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  1. Cut the cast to 4 pairs(only Hir02 remains the same although if given choice it others would be Ichigoro, Zoromiku and MitsuKoko), give them regular mechs instead of the individualised mechs except maybe Hir02.
  2. Remove the NTR subplot in 3 and combine 3 & 4 into one episode.
  3. Let 5 & 6 be 4 & 5 and also give him some kind of mutation by the end of it.
  4. Combine 7 & 8 into 1 episode and let it be episode 6. Also let Ichigo stand in stop pursuing Hiro by then.
  5. Give each pair an episode, then onwards(Plays out mostly like 9-11 in my case but here instead Ichigo accepts Goro, Zorome becomes less of a brat and tells about the adults to the rest) from 7-9 but instead let the pairs actually get to kill something.
  6. Let the same things as 12-15 play out in 10-13 but here no Ichigo drama instead they are allowed to talk in 12 and then seperated.
  7. Let 14 be the 'backstory episode' in 19 but instead write a far better thought out one. (LIke Hachi actually asking what is the purpose of P13 to him or showing the world already in an nuclear apocalypse and need of alternative fuel source where APE comes in,etc... you get it). Also focus on the relationship between 02 and Werner instead of some random bitch especially how he turned into her torturer turned foster father and maybe reveal why Hiro is special.
  8. Let 16-17 take place in 15-16.
  9. Start 17 already with the grunt storm in 18 but and instead mindwipe just fucking tell us why sex is banned for parasites and why they are brought up in a conservative manner instead of blueballing us till 22. P13 protests, Werner reveals what she is, etc... Then let MitsuKoko slide into the background from there then towards the end let Papa talk about backup coming(Also show that the other APE members to be in solidarity with core APE)
  10. Let 20-21 be expanded over 18-20 instead but let us have Nines vs P13 too. Make VIRM less over the top-just a moon sized mother ship. Let the infodump by Hime happen in 19. Let the Virm'd and Apus restoration happen in 20. Let us have P13 vs Nines fight but they get attacked in between and all except alpha dies.
  11. Let 22 be as it is but now its episode 21.
  12. Then let 22-24 be some combo of 23 & 24 and new stuff. Key differences being them getting space suits instead of new mechs, Apus gets a Roja form but also with hair, 02 falling into coma, Apus teleports near the mother ship, blows up Apus onto Virm, they still survive but promise to return, Hiro brings Hringhorn back to Earth along with other klaxosaurs, restores fertility and rain, unites with 02 who has awaken, only Kokoro's child birth shown, Hiro2 shown racing their friend's children because they died early, slide show of Earth being restored while Hachi and Nana narrates and maybe the nu hir02 scene plays out in the end
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