anon plays with your neck. You can feel how his lips play with your soft neck and his teeth gives you a little gentle bite
  958. “A-Aah~!”
  959. >It continued for a little longer, his tongue joining the contact with your sensitive neck
  960. >You hug tightly Anon with your hooves, shaking a little while grasping his shirt
  961. >Smelling his essence… you close your eyes and you let go yourself for the moment
  962. >This is something new to you…
  963. >It feels so right…
  964. “To be… here with you… Anon”
  965. >You smile tightly and give a little whimper
  966. >He stops playing with your neck and rolls over, trapping you beneath his body
  967. >What will he do next?
  968. >You feel his hands touching your ear once again
  969. >Wait a second… that isn’t his hand… Is he…?
  970. >You feel a gentle bite on your ear
  971. >“Nom”
  972. “Eeeaaah~”
  973. >You can’t handle this… this is… this is… oh Celestia… WHAT IS THIS FEELING
  974. >He plays with both of your ears, one biting it and the other scratching it
  975. “Aah~ A-Anon~”
  976. >”Mmm?”
  977. >He stops biting your ear and takes a look at your face
  978. >You are breathing harder and harder
  979. >Can’t think straight
  980. “Don’t…”
  981. >”Hmm?”
  982. >You take another heavy breath
  983. ” … stop…”
  984. >This is it; the thoughts can win this time, JUST this time
  985. >Let’s go nuts, let’s go crazy… Let’s enjoy the moment!
  986. >”I could give you something… more special”
  987. “Please do what you want to me”
  988. >Anon smirks at that command
  989. >He raises your uniform and starts slowly rubbing your belly
  990. “Aaah~…. Ahhh~!”
  991. >’That’s right… just let yourself go… are you enjoying this, aren’t you?’ the same thought said
  992. “Ohh… yes…”
  993. >’Who’s a dirty little warden? You are! Hehe!’ another thought said
  994. “I… am~”
  995. >This is it; you were lost in some kind of new sensation
  996. >You felt funny. Very funny
  997. >”I freaking love your cute sounds, Shorty…”
  998. >He slowly reaches your belly with his head, and gives you a little kiss on the chest
  999. >He gives another. And another. And another one. Anon starts slowly kissing down your chest until he arrives to your belly
  1000. >This is heaven… This feels amazing!
  1001. >Anon blows a raspberry into your belly, giving you the best laugh a pony can get
  1003. >Anon continues for several long, agonizing seconds before stopping
  1004. >He rubs his hand around the area he raspberried, ruffling and smoothing out the fur over and over
  1005. >”Shorty?”
  1006. “Hehe… heh… Anon…”
  1007. >He moves his cheek up to yours and whispers into your ear...
  1008. >”Do you want to continue?”
  1009. >You nod without thinking it, rubbing your cheek against his
  1010. >Anon’s hands start to move to your skirt, slowly raising it
  1011. >You feel his hand now petting your tail slowly…
  1012. >Anon slowly removes your underwear with his free hand
  1013. >He leaves the underwear on your right back hoof
  1014. >Moving slowly, Anon begins to massage your butt…
  1015. >Exploring it with both hands…
  1016. “U-Unf…”
  1017. >You close your eyes as he continues to fondle your butt
  1018. >He gives a little spanking on your right butt cheek and you yelp
  1019. “A-Anon?!”
  1020. >You stare into his eyes...
  1021. >”Shorty…”
  1022. >Anon slowly came near you, caressing the tender area he spanked...
  1023. >You don’t mind…
  1024. >You know what this time means and you accept it
  1025. >You slowly close your eyes as you expect the unexpected
  1026. >Your heart stopped
  1027. >Time stopped
  1028. >…
  1029. >And you heard something in the distance
  1030. >It was coming closer and closer…
  1031. >Beep… Beep… Beep…
  1032. >BEEP… BEEP… BEEP…
  1033. >.........
  1034. >You wake up in your bed
  1035. >With your magic you turn off the alarm
  1036. >Was it… was it all a dream?
  1037. >Of course it was a dream… how could you and Anon… do such a things!?
  1038. >Wait, are you in…
  1039. >Clearly opening your eyes, you see that Anon is in fact booping your nose with his own
  1040. >You realized that you were up on top of Anon’s chest, drooling a little
  1041. >...You were sleeping like this all night, weren’t you?
  1042. >Or are you still sleeping? You can’t tell now…
  1043. >This is bad! Awkward and lewd!
  1044. >Backing slowly from his face, you try and leave the bed. But something stops you at that moment…
  1045. >You feel like something is touching your butt!
  1046. >The dream wasn’t over?
  1047. >You muffled an ‘eep’ by covering your mouth with your hooves. You don’t want to wake Anon in this position, do you?
  1048. >It happened again, you felt a poke in your butt, but what was it!?
  1049. >Uncovering the bed’s sheet, you first notice that Anon is only wearing underwear...
  1050. >And you see that your pajama’s flap is wide open, revealing your butt
  1051. >Oh what else can go wrong?
  1052. >…Note for self, don’t say that in these kinds of situations
  1053. >You… finally noticed that the thing poking you was…. How can you say it?
  1054. >Anon’s Stick of truth? Yeah, let’s say it like that…
  1055. >Your eyes go wide as you try to slowly peel yourself off of his body
  1056. >Anon mumbles in his sleep and you freeze
  1057. >’Maybe this isn’t so bad... why leave? Don’t be a party pooper’ the thought says
  1058. >’Yeah! Don’t be one! If you stick around then you’ll be using that part of your body for something else!’ another thought said
  1059. >Nope. Definitely no. Impossible. No way. Nuh-uh.
  1060. >...At least, not yet…
  1061. >Stop thinking lewd things! Focus on escaping!
  1062. >You’re starting to feel kind of funny
  1063. >This has to end and now!
  1064. >’Yeah! End it with a quick peck on the lips! He won’t notice it!’ yet another thought says eagerly
  1065. >I’m the warden of this prison for Celestia’s sake! I can’t do that to a prisoner!
  1066. >Slowly moving, you retreat off anon’s body
  1067. >And hit the floor with the loud sound that only a body landing hard on a floor can make
  1068. “Ouch…”
  1069. >Anon was still asleep
  1070. >And you were sweating… was this room suddenly hot… or it was you?
  1071. >Or it could be Anon that’s hot...
  1072. >You sneak a peek at Anon’s… stick… standing up like a flag
  1073. >’Aren’t you going to say hi to that? Poke it, be curious!’ another annoying thought said
  1074. >Pony Feathers… You need to take a bath… a COLD long, long bath
  1075. >You quickly walk to the personal bathroom you have in your room and take a look at the mirror of the bathroom
  1076. >Your mane is a mess, like every morning
  1077. >Using your magic, you bring the brush and start brushing your mane
  1078. >Moving part of your mane from the neck, you take notice of something in it…
  1079. >A tiny spot of purple
  1080. >…
  1081. >Oh no… that wasn’t… a dream? Or… OH, BY CELESTIA!
  1083. >’Aren’t we going to wait for Anon to wake up and take a bath with him? We could help clean his stick!’ a thought said
  1087. End of chapter 2.
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