Inheritor of Chaos Chapter 2, Between prince and princesses

Jul 15th, 2016
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  1. >”Discord! We’ve been looking for you this entire time!”
  2. >Hey... they’re both alicorns, can’t believe Discord’s lessons are already paying off
  3. >The two large alicorns approach Discord with very concerned and worrisome expressions, there were random sounds coming from their hooves as they ran to Discords position, from loud sounds of construction like a jackhammer to quiet sounds like birds chirping
  4. >It’s going to take you a while to get used to this random shit…
  5. >Are ponies in this world as big as those two? Because in the other world ponies looked to be the regular height
  6. >Meh, maybe they are special. The white with ethereal hair had a tattoo on her left and right butt and the other one which was blue as the night had tattoos too, but of the crescent moon. You really like the color of her hair and coat in general
  7. >Hair… wait you are wrong, didn’t horses have another word for their hair? The word is on the tip of your damn tongue…
  8. >Right, mane!…. Of course you knew that...
  9. >Discord looks at the two ponies with a happy grin. Maybe he is related to them in some way? Discord said he was the god of chaos and these two… their tattoos were curious. Maybe they praised the gods of the sun and moon? Maybe they were the gods of the sun and moon? Or it’s just that they are rebels and like to go against the order and went with two tattoos on each… butt. But as clowns? Nah… they must be Discords friends or something.
  10. >Fuck, too bad in the other world you didn’t check for any butt tattoos, maybe they are normal? Hell you don’t know, but the lonely colt in the orphanage didn’t have one, sooooo… whatever, Discord can tell you shit later.
  11. >”Oh Celly and Lulu, what a surprise! Did you two follow my order as I said and cleaned the upside down roof of the factory of candies? I wouldn’t like to see that dirty, it provides candles after all to my chaotic kingdom”
  12. >Wait; did he say candies or candles?
  13. >”Discord this is of high importance!” The white one says showing more concern as she looks to the blue pony at her side
  14. >What’s the big deal? Someone is attacking the city? It would be funny if there were ISIS ponies here, who knows?
  15. >You just stay still and listen to the conversation in silence as a good kid
  16. >”Indeed, this is very important.” The blue pony says with a tone that shows no worry, but a serious tone and look. “We are out of sugar for the pastries!”
  17. >…That’s it?
  18. >Discord lets out a chuckle as the white pony, sister of the blue pony, looks at her with an unamused look
  19. >”Oh… oh right, and King Sombra is back”
  20. >Sombra? Darkness? Did Obama make it to this world as the king of something? Uh. Better him than the wall weirdo.
  21. >Discord goes to his throne and sits on it as a red cape appears on his back along with a crown. The slippers were still on his feet or… hoof and dragon… claw… ugh, let’s just go with feet.
  22. >”I don’t know who you are talking of, but the only king here is me. Me, myself and I!” From out of nowhere a golden scepter with his face beaming a wide smile appeared in his paw. “Besides I am far too busy right now spreading chaos over cities and teaching my little apprentice important stuff”
  23. >Discord points down to you, making the two ponies notice you.
  24. >”Apprentice?” The white one asks. “Discord, what are you doing now? Isn’t it enough with all the chaos you create every day, and now you take in your possession the life of a small child?”
  25. >Discord just shrugs at the white pony
  26. >The blue pony eyes you up and down and walks right in front of you
  27. >Ay dios she is so much bigger compared to you… if only you weren’t a kid and were still a human you would probably be bigger than her. Starting with petting her, because she looks kinda cute even in that clown outfit
  28. >A blue aura envelops your tiny body, sending you flying directly into the hooves of the blue pony who proceeds to look at you in the eyes
  29. >She looks like she is staring directly into your soul…
  30. “Uuuh…. hola?”
  31. >After sometime she suddenly blows a raspberry onto your belly
  32. “Ahhhh! Jajaja! Noooo, señorita wait! Jajajaja!”
  33. >Your belly is getting raped by tickles!
