OC Pony Plush Story - Chapter 1

Jul 8th, 2012
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  1. This is a story I'm writing up, based on that idea from that one thread: "Anon receives plush of his pony OC in the post, gets turned into a pony"
  3. Yeah, it's going to be strange. Still, enjoy. Story title subject to change.
  5. #####
  7. >It was going to be a lonesome couple of weeks.
  8. >Your parents have gone abroad for a fortnight, for their summer holiday. To Benidorm, of all places. You find it hilariously lower class of them, but whatever floats their boat, right?
  9. >Your siblings have similarly gone. Your sister flew off to whatever party island young women with more money than brains go to, whilst your brother went north, on a camping trip with his girlfriend.
  10. >This left you alone with the dog. Alone, in the arse-end of nowhere that is your patch of rural England.
  11. >Not that you particularly minded. You found the solitude and quiet sort of comforting. Besides, your brother was a dick. Fuck him.
  12. >The first few days went by well enough. Wash; eat; walk the dog; do whatever the hell you wanted; sleep. Rinse and repeat.
  13. >Day three was when things got weird.
  15. >Around lunchtime on the third day, there was a knock at the door.
  16. >It was the postman, carrying a parcel. You didn’t remember ordering anything, but perhaps one of the family had before they’d left.
  17. >You made some small talk, then took the parcel and wished him good day. As you walked into your kitchen with it, you saw that it was actually addressed to you!
  18. “Hey, look boy! Someone sent us something!”
  19. >You say to your dog, who’s dozing in the middle of the floor lazily. He doesn’t even bother to look at you.
  20. >He’s getting old, poor thing. But you do love him so.
  21. “I wonder what it is?”
  22. >A quick cutting of the tape with a knife, and the box opens to reveal packing peanuts.
  23. >You stick your arm in and have a feel around. Your fingers grasp something soft, and you pull your hand out to reveal a pony plush.
  24. >Your OC pony plush, to be specific.
  25. "Wait, what? What the fuck?"
  27. >There was no mistaking it! It was your pony OC! That terrible, terrible OC that you shared once on 4chan’s /mlp/ board.
  28. >A male earth pony, with a copper-orange coat and silvery-blue hair. The hairstyle reminded you of a professor of some kind. Richard Dawkins maybe.
  29. >You found this beyond disturbing. Who the hell had sent you this? You hadn’t told anyone in real life of this!
  30. >You put it on the table and turn it around. Stitched on each flank was a golden wind-up key symbol.
  31. "What. The. Fuck."
  32. >You were really scared now. You hadn’t even decided on that cutie mark until after that thread! How had they known?!
  33. >The hairs on the back of your neck begin to rise, as you hear a low growling. You turn back around, and the dog is sitting bolt upright, his dander raised.
  34. >Its teeth are bared, and he’s staring at you. No, not at you. At the plush.
  35. >Why the fuck is he growling and staring at the plush?
  36. “What’s up, boy? It’s... it’s just a toy. Look.”
  37. >You say, your fear steadily creeping into your voice. You grab it to show him, but as soon as you lift it an electric shock passes through your arm, and you drop it back on the table.
  38. “Ow! Jesus Christ, what the fuck!”
  39. >The dog gives a howl and runs out of the room, whining. Now thoroughly spooked, you decide to follow suit and flee the kitchen.
  40. >You spend the rest of the day in the living room, with all the curtains drawn. And when night comes, you double check all the locks on the doors and windows, and let the dog sleep on your bed.
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