RIFT Fps fix

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  1. This is a copy found on rift forums. I copied it here incase it gets burried.
  3. Quote
  4. Hi all, I've found a few settings that (for me and people in my guild) have dramatically increased FPS and reduced the dips in FPS that make for jerky/jarring gameplay. Overall these simple changes have given a 15 FPS increase in Meridian 30 FPS in Warfronts and 40-50 FPS in uncluttered parts of the world, but most importantly it has reduced the jerks and dips that are most annoying, so the game is much smoother.
  6. The file is in your Rift game directory and is called Rift.cfg. You can open it with notepad and you should make a copy of it before changing anything. In the file, you are looking to change the following variables to these values:
  8. AmbientOcclusion = False
  9. VfxCullDistance = 256
  10. VFXLimit = 100 (change to 10 if you lag in raids due to spell effects)
  11. LightingComplexity = 0.400000
  12. MainThreadCPU = 0 (I didn't have this in mine so I just copied it under lightingcomplexity)
  14. If VfxCullDistance does not exist for you, you can add that line below VFXLimit. Yes, you will be increasing the settings on your graphics. This works because it keeps effects loaded at longer ranges, so your graphics card doesn't have to undergo the strain of loading/unloading effects at various ranges or because too many are on screen.
  16. MainThreadCPU = 0 will allow Rift to choose which of your processor cores is under the least strain (who knows why the default is Core 3) so this can help a lot if your processor is your bottleneck.
  18. I hope this helps. If anyone has any further configuration changes that can help increase FPS/Performance, please post them here. Together maybe we can get Rift performing as well as it should on mid- to high-end systems.
  21. ALT CTRL DEL and go to process and right click on right and set to high priority (not real time) after entering rift.
  23. Also change these to zoom out farther, very helpful in Akylios fight.
  25. maxDistanceScale = 45.000000
  26. maxDistanceScaleAlt = 45.000000
  28. Other methods:
  30. Switch to DirectX9 for added performance
  31. In some configurations, your video card may perform better using DirectX9 rather than the game’s default DirectX11 renderer. You can force DX9 by using a trigger on your shortcut. Note that this will cause a slight drop in the visual quality of effects.
  33. Simply add the -dx9 trigger to the end of your shortcut, outside the quotation marks as always.
  35. "C:\Games\Rift\riftpatchlive.exe" -dx9
  36. Status: Only in some configurations, notably lower-end video cards with DirectX11 support.
  37. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  39. This one works for some:
  41. Use a customized Direct 3D DLL for added performance
  42. Originally seen with the release of Fallout: New Vegas, this tweak requires you to generate a .DLL file and place it in your game’s directory where it will be called on launch, hopefully improving performance in some scenarios while gracefully reducing some of the game’s visual effects. Note that this method requires a 64-bit version of Windows and 64-bit Java.
  44. Download D3D9Gen b3 from New Vegas Nexus (requires registration), found in the “Files” tab.
  45. Extract the files to a location of your choosing.
  46. Run D3D9Gen.jar
  47. Select “Set video card by text” and hit the #1 detection button.
  48. Click on “Generate DLL”
  49. Move the d3d9.dll file to your game’s foot installation folder.
  50. Launch the game.
  51. If successful, Rift will inform you that your video card drivers are out of date (which will not affect gameplay). If this causes any corruption or graphical issues, you can simply delete the file and re-launch the game with no harm done. Note that you’ll likely have to remove this file down the line following an engine update from Trion to resolve the root cause, as was seen in Fallout: New Vegas.
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