  34. >Tears of laughter leave your eyes as you close your eyes and just take the tickles. Because you didn’t have a way to defend yourself unless Discord or the sister of this pony intervened between you two
  35. >After some seconds of her sister and Discord looking at both of you she stops and Celestia looks back at Discord
  36. >”So? What’s the meaning of this child?”
  37. >Discord was about to talk but you were tired of just staying quiet
  38. >And the blue pony was patting your head… it felt good but this time wasn’t the time for petting
  39. “I can talk, you know?” You say raising your voice so the white pony could hear you
  40. >You jump off the hooves of the blue pony, getting a sad “awww” out of her
  41. >You go next to your papa Discord beside the throne and look at the two sisters
  42. “Let’s do this the right way, shall we?” A tiny crown appears on top of your head. “My name is Anon and I’m the prince of this land! W-whatever land this is anyway, I’m kind of new and… stuff”
  43. >The two sisters look surprised with their mouths open at what you said
  44. >”Discord, you know this is morally wrong, don’t you? I know we are no longer the rulers of Equestria since you took the throne, but you know how ponies tend to lose their minds when surrounded with excessive amounts of your magic!”
  45. >Whoa, lots of information in one go. So this place is called ‘Equestria’ and those were the rulers…
  46. “Does this mean that Discord won this land by some means? I thought this was his kingdom…”
  47. >”You don’t know, little one?” The blue sister asks you, which in return you shake your head
  48. >”Discord, what did you do to him?” The white sister asks Discord
  49. >”Don’t you two have any respect towards my son? Come on! He gave you his name. What a lack of manners, tsk… tsk…”
  50. >”SON!?” Both ponies yell surprised at you
  51. >”But he isn’t a draconequus! He is just a colt!”
  52. >You clear your throat, calling the attention of the two alicorns
  53. “Excuse me ladies… where are your manners? Aren’t you two going to give me your names? I’m waiting...”
  54. >The two sisters look taken aback by your sudden proposition
  55. >”You don’t know our names? Neither have you known about Discord taking over Equestria…”
  56. >”Oh yes, yes. There is an explanation for that my dear Celly.” Discord was looking at you with a smile and pointing his finger at the ceiling. “Well you’ll see Anon is-“
  57. “I’m a creature from another dimension. Something called a human to be exact” You interrupt Discord and look at the sisters who were more surprised with your reply than ever. “Now can you two give me your names?”
  58. >Discord’s finger fell out of his claw as he looked at the two ponies; he was starting to sweat for some reason
  59. >”A creature from another dimension?” The white one says surprised
  60. >Man, will you ever get their names? If only this was a mmorpg you would have seen their names already
  61. >Some magic auras shimmer above the two alicorns and a health bar along with a mana bar appears out of nowhere with their names on it. The white one had “Celestia” and the blue one had “Luna”
  62. >Ugh, well that was nice timing. Wonder if Discord really can read minds, or maybe you have a horn in your head and you somehow did that?
  63. >You check on your head, and double check just in case, but there was no horn… weird
  64. >Luna looks up surprised that there is a text with her name on it, she even tries to touch it but the text seems to be transparent at the touch; Celestia doesn’t show care for the name as she is still in shock for what you revealed
  65. >Discord in the other hand…
  66. >”Alberto! How dare you tell the truth about your roots? Agh! This is my problem for not explaining this before due time!”
  67. >Discord really was angry that you told Celestia and Luna about the fact that you weren’t originally a pony. But what else to explain? That you are an adopted kid like the previous one? That you come from a dimension which was in war? That’s stupid. You don’t need to lie about yourself; you are a god damn prince
  68. >Well, a prince in training
  69. >You turn to your adoptive father and with your head raised you start talking to him in a calm voice
  70. “Dad, punto número uno.” You raise your hoof, in the background there was the sound of a drum solo which lasted some good 10 seconds. It stops and you continue your speech. “You didn’t explain beforehand that I needed to lie when I was introduced to this world, I don’t find a need for hiding that I was a human. Point number two. “ This time you sit as you raise your two hooves, the same drum solo could be heard in the background lasting the same amount of time but in a different rhythm. “Why lie-“ The drum solo interrupts you as it continues in the middle of your speech, you look to your right and left and the sound stops. You just shrug about it. “Why lie about it? Don’t you are the God of Chaos? That white alicorn, Celestia, looks really freaked out to react for some reason, although her sister doesn’t seem to mind for a reason…”
  71. >You look at Luna before continuing, she eyes you with a sly smile
  72. >”I’m too used to random stuff since my comeback from… half year ago? I don’t remember exactly the date…”
  73. >Okay, Luna looked like the silly sister and Celestia like the commanding and seriously one. Good to note
  74. “So? What’s your excuse for this, /daddy/? Don’t you love chaos?”
  75. >You put emphasis in the word ‘daddy’ just to see if Discord could get a little lightweight on you. It didn’t work as he was between angry and slightly annoyed
  76. >”Alberto.” Discord says in a serious tone, you turn your head to look at him again with a chill expression. “I love chaos, yes. But you said something that will make it IMPOSSIBLE for Celestia to forget… and now she will get more annoying each day unless she forgets about it. Which isn’t an option for a pony like her”
  77. >You raise an eyebrow and your face changes into an expression that shows confusion. Was he really that serious about her?
  78. “Ugh? Is so bad that I said that I was a human? Is my race hated here? Because I don’t give a shit, I tell you that”
  79. >Discord shakes his head
  80. >Celestia was trying to get Discord’s attention on the topic of you, she mentioned the dimension thing, and maybe that’s why Discord was so… frustrated?
  81. >Whatever… what’s the worst he can do to you? Turn you into a girl? You can take that. In fact, you wouldn’t mind being a girl… not that you are a faggot, is just that… eh, nevermind
  82. >”As your father I have no choice but to punish you for this.” Discord stands up from his throne and grabs a slipper from one of his feet. “Maybe this will teach you not to talk when the older are talking”
  83. >What? A slipper? Uhhhh, so scary! Ja, as if. You had to deal with worst stuff in México
  84. >You chuckle as you look at Discord’s attempt to punish you,
  85. “Sure! Go ahead!” A target appears in your butt. Hey! What are the odds that you wanted this to show to Discord? “Here! Give me your best shot! Andale!”
  86. >But Discord was smirking for some reason
  87. >Discord snaps his talons and now he had a black shirt with a… white long skirt. What was he? A maid from your country?
  88. >The slipper from his paw suddenly turns into a… oh god no…
  89. >”This will teach you to behave, son!”
  90. >You look in fear as your body shivers at the sight of a big threat that you haven’t seen in a long time…
  92. >IS A MOTHERFUCKING DEVIL’S CHANCLA. A MEXICAN’S WORST FEAR! H-How did he know we Mexicans are afraid of that monstrosity!?
  93. >S-Show some courage, Alberto… you can… you can face it…
  94. >Discord slowly walks to you and the moment he raises his claw to try and hit you with la chancla you run away yelling like a scolded kid and cover behind Luna’s body
  95. “Papá lo siento! Aaaaah!” You cry out as an attempt to stop the madness of Discord
  96. >You cover your head with your hooves, maybe they would resist against the power of that thing….
  97. >On second thought, your hooves were too soft. Yup, you’re doomed
  98. >You can feel Discord’s presence coming to give you a lesson that you’ll never forget… but you feel something grabbing you
  99. >You open your eyes and… Luna’s hooves were around you giving you a warm hug
  100. >As for Celestia, she was behind Discord trying to convince him to not hit you with la chancla. For her it was just a single item like a newspaper, but for you… oh boy, your memory of your mama raising that hellish thing… that was hell as much as daddy’s belt
  101. >”Don’t worry little one, thou are safe in our hooves” Luna says in a kind yet motherly like tone
  102. >W-Welp, saved by a horse…
  103. >Luna was starting to coo you as his hooves were moving left and right… your eyes were feeling a little heavy for all this affection…
  104. >Hey! Wait, you are no kid to be treated like this!
  105. “Señorita, I thank you for holding me but… I have my dignity! Let me gooooo!”
  106. >You try to struggle in an attempt to escape the cooing, but is no use; your pony body is too tiny and unknown for you to handle
  107. >You need to take cover! You were in a position good enough for Discord to hit you! S.O.S! You don’t want to be scolded like this in your first day at being a prince! Aaaaaaaa!
  108. >”Thou don’t need to fear against your… father. He can be an insane monster that feels no remorse about everything he does, but in the bottom, deep in the bottom, very, very deep and in one tiny part, he can be an understandable creature”
  109. >You stop struggling; Luna’s words were calming you a bit. For what you know Discord was a God with unlimited powers, but maybe… Luna was right about it and Discord was just trying to scare you…
  110. “You… Are you su-“
  111. >Your right eye goes wide as it catches something flying from the doors of the throne room… what is it?
  112. >…
  113. >JESUS! Is the damn chancla! It’s flying towards you!
  114. >BUT HOW!? D-Discord is where Celestia is! She is blocking you!
  115. >You can sense the evil laugh in La chancla as it comes close to you. You don’t know if it was your imagination, but it was really laughing at you! IT HAS A LIFE OF ITS OWN!
  116. “MAMA!” Your hooves hug tight on the hooves of Luna; she didn’t know what was about to happen to you…
  118. >La chancla hits you in the head; both Luna and Celestia were surprised by the item hitting you. And as a boomerang, La chancla returns to Discord’s paw
  119. >”Headshot” Discord says as he was now wearing a cowboy outfit, he gives a tiny blow to it and places La chancla in a holster right next to his belt
  120. “Ay… mama…”
  121. >”Okay… maybe this time he isn’t that kind of creature” Luna’s words start to fade away as you get knocked out of the combo of her cooing and the hit on your head deal by La chancla
  122. >Fuck… that… thing…
  123. >.
  124. >..
  125. >…
  126. >..
  127. >.
  128. “NO, LA CHANCLA NO! AAH!”
  129. >You wake up and start heavy breathing and sweating a lot. Was it a nightmare? Was it real?
  130. >You look to your hands and-
  131. >…These are hooves…
  132. >Right… you are a prince in a world of ponies and a mix of a creature who is your new dad
  133. >”Waking up already, Prince?”
  134. >A voice was coming from above. You didn’t know but you were wrapped in a blue soft blanket on a bed
  135. >Wait… wait this isn’t a blanket, these are hooves!
  136. >You look up where you were and find a particular blue pony, looking at you with a warmth smile and using her hooves to give you a light hug
  137. >…This pony likes hugs for a reason. Is everyone like this?
  138. “Ummm… where am I and why are you hugging me?”
  139. >”Oh… sorry” She frees you from her hug. You weren’t complaining, just asking!
  140. >Must be from before, you acted kind of rude to a new pony not knowing anything from her
  141. “Eh… yeah, don’t apologize. I must apologize for being rude for you and your sister, I’m new being a prince and… yeah… where is my papa?”
  142. >”He and Celestia are talking about something happening north of here, and since you were sleeping… Discord ordered me to take care of you until you wake up”
  143. >Gee… how long were you sleeping? Hnn… your first time sleeping in another world and is because you got knocked out
  144. >”As for where we are, we are in my… “room”, although it was from Discord’s choice, so is a… random room next to the sky and a little far away from the castle”
  145. >You jump off the bed, being careful so you don’t trip on your landing and hurt your tiny cute pony body. You stretch a bit and yawn from your sleep. The room looked pretty… colorful and random, the usual stuff that you need to get used to. There was a window in the floor of Luna’s room, you take a peek and… there was a castle in the distance which you’ve seen before. Right back at the gray world, in the city there was a castle… it looked the very same, only difference is that this one was floating in mid air
  146. >One thing that was neat was the sky looking very pink with pink clouds that looked like cotton candy. Heh, knowing Discord those are really cotton candy. Too bad you can’t tell if its day or night, there is too much thunder going on
  147. >Also why the castle was upside down was something you don’t want to ask
  148. >Luna walks right next to you, her magic bringing two tiny chairs for her and you to sit on
  149. “Luna… right?”
  150. >She nods as you sit on the chair, she does the same
  151. “Bueno… let’s introduce again. My name is Alberto, but everyone call me Anon. As you might know I’m not from here but that doesn’t stop me into learning about this place, so I can be a good prince, heh…” With a grin you try giving her your hoof in sign of greeting, you don’t know how hooves work, but maybe she would know that you wanted to shake her hoof
  152. >”A pleasure to meet you, Prince Anon. I’m Luna, ex-princess of… Equestria and the moon”
  153. >She somehow grabs your hoof and shakes it… man it feels damn weird! Is like if you had fingers in your hoof!
  154. >Wait did she said
  155. “Ex-princess of the moon? How’s that?”
  156. >Was she the first pony to touch the moon or something? And ex-princess…
  157. >”Well, you really aren’t from here… I’m taking your word that you are from another dimension. Before Discord’s realm was a thing… my sister, Celestia and I, were the rulers of Equestria. She controlled the sun and I controlled the moon”
  158. >That’s not how the planet is supposed to work… but maybe dimensions work different. You aren’t going to freak out about it; contrariwise, you find it interesting!
  159. >You stay quiet to hear every bit of information of history that Luna has to tell
  160. >”One thousand years ago, Discord was a threat for Equestria. The land was as it was now, covered in chaos and disharmony between ponies, and it went on and on… until we fought our way and we were victorious against him, ridding all of Equestria from his presence… everything was peaceful and calm again!... for a time, but…” She takes a long sigh and her expression changes into one of sorrow. “The envy I had for my sister one day grown enough and… I betrayed her. I don’t remember enough of that, something possessed me… I was unable to do something; I lost everything I had… my sister, my subjects, even I was in the moon for one thousand years…”
  161. >You couldn’t see it but Luna was starting to cry, tears leaving her left eye as some whimpers accompanying it
  162. >Ugh… you never were good to comfort persons… eh, ponies now. What would Arturo do?
  163. >You stand up from the chair and go next to her, giving a few pats on her back
  164. ”Don’t worry Luna, that wasn’t you, was it?”
  165. >”I… I don’t know…”
  166. >Aww geez, you don’t know how to calm her. All she was doing was using you as her plushie, giving you a few petting
  167. “Look, as an adult… eh, kid adult, I know that feeling of guilt. You just need to move on; your past doesn’t define your present. You need to keep looking forward… accidents happens, so what? We humans learn about them and we don’t do them again. I bet ponies like you can do the same”
  168. >”B-But”
  169. “But nothing! As prince I command you to stop that!” You point with your hoof directly to her. “You are old enough to look at your failures. So, are you going to obey my order?”
  170. >She was indeed old enough, you don’t know how much is the lifespan of a pony, but it looked to last long if she, her sister and Discord were fighting one thousand years ago. Maybe you are losing some details, but that’s for later
  171. >You look deeply into Luna’s eyes, her tears starting to stop; she gives a tiny giggle that starts to rise into a hearty laugh
  172. >”You really… aren’t from here”
  173. >Okay that phrase is starting to annoy you
  174. “Why do you keep saying that?”
  175. >She looks once again to you and without any warning her hooves once again wrap you in a hug
  176. >Ehhhh….
  177. >”Because even if you say you are older, you look and act like a colt…. Foals nowadays fear my presence… all fault of my past. The night lasted almost eternally and ponies were afraid… mostly foals…” You could feel her muzzle on your head. “But you, little prince… you aren’t afraid of me…”
  178. >Oh… dios… mio…
  179. >Did your eye catch something? Ooooooh...
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